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Chapter 10

Standing in front of a massive gate stood a young man with grey hair and green eyes who stared at the gate with a fierce determination.

"Alright here we go first day in the city time to finally be an adventurer." The Youth said to himself. "But first join a Familia." The Youth smiled at the outer gates seperating the City of Orario from the rest of the world. All he had to do was take those first steps into the city to begin his adventure.

"Taka." a voice said.

Looking around Taka saw nobody before shrugging walking forward.

"Master Taka." different voice said.

Stopping mid step Taka again see no one before stomping forward making just short of the threshold of the gate.


Taka began to fade disintegrating into dust with one thought on his mind. "Who's Taka?"(1) Then darkness over took him.

Taka shot up causing him to roll off the couch landing face first on the ground.

"Taka/Master Taka are you okay?" both Hestia and Lili asked jumping to young captains side on the floor looks of concern on there faces.

"Vhat tis it?" Taka asked the floor muffling his voice.

"You were tossing and turning, you looked like you were having nightmare." Hestia said as Taka rolled over looking at the two girls.

"It wasn't a nightmare just...a memory." Taka responded as he got to his feet. "So Lili you ready?" he asked as he got dressed. "Todays the day." a smirk covered his face causing Hestia to smile in return as Lili looked worried.

"So your really going to do it?" Hestia asked already in uniform for work she gave a sultry smile as she noticed Taka checking her out in her uniform. "You really shouldn't be trying to rush this." as she spoke the goddess arched her back giving Taka a perfect view of her more the ample breasts.

A light blush dusted his cheeks before turning his head. "Yeah after what happened before we can't just be idle." Now geared turned to his support. "Lili how you feeling?"

Finding her feet very interesting the Pallum took a deep breathe. "I-I'm nervous Master Taka."

Lili had the right to be nervous for today the Hestia familia does something attempted by very few. Today was the day Liliruca Arde would level up. With this in mind the party of Taka, Welf and Lili would go further into the dungeon then any of them has ever gone the Mid-Levels.

Seeing the uncertainty on the supporter's face Taka walked over to her leaning down placing his hands on her shoulders.

"Lili don't panic the plan is simple we go kill some monster's find something level worthy we jump it you get the final hit and bam level-up. Don't worry me and Welf got your back so nothing bad will happen." Taka explained.

"B-But supporters don't..." Lili stammered only to freeze as much to her and Hestia's surprise he leaned forward pressing his forehead against her's. "EEEHHHHH!" Lili thought as her face turned atomic red at the closeness of the situation.

This didn't go unnoticed by Hestia who glared jealously at the fumbling supporter.

"Someone also said I'd amount to nothing as an adventurer but I aint letting that stop me." he reassured as he closed his eyes.

"That must have been tough?"

"Yeah my dad was a dick." the bitterness seeped.

With his eyes closed Taka didn't notice Lili slowly lean forward attempting a kiss.

"Oh no you don't you sneaky Pallum!" Hestia shouted tackling her to the ground.

Opening his eyes at the crash Taka sees the two fighting on the ground. "What's up with these two?" Pulling the two up Taka makes it for the door the two in tow. "Come on girls Hestia you have to go to work and Lili Welf's waiting for us."


"Opening!" Taka shouted as he charged toward a lone Orc jumping off the landform it was weilding before slicings its head clean off.

"AHHH!" Welf shouted as he jammed his sword into a defenseless Hard Armored underbelly.

Lili was quite as she released a volley of arrows taking down a number of incoming imps.

With the last of the monster gone the trio sighed in relief. Taking a quick break to pick up the remaining magic stones and dropped items.

"Alright before we get any futher Welf did you finish it?" Taka asked recieving a winking thumbs-up from the blacksmith.

"You know it thanks to all the top quality items you gave me I was able to go above and beyond my limits as a blacksmith. I think it's some of my best work." Welf said confidently as he pulled out a bundle from behind him passing it to Taka.

Taka looked at the bundles in his hand looking at it fondly. "Lili catch." he said as he tossed it to the supporter barely catching it.

