As I will say this once for the story this is a work of fanfiction no money made.

"Well yes i am a rat in most of the sense both literal and figural.

I see you looking at me and I hear the wheels and cogs in your head spinning.

You see me a nice looking woman and think that she is complete nuts or high as a kite. Well keep thinking that. It suits me."

Chapter one.

Seeing the two boy's in the compartment talking and having fun led for a rat pretending to be asleep to a walk on a path it rather wouldn't be.

Platform 9 and ¾ 1971.

"Now young man you know what I expect of you." Astern looking man said while looking down at the small boy before him beside the man stood a woman with an even stricter face.

"Yes sir." Spoke the boy quietly which earned him a slap over the head.

'Speak louder and clearer you simpleton." The woman said.

"Yes mother." Replied the boy speaking a bit louder.

"Well we have to go." The man said and without any kind of gesture of goodbye they left.

The small boy pulled his trunk towards the train. He was thankful for the wheels that were on it. Getting it on the train was a bit of a hassle.

Finding a cabin wasn't being early had its advantages.

Putting his trunk away the boy watched the happenings on the platform.

The families saying goodbye wasn't a nice sight for him.

When the door of the compartment opened a brown haired boy stood.

"Can I sit here." He asked.

"Sure. I am Peter." The boy named Peter said.

"Remus." The other boy said with a soft smile on his lips.

A while later a knock on the door announced the arrival of some new people

"Now Sirius as you can see here are some other first years and you are in luck they are boys just like you." With these words a boy was pushed inside a moment later followed by his trunk.

The new boy had black hair and was looking terrified.

"Hullo." He said.

"Hello." Both Remus and Peter said.

"Sorry to be pushed in here my cousin Bellatrix didn't want to babysit me it seems. My parents wanted my properly chaperoned so that I would not associate myself with the wrong kind of people. They seem to think I could not chose for myself it seems."

Peter could not help himself and he started to giggle.

This made both other boys start too.

Soon the boys were talking about various things until the door was pulled open and a boy ran inside quickly pulling the door back.

"Sorry for dropping in. Somebody couldn't take a joke. Name's James Potter."

Present time.

"A wonderful friendship." The rat mused,

When the door of the cabin was pulled open the rat looked up and smirked.

"My, My. The circus has arrived. With the clown and the monkeys as the first act"

And while the children squabbled the rat was amused.

"Well it seems the younger generation has retarded even further. Long live diversity of the genetic kind." It mused after having bitten Goyle and the leaving of the incredible Malfoy and his great apes.

The rat smiled at the boys their actions when that girl and the Longbottom boy came along. At least Harry was better with girls as James.

1971 Cabin at the Hogwarts express.

It was quite a boisterous group in the cabin eating candy, talking and laughing.

When there came a knock on the door. They chorused. "Enter." Leading to even more laughter.

In the door opening stood a girl a redhead and a black haired boy.

James looking up and started to blush.

"James is something wrong?" asked Sirius.

"No. Nothing is wrong." Stuttered James.

"Hi I am Lily and this is Severus have you perhaps seen our friend Alice Watson?" Asked the girl.

"No we haven't." Sirius said.

"Okay. Coming Sev?" Lily said while closing the door.

"That wonderful flower. That heavenly creature will one day be married to me." Whispered James.

The other boys laughed at his words.


While those words from James were quite prophetic it seemed that Harry was still in the clueless stadium it seemed. Well they were according to Scabbers the rat.

Hogwarts the great hall 1971

"Pettigrew, Peter." Sounded through the hall.

Walking to the stool he seemed the only one that had to put the hat on his head instead from it being placed on his head by the professor.

"Bitch." Thought Peter to himself.

"Well that isn't nice." Sounded through his head.

"Well it seems I have a new voice in my mind."

"Don't be sarcastic dear. And yes I know your secret."

"More like I am the secret." Grumbled Peter.

"You aren't the first or will be the last. Now where to place you? Ravenclaw would suit you as would Slytherin.

"What about my friends?" Peter thought fear creeping in her voice while she felt terrified.

"Yes the first time that you really had friends. You are scared too loose them aren't you?


"Hufflepuff would help you get what you want and like I said Ravenclaw and Slytherin would suit you. But standing beside new friends ready to step in the unknown that is the path of Gryffindor." The last word was shouted and after standing up Peter gave the head to the next student before making his way to the Gryffindor table."

A moment later James joined his friends.

"All together I see." He said with a smile.

