Okay, so I did a lot of thinking and I decided to make this decision

I'm going to do a poll to when you guys want the interlude subplot to end, there will be four options, after Endgame, after Infinity War, after Black Panther and after this movie. The polls will be up until I finish part 3.

When the subplot ends, it would focus more on the feedback and how the characters understand the films as that is what you guys really want. And now I learned my lesson.

Review of What If…?

Episode 6:

It was excellent

This has been a great episode that shows a really good alteration while keeping things consistent like how forgot her name is a child as this episode takes place in 2008.

More importantly, it shows Killmonger being a great villain. Something that he did in this episode is what I love to see in a villain, someone who can play at both sides, being able to trick one side to see the other and go to the other side and do the same. As he does in here.

A great villain is not one who's on one side and tries to overthrow the other, it's a great villain is one who caused the two sides to begin with and keep them going against each other when they're the true enemy. Something that I was hoping All For One would be. But he's seeming more affiliated towards one side that I couldn't see him having control over the other. I don't see him in that potential or pull something similar that Killmonger did in this episode.

But back to the episode, This is certainly on the top list of my favourite episodes, and they did a really good job with it.

Don't know if this is better than the second episode, so I have to say it's a close second. But it still means it's very up high there.

That being said, let's continue with this film. As it brings back a character that we thought was long gone…

00:39:14 - 00:39:26

"So he runs a gladiatorial-like business which forced captured warriors to battle each other to the death." Iida tries to give an idea about what the Grand Master said.

Many already didn't like the idea. Though some had found it interesting, as they elements of such themes.

00:39:26 - 00:39:33

"It's Asgard! Not Ass-gard." Pony complains, "what's with this film and naming places with butts?"

"Still clinging towards the Tex-arse joke," one of the 1-B students mutters, noticing their foreign classmate still a little mad towards said joke.

00:39:33 - 00:39:42

Many in the audience were surprised yet somewhat suspected to see a familiar face again.

"Great, him…" Toga was a little crossed to see Loki again.

00:39:42 - 00:40:12

"Weeks ago?" Midoriya perked up, a little confused towards the comment on how Loki ended up being on the planet weeks before Thor and they both fell relatively at the same time.

"Guess some people who end up there would have different experiences." Spinner said, "some are lucky and end up in the city while others go to the outskirt where they're eaten or captured."

00:40:12 - 00:40:14

"Right, the Grand Master is just over there playing some tunes," Jiro said, a little nodding towards the upbeat music of electro-pop.

00:40:14 - 00:40:25

"Here on Sakaar what?" one of the students asked, now a little surprised to what the Grand Master said.

"Well, that explains the time difference." Midoriya said, "and based on his long pause, it feels like he doesn't know how old he is, so maybe he is… millions of years old…"

"He doesn't look like millions of years old." Asui pointed out, "isn't he human?"

"A little unsure on that." Midoriya said, remembering how there are human-looking aliens that are not from Earth, "then again, Asgardians can live up to five thousand years and they appear human, so maybe the Grand Master is a different case of humanoid aliens that can live far longer."

While many would rather not remember that face, Midoriya ensure that it's noted as a possible piece of information from someone who calls himself The Grand Master.

00:40:25 - 00:40:40

"Yeah, even I would show you a thing or two," Bakugo said, getting annoyed by the one who imprisoned Thor.

00:40:40 - 00:40:56

"Speaking my language!" Bakugo grinned, now interested in the Grand Master's champion.

Many notice this mysterious champion, as it was mentioned earlier, that the drunk lady was the one who brought this champion to the Grand Master, and if he's a champion

"So, all Thor Might need to do is defeat this champion and he can just leave." Mina said, "sounds simple enough."

"I can't imagine anyone other than scary villain lady that can beat Thor Might," Mineta added.

Meanwhile, for some, they were very curious about this mysterious champion, not even Nezu could consider suggestions towards the identity, it's an entire mystery ready to unfold.

00:40:56 - 00:41:03

"At least you found a way to free yourself," Sero said, as he and many other students were getting excited for a gladiator fight with Thor.

00:41:03 - 00:41:08

"And like any other gladiator Colosseum, there would be a gladiator chamber to keep the fighters at bay," Kurogiri said towards the scene.

00:41:08 - 00:41:30

Kirishima chuckles from the quick introduction of one of the gladiators in the Contest of Champions. There was somewhat a liking towards this new person, either due to his rock appearance that reminds him of his hardening quirk or the rock paper scissors joke that he made. Could be either of them or both, but he seems to like Korg.

"Looks like a fun guy," Uraraka commented.

"Yeah, ribbit, he looks like one of those stone giants that Thor once fought," Asui said

00:41:30 - 00:41:36

"Just like Edward," Toga said, remembering a Tim Burton film she once saw, "but more bug…"

Hearing that gave a little shake from the quiet student. Regular bugs frighten him, so aliens bugs might be worse, especially towards the size.

"Having scissors for hands would be neat." The vampire villainess continued, "easier to stab people with…"

00:41:36 - 00:42:01

"Are you serious?" Shigaraki raises a brow towards how Korg ended up as a gladiator. "even I'm not that stupid to print pamphlets for a revolution."

"Then how would people know that you're doing one?" one of the students asked.

"That's a silly question." Dabi said, "you think villains just print up pamphlets to have villains get together for a scheme?"

"Maybe on a criminal underground message board?" the same student suggested. Causing the villains to facepalm.

"The next generation of heroes everyone." Twice said. Which offended the students who also didn't agree.

"In any case, this Korg individual seems to be somewhat a rookie towards starting a revolution, with the Grand Master in charge and knowing him, there would be people who would try to overthrow him," Kurogiri said

"Like the scavengers outside the city," Nezu pointed possible candidates, "though I think he's just trying something out without knowing much about it."

"Like what Shigaraki did." Toga said, causing the leader to get mad. "I have you know I always make plans."

"And if they fail either run away or kill anything you see. Because that's worth doing!"

"Still works," Shigaraki said.

"Like how we lost half of our members and your sensei after your failed attempt to recruit explody boy over there?"

"He got you there," Dabi added.

Shigaraki didn't respond, just grumble in defeat.

00:42:01 - 00:42:10

"What?" All Might, along with the majority was confused about what Korg said.

00:42:10 - 00:42:17

"so true…" many thoughts came to mind towards Korg's comment.

"I guess that's saying something," Midoriya said, writing down what Korg just said

'The only thing that does make sense is that nothing makes sense.'

"Such chaotic thinking about life." Toga sighs delightfully.

"Agree," Eri added with a soft smile.

00:42:17 - 00:42:26

"Showcasing how powerful this Champion is." Aizawa said, a little concern for this champion. "must be a powerful warrior."

"Yeah, but hopefully not as powerful as the mighty Thor Might!" Present Mic added.

00:42:26 - 00:42:35

"Guess some people would prefer to play things safe and do the low level for grinding," Shigaraki said. "Still, taking out the boss would be the main goal."

"Still good to warm up the crowd." Kirishima said, "like those fights with less known heroes before the big ones show up to take the final blow!"

The teachers of U.A would understand what the hardened student said, as they experience times when they made a finishing blow to get all the cheers…

And times when another hero steals their spotlight.

00:42:35 - 00:42:46

"His name is not Doug, Rock man!" Twice complained, "his name is FORTNITE! I mean- Thor Might!"

00:42:46 - 00:42:54

"Not really surprised at this point." Shoto said as many expect for Hela to reach the throne room, "if the front lines and the best warriors couldn't defeat the goddess of death, what do the guards of the throne room had?"

