"Okay, my turn."

Jacob sighed, handing the Roku Remote to Tom."Okay...what are we going to Watch?"

"Star Wars Rebels." Tom smiled.

"No!" Yelled his other Best Friend, Mason."That Show is Terrible! And don't even get me started on the Animation!"

Jacob rolled his eyes."Not Star Wars again!" He complained.

For the Past Two Weeks, Tom Rake, Mason Privitt, and Jacob Markson were Quarantined in their own Apartment and It was a Nightmare. Yes, the Three Friends did get along, taking turns using the TV, doing the Dish's and even going out to get some Food or some Supplies. It was being inside the Apartment all Day that made them go Insane. The only thing they had to keep them company was their Roku TV.

It wasn't a big TV but it was big enough for them to watch and enjoy their respective TV Shows. The Living Room was clean, though, Tom noticed that the Trash can was overflowing a little.

"What? I watched Chicago P.D and you didn't hear me complaining!" Tom said to Jacob. Tom didn't really like Jacob's Show, not really his Territory, but he didn't complain at all."Besides, it's my turn. Either we watch Star Wars Rebels or we watch My Little Pony."

They were both quiet."Why don't we watch that Game of Thrones?" Mason asked.

Tom shook his head. He couldn't even remember the last time he even thought of Watching Game of Thrones or reading a Song of Ice and Fire. In fact, why did he want to watch Star Wars Rebels, even Star Wars in general?. Star Wars was just a Kids thing. He couldn't even remember the last time he saw Star Wars or My Little Pony or Game of Thrones...okay, maybe not Game of Thrones but still. Did he even still have the Books?.

"Ah, screw it, let's just watch the News." As he went to the News Channel, the House Phone started to ring."I'll get it." Jacob said. Jacob was a tall Eighteen-year-old with some zits on his face and blue eyes. He had short brown hair and wore a blue shirt and Jeans.

He walked over to the Kitchen as Tom went to Channel News Seven."In other news, the Coronavirus has spread throughout Minnesota, having at least Two-hundred and eighty-seven Cases."

"Hey, Tom, it's for you!" Jacob called him after a few moments on the phone. Tom sighed."It's probably my Mom calling me again." He got up from his chair and went to the Kitchen. Tom Rake was also a tall Eighteen-year-old with facial hair growing on his face. He wore a white T-Shirt and blue jeans as well.

"Nah, it's just some guy that wants to Talk to you." Tom was confused. Some guy?. He took the Phone as Jacob went back to the Couch.

"Uh...hello...?" He asked."Ah! Finally! I am the Great and Powerful, King of Darkness, King Sombra!" Tom looked at the Phone, confused."King...Sombra? You mean like that guy from that Kids TV Show?"

Jacob and Mason turned their heads to him in confusion. Tom opened the Fridge to grab a Coca-Cola."How dare you compare me to a Kid?! You are just a mere mortal that knows nothing!"

Tom raised an eyebrow and laughed."Mason, Jacob, get this, this guy thinks he's some King! A King!" He laughed. He opened his soda can and took a sip.

"Curse you! You are nothing but a peasant and you will pay for forgetting not me, but Vitate!"

Tom stopped laughing."Wait...what? Vitate? You mean...the Sith Emperor?"

Mason looked confused as heard him."Is he talking about Palpatine?" Mason was also a huge Star Wars Fan, still was, only he didn't know about much about the Books and Comics of Star Wars and said they were "Not connected to Star Wars". Which was kind of true, only for the Expanded Universe.

"No, he's talking about that Sith Emperor from the Old Republic Video Game, you know, that character I showed you?" Although he didn't read the Novels or Comics or play the Video Game, Mason knew of some of the Characters Tom had shown him.

Jacob rolled his eyes, annoyed at his friends."You guys and your Star Wars." Jacob did not understand Star Wars or Game of Thrones at all. Tom ignored him.

"What the Hell are you talking about?! Who the Hell are you?! Is this a Prank?" He asked the person on the Phone.

"You will die, along with the rest of your People!"

There was silence.

"Uh...okay?" Tom shrugged. He hung up."What was that about?" Jason asked.

Tom shrugged."Some Crazy guy, thinks he's a King or something. Let's just-"

There was a loud knock on the Door. Tom turned to his best Friends."Did you guys invite someone or..." They shook their heads.

Tom suddenly felt uneasy. Some phone Call about some guy telling him he would Die and then a knock his Door?. He had a terrible feeling about this."Uh, hello?" He said.

The knock came again."Hey...are you by any chance related to the Phone Call I just got...or..." The knock came again.

"Just open it," Jacob said, not knowing what was going on here. Tom put his Hand on the Doorknob."Ok...uh..." He opened the door slowly...

...And there was no one there. He looked down the left and right sides of the Hallway and saw nothing. He turned to his Friends."No ones there...weird." He muttered. He then shrugged, thinking this was no big Deal until he felt something cold and hard go through his Spine.

He heard his Friends scream loud...or was it someone else screaming? He couldn't tell.

For some reason, Tom Rake felt...dead.