Ritchie sighed as Francis kissed his neck Francis had waited all of ten minets into the movie before he had Ritchie flat on the couch under him.

"Ohh" Rich moaned and Francis grinned running his hands over the other boy.

The date ended sooner then either boy wanted by Rich's mom getting home early. Hot Streak had kissed Ritchie on the cheek and told him to come to his house after school the next day.

Ritchie ran to the phone after the date and called his bestfriend.

Ring ring.

"Hello?" V's voice said annoyed.

"It's me Virg guess what!" he crowed into the phone.

"What?" he asked.

"I just had a date with that guy I told you about!" he said trilled.

"V? Virg you there" Ritchie asked.

"I have to go" Vergal said weakly to him then hung up.

short but i did update so what do you think ?