00:42:54 - 00:43:14

"Not entirely a lie…" one of the students said, remembering the good things Odin had done and what he said, a little unsure what Hela was talking about.

Regardless, others were a little curious as to what Hela meant by the good deeds of Asgard being lies.

00:43:14 - 00:43:31

This caught the audience interest, with some a little confused by her statement and her destroying the ceiling painting, yet others suspected that there was something else.

"The truth stays covered under the sheet of lies," Tokoyami said. Making most a little worried about what they're going to see and how it's going to change their viewpoint on Odin.

00:43:31 - 00:44:00

And thus, the reveal of history didn't lie behind the words of an evil being, it was embedded in stone, and was covered by a different telling of history.

Many were shocked to see the origins of Asgard, how Hela and Odin were originally conquerors, that they indeed took over nine realms, fought and slaughtered foreign soldiers, had slaves build the golden bricks of Asgard.

For the villains, this made Odin seem like a hypocrite based on what they heard from him.

"A wise king doesn't seek out war you say…" Toga said, a little surprised by what the two did.

"So, like the Washington Monument, the Asgard palace was built by forced labour." Twice added.

With many knowing this, they also see why Odin choose to change his ways, probably a change of heart of the guilt written to how far is too far.

"So, after he banished his daughter, he tried to change the kingdom into a more peaceful approach," Midoriya said, very interested and shocked yet still writing down and consider the reason towards the past and how he'd changed, along with how Hela was still on the path of conquest that made Odin reconsider her actions and act accordingly.

"This does fit towards Odin's character, if the children become a lost cause, then he would punish them by banishment or imprisonment, just as how he banished Thor on Earth and stripped away of his powers."

"Guess for Hela's case, she was too powerful for the same banishment," Asui added. "still it would be interesting to see how it happened."

"Like all guilty men, Odin tried to rewrite his history." Spinner said, calling back a quote that was said by a man who couldn't let go of what Stark did to his father.

While many were having different reactions on the hero side, some a little unsure towards Odin's past and others trying to see his changed ways, All Might be left pondering about how their reality had somewhat similarity with rewriting history.

He still learned that once in the dark ages of quirks, All for One took over Japan and ruled it with an iron fist. A dark part and a major embarrassment towards the country, many who remember tried to forget that dark part of their history, focused more on how after his rule came the age of heroes in Japan, and that was way before he made his debut and made sure the world was at peace.

Was it better to always remember the good and pure parts of history and forget what happened that lead to them? Was it good that people forgot about All for One? He remembers a quote that someone in the states said.

'Remember the past, no matter how dark it was. Otherwise, we would repeat the same mistakes that were forgotten.'

That quote got him to look back in history to know his enemy and what he did to gain power.

He looks at the ceiling painting one more time and wonders if the past was remembered, would it change the viewpoint of Odin, would people hold a grudge against him because he was once a bad person?

Maybe, but like Iron Man, who was once known as the 'Merchant of Death', changed his ways and so far, aside from those who suffered from the Ultron incident, many see him as a hero. So maybe the same could be seen for Odin if he didn't cover his wrongdoings.

Maybe it's not bad to remember the bad parts of the past, and yet he couldn't help himself but have this feeling that the same mistakes that happened before will repeat themselves in the current generation. Because something was missing, he doesn't know what, and he doesn't know why he's having this feeling, but it was somewhat impactful after seeing this.

00:44:00 - 00:44:08

"They might be really horrible conquerors and tyrants in the past, but at least they know honourable decency to the fallen heroes." Twice pointed out.

00:44:08 - 00:44:13

The scene cuts to Odin's vault filled with powerful and dangerous items that there best buried.

Knowing the power of Hela, many were worried about what she can do with what was kept away from the universe.

00:44:13 - 00:44:28

"Huh?" many were a little confused by Hela's statement.

"How in the nine realms is that thing weak?" Uraraka pointed towards a relic that was seen in the first Thor film, "that icy box thing is like Shoto's powers but much worse! How is that weak?"

"Perhaps Hela is so powerful that powerful relics are considered weak to her." Jiro pointed out, "the hammer would be considered weak to her since she can easily crush it."

This once again takes in the immense power Hela has and made many wonders what can possibly stop her.

00:44:28 - 00:44:34

"The tesseract is 'not bad' for her?" Midnight perked up along with most, showing that the infinity stones was somewhat an improvement under Hela's standards.

00:44:34 - 00:44:40

"Wait…" Momo suddenly remember something from both the opening and the past few seconds. "didn't Surtur said that all he needs to do to start Ragnarok was to put his crown in the eternal flame?"

"Why mention that?" Denki asked, being somewhat an idiot towards the conversation.

"Well, I couldn't help but notice that both the crown and the Eternal Flame are in the same vault in close proximity."

Others soon click the two together as they remember the past few seconds when Hela passed through Surtur's crown.

"That's an apocalypse waiting to happen." Shouji pointed out, "you would think they would keep the two relics away from each other as possible to prevent Ragnarok."

This was somewhat a problem that was noticed, many consider it as poor containment.

(And yes, Ragnarok must happen to stop Hela, but who in their right mind put them close together if they don't' know about Hela?!)

00:44:40 - 00:45:11

"As if you haven't shown yourself off enough…" Shigaraki groans, starting to get annoyed by Hela.

00:45:11 - 00:45:36

While many were concerned about what the goddess of death was going to do with the eternal flame, some looked at the dark place of what seems to be a tome of fallen warriors, another point of evidence towards Hela's story.

It was true that most likely the warriors died during the conquering of the nine realms, but it was mostly a different time and a different perspective before the sudden change. As these warriors would be loyal to the end, fought and died, then buried with honour under the civilization they defended till the end.

If not for the fact that it was towards a concerning cause, it would have been an interesting view towards traditional Asgardian burials towards fallen heroes.

Midoriya wrote it down on his notes, either way, a somewhat record towards Asgard history.

00:45:36 - 00:45:42

"That's a big dog!" Uraraka was a little jumped towards the decayed corpse of a big wolf.

Those who know Norse Mythology was intrigued by seeing the deceased wolf on big, squared stone along with the fallen warriors.

"This must be this reality's version of Fenrir" Momo comments towards Fenris. Many already turn to the rich student as she cared to explain, "Fenrir is a giant wolf and also a child of Loki," she started, "according to the myth, the gods bound him with chains made out of impossible materials, like a breath of a fish and a beard of a woman."

"Even though now those are possible thanks to quirks" Shoto pointed out.

"Well quirks have only been around for over a century, and these tales were during times when there were no quirks," Kendo added.

Momo continued with Fenrir's story, "in any case, the wolf was chained on a stone until Ragnarok when he breaks free and murders Odin, he was killed right after by Vidar, the god of vengeance."

"There's a vengeance god?" Dabi perked up.

"There's practically a god for everything when it comes to mythologies," Momo gave a clear answer, "in Roman mythology, there was a goddess of the sewers known as Cloacina."

"Well, I didn't want to know that information…" Uraraka was a little grossed out.

"Still, it was interesting to know where Fenris comes from and seeing how different he was in comparison with the Norse mythology."

00:45:42 - 00:46:09

The following scene shows Hela using the eternal flame. What happens was several people in the audience going eyes wide when they saw the dead rising.

"She's not the goddess of death for nothing." Tokoyami comments.

"And the dog is alive too!" Uraraka said, being the most scared out of the bunch.

"Now not only Thor Might have to deal with his sister, but also an army of fallen soldiers," Nezu said, a little concerned yet interested to see what happens.

