(Opening with Carly and Sam entering Groovy Smoothie to find T-Bo is doing a going out of the business sale and seems puzzled)

Carly: Um T-Bo...what is the heck is going on here?

T-Bo: Well, I...

Sam: Did the health inspector catch you leaving your hair in the smoothie machine again?

T-Bo: Nope, but he just gave me an A+ though

(T-Bo raised his eyebrows)

Carly: So, what's the problem?

(T-Bo sigh)

T-Bo: Well, have you ever heard of a former child billionaire, Sentinel Jeaneane?

(Carly and Sam's eye became wider)

Sam: Oh yeah, he was one of the most popular dudes for a couple of decades and he got all the chicks he wants

Carly: True, then he got arrested for theft, DUI, and laundering money

T-Bo: That was the freaking jerk who just committed to buy my baby smoothies

(T-Bo starting to cry)

Carly: Oh T-Bo, I am so sorry

(Carly and Sam hug T-Bo)

Carly: I am sure that you would maybe...

T-Bo: What?

Carly: You would be our director of marketing for iCarly

T-Bo: Oh, I don't know about that but...

Sam: Come on, it would be a freaking blast

T-Bo: Alright, I would do it

Carly: At least, it not like some strange thing would going to happen

(Then, we are seeing Zack and Cody watching the latest webshow of iCarly)

Carly (on-screen): For the next segment, we are going to give Baby Spencer a bath

Spencer (on-screen): No, I don't want a bath. Because I would be surrounded around the shark

(Fins pop up)

Spencer (on-screen): Oh chiz!

Sam (on-screen): Oh Spencer, you got to watch your language

(As Sam put the sand in Spencer's mouth, Zack and Cody starting to laugh.)

Zack: That was a good one

Cody: Yeah, it reminded me of the time when we were stranded in the ocean

(As Cody's phone rang, he answer)

Cody: Hello, who is this

(Then, we are seeing Phil Diffy standing in the phone booth and holding a piece of paper)

Phil: Is this...Cody Martin

Cody: Yes, this is he

Phil: Great, I want you to fetch your twin brother, wife, and London to meet me at a Diner at 8

(Cody seem puzzled)

Cody: Wait a minute, how do you know that I have a twin brother and wife?

Phil: I will explain everything when I see you all tonight

(Phil hung up)

Zack: What up?

Cody: I just received a mysterious phone call from a random dude and want us to be at Jake's Diner by 8

Zack: I bet it was Woody who was pulling another prank on you, just like the time when we tricked you into thinking that got canned

Cody: That was the worst week of my life

(Zack rolled his eyes)

Zack: Anyway, how would a random dude want to speak with us, it not like they are from the future or something

(As Zack scoffed, we are seeing Zack, Cody, Bailey, and London entering Jake's Diner and approach Phil in the booth)

Phil: I want to thank you guys for coming and I am Phil Diffy

Cody: I am Cody Martin, this is my twin brother Zack, my wife Bailey, and you would probably already know The London Tipton

Phil: I already know who you guys are

(Zack, Cody, and Bailey seem puzzled)

Cody: Wait, what do you mean by that

Phil: Well, let me start by saying that I am from the future and...

(Zack, Cody, Bailey, and London starting to laugh)

London: And I am from Planet Diamond

Phil: No, let me get a newspaper from the year 2131

(As Phil pulled out a newspaper, Cody grabbed it)

Cody: Holy Chiz, you are actually from the future!

London: Am I still rich and beautiful in the future

Phil: Um...Sure, let me see. Zack is the CEO of Martin Enterprise, Cody is the Nobel Prize winner...

(Cody and Bailey seem shocked)

Bailey: Whoa, wait...I am not the one who won the freaking Nobel Prize

Cody: Well, I am sure that we would go to share a trophy, right?

Phil: Yes, that not why I am here. The reason why I went back in time to save the world from a dictator name Sentinel Jeaneane

(As Zack, Cody, and Bailey's eye became wider, we are seeing Carly, Freddie, and Sam sitting in Carly's room. Gibby and Guppy enter)

Gibby: Gibbbeeehhh

Carly: Hey guys, what up?

Gibby: My mom is out of town for some Fergie Convention and I had to watch Guppy for a week

Sam: Wait, Fergie?

Gibby: Yeah, Fergie is some kind of foreign food from Haiti

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie groan)

Sam: It reminds me of the time when my mom date a "special" Haitian chef and she had to stay in the hospital for a week just before they broke up

Freddie: Anyway, T-Bo just lost Groovy Smoothies to some dude name Sentinel Jeaneane

Gibby: That poor thing, did he find a new job

Carly: Well, we gave him an offer to be a director of marketing for iCarly. But, he decided to be Spencer's assistant

Gibby: I thought he already got an assistant a couple of years ago

Sam: True, but this time it just as another artist

Gibby: Nice, I just heard that Sentinel just attempt to make purchases on a couple of local businesses, one in San Francisco and another one in New York

Carly: Holy Chiz, I hope this Sentinel dude don't make a purchase on another local business

Sam: What kind of moron would take Sentinel's offer

(As we are seeing Max dancing at Waverly Place Sub, Alex and Harper enter)

Alex: Ummmm...Max, what with you dancing around in a sandwich shop?

Harper: He would either win the lottery or win another date with London Tipton

Max: Nope and done that. I just made $34,670,987 by selling Waverly Place Sub

(Alex and Harper's eye became wider)

Alex: You what!? Mom and Dad would definitely flip if...wait, $34,670,987

Max: Yep, I just bought you girls a couple of VIP Tickets to The Jonas Brothers reunion concert

(As Alex and Harper scream, Alex hug Max)

Alex: Thanks Max, as long as I get to the concert and I won't tell mom and dad that you sold this place

Max: No problem

(As Max take out the tickets, Alex grab it)

Alex: So, this Sentinel dude is the one who bought Waverly Place Sub

Max: Yep, I had to come up with something that would fool mom and dad

Harper: Like what?

Max: Just follow me, ladies

(Alex, Max, and Harper walk over to a couple at the table)

Alex: So...

Max: Just touch this guy

(As Alex put her hand through a dude's chest, Alex and Harper's eye became wider)

Alex: Whoa, did you just cast a hologram spell

Max: Yep, it is part of my scheme and by the way, those tickets were a bribe to keep your lip seal

Alex: Well play, little bro, well play

(Then, we are seeing Carly take a couple of beers out of the fridge and approach Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, and Guppy)

Carly: Here are the beers for...

Guppy: Oh, Can I have one

Gibby: No, you are not old enough to drink

Guppy: Why not?

Sam: Because you would probably pass out, throwing up, beat people up, and such

(Guppy's eye became wider)

Guppy: Oh, never mind

Carly: Sam!

Sam: What, he asks a freaking question

Carly: So, what are we watching

Freddie: Some rip-off of our favorite childhood cartoon

Sam: Eh, why would some kid channel turn a classic cartoon into a bad live action film

Edna (on-screen): That's all him and all this

Gibby: Yeah, it seems like be written by a couple of 5-years old

Sam: Let turn off this piece of chiz

(Carly grab the remote and change the tv to a local new)

Pat (on-screen): In today new, a New York local Max Russo just sold his longtime family business to a billionaire, Sentinel Jeaneane

(As Pat giving the report, a picture of Max and Sentinel pop up on the screen)

Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, and Gibby (in unison): What!?

Spencer: Was that same kid who teams up with Gibby and London to cover this Alex gal

Sam: And don't forget about being kidnapped by this psycho Nora chick

Carly: Yep, so first he took Groovy Smoothie and now a local sandwich shop in New York

Freddie: So, what are we going to do

Spencer: Well, I...

(As Carly's phone rang, she picked it up)

Carly: Hello?

