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"DIE!" Rage infusioned shout

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In a world of Gods and Goddess the city of Orario a beautiful and unique city with many unique people the main difference between this city and any other and that was the dungeon.

"Why me, a fucking Minotaur." a young man between 14-15 said to himself as he staired at the monster before him. "This could only happen to me."

Looming over him was a massive cow headed humanoid monster eyes glowing red as it seeked to claim it's prey. Without so much as a grunt it rushed the young adventure dirt and rocks kicked up behind it.

With a tuck and roll the youth was about to avoid being enbedded in the wall behind him before drawing his weapon. The weapon being a silver ranger sword that he held in his hand ready to attack.

"Let's go!" he shouted before rushing the monstrosity just the monster extended it's arm for a closeline. Only to hit air as the adventure slid under the arm then the span of a second jumped onto the dungeon wall using it as a spring board to attack the raging bull from behind.

"KSHH!" echo through the dungeon as what was once a whole sword now lays on the dungeon floor like a thousand tiny daggers as it shattered against the minotaur's back.

"Damn Discount Bin!" was all he could shout out as the minotaur back handed him into the wall.

Armor destroyed, as it to was scattered across the floor. Stunned from the strike he could do nothing as the minotaur loomed over him arms raised to finish the job.

But just as it was about to finish its prey it stopped instantly, that could caused by the sword piercing it through the back. And before it could cry in pain a flash of silver cut down the beast leaving only blood and gory.

Looking to were the minotaur once stood in it's place was beautiful pale blonde girl, with blank look on her face which was odd considering what she just did.

Quickly wiping the blood from her rapier the blonde looks the once fallen adventure rose to his albiet shakenly.

"Are you alright?" she asked as him pulled out healing potion that he quickly drank standing up straighter.

"Yeah I'm good, thanks for the save miss..." he said glacing to the remains of his gear.

"Ais Wallenstein and I must apologize, my familia failed to finish all of these creatures and one made it's way to the upper levels."

"You did well until your sword broke not many low class adventures can say they could have lasted that long." she said basing his statis on his equipment and current floor.

"Thanks I've been an adventure for almost three and I usually make it to seventh floor any further and my sorta advisior yells at me. "Join a party." she says. "Even a supporter will do." she says" he explained as he quoted his sorta advisor a certain half elf appearing his head.

"That's actually impressive that you can make it that far by yourself." Ais said quietly as the two began walking.

At the end the two made it to the end of the path which formed a forked path.

"Well guess this is me." the youth said taking the left path only for a hand to grasp his just before was out of reach.

Reaching into her pocket Ais pulled out a magical stone. "It's from the minotaur consider an apology for letting this happen." placing the stone in his hand not taking no for an answer.

Not seeing a point in agruing after all free money was free money the adventure took the stone before continuing on his way.

"Your name, what is it."Ais asked blushing in embarrassment for not asking this till now.

The nameless adventure stopped his tracks sighing in defeat. "So close." Turning to the blonde he looks her dead in the eye. "It's Taka, Taka Helmer (1)."

Ais eye widen slightly after hearing the name unable to stop the young adventure that walk toward the exit.

Thanks to no longer being in the dungeon one could finally get a good look at Taka if it wasn't for the fact he was partially covered in blood one would see a young teenager with grey hair and green eyes. With an swimmers build and without his armor he's wearing long sleeve white shirt over it was a mid-thigh length blue short-sleeve coat. He also wears black pants, a beige belt with a silver buckle, and dark blue shin-high boots

Walking into the Guild hall Taka had gotten used to the usual glares and whispers it was what you'd experience having the life Taka did. The only reason he even came was both to turn in his magic stones for valis and see Eina Tulle his no longer guild adviser.

Eina was a beautiful half-elf with brown usually know serious demeanor. And considering he walked into the guild hall covered in blood Taka knew they were going to have one of those conversations.

"Taka while I did say you could keep going to the seventh floor I met if you had quality armor and didn't come back cover in blood minotaur blood by the amount of it." she ranted as she point at him.