Midoriya meanwhile added information for both Hela and the Eternal flame, finding it interesting that the eternal flame has the means to revive the deceased but in scary skeleton form.

00:46:09 - 00:46:24

Cutting back to Thor, many smiled when Thor gave words to morn his late allfather. Even when it was revealed who he was, many understand what Odin was for Thor.

Then many notice an additional voice at the end part of the wording. Already some were a little irritated as to who it was.

00:46:24 - 00:46:40

"Says you." Mineta complained, "you have done nothing but that. You are a backstabbing god of mischief!"

The first statement only sees Loki as a hypocrite, saying he understands while he was the one who constantly does it.

00:46:40 - 00:46:50

"plus it's a chamber kept by only gladiators, so illusions would be the only way you could get in to talk to him." Nezu pointed out while many just see him being a mischief trickster.

00:46:50 - 00:47:11

The only amusement towards this scene was Thor throwing rocks at Loki, knowing he's just an illusion.

Others sigh when they heard what Loki was purposing. Many in utter disappointment.

"After all this time, you haven't changed one bit," Vlad said.

Aizawa agrees with the 1-B teacher, "yeah, it seems that he always tries to use mischief to take over a realm or a planet, and when it fails, he'll move onto another planet and try again, he once tried on Asgard, then Earth, then Asgard again and now… he's thinking of taking over Sakaar.

"Yeah I would keep throwing rocks at him," Toga said, "and maybe knives, helps prove my knife throwing."

While many weren't sure about knives, many students who still dislike Loki would agree with the villainess.

00:47:11 - 00:47:28

"I understand." Thor said, "and I disagree, if I was in Thor's shoes, I too would still face Hela despite my disadvantages, because, as Thor would put it…"

He then transforms into his buff self.

"That's what heroes do!" he said right when he transforms back to his skinny self.

00:47:28 - 00:47:41

"Because nobody trusts you." Denki pointed out. Many agree.

"Honestly, who can trust villains. They're all going to backstab in the end, anyway." Monoma said.

"What about the Maximoffs?" Kendo pointed out.

"Or the Guardians?" Ibara added.

"Or Scott Lang?" Kodai softly speaks.

"Or the Hulk?" Shishida finishes.

"And you guys are saying that Loki should be trusted?" Monoma attempt to defend his words. Which caused the rest of 1-B to go silent.

00:47:41 - 00:48:05

Many can agree with what Thor said.

"Honestly, there is nothing to say about Loki," Momo said, "I believe we too said enough about him."

With nods in the screen room, many would equally agree that Loki wasn't a good person and would most likely cause bad things.

That being said, a fair few notices that he isn't the villain or somewhat a threat as there were much bigger threats to go against, and in comparison with Loki, he was more of a headache than an antagonist.

Those few who notice had somewhat a feeling that there would be a change of character for the long-running villain of this reality.

00:48:05 - 00:48:19

Once again, some were stunned with others expecting Loki to place a bet against Thor.

"Yeah, now I'm hoping Thor Might kick this champion's ass so you can lose that bet!" Bakugo complained.

Meanwhile, for Midoriya, he wrote down more information about the mysterious champion, explaining how he's an 'astonishingly savage'. Making him think that this champion was a killing-minded animal that surpassed even the bravest of warriors.

00:48:19 - 00:48:21

"Finally!" Toga was relieved when Loki left. Now wanting Thor to defeat the champion just so that Loki would lose that huge bet he made.

00:48:21 - 00:48:27

Many chuckled or laugh when Korg appeared and kicked where Loki was.

Already, several people expect the rock warrior to be this film's comic relief.

00:48:27 - 00:48:44

"Agree with Rocky there," Toga said, "I would personally remove the hair and lick the blood, don't want it to go to waste."

"Of course, you want to clean blood…" Uraraka was angered towards the villainess.

00:48:44 - 00:48:54

"I would like that weapon very much…" Uraraka said turning towards the one person she doesn't like, who return noticed and was angered.

"That's very offensive, thank you very much, Toga complained, "you're saying that because I have vampire fangs, just because I have vampire aspects doesn't mean I am one."

"And you're not huddled together" compressed added.

"That too."

00:48:54 - 00:49:06

"So very manly…" Kirishima said, feeling a little saddened from hearing about the hammer. "man I missed that hammer…"

00:49:06 - 00:49:23

This was many talks about how Thor can use his hammer, there were times when the audience talk about how the hammer works and have discussions about them during the breaks.

But never had the discussion come out in laughter as one by Thor himself and Korg.

It wasn't just laughter but also slight blushes from a fair number of the girls in the audience.

"Thor Might really love riding his hammer…" Midnight licked her lips, already having several dirty thoughts about the relationship between Thor and the hammer.

This caused the bird student to scream intensely.

"Why are you guys laughing?" Shoto asked, "he's just explaining how he's riding the hammer and how it always comes back to him."

"I'll tell you when you're older, Todoroki," Mina said.

"Why would I wait for years when you can just tell me now?"

"Because you're too pure for innuendos…"

00:49:23 - 00:49:31

"It does," Mina said, liking Korg's thought process towards how he sees Thor with his hammer.

Midoriya, while a little embarrassed towards the wording, noted an interesting idea about how special the hammer was to Thor.

And now that it's gone, it gave a sense that Thor had lost his powers.

Again, showing the new struggles that he's facing in this film.

00:49:31 - 00:49:45

"Wait… she's an Asgardian?" All Might pointed towards the screen. As the newfound information was surprising for the audience and show that the drunk woman has a role in the film.

"That explains her drinking problem," Kurogiri said.

00:49:45 - 00:50:00

"And she doesn't care…" the warp villain pointed out, seeing her drink a flaming beverage, which interested Kurogiri, knowing that there were flaming alcohol drinks, though he wouldn't consider having them.

00:50:00 - 00:50:04

"A valkawhat?" Denki was confused by the name, "Momo!"

"A Valkyrie" Momo started, a little annoyed by the electric student and a little irritated that she has become the source of Norse Mythology, one of the disadvantages of being a bookworm is that she knows so much that she would be the one to explain everything.

"according to mythology, a Valkyrie is maidens who served Odin, the word itself translate to 'Chooser of the slain' what they do is go into battle and choose who would die in battle and be taken to Vahalla."

"So like a Viking version of an angel?" Ibara asked.

"Pretty much." Momo answered, "though I would guess they're completely different in this reality."

She proceeds to look at the screen, expecting the film to explain what the MCU versions of Valkyries are.

00:50:04 - 00:50:23

"Playing it a little too smooth buddy…" Sero said while both Denki and Mineta was a little embarrassed, having a feeling that they too would pull a move just to impress a woman.

"So in other words, Valkyries are an elite force of female warriors." Iida summaries what little he got from Thor, now curious about the idea.

00:50:23 - 00:50:40

"But the tattoo tells otherwise," Jiro said as she and others were curious about the drunk Valkyrie,

Midoriya made a note of this and wonders if there was some past from this character. Maybe a reason for how she ended up on Sakaar. Along with what happened to the Valkyries, especially when none are present on Asgard as far as he can tell.

Come to think of it, all the guards seem to be all men.

00:50:40 - 00:50:55

After seeing the Valkyrie go, it left a slightly negative impression towards her for the audience, but not a full conclusion to whether she can be trusted or not or if she's good or bad.

It's only nothing but a mystery that would be explored when the next time Thor has a chance to talk to her again.

00:50:55 - 00:51:05 (STAN LEE CAMEO 17)

"And why am I not surprised that the Old Man is back on an alien planet!" Mineta complained, seeing the same Old Man.

Meanwhile, for others, they were a little concerned with what he was holding.

