Okay, time to do Spider-Man Homecoming

And this is once again going to be a LITTLE annoying, remember Incredible Hulk? Of course, none of you would remember, but it took a little more time because I am using a different platform to watch and write. So forgive me if these chapters come out a little longer this time around.

Now onto questions:

1. you have no right to say who can be redeemed and who shouldn't

you're right, I don't.

and neither does anyone else.

I am someone who believes that anyone has a shot at redemption and it's never too late to change someone's ways. Of course, there are absolutely horrible people out there who did bad things, but it doesn't mean they'll remain horrible or become worse. And that opportunity is always open, it's just that bad people often reject it either fearing for the worse outcome for them or that they believe it's too late for them.

I'm pointing out a possibility that Dabi can be redeemed and how important it would be that his redemption would complete Endeavour's since he needs to win his trust with all of his children, Dabi included and he would be the most important, otherwise he'll still be no better than what he was if he just cast him out again.

Of course, redemption doesn't always mean 'become a good person or 'switch sides. It can also mean 'change as a person' or 'feel guilt and write the wrongs.'

And keep in mind that this is my idea of redemption.

The FWM's is completely different and you might notice it in these interludes.

2. Here's a detailed explanation of who Lady Negant is

Thank you for giving me Manga spoilers!

But again, I feel I might I did indeed asked for it, so no complaints here.

3. Guest Reader: 'have you seen the naruto series or Ranma one half?'

No, I'm not into Naruto or any anime, I thought we established that I am not a weeb.

If we haven't then I'm going to establish it here, I am not into anime or Manga, the only reason I got into MHA is that it's about superheroes and I love superheroes, as well as being interested in its concept and how hero society operates.

I tried watching other animes and most of the time, I wouldn't be interest in them for some reason, either it's due to the tropes, the narrative/direction or I just generally don't have a taste of something anime.

So once again and sorry to disappoint, I am not a weeb. If you are offended by that word, then sorry in advance.

4. The side stories and interludes are unnecessary and unneeded.

Again, these are entirely optional, these interludes are just there to give the characters breaks between films.

You can just look at the films and not go onto the interludes if you want and that's okay.

As I said before, I wanted to do something in-between these segments and ensure a payoff for the characters.

Also, it gives FWM her time to shine and interact with the characters, as she has a bigger intention than being the host for the audience.

5: I don't trust what FWM is doing with Eri

If you haven't noticed already, the FWM is a bad person.

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Blame me that I discovered her.

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The best way to read this is by watching Spider-Man: Homecoming is by buying the movie on the Microsoft store, which is how I managed to wrote the reactions and placed the timestamps.

Forgive the annoyance but I hope you can follow this story.

The hooded girl arrived at the stage, giving a speech towards the next film.

"Okay, I know a lot of people want you guys to know this, so better get it over with." She started with something that was a little eyebrow-raising towards the audience, having no idea what she meant by a 'lot of people.'

"Spider-Man is a really cool hero, one that a lot of people look up to and perhaps he is a great example of a young person with powers who choose to be responsible with them and use them for good. In other words, and; With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility."


"Enjoy," the FWM left before the screen lit up, making the audience excited to see this film.

00:00:00 - 00:00:12

"Hey, it's Sony!" Denki pointed out, "isn't that the company that makes the PlayStations consoles?"

"Well, they do more than video games," Momo said, "technological media devices mostly."

"Never knew they done movies before." One of the 1-B students said, trying to think of a Sony movie, but again they most likely not know since they don't look at the beginning intros."

"That would be their sub-company, Sony Pictures, who do film and movies, they operate in the United States."

Something new to learn for most of the audience who didn't know this information, just like how in the Hulk film opened with Universal, this was opened with Sony. It made them wonder just how popular was the MCU in other realities as a fictional story.

00:00:12 - 00:00:43

"Well, that's a bit… sweet…" Midoriya said, seeing the kids drawing of the events of the Avengers. It made him recall the times he made drawings of All Might in different moments where he defeats a villain or saved people from disasters. It did help him improve his drawing skills.

00:00:43 - 00:01:10

"Everyone has their childhood and their future," Tokoyami said, "but times always change."

00:01:10 - 00:01:29

The next scene reveals where and when this moment took place.

"Okay… so this takes place in the aftermath of the Avengers," All Might said, seeing the Avengers tower, "it looks like people are working to repair the damages and clean up the debris."

"It would give time for the construction workers to deal with," Nezu said, "especially after the battle in Manhattan. They'll be picking up a lot of alien equipment."

Meanwhile, for a certain girl, this scene and hearing the teachers' conversation caught her attention.

00:01:29 - 00:02:02

Watching the man who looked at the kids drawing work, being the boss and giving helpful advice to one guy and yelling at another who arrived late, Uraraka couldn't help but smile at this scene.

"These are construction workers cleaning up and repairing the destruction." Uraraka said, "just like what my parents do."

This made Uraraka a little interested in the characters, with a sense that these are minor characters that won't appear much later, but it was good to know that the film acknowledges the people who help clean up, repair and build stuff throughout the city.

And for this case, it would be special work as the construction workers can help clean up the alien equipment.

00:02:02 - 00:02:13

"Excuse me what?" Uraraka said with a surprised yet smiling face when people appeared and said something that sounds very concerning.

00:02:13 - 00:02:31

"As much as it sounds bad, it does make sense," Power Loader said, "the alien equipment that can be salvage could potentially be dangerous for regular civilians to handle,"

"Not to mention the chance of any of them taking the stuff away from their work and sell it since the materials could make them rich."

"But, wasn't those guys qualified?" Uraraka asked, a little shaken by what's happening.

"Doesn't seem like it, maybe to the city, but this would be a very delicate operation." Midnight answered.

While Uraraka understood the reason behind it and knowing a bit of her parents work, she can tell that this will be very bad for the current construction workers to hear the news

00:02:31 - 00:02:48

Uraraka sigh towards the man's pleas, understanding what he's going through.

From what she knows, working in the construction business would mean competition, as there would be other companies that would find contracts to repair, clean or build whenever a disaster or collateral occurs. Her family company was caught a bad hand and they're struggling to keep their company going.

For this scene, in particular, it was when the man's company got a contract of a lifetime and put all in with the operation, only for it to be taken away by high and more qualified workers, wasting a lot of money and put him in a similar financial situation her family's currently in.

She can only pity the poor man.

00:02:48 - 00:02:54

"Well, he didn't know about it until it was too late, ribbit," Asui said.

00:02:54 - 00:03:07

The audience was surprised when an unexpected punch happens to the man.

Quickly they see the suited qualified men pointing guns at him.

"A little overkill, don't you think?" Sero said.

"All he did is punch a guy over a mean comment," Mr. Compress agrees with the tape student.