"If it makes it any better it's not mine."


"I promise it won't happen again." he said though he was lying he couldn't get stronger or make more money without taking risks.

Rubbing bridge of her nose Eina knew he was lying she let it slide because A) there was nothing much she could do to stop him. And B) He has been the only adventurer to endure her harsh teaching sessions and even then he still comes to her for information and advice.

Sighing in defeat. "Let's just ring you up." she said as Taka handed over a large sack filled with magic stones, a few horns and other dropped items.

"You know if you weren't the first to enter the dungeon and one of the last to leave everyday I'd think you were stealing from other adventures." Eina said snarky as she eyed a particularly large magic stone.

Taka could only shrug seeing how it must look. "Come on with my rep you know I'd never get the jump on anybody."

His eyes widened in rememberance. "On a side note do you know anyone named Ais Wallenstein she's the one who saved me from the minotaur?" he asked with a blush on just now remembering.

"Ah! Yes Ais Wallenstein aka the Sword Princess is a level five adventurer of the Loki Familia!" Eina then went on to explain a bit more about said Sword Princess not that Taka was listening.

"Level five and a cool name." he thought to himself as he imaged himself fight Ais in many different scenarios none of them ended wll for him. Looking down at his open palm before closing it with a determined smile on his face.

"I'll just have to get stronger." he said outloud without thinking.

"Hmm did you say something?" Eina asked not hearing him do to being in lecture mode.

A blush overtook the adventures face as he frantically waved his hands. "No nothing well it's getting late I should be going now." he quickly send before grabbing his earning, making a mad dash out of the hall.

Walking through the streets of Orario Taka couldn't help but the notice the usual treatment he always recieves, hushed whispers, sour looks, even parents pulling their childern out of his way.

"Apollo! And the Sheepeople that follow him!" he thought darkly to himself as he walked ahead.

"Taka! Your here just like you promised!" squealed a voice excitement behind the adventurer causing him to draw his sword only to grab nothing.

"Bargin bin." he sighed in annoyance as he turned to the voice only drop his head in defeat. "Oh Gods her again."

Standing before Taka was bluish gray haired human girl who looked like she was in the middle of her shift. This was Syr Flova a waitress at one of the few places that would serve him.

Don't get him wrong Taka liked Syr she was a very attractive woman, nice to talk to and being a sexy waitress didn't hurt. No it was because everytime he walked by everytime single time she'd try to pull him into the Hostess of Fertility the local pub and try to get him to buy some of the most expensive foods on the menu.

"Hey Syr how are things?" he asked only to flinch at the pout she gave him.

"You forgot didn't you?!" she asked accusingly pouting cutely to the adventurer.

"If I say no can I leave?" he asked only for Syr to continue to stare at him. "Fine I need to get something anyway." he groaned out as Syr clapped in delight as she followed.

Walking into the pub Taka quickly grabbed a menu skimming it till he found what he wanted.

"I'll take this one." he said pointing at the item on the menu.

After making his purchase he quickly ran through the streets ignoring the usual looks as he made his way to a run down church.

Opening the secret passage Taka around the basement he's called home for almost three months and while it wasn't much to look at first it now looked like it had some renovations.

"Goddess I'm home!" he called out only for a white and back blur to tackle him to the ground just barely catching the to-go box.

"Taka your home!" squealing voice belong to none other then Hestia Goddess of Hearth, Home and Family. Being new to the lower plain she was penniless and up until about three months ago was without a familia until she met Taka.

"How are you? Are you okay? That Guild woman sent me message about what happened. Why didn't you come straight here? I won't let anyone hurt my Taka." Hestia cried while frantically looking him all over for any secret cuts.

Taka only staired down at her before presenting her with the container. Opening it was a piece of vanilla cake with a strawberry on top the sight of which had his goddess jump for joy.

"Cake!" His goddess shouted with joy before pulling into a hug not only massing her huge breasts into his stomach but also inadvertently giving him a look down her dress.