Cody:Carly, we have some disturb news to share with you and rest of the gangs

(Carly seems puzzled)

Carly: Okay, what is it

Cody: Could you guys meet us at Seattle Tipton Hotel

Carly: Um, sure

(As Carly hung up, she put her phone in her pocket)

Sam: What is it, Carls

Carly: Cody just called and said that they have some disturb news to share with us and want us to meet them at The Tipton Hotel here in Seattle

Freddie: What kind of disturbing new

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, Zack, Cody, Bailey, and London in Phil's suite)

Sam: So, let me get this straight, this Phil dude is actually from the future

Phil: Yep, actually my family and I got stranded in 20th century before and it was kind of a long story

Carly: So, on an unrelated note, am I going to be the first female President of the United States

Phil: Yep and Sam here is the president of Fat Cake Inc.

Sam: Momma likely

(Sam raised her eyebrows)

Phil: Anyway, a couple of months from now, Sentinel will be the one to buy your URL which means iCarly will be gone for good

Carly: If what you are saying, which means...Oh Chiz

Bailey: What is it?

Carly: Nevel Papperman would probably find a way to sell our website

Cody: Well, we need to find a way to stop Sentinel from taking over our country

(We are seeing Tori walking into Drake Parker's office)

Drake: Tori, could you please close the door

Tori: Um, sure

(As Tori shut the door, she went to her seat)

Tori: If it was about my sister, once again I am so sorry about that.

Drake: Oh no, it not about your sister. But, believe me, it is definitely pain in the butt by having a sibling

Tori: True

Drake: Anyway, there is a billionaire who wants to buy my record company

(Tori seems puzzled)

Tori: Um, okay

Drake: So, Sentinel Jeaneane had recently bought a couple of local businesses such as Groovy Smoothie and Waverly Place Sub and I don't know if I could take his offering or not

Tori: Well, I...

Drake: As you see, my stepbrother Josh is in prison for stalking Oprah as he ignores his order resistance and...

(Then, we are seeing Sentinel watching Drake and Tori having a meeting with an evil smile.)

Sentinel: Perfect

(Dewey enter)

Dewey: Mr. Jeaneane, Phase 1 is about to be completed

Sentinel: Great, we got a few more businesses to take over

(As Sentinel raise his eyebrow, we are seeing Carly, Sam, and Freddie arriving at Bushwell Plaza and approach Lewbert)

Sam: Well, well, and well look who is back from prison

Lewbert: Yeah, at least was nice enough to let me keep my job

Carly: What with the "sold" sign outside

Lewbert: Well, there was a gentleman who wants to buy this building and got an offer that he cannot refuse

(Carly, Sam, and Freddie's eye became wider)

Freddie: Wait, if sold the building and that would mean...

(Mrs. Benson and Spencer enter)

: There you are Freddie, we are...

(Mrs. Benson starting to choke up)

: Being evicted from our home

Carly: That means we would be homeless and probably have nowhere to do iCarly

Spencer: Um, actually I just called Socko's cousin April who owns an apartment complex and she said that they had an opening space for us

Carly: That's great and where is it

(As Spencer smirking, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Spencer, and walking into Carly and Spencer's new home.)

Spencer: Welcome to San Francisco, the home of "JAWS"

Carly: Well, at least we wouldn't have to worry about facing another grouchy doorman

Freddie: So, how are we going to do...

(As someone knocked on the door, Carly opened the door and revealed Victor Baxter)

Carly: Ummm...hello

Victor: I just heard a moving truck and want to welcome you and your friends to San Francisco with a gift basket

(Victor give a gift basket to Carly)

Victor: Oh, there is a coupon from my restaurant, "The Chill Grill"

Sam: Let me see that

(As Sam took a coupon out of the gift basket, her eyes became wider)

Sam: Wait, there is "All You Can Eat Ribs" every freaking weekend?

Victor: Yep, but my daughter's best friend is a vegan and thinks that meat is "bad"

Sam: That makes me want to beat her with a buttersock

Victor: Right, I got to get...

Freddie: Wait, since we just moved here. How about we can do a Meet and Greet at "The Chill Grill"

Victor: That's a great idea but...

(As We are seeing a shadow figure spying on iCarly Crews and Victor, she sneaks away. Then, we are seeing Dewey and Gerald enter Sentinel's office with Sentinel staring at the window.)

Dewey: Um, sir. We had found a couple more local businesses to take over

Sentinel: Had I ever tell you about a story about my tragic childhood

(Dewey and Gerald seems puzzled)

Gerald: Um...we beg your pardon

Sentinel: It was in the '70s when the government decided to take a couple of children including myself in order to do a freaking experience!

Dewey: Okay, so what does it had to do

Sentinel: These scientists just make a shocking discovery about me and I was and still am some kind of psychokinetic dude

(Dewey's and Gerald's eyes became wider)

Dewey: Wait a minute, are you saying that you have a expect same power as that chick in Hawkins

Sentinel: Yeah and actually, she used to live in Hawkin.

Gerald: So, what it has to do with you making a purchase on various local businesses

Sentinel: As you see, in the mid-80s the Russian had a secret base under the mall which their purpose was to release Mind Flayer to take over the world

Dewey: So, what were you saying that you were taking over local businesses. So, you could see if there was some sort of secret base

Sentinel: That was a freaking plan that I had been working on for decades

Gerald: So, what are you going to do with the White House

(As Sentinel raised his eyebrows and making an evil smile, we are seeing Trump getting onboard Air Force One)

(Note: you could only see the back of Trump which getting onboard Air Force One)

(Then, Sentinel went undercover as Donald Trump walking into Oval Office)

Sentinel: Ahhhh, this is life.

(As Sentinel sitting in the chair and use an evil smile, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Bailey entering The Chill Grill approaching Carly, Sam, and Freddie)

Carly: Hey guys, where is Phil?

Zack: Oh, he said that he had to go to Pickford to see this Keely chick

Sam: I hardly doubt that there would be a disaster which if Sentinel would make an attempt to make a purchase the "Chill Grills"

Freddie: Dude!

Sam: What, I was just pointing it out! Anyway, why would some freak want to take over the local businesses

Cody: Actually, I just did a little research online and discovered that Russians established a base in the local mall in Hawkins during the mid-80s

(Zack scoffed)

Zack: Sure, it was just like the time when you thought Nazi was exist

(Cody, Bailey, Carly, Freddie, and Sam seems puzzled)

Cody: Isn't it amazing how you would even graduate from high school and still being bad at history

Freddie: Anyway, so this Sentinel dude decided to make purchases on various local businesses in order to find a couple of secret bases, right

Bailey: Yep, I...

(Bailey got interrupted by Nevel arrival)

Nevel: Well, I am baaaaccccckkkk!

(As Nevel said this, the thunder occurred in the background)

Carly, Sam, and Freddie (in unison): Nevel!

(Then, we are seeing Max relaxing in his hot tub which he recently bought then Jerry and Theresa enter)

Theresa: Maximilian Alonzo Ernesto Russo!

(Max seems to be shaken up)

Max: Oh, hey mom and dad! How was your second honeymoon

Jerry: Well, it was actually relaxing and sort of romantic

(As Jerry giggle, Theresa hit him)

Theresa: Well, what your father is trying to say is that what were you thinking about selling our longtime family business!

Max: Wellll...there was a dude who gave me an offer that I couldn't refuse

Jerry: You know how serious this is, he could find our secret lair in the freaking walk-in fridge and he will expose our secret to the Muggle community. But, I just handed-over Waverly Place Sub to you because I thought...

(Jerry got interrupted by a mystery wave.)

Jerry: Ummm...you know what. It seems like you actually make the right decision

(Max seems puzzled)

Max: Okay, at first you freaked out about me selling our family business and now, what the...

