Of Spars and Vacant Cabins

Rated T

In which Percy Jackson doesn't receive the entirety of his memories back and when it's finally time for the Roman demigods to regard the Greeks with a peace treaty that will enable them to work against Gaea cohesively, Annabeth Chase finds herself developing a new relationship with Percy Jackson - one that glorifies brutality and roughness.


Part One:

"Tell me what you've been feeling."

"I meant something to you, didn't I?"

Annabeth could feel her heart slowly deteriorating at the sound of his voice. His voice, had notably gotten deeper, an edge of a rasp contorting his words, making Annabeth shiver in a cluster of want, as he sat closely beside her.

However, whenever the slightest bit of emotion became viewable, such as his frequently expressed distress, his voice edged into one that Annabeth had spent the most time familiarizing, just at the slightest.

And while the majority of her friends focused their time getting to know this newly acquired Percy - Roman Percy - she focused her time longing for the Percy she had before this predicament had formulated. The one who was overly clumsy, adorned with humor, sacrificing his dignity to find ways to make Annabeth laugh - the Greek Percy - the boy who wasn't as stoic as he was now.

Annabeth slowly turned to Percy, her eyes slowly lingering away from the smoke that had been made by the campfire that surrounded everyone with an overwhelming sensation of warmth. His jaw was set in a firm line, his fingers entwined habitually through each other as they rested against his lower lip, which he was biting hard into. He didn't meet her gaze, he could never look into her eyes she noticed, but she could see the mirroring sense of desperation that filled his bright, sea-green eyes.

And seeing him like that nearly persuaded to Annabeth fall to her knees and confide absolutely everything to him. Everything.

"I don't see how that matters anymore," Annabeth said quietly, looking away from Percy reluctantly, trying to the extinguish the pain that was evident in her features.

Percy squeezed his eyes shut, his lips pursing as he moved his hands to rest on either side of his legs, only to become restless and run his fingers through his disorderly hair.

"I'm trying to remember you," Percy clarified shakily, as if almost pleading with Annabeth to try to understand. "I want to remember you, and everyone who meant so much as the slightest to me. And you can't bullshit me by saying there was nothing that happened between us and act like you don't feel it too."

Annabeth prolonged her moment of silence, waiting for Percy to continue, because if anything, she knew how persistent he was and would consistently make an effort to unveil what he wanted most at the time.

However, Annabeth wasn't sure if that was herself, physically and emotionally, or the fragmented memory of herself that constantly relayed throughout his mind - which only intensified the constant battle that Annabeth seemed to be having in her disarray mind.

She didn't know, which scared her.

"So that's it, you're just going to ignore me?" Percy asked with faulty amusement, a wry smile appearing on his grim features.

Annabeth closed her eyes firmly, failing to exude the tears that started to develop. She was aware of Percy's presence remaining beside her, but the last thing she wanted to happen was for him to see her cry. She spent a grand portion of her time presenting herself as someone who was strong, wise - someone people would view as a leader, an indefinite force they could rely on. But here she was, crying for some idiotic boy who didn't even have the audacity to remember her.

Pretending as if she wasn't crying, Annabeth wiped her face free of tears and faced a concerned looking Percy with an unemotional expression.

"Feel what?" Annabeth questioned reluctantly, her voice shaking heavily with emotion, whilst keeping her expression guarded. "Tell me what you've been feeling."

Percy glanced at her glistening eyes in, possibly, more concern than before. It may not had been as prominent as it was, but Percy had been keeping a precarious yet protective eye on Annabeth and lately, she didn't exactly look healthy - in a physical and emotional aspect.

Percy may not be extravagantly smart, but he was smart enough to recognize when someone didn't seem like themselves. And the only reason he bothered with Annabeth was because he couldn't help but feel like he had something do with it - which automatically made it necessary for him to be involved.

"I don't know, it's hard to describe," Percy muttered, unsuccessfully shielding the blush of embarrassment that empowered his typically strong appearance. But when he looked at Annabeth's vulnerable, yet yearning expression all of that embarrassment dissipated.

"All right, well," Percy started, glancing hesitantly at Annabeth while taking a deep breath, "I get this weird sensation, from time to time, that draws me closer to you. It's like it's telling me to protect you. To be by you. To, like, I dunno, invest my time to you. And every time, every damned time, I look at you and see you glance away from me, with so much hurt in your eyes, it pains me. Not only to know that I'm causing your pain but to know that, for some reason, I can feel that pain too. And I can't seem to figure out why. Why I can't remember that someone who makes me feel this way? And why she seems to be forgetting I exist? Ignoring me completely."

Annabeth breath hitched as she slowly looked away from Percy, catching Piper's uneasy gaze from across the amphitheater. While Percy was talking, he gently grabbed Annabeth's chin and made her look at him while he was talking, Percy's eyes meeting Annabeth's in a fringe of search - searching for something. And much to Percy's dismay, he couldn't find what he was looking for.

Annabeth, overwhelmed by the all of the emotions bubbling uncomfortably in her chest, spoke quickly, "We were best friends, okay? We were really close, in many ways that could be imagined possible. And. . .I guess I didn't want to get to know the new you because the relationship we shared just wouldn't be the same."

It wasn't the truth, but it was close to the truth. She wasn't ready to admit their status of intimacy just yet. If Percy viewed her in a potentially romantic way, she didn't want it to be forced, yet thorough, especially when he was equipped with all his memories back.

Percy looked like he didn't believe her, but it took several moments before he nodded his head in understanding, pushing himself off of the bench before offering Annabeth a hand, motioning to all the demigods emerging from the amphitheater.

"It's time for War Games. Or I guess you guys would call it Capture the Flag."

Annabeth tried not to flinch too much at 'you guys' but accepted Percy's hand nonetheless. She raised her eyebrow as Percy continued to clutch her hand tightly as they slowly began to walk. Annabeth instantly let go of Percy's hand, ignoring the wave of confusion that passed through his features and her fellow campers watchful eyes as she walked quickly away from him.

"Not going to talk to my amnesiac boyfriend while he's here my ass," Clarisse whispered to Annabeth with so much smugness that she was just about ready to whip out her dagger. "You're not fooling anyone and you're especially not fooling him, so stop trying."

I know, Annabeth thought as Clarisse walked away, giving her a pointed glance, I just need help with convincing myself that, first.

AUTHOR'S NOTE (SUPER IMPORTANT): I'm reposting this story from my other account, humorous, so, no, I am not stealing another person's work. You can see in the bio. I wanted all of my stories to be in one place and I seriously can't remember my login details for my other account, so I guess it's going to stay there until I figure it out. I know there's some of you who enjoy most of all of the stories I've created in the past, so I wanted to have this one posted here. Hope that clears up any confusion if you feel as though you've read this somewhere else. I also hope that those of you who are new to this story enjoyed. :)

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