00:03:07 - 00:03:23

After asking who the qualified works their superiors are, the scene cuts to show news that Stark joined forces with the federal government to overlook the cleanup of New York after the attack.

"Well, at least Stark is admitting responsibility towards the mess," Midoriya said.

00:03:23 - 00:03:27

"Well… at least they are cleaning up their mess…" Momo said, trying to defend the reason for the workers to stop cleaning up

"Maybe, but it still gets the ones who know how to clean up out of the job." The masked student said

00:03:27 - 00:03:41

"Well as construction cleaners and salvagers who had the responsibility to reviving the alien tech from the battle and by the orders of the qualified workers, turning it in would be the right thing to do" Iida pointed out.

And while most do agree with the class president of 1-A, they also had a bad feeling about what the workers had left, especially when one of them managed to make something fly out of it.

00:03:41 - 00:04:01

"There it is…" All Might sighs, having somewhat a suspicion that the workers are not going to turn in the tech since it would be an opportunity wasted.

Some of them were a little unsure as to why the workers wanted to keep the tech if it risk prosecution, but the teachers knew very well what it means, especially with the boss statement of them changing.

Like in their reality, there would be people who find their power and use it for their own needs, wreaking havoc and causing chaos wherever they go, the villains who choose to abuse their power. and so, the same happens in this reality.

"And so… with the birth of heroes… comes the birth of villains…" Tokoyami stated.

00:04:01 - 00:04:01

The scene then cuts to a new title that reads a time skip:

'4 Years later'

(Spider-Man: Homecoming is supposed to take place 2 months after Captain America: Civil War, which is in 2016, Avengers take place in 2012, they got the year wrong)

This made the heroes and the students worried, fearing that the time skip would show what happened to the construction workers when the MCU's presence takes place.

00:04:01 - 00:04:56

And it does.

The scene shows as follow, people working on making gear and showing off their weapons, with one of them shooting a gun as it blasts through and left burns on a target, before putting the weapon in a crate and money

This suddenly caused so many thoughts towards the audience

Firstly, were the heroes, who had suspicions that the workers would use the materials for their own needs, but didn't expect them to create their own weapons and sell them. To them, what they're doing is the equivalent of support gear manufacturers in the villain black market.

Which also made the villains interested in the tech as well and understood their change, with weapons that they would be willing to buy for their plans.

"If it pays the bills, then so be it!" Compress said.

"And causing trouble for the heroes or regular civilians?" Power Loader said, "while quirks can be bad if not handled properly, this would be a whole different level of problems."

The support hero had a bit of a hard time with this scene as it shows support gear being used for villainy, more likely manufactured by people who wanted to make a quick buck by selling gear to villains. he wasn't happy with what the construction workers have become.

But the support student. She was fascinated by the designs, regardless of them being used for bad intentions.

And it becomes more surprising as a flying man shows up and make a landing.

"that's some big wings!" Mineta shouted while Hatsume jumps up.

"Oh my gosh! That's a big bird baby!" she shouted before the mask was removed revealing the boss himself, stating that business is good.

Present Mic looked at his cards, been a long while since he used one of them, but finally, it reveals something he can say

"Adrian Toomes," he started, "otherwise known as The Vulture, after seeing a good money opportunity with the Chitauri technology, he solved his financial crisis by turning his construction company into a secret high-tech weapon manufacturing company. He dawns his wingsuit, used to glide at high speed and use his wings as bladed attacks."

"Got himself going from the running boss of a construction company into a full-blown villain that manufactures high-tech weapons." Todoroki summarised Adrian's deal.

While most of the students and heroes were a little displeased with what Adrian has become, Uraraka was a little shaken by how he managed to turn his problems around.

It wasn't five minutes and already the gravity girl can tell that there will be things about the main villain of the story that she can relate towards.

For now, everyone in the screen room can already tell who the villain of the film is going to be and was curious as to how Spider-Man is going to deal with him.

00:04:56 - 00:05:32

With the Marvel logo appearing, the music was completely different, playing a different tune that they didn't recognize but was incredibly catchy.

After the reveal of the film's villain, this brings a thrilling excitement for the audience.

00:05:32 - 00:05:55

"Because it's his name?" Pony said as the scene shows the back of a familiar person.

"Hey, it's that Happy guy, Stark's personal friend and bodyguard" Twice said, "WE HAVENT SEEN HIM SINCE IRON MAN 3!"

While most were happy to see a familiar character once more, Midoriya found it interesting for Parker to record himself about what seems to be his time during the Civil War film.

At least based on what it seems to be. He needs to keep watching to know if it is.

00:05:55 - 00:06:10

Midoriya chuckle towards Peter sitting at the opposite end of Happy, claiming that it was his first time on any plane.

This also reminds him of his first time on a private/any plane when All Might took him to I-Island. And like Parker, he was sitting very near to All Might.

This also indicates that this was true during Civil War, remembering how the fight took place in Germany while Parker is from New York.

00:06:10 - 00:06:21

A few people chuckle at Parker putting his camera closer to Happy before he flinches and shakes in reaction.

"Kids…" Aizawa sighs.

00:06:21 - 00:06:48

Uraraka chuckle towards Peter not knowing how big the hotel room was, similar to her reaction towards her dorm room, it was a very exciting experience before settling in.

00:06:48 - 00:07:09

"What is this? an unboxing reaction video?" Power Loader said, remembering when he saw students looking at their phones to people opening up their new devices and overly react to them.

"Though for Parker's case, it would be more like when we saw our hero outfits for the first time, ribbit," Asui pointed out, remembering when in the dressing room, she saw her outfit for the first time that very well excited her, along with the rest… or rather her, Uraraka and Ashido, Hagakure were only happy about her shoes and gloves, Jiro's outfit was too casual for her to be excited about it and Momo didn't have much reaction when she got her outfit but was please for the result.

She would also think the boys would have their reaction towards their outfits, but she wouldn't know since it happened in the changing rooms.

00:07:09 - 00:07:20

"Damnit auto-lens!" Mina said, "missed a good opportunity to watch some action!"

"Well if people get to see this, it would have been entertaining," Momo said, "but at least there's audio"

"Audio isn't good enough!" Mina complains.

"hold on Momo," Iida interrupted, "didn't Happy say nobody is going to see this video? In their reality anyway?"

"I was thinking more ahead when Spider-Man retires or if his identity was revealed," Momo defended, "the video he's making would work well as a historical document of his involvement with the arrest attempt of Team Cap."

"Just like the old films with Captain America," Kirishima said, seeing a good reason to video capture.

00:07:20 - 00:07:33

A few in the audience chuckle, still finding it funny that Ant-Man threw War Machine, even recalling the fight to what happened.

"I'm surprised Parker had time to go back to his camera during the fight." One of the teachers said, not recalling a camera being there, but still impressed.