Theresa: Sweeties, it's not a big deal. You got to do what you got to do.

Max: Well, now you guys are freaking me out

(As Max runs out, we are seeing Zack, Cody, Bailey, Carly, Sam, and Freddie just witnessed Nevel's unexpected arrival.)

Nevel: Hello, Carly Shay, Samantha Puckett, Freddie Benson, Zachary Martin, and...I had no idea who you two are...Are you guys surprised to see me

Carly: Just get to the point, how did you know that we moved to San Francisco

Nevel: Well, let's just say that I have some classified sources.

(Nevel use the evil laugh)

Sam: Oh, what do you want, Papperman!?

Nevel: As you can see, there was a gentleman who has been making various purchases of local businesses across the country and...

(Nevel got interrupted by mysterious wave)

Carly: What in the heck was that!?

Nevel: Welp, no clue

(Sam and Zack grab Nevel by his shirt and put him against the wall.)

Sam: Dont screw with us, tell us what did you do!

Zack: Or, we could send you to work at Barney's Land

(Nevel's eyes became wider)

Nevel: No, anything but that!

Sam: Well, then start talking

Nevel: Okay, as you see Sentinel just created an alternate timeline in which iCarly, The Tipton Corporation, and Drake Records don't exist

(Carly, Sam, Freddie, Cody, Zack, and Bailey's eyes became wider)

Carly: Oh please, tell us that you kidding

Nevel: Nope, you guys could look it up

(Sam take out her iPhone and search for iCarly which in results of seeing a picture of Carl Wheezer from "Jimmy Neutron.")

Sam: It's not there

Cody: Wait, are you saying that Tipton Corporation doesn't even exist?

Nevel: Yep, you, your twin brother, and your mother were moved into... Hotel... 14 years ago!

(Bailey and Freddie seems to fade away)

Sam: What is the heck was that!?

Nevel: Oh, that. Since Zachary and Cody never moved onto a cruise ship, and Carly and Sam have never conceived their precious little webshow, then you guys haven't met Bailey or got to know Freddie better

Cody: So, that would mean that I am still with Barbara?!

Nevel: Well, actually she was cheating on you with your ex-friend, Bob and you caught them making out in the lobby.

(Cody's eyes became wider)

Carly: Ok, how could you still be hating on us if it wasn't for iCarly, because you used to admire the webshow before you tried to kiss me

Nevel: Yeah, here the things are that when I first laid my eyes on you was at Groovy Smoothies and you consistently rejected me

Carly: Uh, I wonder what would happen to Gibby

(Then, we are seeing Gibby relaxing on a massage chair with no shirt on at Seattle Mall)

Gibby: Ahhh...Gibbeeeehhhh

(Then, we are seeing Sentinel Jeaneane sitting in the Oval Office and Dewey enter)

Dewey: Sir, the next phase had been completed!

(Sentinel grinning)

Sentinel: Ah, perfect, I am sure that those kids won't see this coming.

Dewey: Sir, what was the point of creating an alternate timeline

Sentinel: Well, there are heroes in the stories and they always freaking win. First, a group of Hawkins citizens took down my precious creature, Mind Flayer 3 freaking times. Then, and have bought some of my properties. Lastly but not at least, I had created a version of the United States of America

(Dewey seems puzzled)

Dewey: Ummmm...okay.

Sentinel: As you see, Carly and Sam haven't come up with iCarly, The Martins family has moved into Hotel, The Russo kids had no idea that they are the wizards, Phil and his family has never been stranded in the 20th century, Tori was never been enrolled in Hollywood Arts, Shield has been defended by Hydra, and the best of all, The Hawkins citizens has never defended Mind Flayer

(Dewey's eyes became wider)

Dewey: Wait, you mean...

Sentinel: That's right

(As we zoom out of White House in Washington, D.C., then, the USA, which changes to United Sent of America, we are seeing Mind Flayer flying around. Then, we are back to Sentinel.)

Dewey: That was insane

Sentinel: Oh, I know.

(As Sentinel grinned, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Zack, and Cody arriving at Waverly Place Substation and Alex and Max approach them)

Alex: Hey guys, what up?

Carly: Well, there was some kind of strange stuff happen such as Freddie and Bailey has faded away and there is a red sky everywhere

Cody: It means that Sentinel must have created an alternative timeline in the result of Carly and Sam haven't come up with iCarly, Zack, my mother, and I moved into Hotel

(Alex scoffed)

Alex: Yeah right, it not like there would be Wizards or Superheroes that could have abilities to create an alternative timeline

(Carly, Sam, Zack, and Cody got a little bit of suspension)

Sam: Hm, Carls didn't mention anything about Wizards and it not like Wizards, Zombies, or Vampires would ever exist.

(As Alex and Max's eyes became wider, Sam laugh)

Sam: I really have no idea what I was saying.

(Alex and Max laugh nervously)

Alex: Yeah, that a great one

Max: So, just get to the point where my parent got ticked off at me about selling the restaurant to this Sentinel dude and all of a sudden, they were just cool with it.

Alex: Yep, then Justin just came out of nowhere which he was supposed to be headmaster at ummm...The University of London.

Carly: Okay, so what are we...

(Carly was interrupted by a black hoodie)

Cody: May we help you with something

(The Mystery Person put down the hoodie and revealed to be Woody Fink.)

Zack, Cody, Carly, Sam, Alex, and Max (in unison): Woody!?

(Then, we are seeing Tori walking down the road and Sikowitz approach her.)

Sikowitz: Hey, can I ask you something

(Tori seems puzzled)

Tori: Um...why?

Sikowitz: Well, as you can see that I was being let go from Hollywood Arts due to my criminal records which were coming into the U.S. Illegally in the 80s, escape from...

(Tori's eyes became wider)

Tori: Wait, you have a criminal record? That actually explains so much

Sikowitz: Yeah, My real name was not Sikowitz either

Tori: So, you were saying that you entered the US illegally and changed your identity?

Sikowitz: Yep, pretty much! Anyway, my real name is Murray Bauman and I am actually from Russia. So, would you...

(Sikowitz was interrupted by the mysterious wave)

Sikowitz: You know what, forget every single freaking detail which I just told you

(Tori seems puzzled)

Tori: Wait, I...

(Sikowitz ran away)

Tori: Okay, that was odd.

(As Tori spotted a newspaper, she picked up and read a headline that read, "A Hollywood Psychopath has escaped from Malibu Mental Hospital" with a picture of Trina.)

Tori: Why I am not that surprised.

(As Tori shrug, we are seeing Cat ran into Tori)

Tori: Hey Cat

(Cat scream)

Cat: My parents said that I should not be talking to strangers

(Tori seems puzzled)

Tori: Ummm, it me Tori, one of your friends from Hollywood Arts.

(Cat laugh)

Cat: That's a good one. Because Hollywood Arts haven't been around for a couple of years

Tori: Wait...wait, did u just said that Hollywood Arts just got shut down

Cat: Yeah, there was a dude who came to Hollywood Arts and bribed Principal of the school into selling it to Sentinel Jeaneane. So, all the students, myself included transfer to various schools in the county

Tori: So, are you saying...

(Tori was interrupted by Jade who was dressed in a post-apocalyptic outfit.)

Jade: Cat, you were not supposed to be in the public by yourself

(Cat seems guilty)

Cat: I am so sorry, Jade. My brother was chasing after me when I caught him doing drugs and such in his "lair"

Jade: Well, it's ok Cat. You will be safe with the rest of the gangs in the Defense Base

Tori: Jade, what with this getup

Jade: Do I know you?

Tori: Wait, it me Tori Vegas. The one that you regularly assume that I was "stealing" Beck from you.

