If Only I could have spent a little more time with you.

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Only team seven is left. Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto and he himself are the only ones left standing. All the others are stuck in the infinite Tsukuyomi. Kaguya is standing in front of them. Naruto summons another few shadow clones and directs them to run towards Kaguya. They are to distract her so that the others of team 7 can strike her. But it doesn't work. Nothing has worked.

Is this really the end?

Are they going to die here?

Sasuke has never thought about what to do with his life after he killed Itachi. When he was younger he planned on going back to Konoha and restore his clan. But after he left for Orochimaru he never planned on returning to Konoha. Then all he thought about was killing Itachi. He never planned on what to do after he succeeded. He didn't care. He didn't care if he died in the process.

But he didn't die. He lived. But he felt dead inside, especially after he got told the truth. He didn't have anything to live for other then revenge almost his whole life. He lived for revenge for his clan to kill Itachi and then he wanted revenge on Konoha. Or at least he thought he wanted that. But the truth is he didn't know what he wanted. He was so lost. So confused. It was easy to follow someone's suggestion. Isn't that what he has always done? Following Itachi's words. Following orochimaru for power. Following ''Madara'' for revenge.

But now? Now he thinks he knows what he wants. Here fighting side by side with his old team again. Even after years apart they can easily fight together, they move together like one. Right now he feels alive. They make him feel alive. He doesn't want this feeling to end.

The four of them charge one last time towards Kaguya. They clash and all Sasuke can see is the light of the collision blinding him.

If Only I could have spent a little more time with you...

Then it gets dark.

Author's note

This series will consist of short little drabbles. Shorter than this one probably. I am trying to write again and find inspiration. I have read a lot of fix it and time travel fanfics so I was like: I want to try that too. I have lots of ideas for this. I promise nothing but ooc behaviour, small chapters and lots of grammar mistakes.