00:51:05 - 00:51:15

That concern intensifies immensely when the Old Man activated the device while laughing.

"Is he giving him a haircut!" All Might shouted.

"And with those blades!" Present Mic added.

Many were a little afraid of this scene and what Thor is going to look once the Old Man was done.

Speaking of which, Midoriya wrote the next entry of the Old Man's latest appearances 'appeared on Sakaar as a barber for gladiator processing, he was seen with a scary-looking hair trimmer and cut off Thor Might's hair.'

00:51:15 - 00:51:22

"And that's why I don't go to hairstyle places!" Twice shouted! "Seriously they're scary! Don't be a crybaby!"

Hearing Thor screamed; many were a little frightened. Especially Kirishima who has an interest in hairstyles. He respects manly hairstyles, whether they're big spiky red hair to admire an old school hero or a long golden lock that makes the man very handsome.

So to know that Thor was going to lose his hair, give a sense of losing yet another thing about him.

"Man… this is getting bad for Thor Might. It might be his worst day yet."

(And it's just the very beginning my friend… soon he's going to lose a WHOLE LOT MORE!)

00:51:22 - 00:51:41

The scene reveals the Contest of Champions, showing a stadium full of people cheering on it.

This gave many vibes towards the audience, both excited to see battle and concern about the implementation of the contest.

00:51:41 - 00:51:57

"Can't believe people would be so excited to watch people fight and murder each other just for entertainment," Momo said, as she and many others were very unsure about this concept.

"Like the sports festival?" Shigaraki said, causing head turns towards the villain leader, "isn't that similar to the contest of champions? People watching young heroes fight each other to reach the top?"

"Yeah, but we don't kill each other to do it." Iida said, "that's an incredibly strict rule from the festival."

"Still, it's a battle of who could be number one." Shigaraki continued, "but to simplify with your mind, just call it a villain sports festival."

"All controlled by a psychopath who smiles at death? Certainly." One of the students said as many agree with the idea, "though, I wouldn't see Thor Might being in such a tournament, only if he's forced to, in which, he is."

00:51:57 - 00:52:44

When Grand Master announces 'Lord of Thunder', the audience quickly saw the new hairstyle.

"Damn, now it looks incredibly standard!" Kirishima said, "though the stripes on his face look cool."

"Really gives him a sense of warpaint," Sero added.

Many were happy to see Thor, but several were suddenly upset when the crowd rain boos and whines. Giving a huge negative impact on the arena audience.

"Guess this champion is so popular that the other side wouldn't like the side." All Might sighs, a little upset that Thor was being hated towards. A sound he didn't like and only would hear if he made a sudden mistake, like not saying 'Plus Ultra' at the Sports Festival.

If he survives this year, he will remember not to make the same mistake.

00:52:44 - 00:52:54

"Time to reveal this savage powerful champion of his" Dabi said as everyone else kept their eyes locked onto the screen.

00:52:52 - 00:53:33

The cheers, the fireworks, the descriptions from the grandmaster, the rumblings.

Many in the audience were tapping to their feet, shaking in fright, in incredible amputation to see this champion, to see the great undefeated warrior, one that could be powerful against Thor. Many tried to imagine what kind of warrior could defeat someone as powerful as a god. Someone who can beat up even the strongest of men.

And as the doors open, they watch closely as the Champion of the Contest of Champions reveal himself.

00:53:33 - 00:53:38

A sudden jumpscare that surprised everyone.

The second they saw the champion; they quickly knew who it was.

"IT'S THE HULK!" everyone shouted in utter shock.

"The Hulk!" Uraraka shouted again, "he's here! On Sakaar? How?"

"Yeah! That's what I want to know…" Mina agreed, "last time we saw him, he left Sokovia on the Quinjet. Back on EARTH!"

Midoriya flip over his notes, finding information about what happened to the Hulk that was noted back in Age of Ultron, "the last mentions of him, there was a possible chance the jet was splashed down in the Banda sea. But if he's here, does that mean…"

He thinks about how it could be possible, recalling the idea of wormholes that drag people down onto the planet. "Could it be possible there's a wormhole on Earth and it just happen the jet was sucked up?"

"That would be one way to get lost." Mirio said, "but it does make sense."

"So, all this time, Hulk wasn't really on Earth after Sokovia" Asui put a conclusion towards Hulk's disappearance, "ribbit, he was on Sakaar, battling and massacring fallen warriors for the sake of entertainment."

While many who liked Hulk were happy to see him again, they also remembered that this was the Grand Master's champion, meaning that Thor must fight the Hulk.

00:53:38 - 00:53:41

There was something funny about Thor's reaction, causing most of the audience to snicker and chuckle.

"Hey, it's someone who worked with." Kirishima said, "I know they're going to fight each other, but it's still great to see a long-lost buddy."

00:53:41 - 00:53:46

"He's suddenly afraid of the Hulk?" Toga notice Loki's behaviour and was confused.

"Remember what he did to him last time they met," Dabi said, making the villainess suddenly remember and smile to remembering.

"Oh right, PUNY GOD!" Twice shouted.

00:53:46 - 00:53:56

Hearing the crowd cheering for the Hulk and the Hulk raising his weapons and shouting his name like a pro wrestler, gave a somewhat different tone to how the Hulk was treated given his past.

"Yeah, Hulk is back!" Toga said, "and people love him!"

"it's a different planet," Aizawa said, "it would be a fresh start for him and it seems he gained a positive reputation to its natives."

00:53:56 - 00:54:02

"Still surprising that this is how we see Hulk again," Ojiro said, seeing Thor calling out that he knows the Hulk.

00:54:02 - 00:54:08

"And there's banners and giant face masks of the guy." Denki said, "he is popular on Sakaar."

"He is the number one Champion in the contest, so it makes sense for him to be a fan favourite." Present Mic pointed out

"Compared to how he's treated on Earth, being a possible risk to public safety and collateral damage," Aizawa added.

"True, but here, where it's eat or get eaten, kill or get killed, this will be Hulk's paradise!"

"It would be any villain's paradise" the 1-A teacher muttered.

00:54:08 - 00:54:17

"You tell me." Mineta said, "there was a Civil War and everything!"

"Guess it would be a good thing for Banner to end up on another planet." Jiro said, "I don't think he would approve with the Sokovia Accords, especially when he doesn't have much trust with the government."

00:54:17 - 00:54:30

Many laugh when they saw Loki's face when Thor pointed to him.

"Oh man… that face is so priceless!" Toga took a breath before laughing even more.

"Looks like he's having flashbacks to what Hulk did to him." Spinner said, recalling their last encounter which end with Hulk using him as a baby whaling around a toy.

00:54:30 - 00:54:47

"Had Thor completely forgotten that he's supposed to fight the Hulk?" All Might was a little worried for Thor, seeing how casual he was in an event and environment of battle.

00:54:47 - 00:54:54

"And you're supposed to fight him." Compress said, "you can't be all friendly when he's going to crush you."

And with the first charge, everyone was at the edge of their seats as the fight between god and monster begins.

00:54:54 - 00:55:05

With the first strike and Thor holding his own. Many were excited to see a battle of Thor vs Hulk.

It gives somewhat speculations. As one person asked one question that turned into a debate.

"So who do you think will win in this fight, Thor or Hulk?"

This question alone intrigued the audience, as many think about the powers and abilities of each competitor.

"As much as I love Thor Might and how Manly he is, I believe Hulk would beat him," Kirishima said

"Nah, I think Thor Might would win" Mina defended, "how can a big green monster defeat a literal god? He fought monsters that were bigger than the Hulk and still prevail. Hulk wouldn't be a challenge."