Unraveling the bundle Lili was taken aback at the item in it being a crimson bladed dagger that looked oddly familiar.

"We felt bad that you lost your magic sword against that Minotaur so we chipped in to get this made for you."

"Come on Taka you got all the Drop Items I just made it."

"This is from that minotaur?"

"Yep it might not be magic but I guarantee Light bit it's built to last. I call it Ushiwakamaru."

"I thought we agreed to workshop the name?!"

"No can do when a blacksmith decides on a name not even the Gods can change there mind."

Growling in annoyance Taka turned to Lili to see her shaking. "Lili I-OOMPH!"

Lili hit him at speed. Her head crashing into his stomach and her arms locked tight, hugging him fiercly. She mumbled something that was lost as she spoke against his shirt.

"Romround?!" a muffled Lili said


Pushing herself off him. "Come down here?" she wiped the tears from her face.

Once Taka took a knee his eyes widen as Lili leaned forward planting a kiss on his cheek. A heat bloomed on his face.

"Thank you." she whispered in his ear, walking off with a wink.

Patting the now frozen Taka's shoulder. "Hahaha you know what they say Taka the quickest way to a girl adventures heart is with a weapon." Welf walk away with a laugh.

"Master Taka where is Master Bell didn't he say he's was coming with us?" a cheerie Lili chirp without a care in the world ironic given the current location.

Shaking the interaction out of his head Taka followed after the two. "Yeah he said he was doing some soul searching." Catching up with his group he failed to notice something trailing behind them.

Hearing this Welf and Lili haulted in their tracks turning to Taka knowing his track record they knew how he reacted to certain thinkings. "Explain?"

Raising his hands in his defense. "It's not that big a deal, it's just Bell told me a little about his Grandpa and I had some thoughts." Taka explained recieving twin deadpans. "In my defense who tells there grandson to kiss a girl while she's asleep!" he waved his arms around frantically.

At that moment an army of white blurs charged at the party.

"Oh multiple gods... it's an army of Bell's!" Taka shouted as the party prepared to fight.


"Stay with us Hitachi!" Kashima ordered as the Takemikazuchi Familia rushed through the dungeon. Things had started out just the same as always for the familia simply going into the dungeon kill some monsters and get some Valis. That is until one of the monster snuck up on the group sideswiping Hitachi leaving massive gash blood pouring out of it.

Which led to there current predicament running for their lives while trying to keep of their own away from deaths door.

As they ran through the dungeon they came upon the sight of a three man party fighting off some Almiraj.

Kashima looked to adventurers then to his bleeding comrade knowing that if they stopped to help or actually stopped at all would most likely end in Hitachi's death. It was with a heavy heart that made the toughest decision in his life as acaptain.

"Everyone were don't stop were going through!" he ordered his familia nodding in understanding.


"Taka duck!" Lili shouted as she shot an arrow at an Almiraj sneaking behind the rogue.

"Lightng Bolt! Where are all these things coming from?" Taka shot a bolt of electricity through a few of the monster rabbit.

Bring up his sword Welf blocks the three of those questionable monster before he picked up the sound of foot steps. "Guy's look another party's coming." Welf cut down another monster as the party came closer carrying an injuried adventurer.

Everything slowed down as the unknown party came closer with a look of distress on their faces. The group came closer running at an even faster speed really digging in there heels as they do it.

The Hestia party watched in shock as the foreign party ran past them locking eyes with each member as they ran past them. To make matters worse the Hellhounds that were pursuing them, grouped with the Almiraj creating a Pass Parade.




The trio said together as they now had to fight off twice as many monsters. Taka cut down a hellhound with Reckoning, before tossing the Hestia Sword at another at one about to pounce on Welf.

"This way!" Taka ordered a lighting bolt shot through a path of monster. Grabbing his sword the trio quickly took off trying their damnest to out run the monster.


