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Pietro sat up at hearing his father's codename, though he still kept a possessive hand on Rogue's knee. "What?" He eyed Gambit suspiciously. "My father sent you?"

Remy shrugged. "Not m' place t' question de bossman." His eyes flickered over to Rogue, meeting her eyes briefly before adding, "Gambit told 'im dat y' prob'ly wouldn' jus' take his word fer it, an' he said t' give y' dis, said y' would kno' wut it meant." Reaching into his trench coat, he pulled out a small metal badge, about the size of a half-dollar, and flipped it over to Pietro who deftly caught it with his free hand.

Glancing briefly down at the intricate designs on the silver coin, Pietro paled, causing a look of confusion to cross Rogue's face and Remy to raise his eyebrow. Getting to his feet, he looked torn between speeding off right then and there, or staying to keep Remy away from Rogue. "Gambit..." he growled, moving to step in front of his girlfriend.

"Seems t' Gambit like y' really dun 'ave time t' play, hein?" Remy smirked. "Though if y' really wanna keep ol' Magsy waitin', Gambit be more den willin' fer a game 'o cards." Which was more than true. He would love to have a chance to beat the living shit out of him. He stole Rogue. No, he amended internally. Pietro just was there to catch her when he had foolishly thrown her away.

That changed nothing. He would still love to have a chance to beat the living shit out of him.

The speedster scowled at the cajun. After a moment's hesitation, he turned to Rogue. "Baby, I gotta go. My father..." he paused, his loyalties to his father making him reluctant to divulge information even to her. "It's urgent," he finished lamely. "I mean, I would take you with me..."

Rogue smiled reassuringly up at him. "Pietro, Ah'll be fahne. Seems ta me lahke ya really don' have a moment ta waste, sugah." She turned slightly to glare at Gambit. "An' Gambit won't be stayin' anyway."

Gambit's eyes flashed but he nodded. "Exactly, petite. In fact, m' errand is done an' Gambit is gone." With an elaborate bow, he spun and strode out the door.

Glaring at the space the cajun had previously occupied, Pietro muttered, "He'll be back I'm sure." Though was he wary of Gambit being around Rogue or Rogue being around Gambit?

Rogue got to her feet to embrace him from behind, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "Ah'll be fahne, Ah can take care o' mahself."

Pietro nodded though an unsure smile still curled his lips. "I'll be back soon." He turned to kiss her briefly but she held the kiss longer, pressing her forehead against his when the lip-lock finally relented.

"Trust me, Pietro. Ah love you."

Finally, his lips curled up into his usual cocky grin. "I know you do. Once girls get a taste of the speedster, they can't help but fall in love!" He kissed her again, halting a retort that she was about to vocalize. "I'm just kidding, babe. I love you!" Giving her one more, final kiss, he winked at her before speeding out the door.

Rogue was left blinking after him, his last few actions a blur. Recovering, she giggled and settled herself back onto the couch. That boy. You could never keep up with him once he got going. She adored him.

She had just begun flipping through the channels again, already missing her boyfriend and vaguely wondering why Pietro had to leave her so suddenly in the first place, when Gambit landed unannounced on the couch next to her. "Dat was a very touchin' scene, chere."

"How'd Ah know that you'd be back?" she sighed, immediately pushing some distance between her and the cajun, entirely unsurprised at his sudden appearance.

"Remy'd hate t' think 'e bein' predictable." He followed her along the couch, stretching his arm behind her. "So 'e 'ave t' say dat y' jus' know, chere. It be fate, hein?"

Rogue scowled, swiveling until she sat with her legs keeping the distance between them, her foot firmly pressing against his knee. "Ah'd hafta say that yah're jus' dreamin', swamp rat." She raised her arms to her necklace, threatening to remove it. "Leave, Gambit."

Remy smirked, but he relented his pursuit. "Remy was jus' abou' t' suggest dat y' take dat ugly t'ing off."

She frowned, arching a brow. "And whay?"

"Heard dat y' need practice touchin'. Not too good at it yet." Rogue's face turned red, opening her mouth to protest that that was not what she said, but he just laughed. He turned his face towards the television which had been left haphazardly on the infomercial channel, though his eyes continued to stare side-long at her. "Remy could teach y' a few t'ings, hein?"