Jade: Ok freak. first of all, It doesn't ring any bells and second, Beck and I broke up a couple of years ago. After he determined to join S.E.N.T Academy which I believe they would be brainwashed into Sentinel's freaking soldiers

(Tori's and Cat's eyes became wider)

Tori: Wait, what!?

(Then, we are seeing Zack, Cody, Carly, Sam, Alex, and Max being greeted by Woody)

Zack: Woodster, how the thing goes with your Mexican restaurant business goes

Woody: Do I know you from somewhere?

Cody: Well, umm...

Woody: Yeah, I don't think so. Anyway, I was sent by the leader of the Defense Base to collect the remain outsiders to keep you all from dudes at S.E.N.T Corporation. But, first I need to get something to eat. Because I am so freaking starving to the death

(As Sam shrug, Zack lean towards Cody)

Zack: Still same old Woody but, it could be an alternate timeline where we haven't been attending Seven Seas.

(Cody sign)

Cody (voice breaking): I know but I am...sur...

Carly: Are you ok

Cody: Well, In the original timeline, I came up with a six-months plan to win over Bailey and thank you, Sam, Freddie, your brother Spencer ummm...a strange kid who just take off his shirt for no freaking reason. But, thank Sentinel for screwing up the timeline where Bailey doesn't even know that I existed and she could still be dating...Moose!

(As Cody starting sobbing, he hug Zack)

Zack: There you go, buddy

(Then, Alex went to the fridge which was hiding a lair and approach by Justin.)

Justin: Where do you think you are going?

Alex: Justin, how was your position as headmaster of Hogwarts?

Justin: Well, the last thing that I remembered was heading with a hooligan who was using his magic wand to scare the entire student body with Shall-Not-Be-Named "fake his death."

(Alex scoffed)

Alex: Oh, come on. He got to have a name just like everybody else. A dude who hasn't been making a name is totally a piece of chiz

Justin: Wellll, it is a complaining ongoing situation. But that is not a point. Anyway, the next thing I know that I was sitting in our living room

Alex: Yeah, that is sort of a long story. It all started with Sentinel making a purchase on various local businesses and then, creating an alternative timeline.

Justin: That explains so much.

Alex: So, I am going to check to see if the lair is still in there.

(Justin groan)

Justin: Yeah, about that. I just checked it a couple of hours ago and it wasn't there

(Alex laugh)

Alex: That was a good one, big bro!

(As Alex hit Justin, Justin gave her a sad look)

Alex: Wait, are you serious?

Justin: Well, go see it for yourself

(As Alex open the freezer door, she walked in and out)

Alex: How it possible for some random person just take a freaking lair out of the freezer?

Justin: Wait a minute, you just mentioned something about an alternative timeline

(Alex seem nervous)

Alex: Yeah?

Justin: Which means that when dad married mom in order to disconnect from The Wizard Community completely and we are technically just a bunch of muggles.

(As Alex's eyes became wider, we are seeing Sam, Zack, and Woody finish eating 10-foot New York Dogs and Cody and Carly seems disgusted by it)

Cody: So, you guys like it huh?

Sam: This is actually better than the T-Bo's "world-famous" hot dogs

Zack: What was on it?

Carly: You do not want to know and let just say that it was not hot dog meat.

(Zack, Cody, Carly, and Sam groaned)

Woody: Well, I would still eat it.

(As Woody shrug, Carly, Sam, Zack, and Cody seems puzzled.)

Woody: Anyway, its time to...

(Woody was interrupted by a mysterious person broke into window and Alex, Justin, and Max enter)

Sam: Who is in the heck are you?!

(As Mysterious person removed a hoodie and revealed Adult Eleven who looked like she hadn't been able to escape from the Hawkins National Laboratory in the first place.)

Eleven: Well, I...

(Alex scoff)

Alex: You got to have a name

Eleven: I...don't

Sam: How about I would give you a neat nickname; "Mad Max"

Carly: Well, I don't see anything wrong with Max

Zack: How about...Padme

(Carly, and Alex seem puzzled)

Cody: Yeah, she looks a little bit like that girl from Star Wars

Sam: True Chiz

Carly: Okay, Nerds we are not going to name her after a fictional character that nobody cares about

(Sam, Zack, Cody, Woody, Justin, and Max groaned)

Sam: Fine

Eleven: How about Eleven?

Justin: Why Eleven?

Eleven: I...don't know why, but for some strange reason I feel like Eleven suits the best for me.

Alex: Eh, I...

(Alex was being interrupted by a group of Goblins banished into the sandwich shop.)

Frederick: We had been sent to collect...

(Sam snorted)

Frederick: What is so funny, blondie!?

Sam: Oh, it just funny that you and butch of dorks are acting tough and you guys are just a group of kids

Frederick: I am going to be turning 54 next week

Sam: Oh, my bad, a Dwarf dude

(Sam rolled his eyes)

Alex: So, what do you guys want

Frederick: Before I was being rudely interrupted, we were sent to collect any Outsiders by Sentinel

Justin: Yeah, that would never happen

Frederick: Very well

(As Frederick and the rest of the troopers took out their bo sticks, Alex, Justin, and Max stared at each other and nod. Then, The Russo Siblings has taken out their magic wands and blast at one of Goblin troopers which caught Carly, Sam, Zack, Cody, Woody, and Eleven off-guard.)

Sam: Dude, what the...

Alex: Let kick their butts first, questions later

(As Sam has taken out her ButterSock, Eleven closed and open her eyes. Then, Zack and Woody fought a couple of Goblins, Cody pulled out his guns and shooting toward at a couple of Goblins, Elevens put out her arm and lifted a few Goblins and blew them up, Sam beat Frederick and his commanders of the troopers and a few members of troopers with her ButterSock, Carly grabbed a pot cover from the kitchen and beat them up as well, Alex, Justin, and Max continue to blasting at remaining members of troopers. Frederick scream.)

Frederick: Ok, we are surrendered and you guys had won this round.

(As Fredrick and Commander of the Trooper exit, Zack, Cody, Carly, Sam, and Woody tiled their heads onto Alex, Max, Justin, and Eleven.)

Cody: Well...what the heck was that!?

(Alex, Justin, and Max laugh nervously)

Alex: Yeah, this was sort of a funny story

Sam: That explains why you brought up this Wizards chiz

Alex: Ok, Wizards including myself, Justin and Max were not supposed to expose ourselves in the Muggle community.

Eleven: What is...M-M-Muggles

Justin: Well, that was a term of ordinary people who don't have a magic power

Zack: Did your parents know about this stuff

Max: Yep, and as a matter of fact, our father was used to being wizards just like us. But, he has to surrender his magic power in order to marry our mom

Carly: Awww...that was so sweet. So, does Eleven have a sort of a magic power like you guys

Alex: Yeah...I don't think we have that kind of ability without our magic wand

Zack: Ok, first we met a chick who could see the future which scared the chiz out of Cody

(Cody sigh)

Cody: Yep

Zack: Then, we had been chased by a bunch of Zombie Twins, and met a time traveler. So, now you are telling us that we just fought a bunch of Goblins with Wizards and a chick who could lift and blew stuff up?

Alex: Yeah, Pretty much

Zack: That was freaking awesome!?

Sam: So, what next? A creepy clown who lives in a sewer or a psychopath dude who has never taken off his mask and just killing random of people

(Sam snorted)

Eleven: Yeah, there is something that I want to share with you guys. As you see, I was been recruited by the CIA in the late 70's and they wanted to do a couple of experiments on me. Since I had been living in a lab for almost 40 years, I could see stuff with my eyes closed which I kept seeing a little boy in a dark place called "Upside Down" for the past 36 years

Sam: Whoa, whoa, are you saying that you kept seeing a kid in this So-called Upside Down for a couple of decades?

Eleven: Yep, pretty much and I kept seeing a red sky with a creature called "The Mind Flayer" flying around which you could see outside.