00:07:33 - 00:07:48

"In other words, Happy can hear you yammering like an overblown excited child," Aizawa said.

"That and it could risk people finding out his identity," Nezu said, remembering that Parker has yet told his aunt about his identity and he was eager to hide it from Stark before his cover was blown.

00:07:48 - 00:08:04

"Guess it make sense since Stark did take Parker somewhere," the principal said, agreeing to the alibi video.

00:08:04 - 00:08:12

Mineta looks around, a little afraid to make a comment that Stark said, he wants to risk it, but still remembering his healed eye. He would remain quiet.

But at least he acknowledges Stark's pervy side, which made him both happy yet jealous.

00:08:12 - 00:08:43

"Either way, still happy to how Happy moved up in each film," Midoriya said, remembering how in 1 and 2, he was Stark's driver, in 3 he was forehead security and while in this film he was the driver for Parker, it was also good that he's trying to get a role of asset management for Stark Industries.

It really shows how much he had grown over the years since the first-ever MCU film.

It also really shows the same towards Tony Stark.

00:08:43 - 00:09:13

While some of the teachers were fascinated by Stark's teachings, the Students were a little confused on 'don't do what he wouldn't do,' and 'don't do what he would do'.

All Might however knew what he meant, as it was something he wants to teach Midoriya. And hopefully as Stark will be Parker's teacher, he could help him become a better hero.

00:09:13 - 00:09:16

"More like a hero-in-training." Momo said, agreeing with Stark's decision of saying that Parker isn't an Avenger, "you still have a lot to do, like what we have to do."

00:09:16 - 00:09:36

While many were happy that Stark would let Parker know when he'll need him, some have a bit of a feeling that Parker might become a little… obsessed with waiting for the next 'mission'.

00:09:36 - 00:09:50

A few chuckles with the hug joke. Once again showing the relationship between Stark and Parker, as many have a feeling that it's going to be an interesting teacher-to-student for the two.

00:09:50 - 00:10:17

And some of the fears came to be, as the next scene shows a 2-month time skip with Parker on a subway texting Happy about the next mission.

"Already stressing him out," All Might said, getting a little worried about Parker when he scrolled up his phone showing more text from him but none from Happy.

00:10:17 - 00:10:45

Watching Parker going towards his school, some were a little unhappy when a car approaches and called Peter 'Penis Parker'.

"Geez…" Sero said, "that's a very insulting nickname…"

Midoriya knows the feeling, since most of his childhood, he was often called 'Deku', which he now uses for his hero name.

00:10:45 - 00:10:21

There wasn't much to talk about within this scene, but it does make the audience very curious about a certain subject. Especially for the students.

American schools.

It was way different than Japanese schools (and British schools for the Author) as a hall alone is incredibly busy with several students, all of them in different casual. Which were very odd for everyone as they're used to uniforms that represent their respective schools.

The only one out of everyone who has familiarity with the film's school setting is Pony from 1-B who attended American schools before becoming a foreign exchange student at U.A.

"Does this bring back any memories?" Tokage said to her foreign classmate.

The horse student smiled, "yeah…"

00:10:17 - 00:10:31

A few chuckles when a new voice holds a Lego figure of a villain from a classic film.

00:10:31 - 00:11:58

"Stark Internship," Midoriya noted its own, recalling what Stark earlier said in the video and having continuity in this film, "guess that must be a way to keep his hero training a secret."

"And it would technically be an internship since he isn't getting paid at all from it," Asui pointed out.

00:11:58 - 00:12:12

The showing scene a girl walking across the hall and Parker staring at her, already caught the attention of a Pink student.

"She has a high school crush!" Mina said, now thrilled to see more of this film and wonder if Parker is going to ask her out.

00:12:12 - 00:12:36

"He was distracted and still managed to get it right," Aizawa said, impressed by Parker's quick answer that he got right. typically when a student is distracted they often get it wrong.

00:12:36 - 00:12:39

"That too." The 1-A teacher agrees with the high-school teacher.

00:12:39 - 00:12:43

With the whispering comment from Flash, a few 1-A students figured something of this character who appeared only twice.

"Looks like we found Parker's Bakugo," Kirishima said, which caught Bakugo's attention.

"Excuse me what?" the blonde raised an eyebrow.

"Calling someone by a nickname, giving an empty death threat, I can totally see him and Parker having the same connection that you and Midoriya have."

"Deku and I don't have anything! he's nothing!" Bakugo counters, getting angry at what the red student was applying.

"Then why do you call him Deku like a pet name?" Uraraka pointed out, quickly catching Bakugo's attention.

"Because he is one! Round face!"

"To be fair, ribbit, I still see you being similar to Crossbones, ribbit." Asui said, "at least action-wise, this Flash person seems to be similar social-wise."

"Can all of you shut up and watch the damn movie!" Bakugo snapped.

00:12:43 - 00:13:01

The next scene shows Parker in chemistry class, but instead of listening to his teacher, he does his own thing and experiments with his webbing.

"He's ignoring the real class for his own experiment." Power Loader said, knowing a bit of what it's like when Hatsume goes off making her own 'babies' instead of following the assignments she's supposed to be doing.

"Well, he might be doing a bit of multitasking" Present Mic said. "plus he might still be listening and could still have good grades."

Meanwhile, for Momo, she looked and attempt to memories the contents for Parker's Web fluid, if she has the right ingredients, she could easily replicate the fluid and make webs like Spider-Man.

While it's a good start, the remaining ingredients are left unknown, "hopefully Midoriya wrote them before I forget."

Midoriya got and memorized the first two.

00:13:01 - 00:13:12

"And of course…" several teachers and a few girls in the student groups sighing and facepalming when Parker and his friend was staring at Liz.

Mineta and Denki gave a thumbs up in approval, glad that they're not the only ones who do this.

00:13:12 - 00:13:25

"Poor girl…" Mina said, a little surprised by the sudden appearance of a new girl who comments and notice the two being pervs.

00:13:25 - 00:13:41

"More School outside activities stuff." One of the teachers muttered as the scene shows a practice for a quiz competition.

00:13:41 - 00:13:52

"you're one to talk," Bakugo said, already not liking the Flash guy.

Meanwhile, for a few people in the audience, they notice the appearance of a teacher in glasses and a beard, many having somewhat a feeling that they have seen him before, maybe as a very minor character in a very early film.

00:13:52 - 00:14:06

"Oh, you are very obsessed…" Jiro said, smiling towards the strange girl who mentioned a couple of things about Parker.

"Perhaps she can be a backup…" Mina muttered, seeing another potential but curious about the one Parker is crushing on.

00:14:06 - 00:14:18

"Yeah… don't think someone as tough and scary as black Widow would date someone like you!" Mineta commented.

00:14:18 - 00:14:33

"He's very quick to leave school." All Might notice as previous scenes show clocks in different locations, as though he was waiting for something.

