"Remus the wedding was great," Sirius yelled.

My little brilliant sister in law beat the crap out of Narcissa and Lucius."

"Padfoot that is not great."

"Indeed it was fantastic."

"Why did she do it." asked Lily."

"Lucius trying to get the marriage and wedding stopped. According to my grandfather. He owns quite a debt to the Umbridge family and he suggested That Dolores would be a better fit for Regules."


Kalypso wanted to curse that cat and Padfoot. "Your brother in law has the right to hate you." She reminded herself

"And what you are you two doing here?" Asked a new voice. professor Snape his to be precise. "Playing Tom and Jerry without a mouse? Let's see what your owners say about this."

It was the first night back and where was Spike when you needed him. O yes chasing her. Kalypso grumbled in her mind.

"Time for a change of plans." With that thought the rat disappeared in a hole.

Sitting in her hidden room Kalypso nursed a cup of tea.

And started to think.


"James be reasonable you have a child to think about. Even if I want the man killed. I won't sacrifice you."

"It might be the only way."

Kalypso looked down.

"James." she whispered.

"I know. Not the best solution Peter. But it might end the war."

"James." She started to say.

"No it has to be this way."

Peter cursed but agreed.


Remus Lupin liked teaching. Giving children the tools to defend themselves was rewarding. The stunner to his back was unexpected.

Sirius Black otherwise known as Snuffles was stunned too.

When they woke up they saw a smiling Peter Pettigrew.

"Hello my lovelies"

"Traitor." Snarled Sirius.

"Not by choice Padfoot. James and I worked on a plan to bring the dark lord down."

"You mean?" Remus said.

"I had another plan. But James agreed with Dumbledore."

Sirius his mouth fell open.

"Why did you betray us?" He asked.

"A fire started by Lucius." Was the reply.

Sirius eyes grew. While Peter poured drinks and removed the bonds that held both men.

Giving both a glass Peter smirked.

"Do you have it worked out Padfoot?"

"Kalypso?" Sirius said in surprise

"Well a surprise there is another brain cell." Kalypso said : "No obedience course needed for you."

Remus laughed.

"You mean you played us all" Whispered Sirius.

"Yes Padfoot."

"A girl in the boys dorms."

"Yes I am a pervert. Give a girl some slack." Kalypso said. "do you want to know a little secret?"

"No!" Both men said

"That Sirius was even below my standards?" Kalypso said with a smirk

"Bad Kalypso. No terrorising Sirius." Remus said with a smile

"Yes I got the pretty and intelligent one." Was the reply.

This made Remus laugh.

"Remus are you on her side?" Sirius said.

"The judge is still deciding."

"But you and Regulus." Sirius whispered.

"You want a beating Padfoot? Regulus forbid me to go with him. Otherwise I would have gone with him."

Kalypso sat down. "It cost me everything. My husband and my children. Do you think I would sit by idle. That is not the marauder way."

"You would have?" Sirius asked.

"Yes if James did not have other plans." the woman in a man's body said.

"I want to go home." Kalypso whispered.

"And I want my babies."

"Sirius looked down. "Kalypso?"

"I demanded that he would. He would take you with him. He did not listen"

"He went after the Dark lord?" Sirius gasped.

"Yes he did. And I am going to finish what he started. Just so that my babies are safe." The woman said with a growl.

The look on Kalypso her face was one of murder. Sirius thought that look would not be misplaced on his mother her face. Voldemort should watch out. Bellatrix had nothing on this girl.

"Remus do you know what a horocrux is?" Kalypso asked

Sirius gasped.

"I don't but I guess Sirius does."

Kalypso grinned "Will wonders never cease he is nearing trained monkey status three functional brain cells."

Sirius rolled his eyes

"A piece of someone his soul created through cold blooded murder. It tears a piece of the soul of the caster what usually is placed in an object.

If said object not is destroyed the caster can live forever. The evil version of a philosopher stone.

"correct man's best friend another brain cell is functioning it seems."

"Last year that blond waist of space planted one on a little girl making her open the chamber of secrets. At least no dead student this time only a few petrification Before Bambi killed the basilisk."

Both other Marauders gasped

"When I fled from Godric's Hollow you also weren't the only one looking for me Pads."

The two men looked at the woman in disguise.