Rogue glared at him coldly, unlatching her necklace and dropping it on the floor in front of the couch. "Teach meh, then," she cooed menacingly.

Remy's eyes lifted slowly from where they followed the movement of the piece of jewelry. He drew his tongue leisurely across his lips as he contemplated her form. "As y' wish, chere." Before she could protest, he was upon her, his body pressing against her intimately between her legs, his hands clutching her wrists through her sleeves and pinning her bare hands down by her face. She could feel him pressed firm against her and she trembled, furious. She hadn't expected this, though in retrospect she should have. He had never been afraid of an accidental brush with her poisonous skin – and he liked taking risks.

"Get offa meh, Gambit!" She tried to wriggle into a position with better leverage to get him off of her, but the pleasurable friction caused by the squirming immediately made her stop.

He ground himself into her, eliciting a gasp from his captive. "Remy ain' doin' not'ing 'e ain' been givin' permission t' do." He did it again, and she shrieked indignantly. He was so tempted to kiss her, and he would have, powers and all, if he wasn't unwilling to give up control just yet.

"Yah dirty pervert!" Her face was flushed and she yanked at her hands. Her body was responding strongly to his attention, and it did not help that underneath it all, there was still a part of her that wanted him. "Ah want yah offa meh, now! Let meh go, Gambit!" She was sure he could feel how wet she was at any moment now.

"But Remy hasn' taught y' anyt'ing yet, cherie." His red eyes flashed as they flickered down to her full lips. So tempting – he could still remember her taste from the kiss he stole. He grew hot at the thought, almost feeling like he was burning. "How about we start wid a kiss, hein?"

Rogue panicked. She hadn't counted on actually absorbing him. "Wait, Remy – No! Ah don' wan' ta hurt yah!"

That made Remy pause. "Y' don'?"

She flushed, stumbling over her words as she tried to rephrase. "Er... Ah mean... Ah don' wan' yah thoughts an'... Ah don' wan' yah dirty swamp rat self in mah head!"

He chuckled, resuming his descent towards her lips. "Den keep Remy out, chere."

"No, Remy, please! Sto-" She was abruptly cut off as he took her mouth in a passionate kiss, prefaced by a strange slight shocking sensation. Realizing he wasn't being absorbed, he released her wrists and slipped his arms beneath her, holding her to him. Stunned, Rogue could only feebly press her hands against his shoulders. He was touching her. Kissing her. Without the necklace? His hands slipped underneath her shirt and began rubbing the smooth skin of her back as he pressed himself against her. Out of reflex, her legs curled around his hips and he moaned, drawing back from her lips to suckle on the tender skin of her neck. Rogue shivered, fighting a losing battle against her arms that were hesitantly creeping around his shoulders. His body was so hot. So was hers. God, she still wanted him.

He was winning.

The cry tore out of her throat with obvious difficulty, "N-no!" Remy immediately stopped, withdrawing from her as she simultaneously scrambled as far away from him on the couch as possible. She panted, straightening her clothes, avoiding his gaze. A slight buzzing was vibrating in her ears that she hadn't noticed while he had been upon her, but she ignored it. He, on the other hand, remained disheveled, staring at her longingly, ignoring the ache in his pants as well as the one in his chest.

"Rogue, I-"

"No." She shook her head, furrowing her brow as the slight buzzing grew stronger and she began to feel ill. "I don't know how you-" she stopped, clutching her head as the buzzing turned into voices.


She whimpered as the voices began screaming at her, bombarding her senses from all sides. Something was wrong. It was all wrong. The voices held back for so long were now suddenly released and it didn't take them too long to fight through the last vestiges of the effect of her Cytorrak necklace. Her mind felt like it was going to shatter under the sudden pressure. She needed the necklace! Unable to bring her hands away from where they clutched her head, she screamed.


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Oh, and it wasn't that she was controlling her powers. For one, they hadn't all come back – she's been wearing the necklace 24/7 for a long time now, remember – so at this point, it takes a bit for them to return to normal (hence also why the voices didn't come back immediately). And two, Remy did that kinetic shield thing around his body (albeit unknowingly) so that he's able to touch her tho she feels a slight shock people familiar with comic-verse should know what I'm talking about.

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