(Zack, Cody, Carly Sam, Alex, Justin, and Max's eyes became wider.)

Cody: Okay, we got to check out this lab that you just escaped from, where are you from?

Eleven: I am from this little town called "Hawkins"

(As Eleven mentioned Hawkins, we are seeing Tori and Cat hacking a ride in Jade's truck stopping at a gas station/diner.)

Jade: Cat, How many times do I have to tell you that do not order a large cup of a freaking pink lemonade!?

Cat: I am so sorry, I just can't help it by being in a mood for a lemonade.

Tori: Just go, while Jade and I waiting for you in...Sid's Diner

Cat: Kay-Kay

(As Cat exit, Tori and Jade went to sit down in a booth.)

Tori: So, how does this Sentinel dude find a way to...um...takeover the country

Jade: Oh, you must be just a chick with a short-term memory

Tori: Well, I...

Jade: I would just tell you once again, Sentinel just finds a way to blackmail Jimmy Carter out of the election and won by an unexpected landslide. Then, it's would take a couple of years to gain more power and recruit more troopers. So, there was a rumor that He brainwashed troopers including my ex-boyfriend by allowing his pet Mind Flayer absurd their life.

Tori: That was impossible and how did he...

Jade: Nobody knows, but he has a home in a small town called Hawkins and used to be one of the test subjects in a lab there

Tori: Wait, was that where this little kid has gone missing about 36 years ago

Jade: Yep, well it was in a wood nearby

Tori: Don't you think that he was being kidnapped by those FBI agents and take him to the lab

Jade: That was a theory

Tori: I think we should head to Hawkins, just in case if this Sentinel guy who was there and holding this little boy as a hostage and w...

Jade: Well, it is on the way to the base and I don't see why not.

Tori: Perfect

(As Tori smirking, Cat enter)

Cat: Ahhhh...I feel so much better now

Jade: Great, we have a pit stop to make before getting to the base

Cat: Ohhhhh...Are we going to Barney's Land

Tori and Jade (in unison): NOOO!

(Then, We are seeing a car passing through a sign that read "Welcome to Hawkins" and arriving at Sheriff's Department and Zack, Cody, Carly, Sam, Alex, Justin, Max, Woody, and Eleven enter Chief Hopper's office. Chief Hopper looks much same as in the 80s but his hairs are gray getting closer to retirement.)

Hopper: How can I help you kids today?

Cody: Well, we had been approached by this woman, ummm...Jane...Foster who has been recently escaped from a lab here in Hawkins

(Hopper's eyes became wider)

Hopper: Wait a freaking minute here, are you trying to say that this gal here just magically escaped from the lab!?

(Cody gulped)

Cody: Yeah, I was saying and Zack could you...

(Hopper's eye tiled to Zack)

Zack: As my twin brother here was correct about this chick, so we are going to try to find this poor little guy who has been in...

Hopper:...Been in Upside Down for 36 years, I know.

Carly: How did you...

Hopper: Well, this missing boy who you guys were talking about. His nutjob mother claimed that she could contact him through some freaking Christmas lights for the past 36 freaking years. So, I would be more than happy to help you guys out but I just had a feeling that you might need some extra help

(As Carly, Sam, Zack, Cody, Alex, Justin, Max, Woody, and Eleven seems puzzled and Hopper smirking, we are seeing Zack, Cody, and Eleven arriving at Mike Wheeler's house and Cody knock on the door.)

Mike (VO): I am coming!

(Mike opening the door.)

Mike: How could I help...

(Mike was interrupted by his eyes has been laid on Eleven blinking her eyes and Cody snapped Mike out of it.)

Cody: Dude, sorry but are you, Mike Wheeler?

Mike: Ummm...yeah that me, what do you guys want?

Zack: Well, we had been sent by Sheriff Jim Hopper to recruit you and the rest of the gangs to find Will and stop this Sentinel dude once for all

(As Mike sigh, Zack, Cody, Eleven, and Mike sat down.)

Mike: In November 1983, after my friends and I play a board game called, "Dungeons&Dragons"

Cody: YES, I am a huge fan of the game

(Zack gave Cody a look)

Zack: Dont be such a dork

Mike: Anyway, Will was supposedly on the way home but he was somehow lost in the woods. Then, my friends and I had been searching for him until our Senior Years

Cody: Well, Jane Foster here told me and my twin brother Zack where Will has been this whole time

(Mike seems puzzled)

Mike: Where did she say that he was

Eleven: He is in Upside Down for the past 36 years

(Mike laugh)

Mike: Wait, are you guy being serious

(As Zack, Cody, and Eleven nod, we are seeing Carly and Sam arriving at Mad Max's which is a bar and approach Max.)

Max: How may I help you today?

Sam: Can I get a couple of beers and my friend Carls here would want a cocktail

Max: You got it.

(Max goes bartending the drinks)

Carly: Sam!

Sam: What, I had been in a bunch of bars and got bartenders engaged in the conversation and just follow my lead.

(Carly groan)

Carly: Fine

(As Max enter, she handed out the drinks to Carly and Sam)

Sam: Thanks

(Sam drink a sip of Beer)

Sam: Ahhhh...so what new around this town

Max: Eh, nothing much but my stepbrother just got out of prison for selling weeds and chiz.

Sam: Eh, he reminds me of my mother. Do you have a buddy who is an anchor on the local news

Max: Ohhhh...yeah, that would be my husband Lucas Sinclair who is an anchor on H 83 for over a decade.

Carly: Great, so we had been sent by Chief Hopper to recruit you, Lucas, and rest of the gangs to find this little guy who has been in a dark place called "Upside Down"

(Max nod)

Max: Well, I suppose that Lucas would probably want to rejoin the search party. I am so sorry and you are?

Sam: Oh, I am Sam Puckett and this is my best gal, Carly Shay

Carly: Hey

Max: I am Max aka former Mad Max Sinclair and let meet at our condo

Sam: Sound like a plan.

(Carly and Sam walking out the bars)

Carly: You are really good at these bars conversions

Sam: See, told ya

(Then, we are seeing Alex arriving at a motor park and knock on Steve's door. Steve groans)

Steve (VO): Who is this!

Alex: This is ummm...Robin Buckley

Steve (VO): Yes, I am coming!

(Steve open the door and he has lost a ton of hair, gained a beer belly, and grew a beard.)

Steve: Oh, you are not Robin

Alex: Sorry, but...what was that smell

Steve: Ah, you must be smelling my 5-weeks old pizzas and want some?

Alex: Nah, I ate a huge meal on the way here

Steve: Ok, suit yourself and what brought you to my Casa de Steve today

Alex: Well, I had been sending here to recruit you to find this little dude who has apparently gone missing 30-something years ago and kick Sentinel's butt for once and all

Steve: Nah, I don't know about this. Since my ex, Nancy dumped me for someone else and Robin just rejected me.

Alex: Ah, that is why you got so excited when you heard the name "Robin"

Steve: The point is, I don't know what I can do.

Alex: Oh boy. I have something to tell you, I was dating this an...ummmm...interesting dude, Mason. We were happy dating for a couple of years until he was suddenly disappeared. Sure, I was super confused about this the whole time. But, I got to keep going in order to bring him back.

Steve: Thanks...ummm...

Alex: Oh, I am Alex Russo

Steve: Thanks Alex and I am Steve Harrington and I got help my kids out

Alex: Ah...you got kids live in Hawkins

Steve: Oh, no. No kids and I..just...consider a certain group of kids as my children and they think of me as their mom

(Alex seems puzzled)

Steve: Don't ask

(Then, we are seeing Max and Justin arriving at Dustin and Suzie's mansion and knock on the door. Dustin opened the door.)

