Jason watched the bomb timer hit one minute before he gave up. He knew it was too late he wasn't going to be saved. He was going to die here alone. Jason looked at his wrist as a way to distract himself. It was better than looking at the other timer.

He closed his eyes and let his mind wander. What would have happened if he lived long enough to meet his soulmate? What would they be like? He imagined they would be kind, gentle person. Someone who loved to read and listen to music. Someone who was just as sassy as he is. But more than anything, someone who would love him just as much as he would love them. He imagined proposing to her, marrying her, having kids with her, and growing old with her.

He just wished he had more time.

His last thought was that he was sorry for the pain he would leave behind to a total stranger.

Tears fell as he heard the beeping stop. His time was up.

After the Lazarus pit, he was consumed with thoughts of revenge against Bruce to even think about his soulmate.

Of course, he looked at his wrist and saw the changes. But it didn't mean anything to him at the moment. Bruce had to pay and he was going to make sure it happened. The man couldn't kill that monster after what he did. On top of that, he replaced him.

Didn't he mean anything to the man he once thought of as a father?

So he went about traveling the world and training. The type of training Bruce wouldn't approve of.

Then Jason went about planning.

He enjoyed messing with the old man. Kidnapping his replacement. Even going as far as making Bruce think it was Clayface the whole time. Jason didn't want to ruin the surprise after all.

It wasn't until he finally confronted Batman and had the Joker in front of him that he finally thought he had something. But of course, Batman had to ruin it.

After Bruce's death, he slowly got his head on straight. There were times he regressed back, but now he was back to normal. At least as normal as he can be.

Jason, with Dick's help, rejoined the family. Dick actually acted like an older brother and in true annoying brother fashion, never left Jason alone for too long. Always called him and dropped in on him. Eventually started talking things out with him. He had issues with Dick, but it wasn't as bad as it was.

He made up with his other siblings, even though he got threats and glares from a certain demon child. Replacement seemed to forgive him for everything he did, given some crap excuse that Jason wasn't thinking right and it wasn't his fault. Jason knew he didn't deserve it though.

He still had a mountain full of issues with Bruce, but he could be in the same room as him now without wanting to shoot him. Well, most of the time he didn't want to shoot him. The rest of it, he did.

He didn't deserve to be brought back into this messed up family. He wasn't redeemed yet.

All week long, he had been freaking out. His timer suddenly jumped ahead from a few years to a week.

He was sure it had to do with the fact he agreed to go to the charity event the following Saturday. He was a public figure again. Reborn as the public liked to say. (They didn't know how true that was) He worked at Wayne co. alongside Dick and Tim, both of who agreed to go. So, of course, that meant he had to go.

He would never admit it to anyone, but he was nervous about meeting his soulmate. Who wouldn't be? But how was he going to explain anything to a total stranger? All the Red Hood parts of his life.

Once he meets his soulmate, it will eventually come out. Soulmates have to be close to each other for a few weeks. Sure, he could hide the Red Hood stuff until the end of that stage. But that wasn't the worst part. Soulmates could not lie to each other. They had to tell the truth to their soulmate. It was apart of their soulmate bond. A way to strengthen that bond even more. And yes, he was an excellent liar. The best in the family, if he said so himself. And there were ways to answer questions truthfully while keeping some secrets.

But he didn't want too. He wanted to open up to his soulmate. Maybe he was being selfish, but he wanted that connection. To not be rejected. To be loved for who he was. And the only way for that to happen would be to come clean and hope he wouldn't be rejected.

A soulmate could still reject another soulmate. They still had a choice. It wasn't pretty and it could be ugly. A good example would be Joker and Harley splitting up. Gotham burned for a few weeks after that break-up. And with his history, it would be just as bad.

Jason nervously tugged at his sleeve, before grabbing a wine glass from a waiter passing by. He looked around the room. Trying to see anyone acting nervous or fidgeting. Trying to get kind of clue as to who his soulmate is.

"Don't drink too much, you never know who will crash the party" whispered Tim as he appeared beside Jason.

The older man smirked as he took a drink. "You need to drink more, Timmy. You don't know what you are missing."

Tim sighed before whispering, "Tonight is the night you will not want to forget, Jason. You only meet your soulmate once."

"Like you're one to talk. You haven't even met your soulmate yet!" Jason snapped as he glanced around the room " How the hell did you know?"

"Jason, you really have to ask that. You have been acting strange all week. I have caught you looking at your timer before covering it up again. Doesn't take a genius to know why"

Jason just glared at Tim before he asked, "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be sucking up to other people, or with Bruce and Dick?"

"I needed a break. Bruce and Dick don't get breaks at these things. And you looked like you needed a distraction or friendly chatter."

Jason was about to give a sassy retort and send replacement on his way when all hell broke loose. Gunfire erupted and both heroes turned their attention to Penguin before sneaking out to gear up.

