Chapter 7: Face to Face…With the Original Team Leader

(The roof of Castle Koopa)

Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi managed to arrive at the roof where Bowser was waiting for them while still at the controls of the Ultimate Star Cannon.

Bowser- The Mario Brothers…I had a feeling Kamek wouldn't hold you for very long. But to be honest, I had expected I would get at least one shot passed god friend of yours! Bastard has intercepted every shot I've made! God damn it!

Fire Mario- And yet you still don't know about the REAL danger within that cannon.

Bowser- Oh, I know of what's in this cannon! Pure destructive power! GWHAHAHAHA!

Fire Luigi- We're not talking about the cannon! There is still a piece of Tabuu's soul inside that thing!

Bowser- I told you already, I'm not falling for that! How many times are you going to try that!

Fire Mario- We're not joking! Tabuu has been spending all of the fifth season making events that happened 1,000 years ago reoccur so he can could reclaim the pieces of his missing soul that the team my ancestor hid after they defeated Tabuu. And the only piece that's left is the one Marco and Loewy hid in that cannon you dug up in the desert. Kamek told us the book that told you about King Slicor Koopa after it hit you in the face. Haven't you wondered where the book came from or who threw it at you?

Bowser- I guess it would make sense would've thrown that book at my eye while I was in the shower, but this beauty is too good to ignore! With power like this, the Mushroom Kingdom will finally be mine! But first I'll have to deal with you three the old fashion way!

Bowser jumped off the controls of the Ultimate Star Cannon and roared at Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi. Bowser shot out a stream of fire at them. Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi managed to dodge. Fire Luigi fired a few green fireballs at Bowser. Bowser used his claw as a shield to block the fireballs, but Fire Mario grabbed Bowser's tail.

Fire Mario- Just like old times, Bowser…

Then Fire Mario spun Bowser and threw Bowser to the other side of the roof and into the Ultimate Star Cannon, creating a small dent in the cannon.

Fire Mario- So long there, Bowser!

Bowser got back up. However, a dark and dangerous presence could be sensed lurking in the small opening Bowser's impact just made. However, Bowser was too focused on fighting the Mario's to notice. Yoshi encased himself in an egg shell and tried to roll Bowser over with his eggroll attack, but Bowser caught the rolling egg in its tracks. Fire Luigi tried to grab hold of Bowser's tail while Bowser was distracted, but Fire Luigi's hands began to burn like crazy. That's when Fire Luigi saw the spikes on Bowser's tail were lit on fire which forced Fire Luigi to let go of Bowser's tail.

Bowser- I'm not letting you get me the same way twice!

Bowser swung his flaming tail at Fire Luigi, but Fire Luigi managed to dodge. However, Bowser punched the egg Yoshi was still inside and shattered the egg. Yoshi's ribs were cracked a bit, but he was then flung into a wall where some debris from the wall fell on top of Yoshi.

Yoshi- Mario's! Yoshi stuck! Yoshi can't get out!

Fire Mario- Hold on, Yoshi! We're coming!

Fire Mario and Fire Luigi began to try and remove the debris off of Yoshi's body, but it wasn't long before they noticed Bowser standing nearby.

Bowser- You think I'm going to give you time to dig your dino buddy out of there? Sorry, but you can either burn with him or leave him to roast!

Bowser spat out a large fireball with his fire breath at Yoshi.

Fire Mario- Shit! There isn't enough time to get Yoshi out of there!

Fire Luigi- Mario, remember that combo fireball Marco taught you in those dreams you've had? The same one we used to defeat Kamek? Maybe that push back Bowser's attack!

Fire Mario- It just might work!

Then Fire Mario and Fire Luigi charged a fireball to full power before combining it into one huge swirling red and green fireball at Bowser's fireball. Surprisingly, it not only stopped Bowser's fire, but it pushed right through it like it was nothing. Bowser held his claws out and tried to stop the combo fireball, but he wasn't doing a good job holding it back.

Bowser- What the…since when could you Mario fools use your powerups like this?!

Eventually, Bowser couldn't hold the combined red and green fireball back any longer and it exploded in his face. The explosion knocked Bowser into the Ultimate Star Cannon again and made the hole slightly bigger. Bowser collapsed to the ground and passed out.

Fire Luigi- We got him! Much easier than I thought it would be. And we learned a new technique at the same time!

Fire Mario- Let's just get Yoshi out from under this mess and get that piece of Tabuu's soul before…

Yoshi- Mario…Luigi…look…

Fire Mario and Fire Luigi turned around saw a black substance leek out of the small opening. At a first glance, it would look like an oil leek was coming out of the Ultimate Star Cannon, but it wasn't oil. The black substance dropped onto the ground and went into Bowser's body. Suddenly, Bowser opened his eyes only they were now glowing red and a black aura surrounded Bowser's body.

