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Ever wonder what if would've been like it Rosalie and Emmett got the chance to be parents? Would she want to be like them? Will she find love? Read to find out.

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Chapter 1 (Rosalie's POV)


Emmett and I walk hand in hand after seeing Fiddler on the Roof at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. I think I enjoyed it more than my husband did. If he was still human, I could've bet that he would've fallen asleep.

"Are you in a rush to get back or shall we take a long stroll?" Emmett asks. Before I could answer thunder rolls above us and it starts to rain. I look up at my husband and he chuckles as he opens up the umbrella, "forget I asked."

I lean up and kiss his lips as we head in the direction of our home that we've been at the past five years. Won't be long before it's time to move on again.

I've never like what I was, but I love Emmett and our family. But we are forever frozen in time. Never moving forward. I've always dreamed of having a family of my own. Of course this was years before I found Emmett, but even in this life I wish I could have it with him. He would be an amazing dad and I hoped I would've been a wonderful mom. I long for a child. It makes my dead heart hurt.

We don't talk on our way home, just enjoying being close together under the umbrella and listening to the rain and thunder is enough. That is until I hear a cry coming from an alley we pass by.

"Em, do you hear that?" I ask as I stop him.

He nods, "it sounds like a baby..."

I don't hesitate leaving his side and the cover of the umbrella to investigate. Why would a baby be in a dark alley, in the rain? "Rose?" Emmett calls after me, but I don't answer him.

What I find breaks my heart. There on top of a pile of trash, wrapped in a ratty towel was a baby. By the looks of it, it wasn't very old with how tiny it was. I gently pick up the baby and the cries instantly stop. Our eyes connect and I swear my heart started beating again.

Emmett is beside me covering us but neither of us say a word as I examine the baby to make sure it's ok. I was right about it not being very old, the umbilical chord was still attached and tied off with floss.


The sight of a new newborn baby being thrown away had my venom boiling. Who would do such a thing? Next thing I check is to see the gender.

A girl.

A beautiful little girl.

I hold her close to my chest and she seems to fall right to sleep. I meet my husbands eyes and I can see the battle in them. He knows what I want. He knows what I've always wanted. He sighs and then smiles at me, "lets take her home."

So much joy filled me and I bring my lips to his making him chuckle. "I don't know what Carlisle will say but I'm right here with you Rose."

All I can say is "thank you."

When we get home, everyone is waiting on us. I'm guessing Alice saw what happened.

"Emmett, Rosalie...would you like to show us what you found?" Alice says practically bouncing. I can see the curious looks on everyone's face. She didn't tell them everything.

I tell them what happened as I open my jacket and unravel the still sleeping baby girl. "She had to have been recently born with how her umbilical chord is."

There were looks of shock on everyone's face but Alice. "How could we not tell that you had a baby?" Esme asks coming up to look at her. I was confused.

"Rose, there is no scent, the heart beat is so quiet, almost as if it isn't even there. We can barely hear it unless we were trying to listen," Carlisle informs us.

That scared me, "is there something wrong with her heart?"

Carlisle shakes his head and rubs the back of his neck, "I don't believe so, it's as if it was hidden...like she's undetected by our kind." Hearing that made me feel a relief for some reason. "May I?" Carlisle asks reaching for her, "I'd like to examine her, make sure she's alright."

I didn't want to let her go, but Emmett whispers in my ear, "she'll be alright." I slowly nod and reluctantly hand her over to Carlisle. We follow him to his office and he throughly checks her over. It didn't take too long before he wraps her in a clean towel and hands her back to me.

"She's perfectly fine. She's no more than a day old with how fresh the umbilical is." He informs us.

He scratches the back of his head and meets my eyes, "Rose, I know what your thinking, and I have to say..."

"No!" I shout cutting him off. "Don't say it! Please!"

"Rosalie, you don't know what could happen with her in our world," Carlisle tries to explain calmly.

"You said so yourself Carlisle, she has no scent, her heartbeat is hidden to us. She's basically undetected to other vampires. She was literally thrown away. She's unwanted but not by me. She's meant to be with me and Emmett." We both look to my husband, he looks at me with so much love and nods his head confirming what I said. "This is all I've ever wanted Carlisle, you know that. Everyone knows that. Please." I beg to him.

I can see the battle within him. "What's to happen with her around Jasper? She's going to fall and scrape her knee or fall and need stitches. What about her blood?"

My chest tightens. I didn't think about my twin brother. That's when Alice walks in holding Jasper's hand and Edward right behind her. Emmett is now in between us in a protective stance.

"Emmett, relax." Alice giggles. She looks at her husband, "Jazz, how are you feeling around the baby?"

Jasper looks confused, "it's strange. It's like she isn't really here although I can see her. I can't smell her."

Alice looks at Carlisle, "take a blood sample." I hold her closer to my chest as Emmett hisses. "So she can be killed?!"

Alice rolls her eyes, "trust me Emmett, I've seen this."

We've always trusted Alices visions but I can't help but be doubtful. Carlisle slowly approaches and does a small prick on her toe and takes a few drops of blood. Strangely, I can't smell it. I look to Jasper to see if there is any change in him. There's not.

I can see that Edward is looking at Jasper as well. "What's going through his head Edward?"

"He's shocked and relieved. He wants this for you and is happy that there seems to be nothing on his part to keep you from having her," Edward says with a smile.

I look at Jasper, my twin to everyone outside of us. Out of all my siblings, I'm closest to Jasper. Sometimes it really did feel like we were twins. I can see everything that Edward was saying in his eyes. "Jazz, would your like to see her?" I ask softly.

Emmett meets my eyes unsure but I give him a reassuring smile.

Jasper slowly makes his way to us. She meets his eyes and he smiles as he slips a finger into her tiny hand. "She's happy." He whispers with a big smile. She looks back at me and Emmett, "she's radiating so much love." This makes me want to cry.

Jasper looks to Carlisle and Esme, "don't take her from them," Carlisle looks surprised, "This baby was meant to be found and brought into this family. She'll be safe here. I guaranty my life that she is safe around me."

I hand her over to Emmett and pull Jasper into a tight hug. I couldn't believe he would stand up for us with this. I look back at Emmett and realized this is the first time he's held her. She looks so much tinier in his arms. The love shining out from his eyes as he looks at her makes me weak in the knees.

"Don't take her from us Carlisle," Emmett says not looking away from her. "I want to be a dad." This is the first time he's ever said that, even when I've gone off about wishing I could be a mom.

Carlisle sighs as he looks at Esme whose smiling at him. "Ok. Y'all can keep her." I tackle both of them in a hug. "But we have to be cautious. More than usual." He tells me chuckling.

"I know, we will. Thank you so much!"

With that everyone gets a chance holding her. She gets everyone wrapped around their finger the second she's in their arms. I'm sure Alice already has anything and everything baby on its way for her.

When she makes it back to me, Emmett rubs her head, "what shall we name her?"

"I've had names picked out since I was six."

He rolls his eyes smiling, "of course you have."

"Madeline Grace." I say looking down at her.

"That's perfect. Madeline Grace Hale." I look at him surprised. "Don't look at me like that, this is all you've ever wanted. It's only right she has your last name apart of her. You know I never cared about changing mine to Cullen after I changed. Yours is important to you."

I can only kiss him with as much love as I can with our sleeping daughter in my arms. When we pull apart we look down at her smiling.

I can't believe I'm a mother.

Emmett and I have a daughter.

Our sweet little Madi.

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