"Yeah, but he only had those with the hammer." Toga interfered, "and now the hammer is gone, he would be completely defenceless, it would be like fighting Eraser guy over there, but he's buffed up."

"Though that doesn't mean he would lose his general combat skills," Spinner said, on the side of Thor, "from how I see it, Thor still obtain his godly strength and have lightning powers."

"And you think lightning powers could bring down the Hulk?" Toga complained.

"Well, it might," Denki said, on the side of Thor. But consider a better idea, "hey, Midoriya, you're the analysis on heroes and quirks, how about you explain, who would win?"

"it's pretty close if I'm honest." Midoriya started, "had Thor still have the hammer, then he would win in a landslide, but without it, all he has left is his durability and his combat skills, the hulk meanwhile has the advantage, not only have had strong weapons, but can deal with heavy hits. Don't know if it would be enough to overcome Thor's durability as Hulk had hit him that only cause pullbacks. All it comes down to is their strength, though if I have to place a bet… I would go with Thor Might."

With that in mind, along with continuous debating, the audience watches the entertainment of two heroes fighting each other.

"It would be like watching the Sports Festival all over again." One of the villains said.

00:55:05 - 00:55:31

Enjoying the fight, those who are on Hulk's side liked when Thor was knocked back while the other side made several gasps.

Seeing the monster charge, the Thor side watched closely, hoping for Thor to figure out a way to counter him.

00:55:31 - 00:55:43

Now it was hulk side to gasp and the other side to cheer when Thor made a successful hit and caused Hulk to fly around the arena.

"Never underestimates Thor Might's strength!" Tetsutetsu shouted.

00:55:43 - 00:55:46

"The lord of thunder isn't your typical fighter," Denki said, amused by the Grand Master's confusion.

00:55:46 - 00:56:02

Many were a little confused by what Thor said, but those who remember the events of Age of Ultron quickly know what he was doing.

"Are you serious?" Aizawa facepalms, expecting this to fail.

00:56:02 - 00:56:23

In the following scene, the audience watch as Thor tries to calm down the Hulk.

"Is he trying to do what Natasha did to have Hulk revert into Banner?" Uraraka asked.

"I believe so," Midoriya answered, having a very huge bad feeling towards this scene, watching Thor giving a soft touch and Hulk looking at him as he takes a few breaths.

"This is not going to work…" Aizawa state the obvious.

"Why wouldn't?" All Might asked.

"Because from the Hulk film and Age of Ultron, it's usually a female who can help calm down the monster, mostly his love interest, to approach them and say it's all right," the teacher explained.

"As bad as it sounds, there is a reason why those two were the ones who can turn Hulk back into Banner," Nezu agreed, "anyone else tries to do the same…"

00:56:23 - 00:56:02

Nezu froze, looking at the scene unfolds before speaking, "that… happens…"

The audience was in complete shock towards the scene, it brought back great familiarity which helped with Loki being afraid of the Hulk, and seeing it here. It was very shocking.

But for one, he was laughing.

The villains turn to see Shigaraki laughing madly towards the scene.

"Now Thor Might is the puny god," Shigaraki commented before continuing his laughter.

This brings deep troubling thoughts for All Might, especially when this was the first time Shigaraki refer Thor towards the nickname.

00:56:02 - 00:56:37

"Of course, Loki gets excited when someone else got crushed the same way as he did." Toga scoffs, even if she's on the Hulk side and enjoyed watching Hulk slamming Thor like a toy hammer, she didn't like Loki's cheering.

"Well, at least there would be someone he can empathise with" Midoriya nervously comments.

00:56:37 - 00:56:49

"About time!" Kirishima said with closed hands, "this is an arena battle! You have to fight!"

00:56:49 - 00:57:31

In the next scene, those on Thor side cheered on, watching the Norse hero taking the battle seriously and give several successful hits and swings at the Hulk. It was amazing to watch and while those on the Hulk side was getting a little worried for their fighter, they weres still in awe to watch Thor managing to get some hits.

"Finally stepping up his game," Uraraka said, wanting Thor to win. "Now beat the green monster!"

00:57:31 - 00:57:41

Just on cue, many leaned in when Hulk stopped Thor's hammer strike with his bare hands.

"That's not good…" the gravity girl was shaken, regretting her words.

00:57:41 - 00:58:01

And with one punch, the fear of Thor losing came back, as they witness Hulk repeatedly punching him while Thor was pinned to the ground.

Many fear the worst that Thor would lose the fight, as they hiss with each punch and exhale in pain by another. Up until his helmet came off

00:58:01 - 00:58:06

Suddenly, quick cuts caused several people who caught it to question the scene.

"Wait…" Midoriya spoke, "why is it…"

00:58:06 - 00:58:20

But before he finishes, an unexpected and powerful strike knock Hulk off of Thor. Sending him flying to he hit the ground.

Another state of shock occurs

The entire time until Hulk landed, there was pure silence. Witnessing the moment

"Holy… sh*t…" Denki broke the silence, before getting up and raising his hands, "that was incredible!"

00:58:20 - 00:58:35

"Now he has more electricity than ever!" Denki continued as he and many others were getting excited.

"Why is there always a sudden change in the boss battle?" Shigaraki complained, hoping for Hulk to crush the Norse hero.

"Because it would be a pattern, the change would cease the pattern and put the player under pressure." Kurogiri pointed out, "always be prepared when changes happen."

00:58:35 - 00:58:48

The shock turns into utter awe as many were pleased to see an amazing attack that blow everyone away!

"Thunder Smash!" the lightning student cheered, "that's our Thor Might!"

Meanwhile, for Midoriya, he notices that despite losing the hammer, Thor still obtain the thunder powers that he has. He quickly notes it down just in case it brings up again, which hopefully will be very soon.

00:58:48 - 00:59:00

"Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!" people in the audience begin to chant along with the arena audience as a way to excite themselves, happy to see Thor taking the fight seriously. Now with extra lightning powers that many see him getting an advantage

00:59:00 - 00:59:03

"Ready for round two." Present Mic said, getting hyped up to see a much bigger powerful fight.

00:59:03 - 00:59:11

But all of the sudden and with a few warnings when it cut towards the Grand Master, his neck device triggered, draining the power away and knocking the Norse hero out.

"What the hell!" many people shouted. Questioning this scene completely and became very disappointed with how the fight is going to end.

00:59:11 - 00:59:18

"Hey!" Bakugo yelled, seeing the Grand Master, "that's cheating! You ungrateful b*stard!"

Along with the arena audience, many students joined in with the boos, disliking what the runner of the contest did.

A few teachers and a couple of villains expected this to happen, "knowing the Grand Master, he would pull a stunt like this to ensure that his champion reigns supreme." Nezu said, disappointed by the fight.

00:59:18 - 00:59:30

"But Doug Might will survive… right?" Twice asked with no receiving answer.

00:59:30 - 00:59:38

"That will hurt…" Kirishima grinds his teeth seeing Thor view before cutting to black, "even I felt that impact."

Overall, the battle between Thor and the champion was interesting. Many didn't expect the champion to be any other than the Incredible Hulk, a surprising turn of events that made many glad to see him again.

The battle itself was also entertaining to watch, seeing Hulk and Thor duking it out and for Thor to suddenly use strong lightning powers.

It was only disappointing when by the end of the battle, Thor was stunned by the neck shockers that took him out of the fight and allow Hulk to win. Many disprove that act, even Bakugo didn't see it as a fair fight, as there was something that put their full strength in the way. It quickly reminds him of when he won the Sports Festival when Todoroki didn't give his all, making him feel that he didn't earn his place as number one.

