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His father has been more irritated with him lately, again. Not because he spends time with his friends but because he still hasn't told anyone how he got his sharigan. His mother had asked one more time when they were preparing dinner but he said he would tell her when he was ready. She accepted that. His father didn't and every time Sasuke has denied him an answer he has gotten more and more angrier.

Today was the day his father had hit his limit.

This time it was Itachi asking him again. Itachi had asked once before but Sasuke had ignored him.

''Why should I tell you Itachi?'' Sasuke begins. ''It is none of your business. It already happened and there is nothing to do about it. I also don't know how you got yours.'' Sasuke folds his arms and scowls. He wants them to stop asking. He doesn't want to talk about it. It is in the past. The past he is going to change. How is he supposed to tell them that he first got his Sharigan after he found his brother in their home, his father and mother dead on the ground before him? How all their clansmen were lying death on the ground. How Itachi used Tsukuyomi to show Sasuke how he killed them all? All because he was ordered so by Danzo. Sasuke can feel the anger and rage growing again. Feels his eyes burning.

His father had overheard them and walked towards them. His mother hot on his heels.

''That is enough Sasuke! We are your parents we have a right to know.'' Fugaku demands.

Sasuke's eyes narrow. ''Why do you even care about how I got my sharigan? Weren't you happy I got it! Aren't all Uchiha supposed to get it?''

''Sasuke.'' Fugaku warns.

''We care about you and are worried for you Sasuke. The Sharigan can only be activated by experiencing a powerful emotional condition regarding a person precious to you. And after you activated it you have changed.'' His mother explains.

''I haven't changed.'' Sasuke lies.

''You have little brother.'' Itachi says and Sasuke looks at him in betrayal.

''You have acted more clingy towards mother.'' And are ignoring me.

''What is wrong with spending more time with my mother? At least I know she cares about me.'' Sasuke says while glaring at his father and Itachi.

''Sasuke I do care about you.'' His father sighs.

''Do you? Because its seems to me you only care about brother's strength and skill.''

Fukagu's eyes widen in shock and his mother's eyes turn sad. But isn't it the truth? His father only paid attention to Sasuke when he had a fight with Itachi. Father also never listened to what Itachi wanted. Otherwise he wouldn't have made Itachi spy right? Father must have known anbu wasn't a good place for Itachi to be, yet he still pushed him.

Sasuke turns his attention towards Itachi.

''You always touch my forehead and say next time but you never actually help me train.''

''I do care about you little brother.'' Itachi says his eyes looking sad. '' I love you a lot.''

But that is the problem isn't it? After all because of Itachi's love for him, because Itachi wanted to protect Sasuke no matter the costs he chose to kill the rest of his clan instead.

''I love you all.'' Sasuke begins as his eyes turn sharigan red. '' and I don't want to lose you.''

Not again.

With that Sasuke runs towards his room.

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So...sorry for the wait but this chapter was really hard to write. I rewrote it a few times. In my first draft I had Fugaku slap Sasuke but then that didn't feel right so I wrote it like he almost hit him but that Sasuke evaded but that still didn't feel right so I deleted that. I wrote it like this instead.

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