"Come on!" Tom yelled. His heart was racing and his head was pounding. A Bolton Soldier came out of a room and Tom stabbed him in his Chest with a Sword he had picked up from a Dead Man. Tom and the Soldier stared at each other for a moment before he fell to the ground. Tom blinked but continued down the Hallway.

They finally ran out of the Hallway and into the Courtyard...only to be surrounded by Bolton Soldiers."You have failed!" Sombra said.

Dooku laughed."I do not think so. I am a Dark Lord of the Sith. I have trained by both Grand Master Yoda and Darth Sidious. You have fail-" Suddenly, Lighting came out of Valkorions fingers, again, and hit Dooku."AHH!" The Count yelled.

"Dooku!" Tom yelled. After almost a minute, the Lightning had stopped coming but smoke rised from Dooku's Body. The Count fell down and Tom looked at him. His Burns were too severe.

"And to think...I was to rule the Galaxy...how foolish of me..." Dooku then raised his hand. He was holding his Curved hilt Lightsaber."Use this...trust in the Force..." And with that, the Count of Serenno closed his eyes."Vengeance is the way of the Sith...avenge me..."

Tom nodded and grabbed the Lightsaber. He felt terrible about Dooku's Death. He activated the Lightsaber and looked at Vitate."Your going to pay for that."

Vitate smiled."At least he was right about one thing: Vengeance is the way of the Sith! Sombra, kill him!"


A blast then came from Sombra's Horn and hit Vitate. The Bolton Soldiers, and Dylan and his Allies, looked confused."You dare order me to do your Dirty Work, Swine!" The arrogant King yelled.

"Traitor!" Vitate yelled.

"FN-2199 did it better," Mason mumbled.

"Well, you should have treated me as an equal! Instead, you treated me like Disney treated the Sequel Trilogy."

Everybody then looked at the People reading this Story.

"Um...I'm here to help..." Said a voice. They all turned to see the Minister of Lothal, Maketh Tua. One of the Soldiers then pushed her to the ground."Or not."

They all then heard a Horn blow."The Baratheons are here! Stannis's army is here!" The Bolton Soldiers then ignored them and ran to fight the Baratheons.

Vitate got up, no longer weak from Sombra's blast."I am going to make sure this World Burns! Starting with all of you!"

A bright light then appeared."It's time we end this...once and for all!" Tom yelled.

To be continued in the Adventures of "The Heroes of the Universe: Finding Nemo"