In the end, it only leaves something that was true from the battle, that Thor cannot win his way out of freedom, many already seen that Grand Master rigged the contest.

With the scene in black, many sigh and worry about what Thor would do to get off the planet.

00:59:38 - 00:59:49

"If something evil takes the throne, there would always be a resistance to fight back." Spinner said towards the change of scenery to show what's going on at Asgard.

00:59:49 - 00:59:55

"When there are complaints, send your pawns to deal with the issue," Shigaraki said while the rest were getting a little worried about what the undead warriors would do towards the resistance.

00:59:55 - 01:00:10

"Kind of blew it when you took the Bifrost guarding job to your advantage." Iida said. "that being said and based on your behaviour… I can see what you're talking about."

Many still see Skurg as a traitor and not a good person who can do a job right, but they acknowledged what he was saying. Making them curious about what he wanted in life.

"We all been there…" Mineta muttered. Who had some sense of understanding.

01:00:10 - 01:00:22

"By executing people as well, I assume." All Might said, just when the audience listens in to Hela about an executioner.

Midoriya meanwhile noted down the idea of 'execution visions', as it does bring a bit of an idea about how someone can destroy dreams or achievements. Something he was thinking more often after Incredibles.

He put the quote underneath another quote, not from the films, but by someone else.

'You can't see the problems with hero society, because all of your dreams came true…'

It has nothing to do with the film he's watching, but it's somewhat a reminder that he can look back to during the break.

01:00:22 - 01:00:28

"How is killing people a great honour?" one of the students asked.

"In the past of kings, they had executioners to eliminate criminals that have the death penalty" Momo explained, "the penalty still exists today and is used on the most dangerous of villains."

Hearing this made some of the villains somewhat worried, but not too much, for a few of them, if they get caught, they don't mind having the death penalty, it just shows how rejected they are from society.

01:00:28 - 01:00:47

Seeing the axe and handed to Skurge, many were a little afraid to see a man who was a coward becoming a villain.

And with mention of conquest. They fear Hela going out to try and bring the rule to everything.

01:00:47 - 01:01:08

But a few weren't worried as they knew one critical part that was shown in the following scene

"Oh yeah, the sword." Mirio pointed out, remembering how a mysterious cloaked figure took the sword, "without it, Hela has no means to leave Asgard to start her invasion."

"Guess whoever that guy was, he knew that taking the sword would be the best idea," Nejire said, which clicked another realization. This time, it gave a clearer image of who the cloaked figure could be.

01:01:08 - 01:01:28

There wasn't much to say in the next scene, watching innocent people running away while warriors chase after them. Bring a negative impact to what Hela was doing. Many in the audience didn't like how Hela is rounding up innocent people just to get a sword. And watching people running away and being chased made many on the hero side want to help save them but can only watch.

01:01:28 - 01:01:32

Fortunately, there was already someone that was there to save them.

"It's the cloaked figure…" Denki whispered, pointing at the screen.

01:01:32 - 01:01:36

The hood went up, revealing the mystery of the figure who had stolen the sword.

It was none other than Heimdall.

Midoriya was the first to smile after the reveal, "I knew it!" Midoriya said, who already had the idea to the suspect of the cloaked figure, "hearing him being exiled after Loki's rule and taking the sword, it would have been obvious."

"Who else would it have been?" Tokoyami asked. As he thought it couldn't only be Heimdall.

"Well I was kinda suspecting Lady Sif as well since we haven't seen her as well, but I believed that Heimdall would have been the figure more than Sif."

"Yeah, saying that, we haven't seen her, ribbit." Asui said, "wonder what happened to her."

"More likely she died off-screen by Hela," Dabi suggested. In which everyone else was a little unsure if that would have been the case.

(Yeah, I know, she was banished before Ragnarok, but they don't know that and probably never will unless she appears again in Phase 4)

"Well, either way, he's here to save the innocent," Midoriya said, going back to look at the former guardian of Asgard.

01:01:36 - 01:01:49

"So badass…" Kirishima smiled in delight along with everyone else as they watch Heimdall in action.

"This is why he always watch Asgard." Sero added, "he good at the job, much more than Skurge."

01:01:49 - 01:02:44

After dealing with the undead warriors, the audience was surprised when Heimdall took the innocent towards a secret hideout that reveal several Asgardians, claiming to be a safe place.

"When an evil queen takes over, there will be somewhere for innocents to take refuge," Tokoyami said.

"Yeah, and since Hela are targeting innocent civilians, a place to hide and to keep the innocent away from terror would be a wise place to do." Midnight said, "so long as the place remains hidden."

"Now you're talking about secret hideouts," Kurogiri said, "and I thought that's a villain trait since we need places to keep hidden from heroes." The warp villain sighs, "I miss that bar…"

01:02:44 - 01:02:58

"Damnit… he's still alive." Shigaraki wasn't happy to see Thor waking up, "all well, at least I enjoyed him being a puny god…"

01:02:58 - 01:03:30

There wasn't much to talk about during the scene, as it was at a slow pace for Thor to look at his surroundings.

Many were curious about the surroundings, with the main feature being what looked like a lower jaw of an alien skill.

They also notice a hallway that many quickly thought could be the way for him to escape.

01:03:30 - 01:03:45

"Hey, Hulk has his own personal bath," Kirishima said as many notice a shadowy Hulk resting in the water.

"a luxurious way to relax after a long, big battle," Mina said. With the 1-A students remembering the relaxation of the hot springs at the camp.

01:03:45 - 01:04:01

"Always forget that Hulk is two different people." One of the students said.

While for Midoriya, hearing this, made him wonder how long Hulk had been Hulk, considering the idea that he hasn't transformed back into Bruce Banner since Sokovia.

Given the environment and constant battles, it would make sense for him to always be angry and keep his tempter high though how many years since the incident.

It also made Midoriya think about what would happen once Hulk transforms back into Banner after all this time or if it's even possible.

01:04:01 - 01:04:05

Only a few notices, but at a fair distance there was a ship trying to leave, only for it to blow up due to the trash being thrown down.

"The biggest problem going through those portals," Aizawa said, having an idea that the portals are the only way out of Sakaar. But recognise that the risk is incredibly high.

01:04:05 - 01:04:12

"You're more of an exception." Nezu corrected Thor, "every gladiator wore those, and I would think Hulk would have one before becoming Grand Master's champion."

"That I can agree with," Kurogiri commented. "More likely they died or beaten enough without the user of the shockers, it only happened to Thor because he's the only warrior who could overcome Hulk."

With that in mind, many in the audience wouldn't think that Hulk cheated his way to glory as many know he would be a very powerful and unbeatable gladiator.

01:04:12 - 01:04:21

"As I suspected," Midoriya smiled, already having the idea before it was answered.

01:04:21 - 01:04:29

"Oh my goodness!" Jiro was shocked along with several of the audience when Hulk got out of the water. Some being glad that the scene cut back to Thor who reacted as embarrassed as they were.

"Damnit… now I'm imagining Hulk naked…" Kirishima said with covered eyes.

"Stop saying that! Now I'm imagining it!" Mina added.

01:04:29 - 01:04:37

"But we got to see his ass!" Toga said, feeling a little aroused to see a naked Hulk.

Those who are sensitive to male nudity quickly look away from the screen, not wanting to see an exposed green monster.

The only one who didn't give many reactions was Mirio. But can understand everyone else's. usually, people gave that reaction to him, especially in the early days before becoming one of the big three.

