A/N: I think I'm gonna end this series soon

A/N: I think I'm gonna end this series soon. (I'll start a new one soon) This one's pretty much coming to the end of the line…I'm just pretty much going to explain how James and Lily survived and stuff like that…It's probably gonna have a happy ending…lolz…

Petunia's Discovery P:7

Harry walked into the hallway and was shocked to find right there in front of him was Aunt Petunia and Lily and James Potter!

Th-they're dead! OMG they must be g-ghosts…or something. I wonder what they want…I better ask. Ok here goes nothing…

"M-mum? And…Dad?" stuttered Harry.

"Harry! You're here!" Lily practically yelled.

"H-hello…" stuttered Harry. "I thought y-you were d-dead."

Lily and James's explanation of how they survived

"Harry let us explain exactly how we survived…" Lily said kindly.

"Yes let's sit down." James suggested.

James's Explanation:

"Well, you see, Harry, when Voldemort came through the door, it wasn't really us. Lily and I fed two rabbits a large dose of polyjuice potion containing parts of ourselves. When we supposedly spoke, we put a simple charm on the rabbits to make them say a certain thing. We had no idea when Voldemort would come, but we knew he'd come soon, so we had to have the two rabbits and plenty of Polyjuice potion on hand at all times. When Voldemort came through the door, we just set the rabbits loose, and fed them polyjuice potion." James explained.

"Well than what happened to me?" Harry asked. "Wasn't another rabbit fed Polyjuice potion so it would look like me?"

"I think your mother should explain that," James answered.

Lily's Explanation:

"We did have 3 rabbits originally. But, when we fed the little one the potion, we got you and the rabbit mixed up. It was only a stroke of luck that you survived. And now we're here to take you home with us and announce how we survived and the likes." Lily rushed on.

End of the Explanations

"So I can come and live with you?" Harry said hopefully.

"Yup!" Lily and James chorused

Harry, James, and Lily leave after gathering Harry's things.

A/N: I dOn'T wAnT aNy ReViEwS TeLLiNg Me ThIs Is ToO sHoRt!! Oh well this is the end of a series…I'm probably gonna do a l/j fic next J

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