Those who also notice had an idea as to why.

00:14:33 - 00:15:10

There wasn't much to say about the scene where Parker goes into a sandwich shop and talk with the guy at the counter, with him commenting on another language while Parker does the same in the same language.

People chuckled when the counter guy charged Parker an extra 5 dollars for commenting on the counter guy's daughter.

It was him being casual.

00:15:10 - 00:15:16

"Nice kitty," Aizawa muttered, being someone who loves cats.

00:15:16 - 00:15:28

"School isn't very boring," Iida said, agreeing with the counter guy.

"It is if you're not in the right course," Shinso said, who find his general studies very boring compare to the hero course he wanted to do.

00:15:28 - 00:16:12

The following scene shows Parker going into his hero outfit. Taking off his clothes and putting on his suit which seems to be too big and baggy for him.

The girls in the audience were very surprised when Parker took off his clothes, revealing that he's skinny yet buffed.

"Not everyone has an autochanger like Stark has," Power Loader said, "some heroes change the same way as we do."

The teachers watch this scene, seeing how illegal vigilantes would change into their crime-fighting outfits, by going into an alley and dressed up.

"It's smart for Parker to do it in the alley," Aizawa said, "doing it at home would only risk his chance of being tracked to his home location by witnesses who see him in costume."

While people thought about how Parker is putting on his suit, they once again notice something strange.

"Doesn't he wear a tight suit?" Ojiro questions, "I don't remember his hero costume being so baggy..."

00:16:12 - 00:16:21

Then the tail student's question was answered when Spider-Man presses his spider symbol that made the suit smaller, fitting him in exact size.

"Woah…" Uraraka said, amazed by the suit tech, "really wish our costumes do that… I might be already used to it, but I don't like my outfit being a little skin tight."

While the students were surprised by the suit adjustment, especially Hatsume, who saw another inspiration, the teachers and villains were concerned for Parker webbing his schoolbag on a dumpster.

"Let's hope it's not garbage day." Present Mic said, a little worried that Peter might lose his bag.

00:16:21 - 00:17:29

The following scene shows a montage of Spider-Man going to work, swinging through the city, stopping a bike thief, doing tricks on rooftops, even regular stuff that common vigilantes would do from doing basic tricks to giving people directions and helping out the neighbourhood.

This was a good sight to see for the audience and something they don't often see.

Realistically, Peter would violate the vigilantism law and several counts of quirk misuse, along with using a quirk against a criminal when he caught the thief, not harming him, but still count as a quirk use.

While hero society that's focused on Pro Heroes, they don't tend to show much of the vigilante side, in fear of people being inspired and become illegal vigilantes themselves. Thus, there wouldn't be many if not, any, films like the ones the audience is watching in their reality.

But putting it aside, they mostly enjoy the montage of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. along with a rocking song that even Jiro was shaking her head towards.

00:17:29 - 00:17:48

While in the montage, there was a scene where Spider-Man stops a man who seemed to be breaking into a car. Only to end up as a big argument from several people from the window due to the car alarm and a huge misunderstanding because the car was indeed belonging to the man that Parker attacked.

"Now that's a very huge misunderstanding." Midnight comments while most of the students were laughing at how the scene turned out.

"Mistakes can, unfortunately, be made," Tokoyami said, one of the few who didn't laugh.

"To be fair, he was holding a crowbar," Kirishima said, "I would honestly see him as a thief and make the same mistake

"I think most of us would." Denki agreed.

00:17:48 - 00:17:57 (STAN LEE CAMEO 16)

While in the same scene, a familiar face appears once more.

"Of course, he would be there!" Mineta said, "turns out those big-headed guys got him a life home after all!"

"And we have finally got the name of the Old Man," Midoriya write down the name that the woman called him, "Gary."

"Eh… I'll still call him the Old Man." the purple student scoffs, "I don't even think Gary is his real name."

Ignoring the purple midget for a moment, Midoriya wrote down yet another appearance of the Old Man, 'in an apartment yelling at Spider-Man at the misunderstanding, a woman called him 'Gary' which could possibly be his name.'

00:17:57 - 00:18:05

"I would assume he would use the buildings to swing around the place," Momo said while chuckles ensue from a few, "and there would be moments where the buildings are too tall to make a full swing."

00:18:05 - 00:18:36

Listening to Peter's report, gave the teachers so much thought towards their own job as Pro Heroes.

Many people forget about a bit of detail that would be so annoying to them, and that's the paperwork that needed to be done. Reports of their petrol; the crimes committed by villains, stuff that's been damaged, arrests that have been made and people the heroes have saved, all written up and recorded in the archives of their hero agency. It's no different than most of the work police officers does.

That being said, only low-income or very paperwork determined heroes have to deal with writing reports, some would rather hire someone to do that work for them so they can focus more on the hero work.

That being said, Parker's report is very decent and voiced, making a quicker easier report. But they notice Parker waiting for the 'next big mission', which made a few of them worried about how Parker is dealing with being a hero.

00:18:36 - 00:18:44

"Again, just like Iron Man, hub visions would be amazing." Hatsume said, "really wish we have something like that that gives information for the heroes to deal with."

"It would sound very helpful…" Uraraka smiled, thinking of her hero outfit and how her visor serves no purpose, perhaps the reason why she doesn't wear it as often in her hero costume training.

"Indeed, very effective in the field." Iida agrees, though a little shaken when the thought comes come to Hatsume.

00:18:44 - 00:18:54

"Those spider attachments are really strong, ribbit," Asui said, impressed by how Parker can stand at the side of the railing, something she couldn't do with her sticky hands and feet.

00:18:54 - 00:18:59

"Alright, time to see Spider-Man handling a handful of bank robbers," one of the students pointed out as the audience see some action, the villains wanting to see how Spider-Man deal with low-rank criminals, the students excited to see Spider-Man fights and the teacher curious to how effective he is in a situation that would be very easy to them.

00:18:59 - 00:19:14

"About time we see Vulture's weapons doing bad things," Twice said, "GRAVITY GUN! GIVE ME THE MONEY!"

"These high-tech weapons does show the problems," Midnight said, "for our reality to do the same thing, it requires two villains who one, can cut through metal and one who has a strong gravitational pull quirk."

"But with these weapons, even a quirkless can do the same job." Snipe said, "good thing villains often rely on their quirks than anything else, would be devastating if they use both."

the situation became bigger than expected, first thinking that it would be Parker dealing with 5 armed quirkless criminals, now it with high-tech weapons in mind.

00:19:14 - 00:19:31

A few chuckles from the mask the criminals were wearing.

"What the hell are they wearing?" Shigaraki questions this scene, a little disgusted by the faces of the criminals.

All Might meanwhile chuckled along with the rest, as it brought one heroic and yet confusing time when he stopped a villain group from robbing the bank… and all of them were wearing All Might masks.