Dustin: How may I help you guys today

Justin: Oh, we are looking for a dude who goes by Dustin Henderson

Dustin: Oh, that would be me and what do you need

Max: Well, we had been sent to recruit you and the rest of the gang to find Will...

Dustin: Let me stop you right there, I am so freaking in. Suzie, I would be out to find Will

Suzie (VO): Ok, have fun and don't forget put on some sunscreen

(As Max and Justin seem puzzled, Sentinel came in the commander center at Hawkins National Laboratory and approach Gary.)

Sentinel: Was there any problems, sir

Gary: Yeah, our primary test subject recently escaped from the lab and seem like to me was that she found a new group of people who could help bring the Hawkins citizens together and could show and defend you and get Will out of Upside Down

Sentinel: What!? How does this happen? Oh wait a minute, doesn't she recruited Webstars, twins, and a trio of Wizards

Gary: Yep, pretty much

Sentinel: Well, They won't know what would hit them with a troop of Demogorgon

Gary: So, that would mean that you want...

Sentinel: Just Do it!

Gary: Y-y-yes sir

(Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Zack, Cody, Alex, Max R. Justin, Eleven, Hopper, Steve, Mike, Max S., Dustin, and Lucas enter the school gymnastics.)

Hopper: Hey Fellas, so as you kids were aware that a Hawkins local was missing for 36 years and Jane...

Eleven: Actually, I would like to be called Eleven

Hopper: Ummmm...ok, Eleven here has an ability to find anybody especially Will anywhere that rest of you couldn't see. So, our visitors from our of town just brought a bunch of updates on your old pal Will Byers. I would let Cody Martin explain what our mission to recuse Will from Upside Down and defend Sentinel once and for all

Cody: Thanks Chief Hopper, so Eleven here has been recently escaped from your local lab after spending nearly 4 decades there. Then, she has approached to inform us of a whereabouts of Sentinel and an old friend of yours. Now, we got split into the groups to find a path to get to Upside Down and defending Sentinel once for all. So, Sam Puckett, Max Sinclair, and Alex Russo; I would go with Mike Wheeler, Carly Shay, Justin Russo, Eleven Doe, and Luca Sinclair; Steve Harrington Dustin Henderson, Max Russo, and Zack Martin; So, I wish you all the best of luck

(Mike approach Eleven)

Mike: Hey, ...um...you are Eleven right

Eleven: Yeah, and you are?

Mike: Oh, I am Mike Wheeler and was wondering if I...sho...there any weapon we would use

(Lucas enter)

Lucas: Hmmm...how smooth.

(As Lucas exit, Mike rolled his eyes. Then, we are seeing Dustin approaching Steve.)

Dustin: Hey Buddy, Long time no see.

Steve: Dude, look at you! You seem to be losing a ton of weight

Dustin: Yeah, and you...had gained a beer belly and lost your hair

Steve: Weellll, I...

(Sam enter)

Sam: Well, he must have been dumped by 2 chicks.

Steve: How did you...

Sam: Oh, Max and Alex told me about your tragic love life

Steve: Who are the heck are you?

Sam: I am Sam Puckett and you must be Steve Harrington and this must be your front toothless friend, Dustin Henderson

Dustin: Hey, I have this very rare disease and what do you want

Sam: Oh, Max and Lucas mentioned you have a couple of weapons that we could borrow

(As we are seeing Eleven looking over a mission plan, the light was flicking on and off.)

Eleven: Oh no, that was a good sign

Carly: What was not a good sign?

Eleven: There are a couple of creatures from Upside Down called Demogorgon that just arrived.

(Then, we are seeing Cody, Mike, Justin, Carly, Lucas, and Eleven enter the hallways facing a Demogorgon.)

Cody: What the heck was that!?

Eleven: A Upside Down creature that is known as Demogorgon

Cody: Well, let take down this piece of chiz

(As Cody took out a bat, Justin took out his magic wand, Lucas took out his slingshot, Mike took out a metal pipe, Carly took out her a large handheld gun, and Eleven close and open her eyes and put down her arms. Mike noticed Justin's magic wand.)

Mike: Was that supposed to be a sort of magic wand

Justin: What...no...ye...fine, I am a Wizards

Mike and Lucas (in unison): Coool

(As Eleven pushed Demogorgon against the lockers, Cody, Lucas, and Mike hit a couple of Demogorgon, Justin blew up a couple of another Demogorgon and Carly shot a couple of more Demogorgon. Then, we are seeing Sam, Max, and Alex ran into a couple of Demodogs in a laboratory.)

Sam: What the fudge was that!?

Max: No clue, but it is not some...sort...of...werewolves

(As Demodogs groan, Alex blasted one of the Demodogs with her magic wand)

Max: Whoa, what in the heck was that!?

Sam: Oh, Alex is some sort of a wiz and so are both of her brothers

(As Sam pulled out an assault rifle and shot some of the Demodogs, Max pulled out her Handheld knife and stabbed a couple more of Demodogs. Then, as a Demodog came after Sam, it was killed by Jade. Sam's eyes became wider.)

Sam: Jade!? What is the...

Jade: How did you...

(Jade's eyes laid on Alex blasting a couple more Demodogs)

Jade: Wha..! I got to stop drinking too much beer before bed

(Then, we are seeing London and Kevin McCallister coming out of World Premiere of London's New Film; "Ashley Dwayne: International Spies" that took place in StarCourt Mall.)

Kevin:...And thats how I defeated the Wet Bandits twice

(As London giggling, they been approached by Cat.)

London: Hmmm...how can we help you?

Cat: Oh...

(Cat giggle)

Cat: I just skip...whoa, wait a minute. Are you London Tipton!?

London: Yeah...duh. Oh, do you want an autographed picture of me from the "Saved By the Bell" days? (under her breath, in a scoffing tone) Even though it was just for one season.

Cat: Well, I...as you can see

Kevin: Wait, are you just wondering around in Hawkins.

Cat: Whoa, you are so good and how did...

Kevin: It happened to me once when I was just a kid who just got onto a wrong flight to New York which led to an insane adventure

Cat: Oh, it was just a couple of friends and I was just in town to find a poor kid who just vanished about 36 years ago

(Kevin's eyes became wider)

Kevin: Wait, did you just said that you gals are going to find a lost kid who just lost in the woods?

Cat: Yeah, why?

Kevin: Because in my experience with wandering into an unknown and as CEO and Founder of Kev-Security, I have some high tech that would help find the lost kid

(Kevin pulled out a Kid-Tracker)

Cat: Ohhhh...it looks very shiny

Kevin: Okay, anyway I go...

(Kevin got interrupted by a couple of Demogorgons)

Kevin: Holy Ch...

Cat: What was in the heck was that!?

London: I don't know but...RUN

(As Kevin, Cat, and London ran into Willy's Gun n Fun, Kevin pulled out his phone)

Kevin: Ok, I got to call my equipment dude to sent out my very own prank container

(Kevin pulled out his iPhone Pro 11 and attempted calling Darryl the equipment manager.)

Kevin: Come on, Come on

Darryl (VO): Wassup, my pal, I might not answer this call because I might either hide from the FBI because of that one time which involves hacking the President's personal emails and social media or one of my exes whose very controlling and I am super terrified of her.

(Kevin grunt)

Kevin: You got to be FREAKING kidding me, man!?

Cat: Your equipment guy must have tons of problems which sort remind me of that one time where my brother took one of her ex-girlfriends to an abandoned movie theater in the rough neighborhood of Los Angeles

London: Were they lost?

Cat: Noooooo...it was where he would hang out with his "closest friends" and let just said that she had been missing ever since

(London and Kevin seems horrified)

Kevin: Okay, so let me go fetch us a couple of weapons and you two stay right there

Cat: Kay-Kay

(Kevin approach Jason at the cash register)

Kevin: Hey, ummm...I would need 3 weapons for hunting

Jason: I got you, my dude and I would need to see some ID

(As Kevin handed out his ID and gave it to Jason, Kevin looking back at his hiding place and notice London and Cat have gone missing. Kevin turned his attention to the camera.)