"No Taka no bad she's a goddess a beautiful, big tittied goddess that took a major hit for me but... wow she really earned her nickname Loli Big-boobs." Taka said himself as he watched said goddess run to the table to eat.

It didn't help that as he watched her jump around in her chair her breasts jiggling with bounce.

"You spoil me Taka, you didn't have to do this!" Hestisa said as she began digging into the confection. "I mean since you've joined my familia you've been the the dungeon from dawn till dusk everyday making money to support us." she said knowing that while she worked it was mostly part-time.

Taka's mood immediately dropped as he looked down in shame. "It's my fault you still only have a familia of one."

Hestia quickly slammed her hands on the table almost knocking over her cake. "This isn't your fault it's mine."

"That's a load of crap and you know it." he argued back looking her dead in the eye. "In fact the one I blame for this is that rat bastard of a god Apollo!" he shouted bring both to the day everything changed.

(For the Full Explanation read the Author's notes.)(2)

Upon coming to Orario Taka like all new members of the city was bright eyed and bushy tailed to not only show his skills but also to join a familia. Only through a chance meeting with his Goddess that he became the first member and captian of the Hestia familia.

The Next Morning

"Taka let's update your status."


Taka Donovan

Age: 15

Alias: N/A

Power 620 -C

Endurance 590-D

Dexterity 520-D

Agility 610-C

Magic 56-I



Were should have been some skill it seemed to always gone almost as if erased.

Developement Skills:


Looking at the sheet before him Taka could only sigh in annoyance. "I need magic." he said while trying and failing to see his skills. "And why does where it says skills it keeps looking like it's faded?"

Hestia grabs the sheet examining it. "Who knows maybe your skill hasn't full developed yet." Hestia explained i.e lied but she wasn't going to tell him that. "What are you up to today?" she asked quickly changing the subject.

Redressing himself Taka looks to his goddess. "I need some new armor and sword maybe gather some information."

"Yes if I'm going to take down Apollo I need to know all of his strengths and weaknesses."

"WRONG!" Hestia shouted getting right in his face. "We're go to take down Apollo." before he could counter she continued."He attacked my familia so this is my problem to."

A smile formed on Taka's face acknowledging the words. "Your right so I'll need to get stronger to."

Babel a massize tower built to keep the monsters in the dungeon contained but within are weapon shops owned by the Hephaestus familia. Being here before Taka quickly went to the lower level hoping to find something cheap but durable.

Browsing the shelves seeing nothing useful Taka began looking at some swords before tripping over a crate of light armor. "9,900 vails this could work."

Looking under the armor he sees both the symbol of a rabbit and a name. "Hey my man whose Welf Crozzo?" he asked as he walked to the counter along with a (4)Falcata for 6,500 vails.

"How should I know!" he rudely shouted the nerve of the youth thinking he should know where everyone is.

Taken aback by this Taka raised an eyebrow. "You've got a problem with him or something?"

"He's no different then any other upstart insistanting that his stuff should be on better shelves! There is a system in place designed so each smith needs to start at the bottom to work there way up." the man ranted. "So much wasted potential. He's in his room." the man finally finish looking exhausted almost as if he had nothing left in him.

Taka not expecting this slowly backed away to the exit. "T-Thank you." he quickly ran out the door new purchases in tow.

After a few minutes of running Taka made to the door marked Welf. C kicking on the door due to his hands being full.

Seconds later a tall young spiky red hair head man wearing a bandana, t-shit, apron, and gloves.

"Are you Welf Crozzo?" Looking up at the man who merely nodded as he eyed the familiar armor.

"Can you change the color?" he asked pushing the box of armor to the blacksmith whose mouth quickly formed an ear splitting grin.

Chapter End

Authors Notes

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As you can see Bell is taking a back seat in place of my OC if your wonderig where he is this story. Taka joined the Hestia familia about two months before Bell would have. Also he'll still have Welf and Liliruca but it'll be done differently in fact Taka will handle alot of things differently.

(1) Taka means Hawk and Helmer means The wrath of a warrior

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