The battle of the All Mights was both hilarious for those who knew the story and embarrassing for both the Symbol of Peace and the villains that were arrested in the end.

00:19:31 - 00:19:44

Watching Spider-Man easily dealing with the Avengers bank robbers, making a few quips along the way.

This again brought back something that a few of them notice, that he talks too much.

"I don't know what's worse," Bakugo comments, "Deku's muttering or Parker's blathering."

"Both being good to listen to," Sero said.

00:19:44 - 00:19:58

Then the gravity gun comes into play, stopping Parker at his tracks and flinging him up and down.

"There's the problem that insect has to deal with," Shigaraki smiles.

The rest watch closely, hoping for Parker to deal with his situation and knock out the criminal with the gravity gun.

00:19:58 - 00:20:03

"Smart move, Parker" Asui smiled, liking the action and something she would most likely do if she was in the same situation.

"Aware of his surroundings and use the environment for his advantage," Aizawa said, glad that Spider-Man notice a way to solve his problem, but not enough to make a full judgement.

00:20:03 - 00:20:09

"Sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud," Monoma said, laughing at the description from the caller.

00:20:09 - 00:20:24

When the fight stops, the excitement suddenly shifts in a drastic direction. As the cutting weapon overloaded destroying parts of the bank and on the sandwich shop.

Nobody didn't want to make a joke, fearing for the worse.

00:20:24 - 00:20:50

The audience was relieved when Parker managed to get Mr. Delmar and the cat out, even giving Aizawa a smile of approval, but that's mostly from his cat side.

They didn't know the huge potential of how dangerous the laser cutter was and completely didn't expect it to cut across the street. But the teachers were pleased when Parker chose to be concern over the people who needs saving than stopping the criminals, even when they got away.

In the first of more encounters with high-tech criminals. It was a good start and it opens an opportunity for Parker to investigate that hopefully lead to finding the Vulture and his operation.

00:20:50 - 00:20:58

The scene cuts back to the Avengers tower, bring back Happy and another device

"DUM-E!" Hatsume shouted, "you wonderful baby! Glad to see you again!"

Meanwhile, for the rest, they notice people with boxes and setting things up, making them curious about what's going on at the tower.

00:20:58 - 00:21:13

"Moving?" Midoriya perked up… having somewhat a feeling to what it means."

00:21:13 - 00:21:20

"That explains the moving day and the people putting things in boxes." One of the students said.

"Wait, so if Tony sold the tower, does that mean we won't see it ever again?" Nejire asked,

"More likely," Tamaki answered, "it would mean it wouldn't be the Avenger's place of operations anymore, the facility upstate would be their new headquarters."

"That sounds a little upsetting," Nejire said, feeling sad about it, "that tower had history, it was the birthplace of the Avengers, the A hanging on the tower inspired their logo and symbol to show everyone at New York that heroes are always there to protect them."

"Unfortunately, nothing last forever," Mirio tried to cheer his friend up, "time goes on and things changes, we just have to live with it, just as we have to live in a world without All Might."

"Still, the tower has history behind it…"

00:21:20 - 00:21:40

"Very irresponsible," Aizawa said, who expected the backpack to be easy to steal or taken away, especially on a dumpster where the garbage men could easily mistake it as something to be discarded and thrown away. "turns out that day was garbage day…"

00:21:40 - 00:22:34

There wasn't much to talk about in the following scene, rather more needless shaking as Parker enters his room and try not to get caught by his aunt, relieved when he fully closed the door.

"Next time, put your bag on a rooftop, or somewhere nobody would reach," Compress called out.

00:22:34 - 00:22:43

"Busted…" Mina whispered as she and most were shocked when Peter's friend appeared, dropping the Lego Death Star.

"All those pieces and all that work," Twice whimper, "all ruined thanks to a sudden reveal."

00:22:43 - 00:22:59

"Well, he did mention it when you had your eyes on Liz," Tokoyami said, still remembering the faded voices, recalling that Ned mentioned going over to Parker's place to finish building the Death Star.

00:22:59 - 00:23:15

"She didn't notice the suit on the floor?" Todoroki raises a brow when Aunt May entered and does not suspect a thing.

"For all, she knows it would more likely be a red shirt," Midoriya pointed out.

00:23:15 - 00:23:26

"Not really." one of the teachers said, "Stark even said you weren't."

"but honestly what's the difference?" one of the students asked.

"It's the same difference as a pro hero and a hero-in-training with a provisional license. One's official, the other has still need to learn."

00:23:26 - 00:24:02

"That's at least three people who know Spider-Man's secret identity," Midoriya said, putting in the notes of those who know who Spider-Man was, understanding the secret identity motif, probably the same reason he keeps his powers secret from his mother. As she is a very caring woman, even to the point where she wanted to decline Midoriya place in the school dorms enough to make All Might plead for her that he would be safe there.

Midoriya would think that May would be the same, someone who do all in their power to protect their child.

00:24:02 - 00:24:20

"You put two and two together since Stark is the one who made the suit," Mei said.

Meanwhile, for Midoriya hearing the number of questions, it could be an opportunity to know more about Spider-Man and how his powers work.

Neither the less, he gets ready for when Ned appears once more.

00:24:20 - 00:24:53

"Guess every girl he flirts with would say the same about him," Mineta said, a little surprised with a sense of jealousy towards Aunt May not being a fan of Stark

00:24:53 - 00:25:05

A few chuckles from the new report when it showed an image of Spider-Man,

"Out of all the images, they chose the one where he gets out of a bathroom" Hagakure said, snickering from the silliness from what she said.

"At least it's one way of acknowledging him," Midnight said.

00:25:05 - 00:25:21

"Certainly sounding like my mother," Midoriya nervously smiled, imagining her mother telling him to run away if there's danger nearby.

Though, like Parker, he would more likely run into it.

00:25:21 - 00:25:29

"Five backpacks?" Present Mic was a little surprised by the number, along with the rest

"I'm very surprised he wasn't found out if he constantly losing his bags." All Might said.

"He is very irresponsible," Aizawa said, sighing towards a statement Happy said before.

00:25:29 - 00:25:44

Midnight smiled from the short scene of someone give away food for May, on the house. As it reminds of her times when she gets free food due to how attractive she is, still does by pulling the same stunt.

However, it's starting to get a little less as time goes by.

She wouldn't be surprised if her heroine rival, Mount Lady would do a similar stunt to get free food.

00:25:44 - 00:25:57

With the returning appearance of Ned, he mentions something interesting about Peter Parker and how he got his powers.

"Okay, let me get this clear," Midoriya said, "he gotten his quirk… when a spider bit him?"

The audience wasn't sure about this part of the tale, spiders can be scary and dangerous, even some that could kill them due to how poisonous or toxic they are.