Possessed Bowser- (ROAR)

As Possessed Bowser roared into the sky, a black flame erupted from his mouth and it seemed at least ten times stronger than Bowser's regular flame.

Fire Luigi- Mario…WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON?!

Fire Mario- Bowser must've accidently absorbed that piece of Tabuu's soul that was sealed inside the Ultimate Star Cannon! And now he's lost control of himself!

Fire Luigi- Wouldn't be the first time Tabuu's power made Bowser lose control…

Possessed Bowser- (ROAR)

Possessed Bowser punched the ground and made a shockwave that did blow the debris off of Yoshi, but it also flung Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, and Yoshi into the wall. Fire Mario and Fire Luigi changed back to their regular forms after they hit the wall. Yoshi on the other hand was knocked out after that. As Mario and Luigi struggled to get back up, they saw Possessed Bowser slowly moving towards them.

Possessed Bowser- (ROAR)

Mario managed to stand to his feet and was ready to continue the fight.

Luigi- How can you still want to fight against something like that, Mario?!

Mario- It's our job as heroes to stand up to any threat…no matter how dangerous! You should know that by now after all the battles we've done over the years. I know we'll find a way to win like we always do!

Suddenly, two red stars fell from the sky and landed next to Mario and Luigi.

Luigi- Red stars? Where did they come from?

Mario picked them up and saw a post-it note on the back of one that said "From Kyrin" written on it.

Mario- I guess Kyrin knows how to make a delivery.

Then Mario and Luigi eat the red star to turn into Ultra Mario and Ultra Luigi. Possessed Bowser swung his claw at Ultra Luigi, but Ultra Luigi blocked with a punch of his own. It knocked Possessed Bowser back, but Ultra Luigi's hand was glowing red.

Ultra Luigi- Owch! Even in our ultra forms, this guy can still hurt!

Possessed Bowser spat out a stream of that black flame from his mouth and Ultra Mario blocked with a few white fireballs. Then Possessed Bowser charged for them, but Ultra Mario and Ultra Luigi dodged. Ultra Mario managed to land a kick to Possessed Bowser's jaw and made him take a few steps back. Then Ultra Luigi punched Possessed Bowser in the eye and stunned him for a bit. Before Possessed Bowser could recover, both Ultra Mario and Ultra Luigi hit Possessed Bowser in the chest with a Super Jump Punch and knocked him a bit back. However, Possessed Bowser rammed his head into Ultra Mario and Ultra Luigi right after, knocking them back as well.

Ultra Mario- Damn it! Even in our ultra forms, we're still not getting anywhere! Wait…we can still shoot fireballs in our Ultra forms. Luigi, let's try and combine our fireballs again!

Ultra Luigi- Marco and Loewy's combined fireball trick hasn't let us down yet. Might work again here!

Then Ultra Mario and Ultra Luigi each held a fully charged white fireball in their hand and combined them into one combo fireball. Both fireballs were white, but they were still swirling together into one flame. The combined fireball hit Possessed Bowser and knocked him into the Ultimate Star Cannon again. This time, Possessed Bowser was knocked out and the black aura around his body faded. However, the Ultimate Star Cannon was sparking all over and was making a very unusual sound.

Ultra Luigi- Uh…what's happening?!

Ultra Mario- Oh ****! The Ultimate Star Cannon is about to blow!

Ultra Luigi- Is that bad?

Ultra Mario- Luigi, this thing can create explosions that can take out an entire kingdom in one shot! If this thing blows, it could take both Dark Land and the Mushroom Kingdom with it!

Then Ultra Mario grabs what's left of the Ultimate Star Cannon and begins lifting it off the ground.

Ultra Luigi- Wait, Mario! What are you doing?!

Ultra Mario- Getting the Ultimate Star Cannon far away!

Then Ultra Mario begins to fly upward with the Ultimate Star Cannon. Ultra Mario manages to fly close to the stratosphere of Earth before throwing the Ultimate Star Cannon upwards. However, it wasn't long after before the Ultimate Star Cannon finally exploded…and Ultra Mario was caught in the blast.

(In Mario's dream)

When Mario came to, he saw nothing but what looked like outer space surrounding him from all angles. His was as tired as hell and his head was aching like hell too. However, possibly one of the most unexpected things of all happened in front of Mario. A hand reached out to Mario, offering to help him stand to his feet.

Mysterious voice- You look like you could use a bit of help there.

The voice sounded as if it was said by the same voice as Mario when he heard it. Mario grabbed the hand and Mario managed to stand to his feet. Then Mario noticed there was a man who looked almost exactly like him standing in front of him. Same face and mustache and all.

