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Sie Sind Schön

an 'X-Men: Evolution' fanfiction

by Wakizashi

Chapter One


Catherine Pryde had never known anything to get him down. He always had that goofy grin plastered on his face, twenty-four seven. When things were going horribly, and no one - not even the professor - was sure if they were going to be okay, he was always the one who brought their hopes up again with a bright smile and an encouraging word. And even though he had every reason to be depressed, maybe even more than the others, he wasn't.

He was happy. He was content. He was Kurt.

Up until Wednesday.

Kitty still couldn't believe it had happened. She kept running it through her head, over and over again, but it all felt like some kind of terrible dream. But no nightmare, no matter how vivid, could have been as big a catastrophe as the events of the day before yesterday.

She wondered if Kurt would ever be the same.


Kitty threw out her alarm clock long ago. In all honesty, she couldn't even remember the last time she had needed one. After all, who would want to be jolted from sleep by that harsh buzzing noise - you know the one - when they could wake to the pleasant sound of some German kid yelling at them to get up?

Yeah, you made the right choice.


And Kitty's usual response? "Bite meee!!"

Not especially polite, she realized, but this ritual had been performed every single morning for years. And, as every morning before, she rolled over in bed with a tired groan, hoping her mutant alarm clock wouldn't take her suggestion seriously. She had no doubt that those sharp little fangs of his could do some damage.

With her blankets pulled tightly over her head, Kitty couldn't hear the soft implosion of air that every mutant at Xavier's mansion had come to describe as simply "bamf". A shadow passed over the bed, and with a swift motion her covers were yanked back by a three-fingered hand.

"Guten Morgen, mein Kätzchen!" said Kurt Wagner in his thick German accent, smiling cheerfully. "Get up and see what a beautiful day it is!"

Kitty blinked against the sudden light. "Kuuuuuurt," she whined, covering her face with her pillow. "First of all, your nickname for me isn't very creative. And second, do you really have to teleport into my room? What if I was already up and like, naked or something?"

Grinning as he pulled the pillow out of her hands, Kurt shrugged. "In that case, I would probably be dead right now."

"Then you should count your blessings," she muttered irritably. Sitting up in her bed, she looked around the room, her blue eyes unfocused. "Where's Rogue?" she asked.

Kurt shook his head at her in disapproval, his shoulder-length hair flopping into his eyes. At the moment he was not wearing his image inducer, which Professor Xavier had given him to alter his... unique appearance. Kurt Wagner was a second-generation mutant, which meant he looked quite different from the rest of humanity, and even the rest of mutantkind. Covered from head to toe with blue fur, he sported yellow eyes, pointed ears, and a long, prehensile tail. With his holographic image inducer - designed to look like an ordinary digital watch - turned on, he looked like any other kid. That is, if all kids made the Star Trek sign with their hands all the time.

At the mansion, however, he was free to go about his life without having to hide his true self. As he was this particular morning. "Your roommate is already downstairs eating breakfast," he said in answer to Kitty's inquiry. "You know you've slept in, Keety, when Rogue wakes up before you."

Despite her annoyance at being pulled from blissful sleep, Kitty laughed. "You don't have to tell me." Swinging her legs over the side of her bed, she stood up in her tank top and flannel pants. She didn't care if Kurt saw her in her pajamas; God knew he had seen her in less, and paid dearly for it. She stretched and looked out the window. "Well, you were right, O Fuzzy One. It *is* a very nice day."

He came to stand next to her, his long, spade-tipped tail lashing about happily. "I hope we get to play football today in P.E. That would be great!" he said excitedly. Then he paused. "Except sometimes I trip my teammates with my tail, and they don't know what happened."

Kitty smirked. "Everyone except Pietro."

"Ja... But it wasn't my fault." Kurt shot her a mischievous grin. "It sometimes has a mind of its own."

As if in answer, the tip of his tail came up and twisted around Kitty's wrist. She almost gasped, but the feel of his warm, soft fur was not unpleasant. It actually felt kind of nice. Blushing at the thought, she laughed nervously and tried to tug her wrist gently out of its grasp. "Come on, let go," she chided good-naturedly.

Instead, the tail stubbornly tightened its grip, sliding lazily up her arm. Her blush deepened, and Kurt gave a hard yank on it until it let go. "Stupid thing," he muttered. "Erbärmlich - err, sorry about that. It doesn't like listening to me."

