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The engagement ring had a sparkle to it in the light, yet the sparkle it brought to her eyes was prettier still. Megan was beaming so brightly, and her smile was filled with every emotion she held in her. Sean was still on his knees as we all watched him babbling like a fool.

His words so filled, "You deserve the absolute best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you let me be the one?" his tone was off hinting on worry.

I eyed my nephew watching his reaction, Fable got on well with Sean and has made some head way into forgiving her father. But my Wyatt, he just was like me so hardheaded. I just lead him away but feeling eyes on me and feeling the pulsing emotions. "Come on, let's get out of here," my words low my arm around his back leading him away.

After days or rain-washed streets, the brooks chatter in the hills, mini-rivers creating mini-gorges without concept of scale. Around them the greenery drinks, leaves become boats and their sound upon the rocks sings with a steady confidence, the percussion to the chorus of the birds. I asked him, "What is bothering you today, Wyatt," his eyes brighten, and his low horse chuckle comes out so naturally.

He stands with his back pressed into the multiple-colored bark of the oak tree, "I knew it was going to happen, we all have someone out there waiting for us. I just get so pissed mom forgave so easy,"

I countered him, "That is just who your mother is, and we love her for it. Wyatt, we all knew it was going to happen and we want mom happy," we hated when Megan was all pouty and acting like the world was over.

We both cocked our heads smelling and hearing Fable coming, she was never one to be left out of a good talkin to. Her tone came even if nearly a minute away, "No we do not want Auntie unhappy, and she is. Come on Wyatt, not everyone can hold a grudge like you and momma," she was not lying in the least.

Her hair is wild, and her smile was mine in every way, but that twinkle in her eye was all her father. "Plus, we cannot stand in the way of fate, just like how I have fallen for Warren, a shifter." Yeah, that one caught us all by surprise and we all let it go because she loved him. I hated the fact she mated so soon, and Wyatt was jealous he had not found that someone just yet.

I just kiss his stupid head, "Stop looking for it, that will be when it finds you. Love cannot be rushed let it come to you," we all knew he was looking too hard for something that would find him in time. It had been a solid two years since Sean and Nick came home, and I was still not on talking terms with Fable's father, much to many people's displeasure. But like that we head back to the party just so his mother would not come looking for her baby and cancel her upcoming wedding.

Like clockwork, Nico and Kyle came to see if the kids were alright while I spoke to a worried Megan. A soft soothing tone, "Everything is okay now, you do know how stubborn Wyatt is. He wants you to be happy he is going to make a better effort to get to know his father, but do not rush him. He is alone or at least feels he is without his mate," many girls flocked to him, but none were for him, in time he will find his match and she would be very lucky.

Her Tinkerbelle tone washed over me, "And what of you?" now I could hear the snickers of Wyatt as his mother turned this around on me, once again. My eyes locked with her's, "I am not alone, and do not feel that way. Nice try though," but everyone in hearing and non-hearing distance knew what she was getting at, I had a mate and refused him.

She leaned in close, we did have some humans here, friends we had made. "It has been two years, Noel, and you two are still at ground zero,"

"I am not you, Megan. I forgave Sean and started mending our relationship he is my cousin. But Nick, well he is an entire bad subject, and yes, I know he is as normal listening to my every word and standing at my ass," I just knew, always feeling his eyes lingering, feeling the pulse of his emotions vibrating around me.

She snapped at me, it was a first and I would make sure it was her last. "Get over it," my eyes narrowed, and a small tense snarl ripped from my chest making her move back her hands up. I let it come out as an angry hiss, "Watch it Megan," anger is sadness in fight-mode and right now it was at the forefront.

Sean and Nick are the very first to us, both knew I wouldn't ever attack her but words are more hurtful to a girl like Megan. I was her first real friend; I was the one who had her back always. And they knew without doubt I could tear her down just as fast. I hissed one last time, "Watch it Megan, this will be your single warning. I am not you who lets her heart guild her into forgiveness, when the day comes, I do forgive Nicholas it will be due to him earning it,"

There was something in my shout, a pain behind it. Nick watched. He watched my eyes. Then he knew. The anger was nothing but a shield for pain, like a cornered soldier randomly throwing out grenades, scared for her life, lonely, desperate. I breathed in real slow for no reason but to try and calm down. Wouldn't the shield clatter to the ground and let the pain tumble out?