The Last Space Pirate Sailing Through Remnant

Chapter 2: An interesting Offer

(3rd person POV)

After the two finished telling their sides of the story, Glynda was annoyed.

"I hope you two realize that your actions tonight won't be taken lightly. You both put yourselves and others in grave danger."

Before she could continue her admonishment of the two the red reaper spoke up.

" They started it, and this guy stepped in when the situation got away from me."

Glynda continued pacing around the room.

"If it was up to me little girl, you would be sent home with a pat on the back, and a slap on the wrist."

She snapped her riding crop at the girls' hands; however, it was caught by the young man, who had stayed silent during the display.

" You know its not nice to snap these things around. What would people say if they found out an adult was using a riding crop on a teenager who was cooperating." He let go of the crop, and Glynda glared at him.

"Then there is you. A boy that doesn't seem to appear on any database. I know if it was up to me, you would be arrested for questioning. However, that decision unfortunately doesn't lie with me, and there is someone hear that wants to speak to the both of you."

Just then a grey-haired man walked in. In one hand a plate of cookies, in the other a mug. He stared down at Ruby first.

" Ruby Rose, you have silver eyes."

Ruby looked rather uncomfortable and was trying to say something in response before he turned to Neil.

" Neil De Famile, I believe is what you called yourself. Interesting how that last name and you don't seem to exist."

Neil just smirked at the man. Glynda turned on a tv behind him showing footage of their recent battle with Torchwick.

" Where did you learn to fight like this miss Rose." He said, as the tv showed Ruby effortlessly twirling her scythe.

"Signal academy." She said.

" They taught you how to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?" He said, however Neil noticed that the man already knew the answer.

" Well one teacher in particular." Ruby didn't say more than that.

"I see." He then put down the cookies for Ruby and turned to Neil. "And what about you? You fought masterfully with that pistol and saber of yours, however it doesn't seem like it used any dust or standard projectiles.

Neil smirked. " Why use ammo when your weapon makes its own? As for mastery, being trained how to use them since I was 5 would do that for you."

The rooms fellow occupants each had a different reaction to the statement. Glynda was in shock that a child that young would be given dangerous weapons. The gray-haired man had a pondering expression, and as for Ruby.

" YOU HAVE ENDLESS AMUNITION!" She was star struck.

" Howdidyoumanagetomakeanendlesssuplyofammunitioninagunthatsmall, anditdoesntevenusedustthatsincredible,andyoursworddidagiantslashaswellandifthatwasntdustithadtobeanotherformofenergycanyoupleaseletmetakeoneaparttoseehowitworkspleasepleasepeasssssseeeeeeeeeeee."

(Haha this girl is definatley energetic, reminds me of uncle Gai.)

The gray-haired man then coughed to regain their attention.

" I would like to know that myself, however my next question for the both of you would be why you are fighting? Miss Rose Why are you attending a school designed to slay monsters?"

Ruby instantly had an answer. "I want to be a Huntress. Ive always wanted to help people, just like my mother and father. My Sister is going to Beacon this year and I plan to go there myself when I've finished my last two years at Signal." The man nodded and turned to Neil again.

"And what of you? I assume you were taught by your family given you started using those weapons at such a young age, but for what reason do you fight?"

Neil thought for a moment before giving an answer.

"I guess you could say I'm a wanderer, me and my family traveled all over, looking for adventure and helping people who we came across. Now its just me, continuing the adventure on my own."

The man had listened to every word and by the end his eyes were closed, and he had a small smile on his face. Without opening his eyes, he addressed Ruby. " You know who I am, don't you Miss Rose?"

" Your Professor Ozpin, the Headmaster of Beacon." She spoke.

" Correct. And you want to come to my school Miss Rose?"

"More than anything." At that the two adults turned to each other, Glynda gave a resigned sigh as Ozpin turned back.

"Well ok then, your in." As ruby was processing what she just heard he turned back to the young man. "And what about you mister De Famile? You say you seek adventure and helping those who need it. My school is a place where people your age learn to fight monsters to help keep the people of Remnant safe. However, when I look at you, I can tell that isnt enough to interest you."

" You would be right. I already go around fighting monsters and saving people, so a school doesn't really interest me. So, unless you have a better reason I think ill go on my way."

Ozpin thought for a moment, then spoke his answer with a knowing smirk.

" Every pirate needs a crew, and you won't find a better place to get one."

As Neil tried to figure out how Ozpin found out he was a pirate he was rudely interrupted by a red reaper.

" YOU'RE A PIARTE? THAT'S SO COOL!" While Ruby started asking question upon Question, Neil looked to Ozpin who was waiting for an answer of if he wanted in. The promise of being able to find a crew from a wide variety of warriors was a good offer. An offer he couldn't refuse.

"I'm in."