01:04:37 - 01:04:45

Seeing the Quinjet, the audience, who recovered from seeing naked Hulk had a sense of hope. With the first step for a means of transportation.

Midoriya was also glad that what he considered to be the reason Hulk was on Sakaar was right all along.

01:04:45 - 01:04:51

"Good, he got himself a towel," Jiro said, relieved to not see anything from Hulk, putting her eyes back towards the screen.

01:04:51 - 01:05:11

"Yeah, I don't think Hulk cares as much." Compress said, seeing Hulk behaviour and his yarning.

01:05:11 - 01:05:24

They know Thor was trying to convince Hulk to come with him to stop Hela, but hearing what he tried to say, many couldn't help but think about Hulk's situation on Earth in comparison with his time on Sakaar.

"I'm not sure about that…" Himiko started when Thor said that Earth loves Hulk. "back on Earth and last time we saw them, Hulk didn't have much of a good influence with the Avengers."

"Yeah…" Midoriya agreed with the villain, "before leaving, what people last saw of him was rampaging a city while Iron Man in a Hulk Buster suit had to fight him, causing more damage and putting innocent lives at risk. It wouldn't bring a bright light to the Hulk. Even when he saved the world on Sokovia."

"Agree with you, Young Midoriya." All Might continue. "if anything, so long as Hulk exist, he would be a high risk that could do worse than good and it would put him into a bad light, someone who feels more villainous than heroic."

"And meanwhile on Sakaar, how they see him is completely different." Shoto interrupted, with people looking at him. "on Earth, he's a liability treated as the last calling card, but on Sakaar, he has as much recognition as All Might."

"Good eyesight, young Todoroki." All Might was proud of one of his students, "He's the Champion in the biggest contest, he has fans, people cheered and have big signs on his face. I would even come to say that he would be Sakaar's All Might,"

"Right?" Toga, who first started the conversation, speaks up. "So that being said, when he's in a place where he's loved and treated as a hero, why would he go back to a place where he's hated and treated as a monster?"

This made many in the audience think about Hulk and how's he's dealing with his new world. they also expect that he's going to leave, but still, something to think about. Especially when they first saw the Hulk, they too see him as nothing more than a rampaging monster villain.

01:05:24 - 01:05:33

"Would you say that to Banner?" one of the students said, somewhat having a feeling that Thor might later change his statement if the Hulk transform back.

01:05:33 - 01:05:45

"I don't think it's ridiculous." Momo said, "I actually liked the colours…"

01:05:45 - 01:05:52

"Have to agree with Thor Might." Kirishima said, "had the Grand Master didn't cheat, he could have easily beaten him."

01:05:52 - 01:06:04

"Okay, never mind on the escaping part," Sero said, who had the idea that Thor could easily walk out of room up until this very scene.

"We didn't suspect their advanced alien-like technology." Power Loader pointed out, "plus, it would have been too true for the door to be too open for Thor to leave.

01:06:04 - 01:06:24

The scene skips ahead in time with Hulk in gear walking away to train.

"Huh…" All Might was surprised, "even on Sakaar, I didn't expect Hulk to be someone who does training.

01:06:24 - 01:06:30

Those who didn't pay attention were surprised to see Valkyrie appearing and following Hulk to his training, showing that they had a form of friendship.

Those who did pay attention can see this friendship as they remember a mention that Valkyrie was the one who found Hulk and brought him to the Grand Master. Considering the idea that when he became champion, Valkyrie came back and became friends with the green monster.

01:06:30 - 01:06:58

"Wait, what happened?" Nejire questions the scene, "did Thor found his way home."

"Not really." Tamaki answered, "it seems to be an ability from Heimdall."

"What to give other people his abilities?"

"More like bringing them to where they are to talk with them."

With that, Midoriya made notes about this and find it an interesting power for a guy who can hear and see all.

01:06:58 - 01:07:17

"Yeah, especially if the innocent civilians are in incredible danger," Nezu said, seeing what Heimdall was talking about.

"But still, leaving an entire world because a great evil rules over it." All Might said, thinking a lot about the Asgard situation.

01:07:17 - 01:07:36

"Stating the obvious," Ojiro said.

"He is right though." Jiro pointed out, "if she leaves the Bifrost, she would easily take over the entire universe at ease."

That statement already put scary thoughts in mind.

01:07:36 - 01:07:47

"Yeah, doorways that's spitting out the trash!" Twice pointed out.

While for some, they notice how he said 'the big one' as though there's a hint towards where Thor must go to not only get out of Sakaar but also get close to Asgard.

Either way, Midoriya made sure to make a note of it.

01:07:47 - 01:08:00

"I'm guessing the build heads towards long-reigning champions." Present Mic said, noticing a face statue of Hulk getting constructed, further explaining the heads on the building and showcase more of Hulk's popularity on Sakaar.

01:08:00 - 01:08:07

"That's not going to work." Kurogiri sighs.

01:08:07 - 01:08:42

Not much to say during Thor's complaint and Hulk interacting with him, but not helping or comforting him in the matter.

"Well, you are whining like a baby," Bakugo spoke, annoyed by the wording.

"are you serious?" some of the 1-A students thought when hearing their most angered classmate. Not wanting to say it because they knew he would trigger, complain, and give an empty death threat.

01:08:42 - 01:08:49

"Now you're just name-calling." Aizawa sighs, getting annoyed by this argument.

01:08:49 - 01:08:52

Hulk's answer gave out a sudden snicker from some of the students and a handful of villains.

"That's my answer every time people call me crazy," Toga laughed.

"Me too!" Twice added with a positive tone.

01:08:52 - 01:09:02

With Thor admitting that Earth hates Hulk, many in the audience were generously surprised when Hulk stopped, dropping his weapon and returning to what seems to be his bed.

"Most of what Thor Might said were mockeries or lies" Tokoyami stated, "but what he said there… that's the truth. And Hulk knows it."

01:09:02 - 01:09:27

"He isn't really stupid…" Kirishima said towards the scene that calms down the argument and a right time and place to apologise.

"Nobody here called him stupid." Kendo added, "he's just… know his best in combat more than intellect and that doesn't make him stupid."

01:09:27 - 01:09:32

"And yet, Captain America does it all the time." Monoma pointed out.

"Can you shut it" one of the 1-B students complained, "they're having a moment."

01:09:32 - 01:09:58

There were a few chuckles to hear Hulk comparing the fires that he and Thor likes.

"Just saying that Hulk is angrier than Thor Might." Midoriya said, liking the analogy "and trying to say that he is stronger than him.

"It does sound like a good metaphor," Shoto said.

01:09:58 - 01:10:24

In the cut scene when Valkyrie had a fun spar with Hulk, she notices Thor who tried to make a post on the spot.

"Didn't plan your introduction did you…" one of the students said. Not enough to snicker, but found it a little funny.

01:10:24 - 01:10:44

"Well… at least it's creative…" Momo was surprised at how Hulk wanted his friend to stay and hear Thor out. "another reason why he's not the so-called 'Stupid Avenger'."

01:10:44 - 01:10:57

"That sounds like a fair deal." Toga said before turning to someone who might know the topic, "Kurogiri, you're the expert in alcoholic beverages, being a bartender and all, how long would it take for her to finish that bottle?"

"For a regular, it would take fair several minutes, maybe an hour or two, depending on how much alcohol it has, the more there was the less time it would take in." the warp villain explains, "but given to she's an Asgardian and seemingly a constant alcoholic, I would say…"

01:10:57 - 01:11:06

"…Right now…"

It wasn't surprising yet eyes widening when it took less than ten seconds for her to finish the bottle.

"Damn, that was quick!" Present Mic commented.