"Lucius had followed Tom and I so when he saw me run away you arrived he decided to come after me. When I tried to frame you were came the shot from?"

"From you." Sirius eyes grew. "You did a step aside and then the spell came."

Kalypso nodded. "He was planning to curse me in the back. He found this solution even better do you know he was pushing Actures to choose a new heir? Of course not. Mister Lupin can you make an educated guess."

"His son Draco."

"Indeed. And grandfather has never been swayed by him. Damon is still the heir."

"And then there are the girls." Sirius said.

"Now Horocruxes and Voldemort or a plan to get Lucius arrested and Sirius free?" Kalypso asked.

"You think he made more?" Sirius asked.

"Lucius: Got the diary." Kalypso started.

"Bella: Got a cup.

Regules when he lent Kreacher to Tom. The elf told him about a locket.

My other guess that huge snake Nagini ."

"Seems likes he might like founder relics." Sirius observed.

"Well my dear man child enlighten us please." Said a smirking Kalypso.

"It is rumoured that just after the Grindewald war a witch who possessed two founder objects. Helga Hufflepuff her cup and a locket of Salazar Slytherin was killed. According to grandfather she was a frequent shopper at Borgin and Burkes. And was good friends with a store clerk named Tom Riddle.

"Now what would a aspiring dark lord do in such a shop?"

"Work but why there he could have any job he wanted after graduating. He even has an special award from the school." Remus pointed out.

"We need to know more." Kalypso said. "But children first. We have Damon, Harry, Sofia and Hestia to think about and their friends Rose, Lily and Luna.

"Why the last three?" asked a confused Sirius.

Pulling out a photo album from out a drawer of the desk she was sitting on she opened and showed both her friends a picture and then Sirius his eyes started to grow. "You think that Rose and Lily are?" Beside him Remus nodded.

"Just a feeling."

"It was a closed casket funeral Padfoot." He said.

"I checked the both of them they were dead." Sirius exclaimed

"My guess would be the protection Lily used extended also to her womb so if they found a surrogate were the babies could be placed in fast. they might have survived." Kalypso said. " Or Lily was only appearing to be dead. Rituals are notorious tricky to create and even if she used an idea from an old source we would probably not be able to recreate it completely alike."

Sirius remembered That Kalypso had beside newts in the core subjects also newts in Anthimacy, Ancient runes and Care of magical creatures add to that a double mastery in Potions and Ritualistic magic. She had been busy for her mastery in Alchemy while she had been pregnant with Hestia and caring for Sofia.

"How long would the children had have?" Remus "According to the headmaster Harry was placed a day later with the Dursleys even with McGonagall protesting it. Called them the worst kind of muggles after having observed them for a day. Dumbledore told her later that he had raised wards through Lily her protections."

"Then they had a few hours. If he created blood wards, but those need to be recharged once in a while. Love between blood family living under the wards strengthens them. Otherwise the magical's living under it charge it with their magic subconsciously." Kalypso added.

"And what was McGonagall doing there observing them?" Questioned Sirius aloud.

"Indeed don't forget that Harry hadn't been seen by a healer after the attack. But why?" Remus questioned.

"And why was James hard headed to follow the headmaster his plan? My idea was that the headmaster would be the secret keeper." Kalypso said

"Hogwarts has some of the best defences there are in the world."

"And Riddle feared him." Sirius added.

"There is more at play." Kalypso mused.

"James, Lily, Alice and Frank had a meeting with him a couple of months earlier. After that they went in hiding." Remus said

"That answer I know." Kalypso said. "It was rumoured that a Death eater had overheard a part of a job interview for a position ad Hogwarts in the Hog's head it seemed that Trelawney went in a prophecy trance he overheard part of a prophecy before being thrown out."

"Why hold a job interview there? The headmaster knows what for people there come." Remus mused. Let me guess it involved the defeat of Riddle?"

Kalypso nodded. "With what I could find out yes. James plan was to ambush Voldemort that night with a large group of fighters. Dumbledore assured him that they would be there."

"And they never came." Sirius muttered.

"First things first. The children and getting Padfoot cleared of all charges and laying Peter to rest." Kalypso said.

"What are you thinking Wormy?"