"I can tell," Kitty replied, smiling crookedly. A short awkward silence followed, during which a drop of a pin could have been heard. Finally she cleared her throat. "Well. I should go, like, take a shower and get dressed and all that stuff. See you down at breakfast, Kurt."

He nodded quickly. "Ja, see you, Keety. I'll save you a pancake." Backing up a couple of steps, he teleported out of her room with a puff of blue smoke. Suppressing a cough, Kitty began pulling clothes out of her dresser drawers, wondering what in blazes had just happened. She could still feel Kurt's velvety fur against her skin.


Kitty hated to admit it, but the first time she had seen Kurt - the *real* Kurt - she had been scared out of her mind. She felt bad about it, because underneath his sunny attitude, he was extremely sensitive about the way he looked. Yes, she had been frightened at first, but that was years ago. Now she didn't mind his fur, his three-fingered hands, or his tail. In fact, in a weird way, he was actually sort of cute.

Not that she would ever get a crush on him.

Or at least, that was what she was telling herself as she held her breath and phased through the floor, landing in the ground level of the mansion. For a long time she had been completely nuts about Lance Alvers, or as he was known as in the Brotherhood, Avalanche. But he didn't care about her; she was on the professor's side, and not worth getting to know.

Kurt, on the other hand, had been nothing but a total sweetheart ever since she had met him. She couldn't imagine anyone not liking him; he was nice to everyone he met. Sure, he ate like a total pig and couldn't sing very well, but everyone had their faults. When it came right down to it, he was a pretty great guy.

And his fur was really soft. *Why can't I stop thinking about that?* she thought in frustration. Shaking her head, she made her way to the dining room.

As she feared, the only empty seat was next to the subject of her thoughts. *Oh, great. He better have forgotten about that awkward moment in my room.* Holding back a sigh, she came around to the other side of the table. As Kurt noticed her arrival, he pulled her chair out with that wayward tail of his. "Thanks," she said ineptly as she sat down.

"Good morning, Kitty," greeted Jean Grey.

A chorus of other voices bid her good morning around the table, and Rogue sent an amused smirk in her direction. "Well well, look who finally decided ta grace us with her presence," she remarked in her Southern belle voice. "Ah take it yer 'alarm clock' didn't go off when it was s'posed to?"

Next to Kitty, Kurt grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head. "I had a little trouble getting up myself."

"That's a shocker, Elf," Logan said dryly, spearing a sausage link with his fork. "Usually you're up before any of us, raidin' the fridge."

Knowing laughs issued through the room, and Kurt hid his embarrassment by raising his juice glass to his lips. Making a face at Logan, Kitty crossed her arms over her chest. "Very funny. Know what else is shocking this morning? The fact that you're actually using utensils today."

Everyone laughed again, and Logan's adamantium claws came out with a threatening swiftness. Kitty smiled sweetly at him, and he just glared at her. Both Jean and Ororo Munroe shot her disapproving looks, but Kurt did a spit take with his orange juice and burst out laughing.

"Whoa there, keep it in the mouth, Fuzzy Dude," snickered Evan Daniels, Ororo's nephew.

Wiping a napkin over his face with one hand, Kurt gave Kitty a low five under the table with the other. Unable to help herself, she grinned and winked at him. *What am I doing!?* she screamed inside her head. *I can't believe I just did that! I am *so* not flirting with Kurt!*

In spite of her best efforts, her gaze met his. His eyes were such an oddly beautiful shade of golden yellow, with striations of orange that she had never really noticed before. There was an immeasurable warmth in those golden orbs, and she was riveted. And then, as quickly as the moment had started, it was over. Kurt broke eye contact and began saying something to Bobby Drake.

Pushing her brown hair self-consciously behind her ear, Kitty focused on her plate. What in the heck was wrong with her? Why was Kurt suddenly so fascinating? He was the same Kurt he had been the day before. There was nothing different about him today. So why was he making her all weird and nervous?

She expelled the breath she had been holding, trying to concentrate on her breakfast, her classes today, the training she would be doing after school; basically everything other than Kurt. Which wasn't easy, considering he was sitting less than two feet away from her. And also considering they were in almost every single class together.

She certainly hoped this was a phase, because it was driving her crazy.


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