Mario- Hold on…are you…

Man who looked like Mario- …I'm sorry…

Mario- Sorry? For what?

Man who looked like Mario- I put this burden upon you…all because we couldn't finished Tabuu off…only imprison him…you've got a good group of friends. Take good care of them. You are their leader…just like I was the leader of my friends…

Before Mario could say anything else, the man who looked like him burst into many streams of light and was gone without a trace.

(Back on the roof of Castle Koopa)

Mario opened his eyes to see Luigi, Yoshi, and Kyrin standing above him.

Mario- Oh…what happened earlier…

Kyrin- What the hell were you thinking, Mario?! You could've blown yourself with the Ultimate Star Cannon!

Mario- Sorry, but what else to do…ouch…my head!

Luigi and Yoshi helped Mario stand to his feet. Then Mario noticed Kamek was tending to Bowser who was still knocked out.

Kamek- My lord…please, say something…

Eventually, Bowser began to move a bit, but then he vomited out some strange black substance from his mouth. But before anyone could do anything, a small portal from Subspace opened up and a mechanical arm reached out and grabbed it.

Fawful's voice- Fawful take that, thank you!

Right after the mechanical arm pulled that black substance into Subspace, a videophone was thrown through the portal before it closed.

Mario- (Groan)…Tabuu again…

Mario picked up the videophone and turned it on. At first, the screen showed static. But it eventually showed Tabuu holding the piece of his soul in his left hand. Fawful wasn't on screen, obviously operating the camera.

Tabuu- Mario, so good to see you again!

Luigi- Hold on! Tabuu looks…

Tabuu- More humanized? That's because I've been reclaiming the missing pieces of my soul one by one. This is me at 98%. But I must express my thanks to all of you! That includes you, Bowser!

Bowser- What the **** are you talking about, Tabuu?

Tabuu- I sent you a special gift that really caught your "EYE" last night. Because of that, you found not only Slicor's Ultimate Star Cannon, but the piece of my soul Marco and Loewy hid in there.

Bowser- You tricked me?!

Tabuu- Not like you weren't warned. Mario and Luigi kept trying to tell you the entire story, but you kept saying (Tabuu's impersonation of Bowser) "I'm not falling for that one!"

Bowser- You bastard!

Tabuu- I'd be careful what you say, Bowser. This is the last item in the scavenger hunt Marco and his retarded team set up 1,000 years ago. Meaning I'll finally be at 100% of my full power! Once I regain all of my power, I'll finally be able to break free from Subspace! Free! And Mario, the first thing I'm gonna do when I get out of here is tare the Mushroom Kingdom apart! Just like I almost did 1,000 years ago before Marco got in my way. Now bare witness as I finally reclaim all of my power from the last missing piece of my soul!

Then Tabuu absorbed the piece of his soul, but to his surprise, he didn't change all that much.

Tabuu- What is this?! 99%?! This…this can't be correct! I've checked every member of Marco's team and Marco and Loewy were the last ones on the list! Why am I not at 100%?!


Tabuu- Something funny…brother?

Kyrin- You were only half right. Marco and Loewy were the last ones on the list, but it was Loewy who chose the Ultimate Star Cannon as his hiding spot…and not Marco…

Tabuu- What…?!

Kyrin- That means the piece Marco hid still remains hidden and out of your grasp.

Tabuu- Where is it?!

Kyrin- You think I'll tell you?! Especially after how you almost killed me when I stopped you from attacking Marco?!

Tabuu- Have it your way, big bro…but I'll find out where Marco hid the final piece of my soul one day! Even if it's the last thing I do!

Then Bowser slams his fist through the videophone and destroys it.

Bowser- I've heard enough of him talking! I was starting to get a headache listening to that idiot. And as for you punks…get the **** out of my castle. I need some time to myself after what I've just gone through today. Come Kamek…

Bowser began walking away and Kamek followed close behind.

Kamek- Coming, my lord!

After Tabuu and Kyrin left to go back inside the castle, Mario turned to look at Kyrin.

Mario- So where did Marco hide the last piece?

Kyrin- I'm sorry, but I can't tell even you. I promised Marco. I'm the last person alive who knows where it is and I'll take it too my grave if I have to. As long as no body else knows, Tabuu will not know where to look. And we want that as much as possible now that he's regained 99% of his power. Please understand Mario.

The End



Tabuu was throwing a temper tantrum after realizing he had been tricked like that and smashing everything in the room.

Fawful- Uh…Fawful just leave Master Tabuu to cool off steam! Bye now!

Then Fawful rushed out the door as fast as he could.

Tabuu- **** you, Marco Mario! I can't believe you and Loewy chose different hiding places! But if you didn't hid the final piece of my soul in the Ultimate Star Cannon like your brother did…where did you hide it…?