" In two weeks it is a Hogsmeade weekend what if Peter kidnapped 'Imperiussed' Death eater son Draco Malfoy in bright daylight. While cackling about revenge for his master. I get the entire auror corps after me because Fudge is in Lucius his pocket. And when I am starting a ritual to resurrect my master using Draco. Sirius Black attacks and tries to kill me. I get away but a few hours later they find Peter his dead body. Beside a comatose Kalypso Black."

"Comatose?" Sirius asked.

"Draught of living dead. Peter captured me while I was hunting the Dark lord. But he never got the chance to present me to his master."

"The preparations I need to make take a few days."

"What you need?" Remus asked.

A dead body and time to remove my mark and place it on the dead body."

The next day Kalypso left Hogwarts using the fight between Hermione and Ron as a cover to disappear. Soon she found herself in Edinburgh. Finding a fresh corpse was never easy the morgue or any of the funeral homes would of course be the best but she needed a magical body. Walking away from another funeral home she spotted an old man sitting on a bench and to her surprise he seemed magical. In his hand was a bottle of booze he seemed about seventy or a bit older looking down he took another swig of the bottle in his hand. Sitting beside the man Kalypso greeted him.

"I don't need no sympathy lass." The man slurred.'

"Only a month or two left for old Robert Wood. Africa, Europe I fought for freedom and see now the price this old hound of war gets paid. Cancer not an enemy I can fight with a rifle in my hand." The man kept looking down

"I can't even see my granddaughter graduate from magic school. Well if Emma would let me see her."

Kalypso nodded . "I know the feeling went undercover against Voldemort. He had cost me everything." For a moment she paused thinking about something.

"Would you like one chance to fight the good fight one last time?"

"Call me intrigued." Robert said.

That evening in Crawley the bell rang in the Grangers home.

"Who could that be?" Mused Emma Granger aloud.

When she opened the door she gasped. "Daddy?" She whispered.

"Hello Emma." Her father replied, "Can I come in?"

"Yes. Of course. Let me make some tea." Emma stammered her father rarely visited after their fight at her motherĀ“s funeral.

The old man followed her inside.

"Hello Edwin." Robert Wood said while walking into the living room.

"Hello sir." In all his lifetime Edwin Granger feared only one man.

His father in law.

"No sir here just an old man that is ready to die."

From behind him he heard Emma gasp.

"Take a seat Emma and put the tea down please."

His daughter did just that.

"How do you mean you are going to die?" His daughter asked.

"Cancer. Two month's at the most." Her father replied.

"Hoped to see Hermione graduate from Hogwarts."

"You know about magic?" Emma asked.

"Yes I am what is called a squib I did not manifest myself." From his pocket he pulled a key. "For Hermione my will is also there. If the Wood family wants to ta take it they face my solicitor. Knowing my brother he will accept her with open arms."

Emma smiled meanwhile her husband frowned.

"Yes Edwin I got deep in again. The magical resistance against Voldemort asked for help. And I said yes. Better than waiting for the piper."

Emma gasped. "Daddy!" She exclaimed.

"I got the choice of dying as a vegetable or fighting one more time. You know me. This is for you, Hermione and Edwin. Will I survive it? No. But if everything goes alright. I know Hermione will be a lot safer."

Edwin Granger stood up and walked to a cabinet that was usually locked. Both he and his wife did not like drinking because of Edwin his parents being alcoholics. Grabbing the bottle of whiskey he poured three glasses.

Giving both his father in law and his wife a glass he raised it.

"Good fortunes." He said before taking a drink.

"Good fortunes." His father in law replied.

In Emma her eyes appeared tears her father putting down his glass embraced her.

"Emma this is the chance to help Hermione. In a way that I can do."

His daughter nodded before embracing her father.

"Wish I could have been the father that you wanted." Robert Wood said.

"You were the father I needed." Whispered his daughter. While laying her head against her father's chest.

That evening was one of sadness and joy.

The next day at breakfast Hermione received an owl.

Reading the letter she started to cry.

Harry looking at his friend asked. "Hermione?"

"It is my grandfather. He has cancer they don't give him long."

"So it is only an old muggle." Cormac Macmillan said with a sneer. From beside Hermione.

From the letter fell a key and a ring when Oliver Wood saw said ring he gasped.

"That is the ring of great uncle Robert." He exclaimed.