Kevin (Yelling): London!

(Then, we are seeing Tori walking down the street and bumped into Maddie Fitzpatrick.)

Tori: Oh, I am so so sorry about that

Maddie: Nah, it wasn't a big bargain at all and I am running some sort of errands for a certain celebrity

Tori: Wait a minute, I think that I know you from somewhere

(Maddie seems puzzled)

Maddie: Wait, you have? If it was that one time where London made a fool out of herself at Teen's Choice Award in '11 for not winning some worthless surfboard and her ex-boyfriend apparently dumped her for one of those Kardashian chicks, I am so sorry about her actions during a meet and greet event at Disneyland the next day

Tori: Ummm, no. Anyway, it's me, Tori Vegas and remembers that we met at Cody and Bailey's wedding in London? That was a quite adventure

(As Tori chuckle, Maddie seems confused)

Maddie: I am so sorry but who is Cody and Bailey

Tori: Ohhh...sorry if I was mistaken you for someone else but I need...

Maddie: I might beg your pardon but is that...that...your strange-looking dog

Tori: Wha...

(As Tori turning around and spotted a Demodog, Tori's eye became wider.)

Tori: RUN!

(Tori and Maddie ran all the way to Hawkins Community Pool and approached by Jacob the head lifeguard.)

Jacob: How might I help you with something

Maddie: We...are...being...chased...by...A FREAKING...CREATURE.

(Jacob scoffed)

Jacob: Yeah, that what my 5 years old brother said every night and I don't give a chiz about it

Tori: Look, we need to get...

(Tori was being interrupted by 2 agents shot a couple of sleeping darts at Tori and Maddie and being carried away.)

Jacob: Eh, what a couple of psychopaths

(As Jacob's get back to reading his comic book, we are seeing Zack, Max, Steve, and Dustin arrived in the middle of the woods near Hawkins National Laboratory.)

Zack: Okay, so here is the plan; Steve and Dustin here would go undercover as a couple of Russian spies whose "supposedly" captured Eleven which Max would use his magic wand to...

Steve: Whoa, Whoa…wait a minute, are you saying that…Max here is some sort of a wizard

Zack: Umm…

(As Zack tilted his eyes onto Max, Max silently nod and Zack sigh)

Zack: Yep, he is a wizard and so are his brother and sister

Dustin: Holy Chiz, That is definitely blowing my freaking mind right currently

Steve: Yeah, I thought they were sort of fictional characters in shows and movies

Zack: Guys, just let me get to the point... we don't have that much time to debate. Anyway, Max here will transform himself into Eleven and I will sneak into the laboratory by crawling through the vent system and find this some sort of portal which will lead us to the Upside Down

(As Max pulled out his magic wand and use a morphing spell to transform himself into Eleven, Steve's and Dustin's eyes became wider)

Dustin and Steve (in unison): Cool!

Dustin: After all of this is over, could I borrow your magic wand?

(As Zack, Max aka Eleven, Steve were giving Dustin a look, we are seeing Mike and Cody running into 's classroom and push a desk against the door and put a chair on the desk. Cody and Mike panting)

Cody: That was a close call.

Mike: Yeah, tell me about it

Cody: Well, I guess we would wait here until...

(Cody landing his eyes onto a laboratory size of a microscope)

Cody: No freaking way! It was a brand new, super-high tech thing which was used to look at bacteria in a retina clear impression

(Cody approach it and test it out)

Mike: Yeah, this was my favorite teacher of all time, Mr. Clarke who still teaching biology and he would always allow me and my friends play with the technology in the AV Club

(Cody lookup)

Cody: Well, that definitely makes me want to come to school with you and these buddies of yours. But, I might have been born in the wrong decade

(Cody and Mike chuckle)

Mike: Well, I have...umm..sort of some questions about...

Cody: Let me guess, Eleven?

Mike: Wait how did...

Cody: Well, you kept staring at her when you first saw her and got a little bit of awkward as you approach her in the gym down the hall

(Mike sniff)

Mike: Whaaattt!? I don't have a crush on Eleven!

(Cody gave Mike a "really" look)

Mike: Ok, fine. I have a little bit of crush on her and for some strange reason, I..feel like I had already known her well and...

Cody: Well, can I give some sort of advice to win over Eleven

Mike: Sure, I...feel...like...ummm...

Cody...like she is THE ONE. I know how that feels and when my twin brother and I moved onto a cruise ship for school

(Mike's eyes became wider)

Mike: Wait, there was a school on the ship

Cody: Yep, that was where I met my future wife. Well, she was going to Seven Seas High as a boy

(Mike became puzzled)

Cody: Don't ask, once we fell into a hot tub and her hat just came off her head and I just found out that she actually a girl in which I developed a huge crush on her. Then, I came up with this Six-Months Plan to win her over and six months later, I finally won her over with some help from stars of our favorite webshow. Well, it worked up until a year later when I assumed that Bailey was "cheating" on me with some French dude and basically dumped her butt.

(Mike groan)

Cody: Yeah, I know. So, we basically moved on for a couple of months and then, we got back together. So, the point is to be yourself and I am sure that Eleven will crawl into your arm in no time

Mike: Thank you, Cody, for the advice to win El over

Cody: No problem and on an unrelated note, where can I find this fantastic microscope

Mike: Well, I...

(Mike was being interrupted by a Demogorgon growl)

Cody: Quick to the window!

(As we seeing Mike and Cody run to the window, we are seeing Cat looking at her reflection in the glass cage)

Cat:...That is why I don't like those scary movies

London: Would you please stop that? Because you were talking to yourself for 9 FREAKING hours

Cat (Softly): Kay-Kay

London: Thank you and we still even have no idea where we are

Mystery Person: I know exactly where we are

(As London and Cat tilted their heads towards another end of the cage and revealed Phil, Maddie, and Tori)

London and Cat (unison): Maddie! Tori!

(As Cat and London approach them and gave a huge hug, they turn to Phil.)

Tori: So, ummm…Phil, how did you know where we are?

Phil: It was a sort of long story

Cat: Yay, it's a storytime

(London, Maddie, Tori, and Phil became puzzled)

Maddie (whisper): What is wrong with her

Tori (whisper): We are not so sure

Phil: As I was saying, we are in Hawkins National Laboratory which was run by a former test subject, Sentinel Jeaneane.

Maddie: What do you mean by a test subject?

Phil: Well as you can see, in the 70s, and CIA recruited a ton of children in order to do some experience on them.

Maddie: Is it like some kind of a trafficking

Phil: No, this is different from that kind of situation. So, decided to pass down the torch to Sentinel.

London: Then, how did u get in here in the first place

Phil: Well, it led to a couple of weeks ago

(Then, we are seeing Seattle Skyline with a text that read "Seattle, Original Time Line" and seeing Phil walking out of Seattle Tipton Hotel and speaking to Keely on the phone.)

Phil: Yeah, it will just take me a couple of hours to get to Pickford and we will just check out this new version of "High School Musical"

Keely (VO): I don't know about that, but it supposedly takes place in a high school which they filmed over a decade ago and doing the play based on that exact movie

Phil: Yeah, it sounds like some five-year-old was hired to run and write some crappy stuff for the show.

(Keely and Phil chuckle)

Keely (VO): Well, I guess that we would have to create a petition to get Disney to cancel this piece of chiz

(Phil walk onto his family Time RV)

Phil: Yeah, I don't...

