Leah arrived home, exhausted from her patrol, too busy texting her best friend to call her as soon as she got the message. She didn't realise that her brother, Seth, wasn't home. Neither did she hear the noises from the kitchen. With her phone in one hand, she strolled into the kitchen heading straight to the refrigerator. She turned around and instantly shrieked, dropping her phone to cover her eyes with both hands. 'Fuck someplace else, you fucking assholes!' She roared as she stumbled into the living room with her hands over her eyes. She took deep cleansing breaths, clenching her fists. She gagged as she tried to bleach her mind of the scene she'd witnessed. Her best friend, Bella, spread wide on the table with Paul on his knees in front of her. Paul jerking himself off while pleasuring his imprint on the table. She grimaced, disgusted, when she remembered how many family and pack dinners they had had on that exact table. God, they would have to set fire to that table now. And she'd liked that table. It was sturdy, strong, durable. Never had it ever cracked under the pressure of all the delicious food Emily, Bella or Sue prepared for the pack. Neither had it ever given up when the boys banged on it with their fists like the immature idiots they were.

A few minutes later, Paul and Bella casually walked into the living room, no shame on their pleased faces. Paul smirked at Leah, 'You're early.' Leah scowled and snapped, 'I'm way too sober for this shit. Don't you know this is MY house? How the fuck was I supposed to know that you guys were fucking in there?' Bella rolled her eyes and retorted, 'Uh, I don't know? Maybe you could've used that special super hearing you have?' Paul's smirk turned into a grin as he wrapped his arm around Bella's waist. Leah grimaced when she realised it was the same hand he had wrapped around his dick. She fought back a shiver of disgust as she witnessed the unhygienic action. He taunted her, 'Maybe she walked in on purpose, babe. Can't get laid, eh, Leah? Can't blame ya for walking in on us.' Leah scowled, grumbling, 'I have my own imprint that I would prefer seeing on the floor. Or the table. I have to see your Bella-porn in your head, too! Why the fuck would I look at you both nymphos?' The imprinted couple laughed heartily.

Leah almosthurled when she caught the look of longing on Paul's face as he gazed at his imprint. 'Go fuck in the woods for now. I need to get drunk after the terrible things I've seen today.' Paul rolled his eyes in annoyance but tilted his head at Bella, indicating that they should leave. Bella grinned, lunging at him. Catching her mid-jump, Paul took the opportunity to squeeze his imprint's ass as he hauled her petite body up his torso and rushed out, amidst her giggles and Leah's shivers of disgust.

'Note to self: listen carefully before walking in to any fucking house. Even if it's your own,' she thought as she took a swig of her beer, 'Fucking perverts.'