"Explain it to me one more time!" Hestia growled out as she glared at the kneeling members of the Takemikazuchi Familia as there God watched. Smiling in the corner watching on was Hestia's 'friend' Hermes along with the captain of his familia Asfi. "Because it sounds like not only you abandoned my familia but you knowingly made their situaion worse!"

Being capatain of the familia Kashima began to reexplain. "Goddess Hestia we..."

"QUITE!" Hestia interupted causing everyone to jump back in fear.

Hoping to avoid the wrath of the goddess Kashima quickly jumped to his feet. "Goddess allow us to make amends." Kashime dropped back down to his knees.

"Find them."

"Huh?" Everyone asked.

"You want my forgiveness, you want to make amends prove it go down there and find them." Hestia ordered.

"Of course Goddess we'll..."

"And I'm going with you." Hestia interupted.


The room was completely silent as everyone's jaw dropped at the news. Not only was this forbidden but also unprecedented as no God/Goddess had ever made such a request.

"H-H-Hahahahahahaha!" The silence was broken at the sound of laughter as Hermes doubled over in the corner much to Asfi embarrassment. "Oh my dear Hestia I almost forgot why I do enjoy your friendship always doing the unexpected."

"Haahhahaha Ouch!" Hermes continued to laugh only to grunt as Asfi jammed her elbow into his ribs. Wiping a tear from his eye the God of Messengers continued. "But I can't just have my dear Hestia go into the dungeons alone I think I'll go with you." (2) Hermes cheerfully added ignoring the looks he recieved.

"God Hermes!" Everyone shouted together just getting around the idea that Hestia was forcing them to take into the dungeon now another was tagging along.

"Oh you all worry way to much." Hermes attempted to wave the situation only recieving deadpan stares. "I'm even taking my amazing captain with me." he said wrapping his arm around Asfi.

"Flattery will get you nowhere Sir Hermes." the clearly annoyied captain sighed in defeat knowing this was a battle she couldn't win.

Takemikazuchi feeling resposible for his familia decided to intervene. "Hermes, Hestia don't you think your taking this to far, I'm sure my familia can do just fine finding your group."

Hearing this Hestia walked up to Takemikazuchi once in range she looked up at her much taller friend and smiled. This would be fine if not for the fact that this wasn't a happy smile but one that promised misfortune.

"Takemikazuchi I think your forgetting that your familia is the one that put mine in danger so they aren't in any real position to complain or make demands. Besides I'm the best insurance they have to survive." She little goddess explained getting confused looks from everyone.

"Huh?" The Takemikazuchi familia said in unison looking up at the goddess of the hearth.

Not dropping her smile Hestia resumed speaking. "You see I have full confidence they survived I just need you to simply take me to them so I can smother Taka with hugs and kisses." Hestia had not even an ounce of shame as she explained her reasoning. "But after that what is Taka going to do once he sees you in fact what will anyone in that group do to any of you after you pulled something like that?" her smile slowly dropped as she talked.

The room grew cold as the threat lingered throughout the church. While Taka wasn't the most powerful adventure he was known for being unrelenting, fearless and determined willing to go to any length to get stronger in order to destory his enemies.

Hestia's smile turned to a sinister grin as she patted the head of the Takemikazuchi familia's captain's head like a parent to naughty child. "So it's decided."

Picking his jaw off the ground Kashima hand shaking nervously a Hermes clearly not prepared for today. "That may be true Goddess Hestia but we do not have the skill or manpower to protect you and Lord Hermes." he managed to get out.

Smiling in amusement Hermes wagged his finger at the mortals before him. "Now don't you fret I have just the solution for that!" he said before dramatically pointing. "Asfi to the Hostess of Fertility!"

Watching the Messanger God duo run off Hestia turned to the rest of the group. "Alright everyone we leave in one hour." Hestia said as she made her way into her home intent on grabbing something.


"Huff..I... Huff...won't..Huff...let...it...Huff...end...like..Huff...this... Huff." Taka huffed and panted as he carried his two party members through the dungeon. As you'd expect the moment the other party performed the parade pass things got just got worse.