Hermione looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Great uncle Robert was a squib my family supported him to get an education but he ended up in the army. Grandfather thought he had died."

"If you grandfather wants to meet him next Friday is the last chance.

Oliver nodded and pulled some parchment from his bag hastily he wrote a letter to his grandfather. And it seemed Hedwig did not mind to deliver said message.

That Friday evening in Crawley saw a meeting between siblings Robert ,Lisa and Alfred cried. Having seen each other not for years they just held each other.

That evening was one of remembrance of the good times and it was filled with laughter.

That Saturday Hermione was still depressed her favourite professor while sympathetic had not authorised a final visit to her grandfather.

The yelling and cursing that Hermione had done did not help either.

No she was walking in Hogsmeade and in front of her was Draco Malfoy laughing. Not that she minded him laughing . But he was laughing about her predicament.

In a flash a man appeared. A shifty almost rat like man who grabbed Draco by his arm. She did not think and hit the boy with a tracking charm.

"Time for your father to pay the price Draco." The man said with a giggle and with a flash Draco and the man disappeared.

With Draco.

"Please I serve the Dark lord." cried a bound Draco he was bound to a tree trunk.

"O do you. Then this is a glorious day the rise if our master is near. O please let me introduce myself Peter Pettigrew. Order of Merlin first class posthumously. As you can guess that was a bit early. Framing Sirius was one of the greatest things I ever did. Not that great of course but better living like a rat and working to get my master back than that peacock of a father like yours who would sell everything to keep free."

"Please father can make it worth your time."

"Sorry I am past the thirty sickles stage. I serve my master." The man said while chopping some roots. Putting them in the large cauldron

"From spring to summer. From Summer to Autumn. From Autumn to Winter.

From the colds from between life and dead please accept our sacrifice."

Cutting himself Pettigrew took of a peace of his ear healing it quietly

"Flesh of the loyal servant you will strengthen this child."

Draco gasped at what he heard and when he saw Pettigrew walk to a bundle of something he was surprised to see a woman lying under a blanket.

"Blood of the enemy forcefully taken." With that the man slashed the arm of the unconscious woman.

"Your cousin's wife Kalypso. You father hates her." the man said with a mad grin before he poured the blood in the cauldron.

"And now for the main ingredient." The man turned to around to face Draco.

"A traitors pay forcefully taken." With a mad grin the man walked to Draco knife in his hand.

"Peter stop this madness!" yelled a new voice.

Turning around Peter Pettigrew frowned. Before speaking. "Sirius. What a surprise. No beaches with topless women. My, my Padfoot you are losing your touch."

"Let the child go Peter." Sirius said with a growl.


Hermione had been smart to hit Draco with a tracking charm thanks to auror Dawlish it had turned in a channel to listen in at what was spoken on the other side. Beside Dawlish, Amelia Bones and Cornelius Fudge most people in The three broomsticks listened to what was happening. Amelia had already send for aurors and asked the underage magic detection department to keep their eyes open.

"Now Sirius don't you want my master back?" the voice of Pettigrew said.

"You might even get free and a mudblood bitch to serve you."

"Reducto." Was the answer.

"Avada kedavra." Was the reply.

"Come one Black." Dawlish yelled. Remembering the cheerful rookie auror

"Engulvus." Sounded through the link.

A cry of pain followed.

"Burn in hell Peter." Sirius said.

A moment later a tapping of their wands was felt by Bones an Dawlish.

"This is auror Black requesting backup."

"We heard the man." Bones said with a grin. A moment later she and Dawlish ran outside and apperated to were Sirius was.

Arriving at the crime scene both aurors saw an untied Draco Malfoy sitting beside Sirius Black who had a woman her head in his lap. The cauldron that Pettigrew had been using had been hit by the reductor curse of Black. What had destroyed the cauldron and his contents.

"Healer!" Called Auror Dawlish.

"You should not have put the man on fire Sirius." Madam Bones said.

"And have him kill the boy? Sorry Amelia I am still in war mode."

The woman nodded.

With a crack Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape appeared.

"Sirius how could you? Peter could have been redeemed."

Around the two men everything felt silent.

"O so he would get a trial. Unlike me." Sirius said with a glare.

"Me who got thrown in Azkaban without a trial."