Present Great hall Hogwarts.

And the list of children went on. Harry became a Gryffindor like that girl Granger, Longbottom had been amusing it made the rat think of his own sorting. And now the nervous redheaded boy that was carrying the rat in his pocket was called forward. After a moment he also was sent to the lion's den.

That evening the rat ended up in his cage thanks to Ron earning some money the boy had been capable to buy a nice second hand cage. As usual the twins had destroyed it almost the first time they saw it.

Much yelling later had led to Ron being punished for something the twins had done. When in doubt look for the usual suspects. The rat mused.

The cage was nice and self-cleaning. And so the rat went to sleep.

That night Harry seemed to have a nightmare and not a pleasant one.

His lovable owner had forgotten to close the cage so the rat climbed out of his cage and with a pop changed in a small balding man.

With a wave of his hand he placed some spells on Harry and the other boys.

"Sweet dreams boys." He whispered before changing back in a rat and climbing back into the cage,

The rat was clearly amused the next couple of weeks it asked itself if he had been so amusing as them at their age.

The threat of McGonagall to transfigure either Harry or Ron left it in stitches.

Having followed them on their nightly outing to the trophy room had been hilarious even the encounter with the three headed dog was a bit of an adventure. And the response of that bookworm Granger was hilarious.

Halloween had come how the rat hated Halloween. It seemed he was not the only one. Harry was depressed and when came back he was scolding Ron for insulting Hermione. The rat could understand both boys their opinions. Ron being the boy he was could be a bit defensive and insecure about his capabilities and Harry. Well Harry hated bullying.

The rat hoped that the girl would be all right.

The next day the three seemed as thick as thieves when the rat heard the rumours about Harry jumping on a troll he groaned. Typical Potter behaviour and please not forget their head of house her choice for awarding points.

Stupidity indeed.

Christmas had come and only Ron and Harry had remained behind in the dorms. The rat found the choice of a gift from the Dursleys intriguing together with Harry's behaviour and the state of his clothes it could put the puzzle together and made him sad. It hoped that both boys would have nice holiday and while they were out having fun it sneaked out for a bit itself.

The rat worried for Harry when he night after night sneaked out of the dorm. Only on two times the rat followed Harry the time Harry had shown Ron the Mirror and the night Dumbledore had found Harry before the mirror.

Well found Harry? The rat guessed Dumbledore had wanted Harry to find the mirror.

And that story about woollen socks made the rat wanting to laugh.

Just like the rat Dumbledore had dreams and regrets and maybe like the rat anger and envy.

Since the rat had been a student he had questioned many people their sanity including its own. Sometimes it surprised the rat that it wasn't more like it's spouse it's relatives. Well questioning their sanity was just the first step to calling them the monsters in law. Heck it's brother in law was considered the most sane of the bunch. Well it considered it's spouse the most normal and sane of the bunch.

So checking it's mental list of things that seemed out of place it could at two new things. A philosopher stone and a dragon. If the rat did not knew better it seemed that inmates were running the asylum pretending to be a school.

And why could those three not go to Dumbledore for help? It asked itself or even their shining through absence head of house.

No that certain tabby only showed up after the dragon had disappeared and had removed so much points because she was grumpy or on catnip.

The detention gave the rat only more things to worry about.

"Why would those kids always find trouble. The only thing they should be worried about schoolwork and teen drama. But no. A Cerberus , a troll , a dragon and now a unicorn hunting wraith. Safest place in Great Britain and Northern Ireland it's ass." The rat really didn't wanted to be the headmaster when it was time for parents teacher conferences to begin. No nicely hidden somewhere and watching it while nibbling on popcorn seemed far more fun.

The end of the year had come and the rat didn't like what it had learned.

It also hadn't liked Dumbledore his actions and the end feast. A few house points and irritating all the other students. People were playing games and how it looked was not the way the rat liked it.

When the children left the train and met their families the rat saw Harry walk to a trio of people it recognised the woman as Lily her sister and when the rat saw the behaviour towards Harry of them something broke inside of it.

Chapter Two.

Past 1972.

"Can't you do anything right I told you to clean up the living room you dumb girl. What will my guests say about the state of this room. Here let me show how it is done." Pushing the smaller girl aside the older girl pulled out her wand and with a few spells of it the room was spotless.

" Well done dear. But you know it was her duty to do it." another voice said.

"I know mother. But this simpleton can't do anything right." The oldest of the two girls said. "That they even allow her at Hogwarts is a miracle."