This led to the situation trio was currently brought to trying to reach the safe zone level 18.

Between the Almiraj and the Hellhounds they were forced to retreat running away doing their best to avoid the monsters. Key word was trying as everytime the slowed down, came to a stop or even rounded a corner more monsters would appear pot shotting them at every turn.

Strength low spirit even lower only Taka remained standing dropping there packs and gear reducing the weight as he carried his two friends. His vision blurred as he walked somehow still killing monsters as he continued through the 17th floor. "W-Wel Welf, Lili I-I-I think I see it." he said more to himself as the other two had long since passed out.

"Y-You hear the A...pollo I'm...Huff... not done...Huff... yet."


As he said this the roar of a powerful deadly and shouldn't have been resurrected yet the Goliath.

Taka wanted to groan, he wanted to cry, he want to fall to his knees and just give up, but for the damnest reason his body refused to listen in fact before he knew it he was screaming at the top of his lungs as he ran past the behemoth jumping into the pit to the next level.


"You want to join our familia Ha! Kid come bad when your stronger." A burly man said as he tossed Taka out the door into a wall.

"A runt like you in our familia don't make me laugh." A different guy from a different familia laughed Taka's face before slamming the door on his face.

"Come back when you get a few notchs on your belt kid." a female adventure said lightly patting Taka's head.

"Sure you can join my familia." Miach said to a down an emtionally crushed Taka who quickly perked up at the news."

"Really! You mean your not gonna mock me with an insult to my skills without actually seeing them!?" Taka hopefully asked.

"Of course not why would I do that, a god should give every child a chance to join their familia."

Taka grinned up at the God finally he was going to join a familia go to the dungeon and get into all sorts of adventures.

"I just need to see your abilities in medicine." he simply asked. "After all we are a medicinal type Familia."

Taka slapped his forehead with his hand at this news knowing he was better at hurting people not healing them. Sighing in defeat he bowed to the God before turning around walking the streets of Orario.

Miach watched the downcasted boy walk away before an idea struck him. "You may want to try one of the cities best meals try a Jagamarukun there is a stall past the clothing shops.

Taka's only response that he heard was a simply wave of his hand.

Not feeling hungry Taka decided to continue searching for a familia each one ending in a hard no. Currently Taka was leaning against a wall eyes closed grumbling to himself.

"Oh your to young, Your human, your a man, get me a pair of Ais Wallenstein panties and we'll talk. Seriously who even is Ais Wallenstein." he groaned out in disappointment. His ranting stopped once the sound of heavy boot stomp up to him.

Opening one of his eyes Taka to in fact see two girls one was a red head and a white suit while the other had long black hair with pat of it covering her left eye wore a black version of the same suit.

"Can I help you two?" Taka asked opening both eyes and standing up straight sure his situation sucked but no need to be rude to someone whose done nothing to him.

With a look of someone who saw you going through hell the red head stepped forward. "Our God wishes to speak with you."


Shooting out of bed sweat rolling down his face Taka looked around seeing he was currently in a tent. Getting to his feet Taka sees his armour nearby that he quickly put on. Stepping out the tent Taka sees its night time as a number of adventurers roaming around a number of other tents.

This didn't matter to Taka at the moment as he turned to Ais. "Welf and Lili where are they?!"

Ais who was just as monotoned as ever pointed to a specific tent. "There."

Needing no further help Taka rushed to the tent burst through it to see a just waking Lili and Welf who eyed their party leader with surprise.

"Master Taka your wake!" Lili said expected him to be out longer then either of them do to his own injures plus carrying them.

Taka grinned at the two, "Are you guys okay?" Apollo may have really messed him up but Taka refused to allow it to control him. He would destory Apollo and his familia but he'll be damned if he turned his friends into pawns to do it.

"Uh Yeah the healing potions they gave us worked like a charm." Welf explained.

Before they could continue talking Ais appeared. "My commander wants to see you."

Rubbing the back of his head Taka waved goodbye to his party before making his way to specific tent.