Fighting seemed to do the job of distracting Jason from his problems. (Better than Replacement was doing, thank you very much)

It was towards the end of the fighting when he noticed that Penguin had taken a hostage. Before he could do anything, the woman had broken free from the man and was making a run for it. Unknown to the woman, Penguin had a gun. All Jason could do was tackle her to the ground as the shot rang out. Silently cursing, he picked her up and quickly moved behind a pillar as the gunfire rang out. He noticed before taking cover that Red Robin was behind Penguin and would take care of the rest.

Jason's main focus is the woman he saved after he made sure there weren't any bad guys ready to attack them.

"Are you ok? You are not hurt anywhere?" asked Jason before looking down at her.

He noticed two things then. The first thing was she was looking at a soulmate timer on her wrist. The second thing was that his wrist was tingling.

Without a second thought, he pulled up his sleeve revealing his timer. The timer that matched hers down to the Lazarus color and that it was at zero.

"Oh, shit" muttered Jason as he looked up at her again. This was not good.

"No shit, Sherlock," deadpanned his soulmate. Without a doubt, he knew she was his soulmate after all. He had to laugh at that which seemed to relax the woman in front of him. They both seemed to notice that that the gunfire had stopped.

Jason surveyed the room, guns out ready in case they were needed.

"What do we do now? Soul mates can't be too far apart after meeting. We can't go cold turkey. And we just had to meet like this. You don't even have a choice…"

"We should talk elsewhere. Come with me," Jason interrupted. He really didn't need anyone hearing this. Taking her hand, he guided her out the back door.

Picking her up bridal style, he gave a warning before shooting off his garbling hook towards the rooftops.

Jason was indeed freaking out. He couldn't stop moving as he thought of his next move. It just had to be his luck to meet his soul mate as Red Hood. This was possibly the worst way to go about it.

She was a total stranger. He knew nothing about her. She could be evil, a villain, or even double-cross him later on. She could also be an innocent, naive, and gentle, kindhearted person.

Truthfully, it was pissing him off. If it was just his identity, he could deal with it. Reveal himself. But it wasn't that easy. Revealing his identity would also reveal everyone else's. Everyone could be in trouble if she was bad. She could use that info against them. Even sell them to the highest bidder. If she was like that.

If she was trustworthy, it could be even worse. It could put her in danger. More danger than a normal life in Gotham.

He was in between a rock and a hard place. He hated it.

"My name is Alyssa Williams. You don't have to say anything. Not even your name… Just know that you can trust me… I know that is not much. And I do know you went through a lot of shit. Share what you want. Don't share even… Just please, stop the pacing. It isn't helping you and it's honestly making me more nervous."

"Sorry about that," apologized Jason as he turned his attention back to her. He took his helmet off to put her more at ease. He still had his domino on underneath, so he wasn't worried about his identity being revealed.

"Like what you see," Jason joked grinning at her as he buffed up. He knew she was looking at him. Judging him up. To be honest he was doing the same.

"Yeah, I do," answered Alyssa, before slapping her hands against her mouth. Her blush brought out her freckles. Jason thought she looked really cute sitting there all embarrassed.

"Glad you like the view. I really like mine," Jason admitted. He wanted to help make her feel better about her slip up, but he didn't mean to admit the last part. Stupid soulmate bond.

"So, what now?" asked Alyssa "You don't have to reveal anything tonight. You may have to later on, but it's your choice. We may be soul mates, but that doesn't mean we have to share everything. I know how this is. You have yourself and loved ones to think about. It's not fair to you."

"Even if you can't share, I can. You know my name. Um, I am twenty-four years old. My birthday is on November 2nd. My favorite color is green. I like most music except for a few types. I love reading, especially the classics. My favorite subject in school was science. I work for Gotham police department as a CSI mostly cause I love solving mysteries and it's a way for me to help people."

"Um, I was adopted at the age of ten. My real parents are either dead or in jail. I couldn't care less about them. My parents are amazing. I have an older sister who is amazing. Don't tell her I said that" smirked Alyssa before pausing "I don't know what else to add right now."

Jason hoped he wasn't making a huge mistake. Getting his nerves under control and making up his mind, he spoke up. "Well, Alyssa. I think I should introduce myself," making up his mind, he peeled his mask off. As he worked getting the glue off, "My name is Jason Todd. I am also known as the Red Hood."

Hi! I am back and I wrote this. I wanted to write in Jason's POV. Don't know how well I did, but it's done. To my one follower/favorite person, you may want to reread the first chapter. I didn't change much, just some editing and adding details. I may do that later on to anything I write, but I will tell ya guys about it. No worries. I did decide to continue this. I do like it. I don't know where it's going to go, but I plan on adding Dick's, Tim's, and Damian's soul mates to the story.

I only plan on using the following prompts:

Countdown timer- countdown to meeting your soulmate. (Jason)

Skin writing- anything you draw or write on your skin shows up on your soulmate's skin. (Damian)

Black and white to color- you see in black and white until meeting your soulmate. Then you can see in color. (Tim)

One eye color- your right eye is your soulmate's eye. Once you met, your eyes change back to your own eye. If you are apart for long, it reverts back until you are together again. (Dick)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the story and that I didn't mess up too bad. If you have any ideas, fill free to review or message me.

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