This late at night, Chryse Guard Security's base was quiet as very few wandered the hallways and those that were awake were mostly on patrol duty around the perimeter.

It was even quieter in the main power room, the only sound a faint hum coming from the Ahab Reactors of the mobile suit that served as a power source for the whole base.

Some would question why a mobile suit was being used as a battery like this, but it was soon obvious why. The cockpit block was missing altogether, so it was useless as a weapon. What had happened to it, no one knew, and even fewer cared.

No one really knew what it was or even where it came from. It didn't resemble any known mobile suit design in use today. Maruba Arkay had found it out in the desert some years before, but even he didn't know much about it.

Only in the records of Gjallarhorn would something be found as to its identity and history. But no one here would dare ask them about it. Few liked the organization as it was.

Even among Gjallahorn's ranks, few knew about it at all. Only among the Seven Stars was more widely known of the mobile suit, but few really believed their family's stories of war three hundred years gone.

Even the family whose history was tied to the mobile suit now barely thought of it as any more than an old legend, or that it had never existed at all.

For the moment at least, the few in the room paid it no mind. They had grown used to seeing it by now, and few cared enough to look at it. To them, it was just part of the base, no different from anything else in this Earth forsaken place.

Only one did, a young boy who looked back as he left the room with his friend Orga Itsuka. Something about the mobile suit always seemed to draw his eye, yet he could never explain why. But something about it seemed to call out to him.

He never talked about it of course. No one would believe him, and half the time, he didn't believe it himself. He didn't have many that he could call friends as it was on the base outside of Orga, and bringing this up would make him even more of an outcast than he already was.

And as much as he wanted to deny it, he didn't want that.

For a second, Mikazuki Augus felt something brush past him. But there was nothing there as he turned to look for it, so he paid it no mind.

"What is it?" Orga asked as he turned to see why Mikazuki had stopped.

Mikazuki shook his head as he turned around. "Nothing. Thought I felt something."

Cosmos smiled as she watched Mikazuki and Orga leave. Though no one here could see her, she had left just enough for one to feel her. It confirmed her thoughts as she turned back to look at the far wall.

Walking over to the mobile suit's foot, her smile faded as she placed a hand on it. "How far they've fallen. They don't even remember your name now. Let alone Sunset's. A power battery! This is a new low for any Gundam."

She looked up to the head. Cosmos could see the signs of neglect and no maintenance all over the body. It was sad, to say the least. How it had become so bad, she tried not to think about it. Mankind had not learned it seemed from its near extinction.

She smiled, for she knew that in some way, it could hear her. "They remember her in Equestria. Celestia remembers her still. Her friends made sure of that after the Calamity War." She chuckled. "For her, it's only been thirty years since that day, but she still grieves like it was yesterday."

She rolled her eyes. "Sunset would rip these idiots apart if she could see what they've done to you. It would be worth it to watch. None of the Gundam Frames deserve this fate. No Gundam does. They should all go out in a blaze of glory. Not left to sit here, abandoned and forgotten."

Cosmos looked back toward the entrance, and her smile grew. "Your time is coming again soon. I know it. Mikazuki knows it too, even if he doesn't fully understand it."

That seemed to provoke a response, for the head looked up at her slightly. But it was enough for Cosmos to notice it.

She frowned though. Events were even now hurtling toward the same conclusion as it had been in the Prime Universe in this corner of the multiverse. But no more.

Not if she could help it as she poured her power into her hands and laid them both on the foot before her. Only she could see the glow that soon covered the entire mobile suit.

In a moment, the glow faded and Cosmos removed her hands as her smile returned. Nothing looked any different after all that, but that wasn't the full story as she turned and walked away.

Things had been changed for almost everyone. For the better, she felt. Why she thought to leave this universe the same as the Prime Universe here, she didn't know, but that was of little consequence now.

She had changed just about everything about the future of this universe. Somethings would remain the same of course, but certain events would not follow what had happened before in another universe.

As much as Cosmos wanted to change the present for Third Group, some things had to remain the same. Otherwise, those involved would never become what they were meant to be.

That included not changing a thing about the attack on CGS' base by Gjallorhorn that was soon to come.

The changes would begin not long after that though. Gjallarhorn would never know what hit it when McGillis Fareed launched his coup. And Mars would have its king. There were worse choices than Orga for the roll she felt. But there were no better choices either.

She turned back once and smiled. "Good luck, all of you. Makes them proud," she whispered, before fading away completely. Nothing seemed to have changed in the whole room after all that.

But for the first time in over three hundred years, the Gundam Barbatos looked newer in some way. And now it only waited for the right time.

As the memories of a pilot, over three hundred years dead returned to its own memory. Part of Sunset's former magic had leaked into it during her time as its pilot, giving Barbatos more of a soul than what many had thought possible.

And now that soul had awoken from its long slumber.

AN: Just a few notes to start things off here. This chapter is set sometime before Iron-Blooded Orphans begins, so keep that in mind. Now there is one big thing I have to say right now.

This is not just setting up the rest of the story. But it also begins to set up the sequel. What happens here will change everything about Iron-Blooded Orphans. That's all I'll say for now.