"That's sound very far fetch…" Todoroki said, "if it's a common spider, it wouldn't

"Then it might be a special spider." Midoriya suggests, "maybe a super spider and can give people abilities, or maybe something that had powers but passed it to another being.

"I can see that being possible." All Might said.

"Interesting idea," Sero said, "though I thought he was born with the powers that didn't activate till much later, like what you were Midoriya, a late bloomer."

"Well, we've seen people who gotten quirks by different means that they wouldn't be considered as quirks," Midoriya said, "Banner got his from gamma radiation, Steve got his from a super Soldier serum, so I can see Peter getting his from a spider bite."

"But what kind of spider would give him a quirk?"

"A radioactive one." A new voice spoke out. everyone suddenly turns around to see FWM appearing on stage.

"Yeah, I expected a lot of you guys would be confused from what he meant so I'm just going to mention it here, this is just a one-time deal."

The FWM looked at everyone and turn back to see the slowly moving film.

"Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, experimented in a lab and escaped its cage, after biting Peter, it quickly died

"But that wouldn't work." Todoroki pointed out, "wouldn't peter

"Normally it would," FWM nodded, "but this spider was experimented on, being constantly ingested by nerdy science stuff, so instead of giving Peter a deadly radioactive rash, it instead gave him superpowers! So that's pretty neat for him."

With what the girl said and her disappearing, Midroiya wrote it all down, explaining the origins of Spider-Man

00:25:57 - 00:26:18

"Why would he?" Todoroki questions Ned's question, "he's male."

00:26:18 - 00:26:48

the start of Ned asking questions ensues, with the first questions being natural and interesting for Midoriya, the other two questions, or rather one question and a suggestion.

"You should try that." Kirishima suggested Ned's idea, "it would show how far your web range is."

00:26:48 - 00:26:56

A couple of people chuckle from seeing Captain America giving a fitness instructor.

The students were happy towards seeing one of the videos, as some had seen a video that features All Might doing a fitness challenge when they were younger and huge fans of the symbol.

All Might meanwhile shake in embarrassment, recalling doing a couple of fitness challenges instruction videos, all part of inspiring kids around the world for their PE lessons.

"Can't believe I had to do what Steve was doing." All Might signs, "hopefully he didn't have to do it in two languages… as I did…"

00:26:56 - 00:27:03

"A War Criminal?" nearly everyone shouted from the coach's statement, most of them being utterly shocked at how Steve Rogers and the symbol of courage was considered after the events of Civil War.

The villains weren't much surprised by the statement, the same goes with a few of the teachers, with the new change under the Sokovia Accords, it would mean new rules and regulations and any heroes who don't follow would be considered being outside of the law, similar to illegal vigilantes.

Even in their world, Steve would be considered a highly wanted vigilante, especially when there's a hinted prison break of captured and convicted heroes.

The students meanwhile, with most being fans of Captain America was very stunned by how the world is treating him.

Midoriya was even more stunned, as someone with who he shares familiarities and someone who is considered a symbol. Only to be called a war criminal by the public.

It was that same feeling he felt when in Civil War, Rhody called him a criminal, it wasn't fair or accepting.

Of all the good he had done, and being pure of heart to save people who need help, only to be treated as nothing more than a bad person.

Even if the MCU calls Captain America a criminal, Midoriya still sees him as a hero.

00:27:03 - 00:27:14

"he hasn't met the Hulk or know much of Steve other that he's dangerous when he's right" Asui pointed out. "also it's better to be quieter."

"Agreed." Tamaki said, who quickly went to look at the wall beside him, "all these Nejire questions could risk him getting caught."

"Nejire questions?" Tamaki's friend raises her brow when he called her name, "do I ask too many questions?"

"No/yes" both Mirio and Tamaki said at the same time.

00:27:14 - 00:27:31

"Guy in a chair?" one of the students questions Ned, "like those interns at the agencies?"

"More like those people on computers helping the agent in those secret spies' flicks," Mina said. "Like Jarvis to Tony Stark."

"Why don't we have guys in chairs?" one of the students' questions. "They would be super helpful!"

00:27:31 - 00:27:40

"Playing a bit of FMK, I see," Mina said, noticing Liz and her friends playing a small game, a similar game that she would play with her girl pals.

"I'm always confused about that game," Toga said, "honestly I'll say all three at once!"

00:27:40 - 00:28:01

"That is so sweet." Mina said, giving a gleeful and loving smile to Liz, "never mind what they look like, it's what's inside those matters. That's what the Hulk taught us."

00:28:01 - 00:28:12

"Ned really can't keep a secret." Midoriya thought, sighing when everyone was turning to face Peter and Flash did not believe in it.

"This is more likely why I can't only tell someone who's good at keeping secrets…" Midoriya said, thinking about his secret of One For All.

00:28:12 - 00:28:21

"That's a good cover-up." Nezu said, "with him being in the Stark internship, he can easily say that Spider-Man is working with Tony Stark and can easily be someone who seen him a few times."

00:28:21 - 00:28:48

"Well if she's going to impress his crush, he's certainly going to be there," Mina said, a little happy that Ned spilled out a connection with Parker and Spider-Man, saying that they're friends.

Everyone else meanwhile was a little curious as to how Parker is going to pull this off if he's going to this party, though most already considered the classic TV trope of 'switching places that eventually lead to disaster.'

00:28:48 - 00:28:07

"Sounds like another couple that I know but haven't admit yet…" Mina said, looking at both Midoriya and Uraraka who are blushing when they see her.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"What do you mean by that!"

Mina snickered in thought "so obvious!"

00:28:07 - 00:29:16

The scene cuts to the house party Liz was talking about, with May driving Peter and Ned to the place.

"Parker has the best mother figure." Hagakure said, happy that someone like Aunt May is willing to take someone towards a thrilling party.

00:29:16 - 00:29:24

"More like trying too hard to look cool," Tokoyami said.

00:29:24 - 00:29:52

There were a few snickers and laughter in the audience to how Aunt May helped Peter, giving weird confidence towards going to the party. Again showing how much of a caring guardian she was.

00:29:52 - 00:30:13

There wasn't much to talk about when Ned and Parker enter the house party, as it has many things that a teenage party would have, raving music, people walking around and food and drink in red cups.

Even seeing Flash being at the DJ with a button playing calling him 'DJ Flash.'

00:30:13 - 00:30:20

"Sounds like a good plan," Midoriya said, though watching the scene gave him a slight feeling of being nervous. He has never been to a party before, let alone a house party, if he ended up in the middle of one, he would more likely spend most of it staying still like a statue.

00:30:20 - 00:30:28

Another appearance of the weird girl who appeared in the party, this time her appearance weirded out the audience. Noticing that she appears when they least expect it.

"why do I have a weird feeling she's a stalker," Ojiro said.