"So it seems your back on your feet Taka Helmer." A cheerful voice chirped to him. "Not many can say they made to floor 18 with only three much less in the condition you were all in."

Turning around Taka has to look down at the scruffy blonde hair and blue eyes with the appearance of a child despite being over 40 years old. He wears a yellow vest over a purple long-sleeved shirt and trousers.

This is Finn Deimne LV 6 adventurer and Captain of the Loki Familia.

"Thank you it may not mean much coming from me, but grateful for saving me and my party." Taka bowed respect as he gave gratitude to the Pallum.

"Well someone has grown since the last time we've met." Finn replyed impressed by the younger mans growth seeing as there first interaction involved a drinking contest. Finn brow rose as he, Ais, Riveria and a dwarf by the name of Gareth Landrock.

"To Easy." Taka deadpanned as he looked at the Pallum.

With a slight twitch of his brow Finn massaged the bridge of his nose. Choosing to ignore the comment Finn decided to focus on something else. "Anyway we'll be having diner soon and we'd be honored to have you."


Standing in the center of a large circle Finn held up a mug as he addressed the crowd before him.

"For surving to the 18 th floor defeating monsters and the treacherous terrain. We are honored to have these brave adventures join us." Finn raised his mug as the others joined him.

The night was a merry affair as everyone ate, talked and laugh. While Taka's party mostly kept to themselves they were more then hospitable to other adventurers.


This lasted only for a little while as a shout from a distance alerted the group of someone coming the the upper floor.

"I-I wait that can't be." Taka said more to himself as he ran toward the noise. "This is impossible."

Impossible was right as the moment Taka arrived at the sight of the 18th floor entrance he came face to face with his goddess. "Goddess Hestia!"

"TAKA!" The Goddess squealed in happiness before jumping at her first child pulling him into a hug. That happiness was quickly replaced as tears flowed down her beautiful face as she clung to him. "Taka I was so worried I thought I'd never see you again."

This moment lasted for but a moment as a hand chopped onto her head.

"Ouch! Who did that!" Hestia shouted looking behind her with a glare nursing the bump on her head.

Looking back she glares daggers at her second child who glared back a her.

"Oh hello Goddess thanks for noticing me." Lili sarcastically spoke as she rubbed her hand.

"You! Lili while I'm happy to see you again I must what is wrong with you to strike your goddess!"

"Oh maybe cause Taka's running out of air!" Lili shot back.

Jumping for the hug Hestia failed to notice she jumped a little to high somehow burying Taka's head into her cleavage his face between her bountiful breasts. Despite this Hestia made no attempts to dislodge him placing her hands behind his head placing him even deeper between her impressive bust. Her nipples grew hard with excitement at the closeness of her favorite child.

A smug smirk covered the goddess as she saw the look on Lili's face. While never spoken she knew the Pallum had developed feelings for Taka and there was no way she was letting her ever get the edge over her.

This was sort lived however as a mental alarm range as Taka stopped moving. Quickly shifting herself more on his lap Hestia and Lili watched as Taka shot up with a gasp.

"GASP!" Taka greedily took in air checking his surroundings noticing first his supporter looking very annoyed but also that yes this wasn't a dream Hestia was in the dungeon.

"WHEN!? WHAT!? HOW!? WHY!?" Taka shouted looking between Lili, Hestia as the newly arrived party of Welf and the Loki familia looked on.

Scratching her cheek at her childs panic attack. "More like who and them." she answered thumbing back to the dungeon entrance.

Taka's party all saw red as three very familiar adventures made themselves known. "Goddess Hest.."


Kashima didn't get the chance to finish his question as a fist cracked him across the jaw sending him to the ground.

"Kashima!" Mikoto shouted as Welf lifted her off the ground slamming her into the ground.

Chigusa was stunned at the sight of her familia's attack only to jump back as an arrow zipped past her head courtesy of an equally enraged Lili.

