The Rogue

Author's Note: Be gentle. My first time on actually writing about X-men Rogue/Logan okay?

Disclaimer's Note: um... I dont own x-men at all....


It had been six months. Six agonizing months spent alone, staring at a blank ceiling. Six months in a huge mansion living with more than a hundred strangers and a crippled telepath. Six months of being avoided by students and teachers alike. Marie sat up and watched the even swaying of her blood-red curtains. She took off her leather gloves and ran her fingers through the smooth steel-railing of her balcony. She savored the feel of the wind blowing on her exposed skin.

She stared at the starry sky and wondered how long she would need to suffer. The nightmare she recieved from those 'poor' suckers she drained left her wishing for death and fave her unwanted insomnia. Nights were always her favorite time of the day, but ever since she had been plagued by nightmares, she dreaded everytime the sun would set.

She went back into her room and closed her balcony door. Not bothering to place her gloves back on, she opened her door and walked towards the stairs. Her legs seemed to move on their own accord and she was heading towards the teacher's floor. She stopped in front of a tall mahogany door and opened it with shaky hands. The smell of cigars and beer wrapped around her frail form.

His bedroom was just the way he had left it. Everything was left untouched, save for the bed. She opened his drawers and found his sweaters and his sweats still in the same place as it had always been. She fingered the Xavier emblem on them and smiled. Beside his king-sized bed, were his weights and beside those, was a bench-press with two towels thrown over the chair. She smiled and fingered his blue -black sheets.

Feeling her strength leaving her body, she broke down beside the bed. Sobs wracked her body as she cried her frustrations away. She didn't care whether or not he would be able to smell her scent on his bed.

'God Logan... why the hell did you leave me here?'

She crawled on top of the bed and slithered under the heavy comforter. She knew for a fact that he never used the bulky but warm blanket, that he always used a thin sheet.

She sighed and closed her eyes, letting the smell of him comfort her as it did numerous times before. A lone tear fell from her eyes as she fell into a deep slumber, dreaming of the day that Logan would come back.


Author's Note: Good? Bad? Sad? what?