00:30:28 - 00:30:52

"At least she is very careful and observant to her party," Iida said, adjusting the glasses.

"Now she saw Parker, it's time to become Spider-Man…" the pink student whispered.

00:30:52 - 00:31:08

"He's not using Spider-Man as a party trick," Aizawa said, "good, heroes identities shouldn't be used for surprises at parties."

"Honestly, it's not really a surprise unless they're top ranking." One of the teachers said, "though it would be in a quirkless world where there's a tiny number of heroes in the world."

00:31:08 - 00:31:24

"He is certainly going to Spider-Man!" Mina said a little angered by Flash's insults, "Prove him wrong!"

00:31:24 - 00:31:51

"Impressing a girl and building your self-confidence, that's what!" Mina said, wanting the spider hero to appear at the party. "You can't back down, you're already in your suit."

00:31:51 - 00:31:58

Towards the party scene, the audience thought that this would be a non-action casual moment for Peter, for him to appear at the party and probably do something that will continue with the film.

But a surprise occurs when an anonymous blue explosion appears in the far distance.

"That's certainly bad." Kirishima said, "and so close to the suburbs."

"Correct, young Kirishima…" All Might said, "normally villains would attack in the city, while the suburbs aren't usually a good place to do crime… nothing of value over there."

"Meaning that wherever is going on there, must be a secret," Kurogiri said, and agreeing with All Might, while villains wouldn't normally attack or commit crimes at a residential area, it's still a good place to do secret meetings if any were near.

With the explosion, Mina sighs, knowing that Parker would rather investigate the strange blue explosion than continue with the plan.

00:31:58 - 00:32:12

A few laughs when Spider-Man tried to web something only to realize there are no tall buildings.

"That's certainly a problem for Spider-Man." Midoriya said, writing down flaws from the young spider hero, "he wouldn't do well in open spaces with no supports, meaning he wouldn't swing around much, more likely the reason he does his hero work around cities."

Sero listened in with Parker, as he uses his tapes to swing around just like Parker, he found it very interesting and something he has to consider for his movement.

00:32:12 - 00:32:21

"And just when the water sprinklers went on." Present Mic said, who continued to snicker at the funny scene.

00:32:21 - 00:32:32

The scene cuts to a different location, showing the commotion towards the blue explosion.

"Seems Parker had to stumble upon a weapons deal," Kurogiri said.

The teachers were interested, knowing that there would be shady deals in the underground black market, with illegal sellers taking deals with villains, giving them lethal weapons or support gear. Most of them happen at night or in a completely untraceable and very secret place.

Aizawa was especially intrigued by this as he had a few experiences dealing and ceasing weapon trades in his underground hero work.

Now he's curious to see how Spider-Man would deal with it.

Meanwhile, for the support girl, she heard something in their chat about the weapon itself, "wait, did he say that weapon is an Ultron arm from Sokovia?" Hatsume pointed out.

"So it's not just the alien materials they salvaged," Power Loader said, "more likely anything they get their hands on in every Earth battle that's known."

00:32:32 - 00:32:37

"Upsell him?" Hatsume said a little surprise that a criminal wants something quiet.

"guessing he only wants something basic like handguns," Aizawa said, already telling what kind of criminal he was, perhaps a low-rank thug who only use weapons to threaten and not kill.

So high-tech weapons would be overkill for him.

00:32:37 - 00:32:53

The 1-A teacher was eyes widen when he heard the voice of the bald dark skin criminal. Hearing the sound he speak and suddenly realise something.

"Aizawa…" All Might turn to him, "why he sounds like you?"

The teacher put his hand on his forehead, he couldn't believe what's happening in this scene, first Thor having the same voice as All Might.

Now he has the same voice as one of the criminals working for the Vulture.

"I can't believe this…" he sighs, not wanting people to talk about it and expect talks about it as the film progress and this man speaks more.

(Author's Note: I've been told that the Japanese dub of Shocker is the same voice actor as Aizawa.)

00:32:53 - 00:33:01

"Why not just go all the way and threaten them with time travel!" Twice asked.

"Because it's an overkill, my mask friend," Compress said, "as much as having a good weapon, they only work under the right circumstances"

"What the villain said!" Power Loader agreed.

00:33:01 - 00:33:10

Many froze when a sudden ringtone of yodelling was heard.

"Not a perfect time Ned!" one of the students called out.

"He seriously didn't put his ringtone off?" Aizawa said, comparing with how he deals with his phone, keeping the ringtone off and only answer when he could feel vibrations, that way it's much quieter.

He hoped his students do the same with their phones.

00:33:10 - 00:33:18

And with Spider-Man entering the scene, his first move is telling the man with the gun to shoot him.

While a few students were a little unsure and seeing this move as crazy, others understood his actions.

"He's saving the buyer's life by putting the gunfire towards him," All Might said, "a good move to but it means he'll be targeting you."

"At least he saved someone," Nezu said, as the second encounter with high-tech weapons begins

00:33:18 - 00:33:28

With the first move, the audience was prepared to see some fighting, already pleased that Parker took the gun away from the armed man, but didn't expect the other guy using one of the weapons to give a big knockback to the spider-hero.

"Holy!" Kirishima shouted as he and many were eyes widen seeing someone quirkless giving a big All Might Punch.

"Again, those babies are no joke!" Hatsume said, already excited about the devices and hoping that they'll use more, even if they are villains, it's giving her so much inspiration towards future ideas for her inventions.

00:33:28 - 00:33:57

The following scene shows the start of the van chase, with Spider-Man being dragged along as he tries to catch up with the criminals, all while the criminal at the back used another weapon that blew off half of the van's doors.

This was both thrilling and frightening, hoping for Spider-Man to hold on.

00:33:57 - 00:34:12

"looks like the Spider is going to meet a Vulture," Dabi said towards the cutaway.

00:34:12 - 00:34:29

"that's not good!" Mineta said when the driver managed to smack Spider-Man into bricks that made him let go, "he just lost them and they're getting away."

"Hopefully he'll catch up…" Midoriya said, being at his seat as he watches the chase.

00:34:29 - 00:34:36

"shortcut?" one of the teachers raises a brow, "do you know this neighbourhood to find an alternative route?"

"at least he's trying to get to them without them trying to attack him," All Might said, hoping for Spider-Man's 'shortcut' to catch the criminals off guard.

00:34:36 - 00:35:20

All Might was, unfortunately, embarrassed to see what this shortcut was.

While the carefree were chuckling towards the following scene, most were sighing and putting hands in their faces, witnessing an incredibly reckless and terrible move for Spider-Man to do.

"Not only he's trespassing private property, but he's also damaging so much of their backyards," Aizawa said, being the most disappointed towards Parker's actions.