On his knee's Kashima saw the attack on his familia. "Chigusa, Mikoto AAAHHH!" he shouted in pain as Taka kicked him in the face.

Currently atop his fellow Captain Taka fist cocked back, looked up to see his Goddess.

"Let them up." The Goddess of Hearth ordered. Her brow softened as she looked between her two childern knowing how they were feeling but couldn't in good faith allow one of her friends children die. "They helped protect me to get here."

"They put you in that position by putting us in this postion." Taka argued more then ready to keep swinging.

"They still helped me get to you." Hestia countered.

Taka looked down at the bruised and bloody adventurer then up to his Goddess a pleading look on her beautiful face. Sighing in defeat he rose up said nothing grabbed Kashima by his collar walked back at his tent dragging the warrior of the Far East along.

Ryuu, Asfi and Hermes sighed in relief as the tension dropped as every adventurer released there weapons about to stop the rogue adventurer. While they could have easily defeated him most adventures preferred to avoid getting involved in familia matters.


"So care to explain the stunt you guys pulled before?" Welf asked to as angry as the rest of the party.

Kashima and his party stood before Taka and Welf heads down in shame. "We are very sorry for the actions we had taken that led us to this it was cowardly and will shame us for the rest of or days." He said before a look of defiance covered his figures. "However I don't regret my decision. If the situation were to happen again I would do it again."

This was the wrong thing to say as Welf jumped across the room right into his face.

Grabbing the front of his shirt Welf forced the Captain of the Takemikazuchi familia to look him in the eye. "You son of a bitch!" if looks could kill Kashima would've died a dozen times by now. "Do you have any idea what you put us through!?"

"He's not wrong between the items, gear, Magic Stones and weapons (Gotta thank Hestia later for at least getting those back.)" Taka placed his hand on Welf's shoulder thinking the last part to himself. "We'll talk about it later but for now we have something more important to deal with."

Walking toward the exit Taka stops slowly turning to the three adventurers a dark aura surrounding him. "But if you pull this shit again. NO GODDESS WILL PROTECT YOU!" With that Taka pulled Welf with him leaving the three pretty worried.


"Seeing the lack of blood on you I'm guessing things worked out for the better." Hestia said upon seeing her child as she sat in another tent.

Taka scratched the back of his head in annoyance. "Yeah this time but theres no second chances for this kinda stuff." Hoping to take his mind off the earlier events Taka asks. "So how did it go?"

Hearing this Hestia bounced around in joy missing Taka's eyes locked onto her bountiful breasts as they bounced with her.

This distraction did nothing to stop the thing that rushed through the room tackling Taka to the ground. Getting his wits about him he stares into the grinning face of Lili. "Master Taka I did it! I leveled up!" tears fell from the Pallum eyes.

After everything that she's gone through all the pain and saddness it ment nothing all that mattered was the happiness she currently felt.

A pair of arms suddenly wrapped around Lili's waist tossing her away. "Hey didn't you know it's bad luck to interupt a Goddess speaking." Hestia said taking Lili's spot on Taka. "Now where we?"

This was short lived as Lili lunged at the two taking them all to the ground in a struggling pile of arms and legs.

Hearing the struggle Welf and Ryuu burst through the tent seeing the trio sprawled out on the floor. Even though Taka noticed the two Lili and Hestia either missed them or simply chose to ignore them as the two continued to wrestle.

Finally freeing himself from the struggling girls Taka layed on his back looking up at the two adventures. "Lili leveled up." he shrugged his shoulders.

"Weird way to celebrate." Ryuu said as Welf grinned behind her with a nod.

Taka couldn't help a grin of his own from forming. "Yeah were one of a kind." Getting to his feet. "So what's up?"

"Yeah we were going out tomorrow." Welf responded thumbing backward. "Apprently there's a town on this floor figured we could check it out." Ryuu nodded along.

Taka looked at the two before turning to his still wrestling familia. "Sure what's the worst that could happen." he said surprisingly optimistic.

Author's Note'

(1) Lets say Apollo has had a huge impact on Taka.