"That was a terrible mistake my boy." The old wizard said.

"Yes and in twelve years you did not even lift a finger to help me. Let me guess you let Snape out because he gives great head."

"Black you simpleton. Be ready for the dementors kiss." Snape yelled.

"I am sorry." Madam Bones said. "But this is an auror investigation. School teachers with Dead eater ties have no say in those. Unless we want to reopen your case master Snape."

"Amelia I vouched for him." Dumbledore said.

"Well keep your wanking assistant on a leash then. And if I find him terrorising students that want to learn from getting newts he is getting Black his old cell. Knowing to much is not an excuse to destroy homework of a student."

"I can't help that they are incompetent." Snape snarled

"The only one incompetent I see here is you. I have my eyes on you. Now be gone. This is a crime scene."

That night Sirius found himself in a cell again. But it wasn't Azkaban.

Tomorrow he would have his trial. After all this years.

The next day Sirius was led in front of the wizgamot.

Presiding was not Albus Dumbledore. But the dowager Longbottom.

"Trial of Sirius Black. What has the defendant to say."

"Not guilty of any crimes. But guilty of being an idiot."

This made many people laugh.

"And I can agree to that." a woman her voice said.

"Kalypso Black. Attorney for the defence. "

"Hem, hem you aren't an attorney."

"O Dolores go suck Fudge and Crouch their dicks. In the eye of the house of Black you are an enemy you filthy halfblood."

The wizgamot felt silent,

"You and Dumbledore made sure that my daughters would never meet. You wanted the money of the house of Black. Well house Malfoy has to pay his own debts."

"You like Fudge and Crouch have no honour. And in the defendant chair sits a man with honour."

"I understand that being a sleep for over twelve years you do not know your place." Umbridge snarled.

"Yes and child theft is such a good resume."

"I don't know what you mean?" The toad like woman said.

"Sofia Nebula Black. Otherwise known as Katherine Bell. Placed in the muggle world to learn her place. Hestia Nova Black placed in the muggle world because Delores Umbridge could not get her way."

The entire room felt silent.

"How many children you have stolen Delores?" Kalypso asked her voice while a whisper was heard by everyone.

"I placed them in proper homes!" The toad like woman screamed.

"Did you. Crouch called my daughters not a priority because of Regules his choices. The hypocrite. You wanted the money and status of the house of Black."

"Miss Umbridge please go to the visitors seats." Dowager Longbottom said.

The pink clad woman seemed ready to rant her way back into the trial but was removed to the spectators seats by two aurors.

The trial was short and it led to an investigation of children that where misplaced which lead to the arrest of Delores Umbridge. And placing Albus Dubledore his actions under investigation.

That evening Katie Bell looked at the extra edition of the Prophet.

She knew that she was adopted but. How would her birth mother react?

When an owl landed in front of her she frowned. Taking the letter the owl offered she shuddered at the names on the letter.

"Sofia and Hestia."

Katie unfolded the letter.

Hello my darlings.

This is hard to write for me. So many years have passed without any contact.

Am I to blame? Yes I thought you had died in that fire. When I found out you were alive I was blocked by that toad woman and Crouch. I can at least sleep at night knowing you have wonderful adoptive parents. I hope we can build a bond between us.

Your birthmother

Kalypso Black-Zoisme.

Katie smiled. "Sofia never thought that was my birth name and having a little sister."

She saw said little sister chatting with Ginny.

"Hey little sister I am lonely/"

"Then get the other foxes to cuddle" Hestia replied with a smile having read her own letter.

" Fred this is mean. "What are we chopped liver?" George said.

"Two lovely boys." Katie said while hugging them.

Both boys grinned.

"Katie you are an angel."

"Sofia Nebula of the house of Black if you must." Katie said with a smirk

Hestia Nova stood up and dragged Damon to the Gryffindor table.

"He cousin meet my big sister Sofia."

"Am I the only boy in this generation?" the boy groaned.

Meanwhile Sirius walked through the streets of Leeds stopping in front of a small shop he stopped. Taking a deep breath he opened the door.

"We are closed" Sounded from the back.

"Even for me." He called back.

A brown haired woman and when she saw she ran in his arms.

"Sirius." She whispered in his neck.

"Agnes." He whispered back.