"Well, it's not as bad as when Rogers crashed into that wedding shop." Present Mic said, "and he only had his powers for no less an hour."

"Yet he had them for months." Aizawa said, "this is so much worse."

If he had to grade Parker for chasing the villain, it would be a low grade.

"You also have to remember that Parker is in a very disadvantageous environment." All Might pointed out, "something he hasn't been in before."

"Then he has to figure out how to go through them if he wants to be better," Aizawa said.

In his honestly, heroes need to be prepared for anything, even if they are in an environment that isn't very suited for them, they have to learn to counter them, understanding weaknesses and deal with them to become better.

He would give Parker a free pass as it is his first time in an environment that doesn't suit his powers, but he can't ignore the property damages and high concerns from other people, especially when he accidentally scared two little girls who were camping in their back yard.

00:35:20 - 00:35:27

"I'm sorry dumb hat! But Spider-freak is busy trying to stop the f**king villains!" Bakugo shouted.

"Yeah, at this point, stopping the villains takes more priority than making yourself cool," Mina admits.

00:35:27 - 00:35:47

"At least he's catching up," Midoriya said, relived that Spider-Man is back on track with the van.

Everyone watches as Spiderman goes on the rooftops, many tap their feet, hoping that he managed to get on the van and stop the villains. a good chance for him to be a hero and start finding out more about Adrian's operation.

00:35:47 - 00:35:50

Many gasps in the audience.

"That is a good surprise." Twice smiled, "also BIRD!" he pointed out in fright.

00:35:50 - 00:35:58

With fear filling the room, the students watch in fear as Spider-man was being pulled up in the air.

Followed my shrieks and unnerving chills when they saw the green eyes of the flying villain.

"Where… where he is taking him?" Uraraka said, a little shaken towards seeing this.

"Where else would he take him?" the warp villain said, "up…"

00:35:58 - 00:36:18

Even more fear continues, as they watch the young hero fall from a great height.

The support teacher and student were relieved that Stark thought about a parachute, but even then, it wouldn't save him, as it didn't deploy properly.

And while a few were relieved that he landed in the water than the thick ground. they knew his peril is far from over.

00:36:18 - 00:36:27

"Is his babies turning against him?" Hatsume said, now worried for the parachute that could be.

"Down came the drain and flush the spider out," Shigaraki said, getting a little happy, wanting to see a hero getting drying for something pathetic.

While the students and teachers are now in deep concern towards Parker, watching him drown while he sinks in the river.

"Come on…" Midoriya muttered, fist clench and wanting Parker to survive.

00:36:27 - 00:36:46

At first, a sudden rocket in the water left the audience in silence confusion.

But when it got out and the scene shows Spider-Man, everyone was relieved that he managed to survive, and surprised when his savior turns out to be Iron Man himself.

"Yeah!" Mina said, "his teacher just saved his student!"

"Amazing!" Kirishima said.

Though the students were pleased, the teachers had a bad feeling as to how Stark is going to act to Parker after this stunt, expecting something similar to how they would act if their students did the same thing as Spider-Man did and almost died because of it.

00:36:46 - 00:37:03

"Heaters are always good." Hatsume smiled, "better to dry up and not left any soggy hero costumes."

"It would be connivant," Midoriya said.

"I honestly don't see the point of it," Todoroki said, though saying it due to his quirk being able to do the same thing for his costume.

00:37:03 - 00:37:19

"What do you mean below their pay grade?" most of the students said in sync.

"Guess it make sense…" Aizawa said, too a bit confused but understood the circumstances, "from what I've seen, since there aren't many heroes in this reality, the heroes that are there would more likely focus on higher threats

"That I can agree with," Nezu said, "I honestly don't see Iron Man stopping a purse snatcher or lookout for one."

"I would," All Might said, "though I can see where you're coming from, with little heroes in this world there aren't much grounds to look out for crime doers. Especially when there's only one hero to deal with New York, a city that has thousands of heroes in our reality."

Hearing this conversation, the students calmed down and understood what they meant, seeing something that is different in this reality compare to theirs. But it leaves one question.

"So if the Avengers don't deal with this situation, who does?"

"Police, government divisions," Aizawa gave some suggestions "more likely the FBI would deal with this sort of thing and probably investigating them."

This once again brings another thought of the comparison as police would be considered just people who put the villains away, but in a world with not a lot of heroes, then police and agency divisions would be the ones responsible to deal with crime.

"Well, at least he managed to save Parker…" Midoriya said, writing the information down on his notes.

00:37:19 - 00:37:25

"What?" one of the students said, leaving everyone in utter confusion when they saw that nobody was inside the Iron Man suit.

00:37:25 - 00:37:34

The scene cuts to show Tony Stark who appears to be in India.

This was a very big surprise, though explained that there's Wi-Fi, it's still amazing how Stark managed to control his Iron Man suits to rescue Peter while he's in another country.

"Stark's tech brings more surprises when the films continue." Power Loader said.

"At this point, Stark is more advanced than I-Island!" Hatsume claims, still seeing the Iron Hero as her icon and huge inspiration to make better babies than she originally had.

00:37:34 - 00:37:54

"Little steps are sometimes better than the big steps," one of the teachers said, seeing a good point towards what Stark want Parker to do.

00:37:54 - 00:38:03

"Probably the reason he took him there in the first place." Kurogiri said, "he knew that Steve wouldn't harm a kid, probably used him as a way for Steve to not go too far."

Hearing this, a few teachers could see the reason, if it was a villain that wouldn't mind killing children, then there's no way to bring a kid along. But a rogue hero that hesitates at the sight of children, it might be a good call from Stark.

A risky call, but one that has a good reason.

00:38:03 - 00:38:26

With the suit leaving, there were many thoughts about the first part of this Spider-Man film and that's how Parker is only at the same level as the students in the screen room.

While they have experience bigger fights and dealing with villains, they are not ready to be more than that or do it regularly. Their provisional licenses can only cover so much and it's no different than what Peter is going through.

This once again made the students of U.A very interested in Spider-Man as they know what they're going through, Midoriya especially, recalling the time when he waited for Overhaul's location to be revealed before he can act, it wasn't a good time just waiting and it felt so wrong.

Just as Parker is trying to say that not going after the weapons dealers is wrong.

The teachers could see where Stark is going through and so far, he's doing well being a teacher despite not being there for him, it's a lot different than what hero education is, but they can't judge on that since this is a different reality with different circumstances. To them, this would be when the pre-license vigilantes found sidekicks or recruits for the hero program and trained them to be their successors when the second generation of quirks came along and when the laws and regulations of quirks took place.

Parker is the first of the second generation of heroes in this reality and he's still at the stage of what's his place and how much he can help in the role of a hero. As the FWM stated when this film began, with great power, comes great responsibility, and Parker still needs to learn about responsibility and what he is and isn't responsible for.

To be continued…