The youngest of the two looked to the ground trying to hide her tears.

"Go to your room cousin and because having Anna being forced to help you will there be no dinner for you. Understood."

"Yes ma'am." Whispered the youngest girl. The stay in your room or else was also clear to her.

The Burrow 1992.

The rat was worried both Ron and Hermione hadn't heard from Harry the entire summer. And now The twins and Ron had disappeared with the car that their father was playing with. "There goes the holiday." The rat thought to itself.

And it was right The twins had convinced Ron to let them help checking on Harry. And poor easily goaded Ron found it an wicked idea to go with the family car.

Well the return of them with Harry and Hedwig was announced by the shrill voice of the lady of the house. The rat mused if the wards kept the yelling inside or if the neighbours were used to it by now.

When the rat heard about the antics of that house elf it frowned.

Where had she heard its name before? When a light went up in its head it wanted to scream.

If somebody thought that it was going to be quiet year then the rat had some real estate and a bridge to sell them.

The trip to Hogwarts amused the rat immensely who would think it was a great idea to fly a car to Hogwarts. Take three guesses and the first two don't count.

It was at least more adventurous then his own second year trip. But those two should have realised that landing a car is different than flying it.

Hogwarts express 1972.

"I swear that my Lily flower will say yes to me the next time I ask her out." James Potter exclaimed.

"Keep dreaming James. I think she just tells you no again." Sirius said.

"After that prank you pulled on Snape she might just hex you." Added Remus.

Peter just grinned at their conversation.

In the end Remus was right and James was very happy that Peter new the counter to said jinx.

"And pink was so your colour." Sirius teased while watching James clothes turning back to its original colour.

"Don't forget the yellow ducks." Added Remus.

This made all of them laugh.

Present Hogwarts.

The rat could understand the anger of the teachers. And it wasn't the first time it had heard McGonagall scold people. And Snape well it knew that Snivellious could be sarcastic and harsh but this was completely new. It almost looked as if he cared.

The rat snorted at this. Snape cared only for a few things in his live those being: Snivilious, himself and Severus Snape And the rest could rot in hell according to the greasy man. The rat would admit of course that it was biased against the man.

Over the weeks the rat was clearly amused while school life and teen drama went on it had time to travel its old haunts and learn many things and knowing the castle like the back of your hand was always welcome.

The most fun it had was pranking McGonagall and Snape forcing to hold hands for an entire day. That the Weasley twins were blamed could of course not be helped. And being able to take showers in peace was heavenly. And the pranks? Well why would it need a reason. And poisoning two teachers was too obvious after all.

One night in the common room while Ron had taken the rat with him its hart nearly stopped. A small girl had come to Harry and asked for help with her homework.

"Well I be damned." Thought the rat. Here showed the boy that he was like his parents.

5 September 1981.

Looking at the small baby in her arms. The young woman smiled.

"Your beautiful little Hestia Nova." She whispered.

"Indeed she is. She takes after you after all." Said a new voice.

"Strange. I would say she takes after you." She replied with a tired smile.

Present 1992.

Little Nova Jones had taken to going to Harry for help with her homework to the great amusement of a rat and the walking encyclopaedia otherwise known as Hermione Granger.

Ron did not understand why Nova always came to Harry for help,

Harry just shrugged at it. He liked that somebody came to him for something not related to being Harry Potter The boy who lived.

A few week later while the rat was travelling the castle it saw the small girl sit with two redheaded girls one wearing Slytherin colours and the other wore Hufflepuff colours there was also a spacey looking blonde and a black haired boy both were Ravenclaw.

Sneaking a bit closer it was almost like looking in the past. If the rat did not know better it thought it saw double because both redheads looked like Lily Potter and the Ravenclaw girl must be a Lovegood. But the boy surprised it.

If it didn't know better Nova and he could be siblings.

Well more things for the rat to ponder about.

And as usual there was much time to ponder about things especially after Halloween. After all what can go wrong at a Halloween feast or a dead party?

The answer according to the rat was a lot.

A petrified cat was one less cat to watch out for but this and the message that was left made it look over its shoulder even more. It was even bigger news then the rat and his friends found out about Remus his secret.

1972 Gryffindor second year boy's dorms.

"Are you serious Peter."

"No he isn't Sirius, James I am." Sirius said.

"Sirius that joke is getting old."

"No James. It is a classic."

Peter rolled his eyes and said. "Gentleidiots, might I have a moment before you delve further in squabbling about an annoying old joke again."