01:11:06 - 01:11:32

"You will be with him soon enough, big guy." All Might muttered, still thinking that Hulk to join Thor to fight Hela, and still hoping that the drunk lady would help him as well much later.

What he saw so far is a small step but it's better than no steps.

01:11:32 - 01:11:53

Hearing what they expect from Hela, she brought in another piece of information that explains one mystery that is kept in Midoriya's head whenever he sees Valkyrie or thinks of them.

He listens to her very closely.

01:11:53 - 01:12:03

"Okay," Midoriya wrote down on his notes, "it wasn't much information, but there are indications… based on her wording, it sounds like the Valkyries were all killed by Hela when she tried to escape her banishment, with her being the only one who survived."

he notices the connection and what Valkyrie ended up as thanks to the battle that killed her fellow warriors, the drinking, not caring for Asgard, it all feels like regret and guilt.

01:12:03 - 01:12:20

"That's good Thor." All Might was proud of what Thor suggests, the same goes with those who can see Thor's reason.

"It's never about the crown," Spinner muttered, who admire and agree with what Thor suggested, even seeing Stain agreeing with Thor "just as it's never about being number one."

01:12:20 - 01:12:31

"Oh my goodness!" one of the students were surprised along with the audience. "It was all a distraction for Thor Might to get the controls."

"It's smart really." Aizawa was impressed, "before you break out from containment, you first have to break the chains."

"Hopefully Thor doesn't accidentally stun himself by pressing the wrong button." Present Mic said, who hoped that he didn't jinx it.

01:12:31 - 01:12:39

"Okay, Thor is now free." Present Mic was relieved, "now time to get out of there and head to the Quinjet!"

01:12:39 - 01:12:53

"And that's great," Thor muttered while Midoriya loved Thor's statement.

"Because that's what heroes…"

01:12:53 - 01:12:56

Before both Thor and All Might could finish, a moment was ruined when the ball bounce back and hit Thor, causing laughter in the audience.

All Might just froze, a little shocked and somewhat embarrassed.

01:12:56 - 01:13:02

"Nice save." All Might sighs as the laughter dies down.

01:13:02 - 01:13:15

"No! Friend Go!" Kirishima shouted in his best Hulk impression.

01:13:15 - 01:13:37

Not much to talk about in the following scene, just the excitement of seeing Thor heading towards the Quinjet, many hoping that he'll use it to escape off the planet and find the biggest wormhole as his friend told him to go towards.

But some had somewhat a bad feeling that he won't be in the Quinjet for very long, especially when Hulk was left behind.

01:13:37 - 01:13:50

"Huh?" many perked up when the computer of the Quinjet denied access to Thor. Confusing a lot of people.

"They didn't let Thor Might have access to the Quinjet?" Kirishima questions this scene, "the guy's a freaking Avenger!"

01:13:50 - 01:14:16

But confusion and anger were put to rest when Thor said the right words to gain access to the ship.

"Point Break?" Kirishima questions the certain name, "what's Point Break?"

"I believe Stark once called Thor by that name," Midoriya recalls, "but I don't know what it is."

"Probably some American film or a character we never heard of who goes by that name," Ojiro suggested.

(Author's Note: I never heard nor seen Point Break myself, I had to google it to know what it means, if you don't know what it is, it's a film that has Keanu Reeves, Stark was pretty much saying that Thor looks a lot like Patrick Swayze's character in the film due to both having long blonde hair)

01:14:16 - 01:14:25

Everyone was suddenly surprised when Hulk appears, already torn the back part of the Quinjet.

"Well…" Mirio blinked, "there goes using the Quinjet to escape…"

01:14:25 - 01:14:46

Many were worried, seeing Thor panicking by pressing a lot of buttons.

Until he pressed one that showed Black Widow's last recording to Hulk before he disappeared.

The audience watched carefully, and notice small details that could lead to something good.

"He's… remembering…" Midoriya muttered, having a big feeling that this would cause a chain reaction that would bring a certain someone back.

He kept his eyes on the screen.

01:14:46 - 01:15:31

They watch Hulk fighting with himself, or rather fighting Banner as he struggles to keep on with being Hulk, many saw the sudden change of transformation, but it was a losing battle to Hulk.

In the end, he calmed down and Bruce Banner came back.

"Bruce is back!" Uraraka pointed out. "Not that it's a bad thing, but good to see him again."

"Honestly, it would be bad for Hulk to come back while they're on Sakaar, ribbit." Asui said, "I would guess Banner would want to leave, but not Hulk."

"I agree with you on that one," Midoriya said, who too hoped that Banner remains himself for the time being.

01:15:31 - 01:15:37

"A creepy old man who is freaking EVERYWHERE IN TIME AND SPACE!" Mineta shouted.

01:15:37 - 01:15:59

Hearing the new information, many were surprised to hear it as it states a very scary idea towards the Hulk.

"Two years…" All Might said, thinking about that number, "he was a green raging monster non-stop for two years."

"At minimum," Nezu pointed out. "Remember how time works on Sakaar? It could be possible that the Hulk had been there for much longer. Though based on how the Hulk statue is only being built, I would say it would be the best case of two years."

Another scary thought, the idea of another person being in full control for not just hours or days, but years, without any hands on the wheel and if some remembered, have no memory of it all.

"Man… that means Banner has missed a lot." Kirishima said, "imagine being trapped in time, unable to do anything, and when you get out, you find that time has passed, and everything has changed."

"That's how Steve Rogers felt." Midoriya pointed out.

"Still, it's really scary to think about."

01:15:59 - 01:16:19

"Are you serious!" many in the audience shouted.

"He didn't even say Strongest Avenger, what the hell Stark!?" Denki complained

01:16:19 - 01:16:30

There wasn't much to say when Banner looked at the ship's logs, just adding in information to how Hulk ended up on Sakaar with few wondering if Banner landed on the planet away from the jet or if he kept hold until it crash-landed. The several consider the latter. But evidence showed the former due to the condition of the jet.

01:16:30 - 01:16:49

"Yeah, a lot to catch on, Bruce," Mina said, realising that he wouldn't remind the time being the Hulk.

01:16:49 - 01:16:56

"Technically the fight didn't end fair and square, it was rigged to Hulk's favour." Power Loader pointed out.

"But Thor Might would easily beat Hulk if it didn't," Kirishima replied.

01:16:56 - 01:17:03

"Is he complaining about the mislead of his title?" Dabi said, "Lord of Thunder, God of Thunder, same difference."

01:17:03 - 01:17:29

"To be fair, anyone would freak out if they were in Banner's position." Momo said, "he was lost for two years and the next thing he remembers is being on an alien planet."

"But for Banner, he can't afford freaking out," Tokoyami pointed out, "otherwise, he'll turn into Hulk again."

"Hopefully Thor manages to keep him calm as they try to get off the planet," Iida said with many agreeing with the student in glasses.

People are happy to see Bruce Banner again and happy to see where he was in his absence from the previous films. Some thought he was running away from the Sokovia Accords, but none had thought he wasn't on Earth at all and was on a lost alien planet where his monster self was being a champion gladiator.

It also made some wonder about Hulk liking the place and him constantly rejecting Bruce and not wanting to go back, as if he found his home and Thor being there, with the threat to Bruce would force Hulk to take all of it away.

The few who thought about this believe it was sad yet something that has to be done since Bruce has to go back to Earth, but more importantly, has to help Thor.

They know it's not going to be the last time they see Hulk, expecting him to return in the final battle. But they were glad that Thor found a way to bring him along.

All that's left to do is leave Sakaar.

To be concluded (of this film)…