Sirius put his hands over its hearth as if he was mortally wounded.

"Well you know that Remus is always ill once a month?"

Both Sirius and James nodded.

Well I marked the dates that he was sick and this summer my mother asked about you three and when she heard Remus his name her face just looked like she ate something nasty for a moment."

"Peter. We met your mother that is her preferred look. Now I think about it she could be related to my mother she has the same look." Sirius said.

"And what did you learn?" asked a new voice. Remus his voice to be exact.

Turning to him Peter swallowed when he saw Remus his defeated face and it saddened him.

"Remus." He started to speak. "Is it true?"

"What is true?" Asked James.

"The rumours about me are." Remus said with a defeated look.

What came next surprised Remus because Peter pulled him in a hug.

"It's okay. I always be your friend."

Remus smiled with tears in his eyes. "Thanks Peter." He said.

"Why so mushy at once? We aren't a bunch of mushy gossiping girls you know." Sirius said.

James laughed at his words but looked at Remus.

Remus looked at the other boys before looking at the floor.

"I am a werewolf."

Both James and Sirius their eyes grew.


"Yes James."

"It seems we are not all boy's here."

"What do you mean?"

"Well Remus has a monthly problem hasn't he?"

"James." Exclaimed a relieved and laughing Remus.


Adjusting its stupidity meter the rat decided sanity as much as there was at Hogwarts. Seemingly had left the castle and the grounds.

"Brewing polyjuice, what is that little walking encyclopaedia thinking?"

"We only need to get some of the ingredients." Hermione said.

"So order them by owl post them silly girl" The rat thought. Of course the trio had other plans.

The rat could admit it was a funny way to get the ingredients but being subtle was being lost on those three.

The most hilarious was of course the result miss Bookworm had. The rat who had snuck after them had laughed itself silly.

And so the dangers and adventures of the trio and their friends went on while the rat observed. And while it not observed it thought about its own years at Hogwarts as a student.

1975 Hogsmeade weekend.

Having told her friends she would see them later had given Peter the excuse to drop that awful glamour.

After taking care of her feminine needs the girl otherwise known as one of the marauders snuck out and into Hogsmeade.

Not watching were she went for a moment after leaving Honeydukes made her walk into a boy.

Blushing she took the boy his hand which he offered to help her standing up.

"I believe we haven't met before." the boy said to the blushing girl. "Regulus Black of the house of Black."

"Kalypso Tisiphone Zosime. Of the house of Zosime." The girl said with a small smile on her face.

Leading the girl away from the door Regulus looked at the clothes the girl was wearing.

"Yes I know. Not the most fanciest clothes I have but this isn't a ball you know." Kalypso said. This made Regulus laugh. It reminded Kalypso of his brother's laugh.

"Indeed it is miss Zosime. Are you perhaps visiting Hogsmeade today because it is a Hogsmeade weekend?"

"I do mister Black. My aunt wanted me out of the house for a while. So I decided to go to a place were more teenagers were to associate with."

That afternoon the both of them had a lot of fun together and they said their good byes when Regulus had to return to the school again.

Kalypso disappeared also returning to the lie she lived that was named Peter.

Present 1992 Hogwarts

Kalypso had spent most of her years at Hogwarts in her animagus form. She had done most of the mapping and knew even more places that she had hidden on the map one was a small office and living quarters which she had used as her hiding place when being 'Peter' took too much.

At the moment she lounged in a comfortable chair watching through some charmed mirrors who were linked to various listening and observation charms one showed her the boys dorms and a view other the girls dorms as some also did show the common room. Of a very personal interest was a certain red headed first year as was a other first year with black hair and grey eyes.

Kalypso admitted her little Hestia was a perfect blend of her and her husband.

But the thing that bothered her the most was the diary the redheaded girl was writing in she had seen it before. But where?

Pondering this would take some time and when she had realised what it was Harry and Ron were already down in the chamber.

Summer 1977

Kalypso had left her flat and had made her way through muggle London to have a nice afternoon with Regulus. Soon she found herself in one of Dagion alley many side streets in a small but exclusive restaurant waiting for her boyfriend. The newly graduated Kalypso was planning to go to Greece to study for a while at the university of Delphi. After a bit of waiting she saw Regulus enter the restaurant and soon he was led to the table at which she was seated. Standing up she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek.

"Well hello and what did I do to earn that?." Teased Regulus.

"You just did." Said a grinning Kalypso while seating herself again which Regulus followed by seating himself.

"Looking forward to going to Greece?" Asked Regulus after they had received their menu's.

Kalypso nodded. "Yes the mastery plan looks so exciting. I can finish it in my own time so I can travel between here and Delphi with no trouble."

"You know you said you could take your time why not live there most of the time?"

"I am going to and I know you will be in your final year. But I want to see you sometimes." This made Regulus smile.

"Well look who is out of the house without a chaperone." Said a new voice which made Regulus face go almost white and made Kalypso look up.

She saw a smiling Bellatrix Black.

Seating herself beside her cousin she turned to Regulus and asked. "Who might be your friend Reggie?"

"Bella this is Kalypso Zosime." Regulus said introducing Kalypso.

"A pleasure to meet you." Said Kalypso.

"Likewise I am Regulus his cousin, Bellatrix Black soon to be Lestrange."

"Congratulations." Said Kalypso.

"I actually not familiar with your family its name." Bellatrix said.

"My mother was the head of the Greek Zosime clan before her dead. My father is from Britain."

"I see. Where did you attend school."

"I was home schooled here in England and will be starting my studies at the university of Delphi this fall."

"I See and how did you and my baby cousin got acquainted?"

"We walked in to each other." Kalypso her answer mad Regulus groan and Bellatrix laugh.

While standing up Bellatrix said her goodbyes and left the young couple to their devices.

"Well I think a chat with my parents will be there in the foreseeable future." Said Regulus with a grown.

"Poor you. I think the investigation only just has started." Said Kalypso with a smile after having eaten their lunch they took a stroll through a nearby park.

Two weeks later while Kalypso was spending time with her friends as Peter they were out on the town when Sirius told them that he had got an letter from his grandfather telling him that he should try to act like his younger brother and find a steady girlfriend.

"Me being responsible like my little brother. Heck it is probably some girl with cousins for parents like that Umbridge girl that was after Peter." Sirius told them while being drunk. "Probably the only thing I am going to do is crash the wedding."

"Pads that isn't nice. Maybe it is a nice girl who he met." Remus said.

"Nah it must be some nasty bitch a combination between Narcissa and Bellatrix with a dose of personality of my dear old mother."

Kalypso bit back her laughter when she heard her friends trying to make a profile of her." She even added fuel to the flames with her own suggestions.

"Well grandfather wants me to be there when he meets her to start negotiations."

"Poor you." Laughed James. And so the evening went on.

The next week Kalypso had to bite back a laugh when she saw Sirius standing beside his grandfather when Regulus led her inside the room and helped her into a seat.

"Welcome miss Zosime. I am lord Actures Black and this is my heir Sirius Orion. Be welcome in my home." The white haired head of the Black family said.

"Thank you lord Black. And to both of you well met." Kalypso replied.

Both Sirius and Actures seated themselves both being followed by Regulus wo seated himself beside Kalypso."

The afternoon was spent pleasantly over tea which was served by Kalypso.

When Sirius heard that Kalypso her family was matriarchal his eyes grew while his grandfather nodded.

I met your mother for the first time in the war a very nice and competent woman." Actures said. "I was saddened by her dead."

"Thank you for your kind words lord Black. If it is not a bother maybe you could tell me some stories about her sometime." She said with hope in her voice.

She left a few hours later after saying goodbye to Regulus.

A few weeks later it was announced that Regulus Black and Kalypso Zosime were engaged to be married in December.

Summer 1993

Egypt Kalypso decided had been nice but way to hot. Now at home at the burrow she heard talking about an escape from Azkaban.

Knowing her luck it could only be one person and she was right.

And knowing Padfoot she or rather Peter would be the target.

"Well it is as they say. There is no rest for the wicked." She thought to herself.

And it was as if fate had heard her think.

Her new personal nemesis seemed to be that irritating half-kneazle.

Crookshanks if she had her way would get a meeting with an annoyed Kalypso Black-Zosime and that cat would not like that meeting of that could that wall crashing beast be sure.

At the train ride to Hogsmeade there was even a bigger surprise.

Remus 'Moony" Lupin was on board and fast asleep.

Probably having being asked by Dumbledore to help capture Sirius.

"Great there goes the neighbourhood." Kalypso grumbled to herself.

Everything went well until Nova appeared with her new pet.

A cute looking grim like puppy.

Kalypso felt an headache starting.

Next part will be. "Yes I am a dog. Deal with it."

Sirius Black his adventures In "From Azkaban on four paws."