(Phil spotted Sentinel seating on the chair)

Phil: I will have to call you back

Keely (VO): Ummm...Okay

(As Phil hung up and put his iPhone 9000 in his pocket, pulled out his high tech gun and point at Sentinel)

Phil: Who in the heck are you

Sentinel: Just some old friend who wants to chat with Ya. So, nice RV you got here and do y'all use it for time travel

Phil: I don't even have a clue what are you talking about?

Sentinel: Don't try to fool me, unlike you had fool most of your classmates, teachers, and citizens the entire time when you and your family were stranded in this century

Phil: Ok, I think that I would go fetch the cop

Sentinel: That won't be necessary

(Sentinel put his hand forward and shut and lock the door.)

Phil: Ok, what do you want?

Sentinel: I am so glad you asked. Because I want you to help me create an alternate timeline where the villains win

Phil: Heck No!

Sentinel: Well, that was assumed

(Sentinel pulled Phil onto a seat in the back and vines grew onto him)

Sentinel: Back in the 80s, there was a girl who has this exact same power as well and she kept beating my precious Mind Flayer and Demodogs every single FREAKING times with the help of her friends and I want some sweet revenge on her by creating an alternative timeline where she hadn't escaped from the lab in the first place

Phil: Fudge you

Sentinel: Ohhh...Well

(Sentinel grow some vines onto Phil's lip)

Sentinel: So, first I thought that I would find some secret base in the various local businesses but thanks to my anonymous source, you and your family own a Time RV which led me to Plan B

(Phil muffled)

Sentinel: I am so glad that we can understand each other

(As Sentinel use the evil laugh, we saw a white light and back to the present with Phil wrapping up his story.)

Maddie: Wait..wait a minute, are you saying that there was another timeline where London own this hotel chain

Phil: Yep, you used to work at a candy counter at Boston Tipton Hotel and then promoted to a hotel manager at Orlando Tipton Hotel

London: So, I am some sort of a hotel heiress in another time thingy

Phil: Yep, you were living at the hotel for the first 18 years of your life and then your father forced you to attend Seven Seas High for the next 3 years and had your own webshow

London: Gasp, I own the hotel and has a webshow in the other time whatever that means. Yay Me!

(As London clap, Maddie, Tori, and Phil rolled their eyes and Cat raised her hand )

Cat: Oh, Oh, read me

Tori: I could tell you that we actually attended Hollywood Arts and you still have this...ummm...strange personality

Cat: Yay!

Tori: So speaking of strange, Phil you were saying that there was a chick who has this same power as Sentinel

Phil: Yep, well she actually escaped in November 1983 and approached 3 Hawkins kids and basically took those kids, , and Hopper a couple of weeks to find Will and he is still kicking to this day. Well, in the original timeline

Cat: So, is this chick still in this laboratory

Phil No, I...ummm...sort of helping her to escape which led to me back in here

Tori: Wait, are you saying

Phil: Yep

(Then, we are seeing Steve and Dustin holding Max aka Eleven and knocking on the door. Gary opens the door.)

Gary: Well, Well...looks who finally crawling back and I want to thank you guys for capturing Eleven

Steve (bad Russian accent): Will there be any kind of reward for capturing this woman

Gary: Well, I...

(Then, we are seeing Zack crawling in the vent system and bumped into Kevin)

Zack: Hey, watch who...wait a minute. Aren't u The Kevin McCallister who has defended the Wet Bandits twice?!

Kevin: Yep, one and the only and you are?

Zack: Oh, I am Zack Martin and I a huge fan of your works which inspired me to caused to do some mischievous stuff when I was a kid

(Zack laugh and sigh)

Zack: These are good ole days and what are you doing in this vent system

Kevin: Oh, well my girlfriend, London Tipton, and her huge fan who got kidnapped by those Russian spies and you?

Zack: Well, it might be sound little crazy as seem to be but we are heading into this dimension called the Upside Down in order to find this little kid

Kevin: Wait a minute, we are actually planning to find this exact same kid and could we join you and your search party

Zack: Sure, I don't see why not

(As Zack and Kevin crawl, they spotted London, Maddie, Tori, Cat, and Phil in the large glass cage which was set to launch into Upside Down.

Zack: What the fudge was that?!

(Then, we are seeing Dewey enter Sentinel's office)

Dewey: Sir, the Russian spies have finally captured your number one arch enemy, Eleven

Sentinel: Excellent, I have a certain job for Eleven which will push a glass cage full of humans into the Upside Down and my precious Mind Flayer will absorb their innocence minds and will join the army of Demihumans and which I promise Papa shortly before his death that I will finally conquer the world with no FREAKING mercy

Dewey: Whoa, that sound little too extreme to do a world domination

(Dewey laugh nervously)

Sentinel: Oh, it seems like you are not interested in turning the entire universe Upside Down

Dewey: Yeah, here is the thing...I know how much you despise the fact that Eleven and her allies defended your precious Mind Flayer 4-5 times in the original timeline and just...

Sentinel:...just what

Dewey: I just think it was an over the top to do a world domination

Sentinel: Is that so?

Dewey: Yeah.

Sentinel: Very Well

(Sentinel grew a couple of vines and choking Dewey and approach him)

Sentinel: Don't...you...ever...criticzite...my Papa's brilliant plan

Dewey: I...can't...breathe

Sentinel: You should have thought of that before you being critical of my Papa's World Domination plan

Dewey: Fudge..y... o...u...

(As Dewey took his last breath, the camera panned up to Zack and Kevin watching the whole thing in terrifying)

Zack: What...in...the...heck...was...that?!

Kevin: I don't know but I haven't been this scared since I got in trouble for humbling my older brother Buzz at his Graduation

Zack: I haven't seen anything this horrific since my grandmother's 81st birthday when she thought that I was...her...husband

Kevin: What?

Zack: It doesn't matter since the world is at the wit's end and we got to rescue prisoners before they were being launched

Kevin: Right

(Zack's pulling out his walkie-talkie)

Zack: Guys, we got a situation where Sentinel just revealed his master plan and it would involve the prisoners being launched into the Upside Down and going to be brainwashing by Mind Flayer

(Then, we are seeing Steve holding a walkie-talkie)

Steve: Roger that.

Dustin (whisper): What are we going to do with...you know who

Steve (whisper): Don't you worry about that. Some chick in the lab coat will handle it

Dustin(whisper): Who?

(Then, we are seeing Carly in a lab coat approach Max aka Eleven)

Carly: You know what to do

(As Carly wink at Max, Max nods and his magic power to open the door. Then, Maddie, Phil, and Tori got out.)

(Then, we are seeing Sentinel watching his launch off about to start some backfired.)

Sentinel: What the...

(Sentinel noticed something different about Eleven.)

Sentinel: Wait a minute

(As Sentinel grin, we are seeing London and Cat are about to get out and was being interrupted by the door shut onto them)

Cat: What the...

(Tori trying to open the door)

Tori: Uggg... the door was locked

(The glass cage was being launched into the Upside Down.)

The Search Party (in unison): Noooooo!

(Sentinel enter)

Sentinel: Well, it seems your friends are about to be brainwashed by my precious Mind Flayer

Carly: Really? I guess you would want to lookup

(Carly smirk)

Sentinel: Wha...

(Sentinel was being interrupted by Sam who was undercover as a Russian spy jumped on him and Max Sinclair who dressed in a close similar to Animation Kim Possible's mission suit from the first 3 seasons cut off his arm. As Sentinel grunts, Real Eleven approaches him.)

Sentinel: How did...

(As Sentinel's eyes tilted onto Max Russo aka Fake Eleven morphed back to himself and wave at him and back onto the Real Eleven, Sam and Max got off him.)

Sentinel: Well, I got admitted that you got the best out of me.

Eleven: We know what you are up to and we will doing anything to stop you from taking over the universe

Sentinel: It's is for your own good,

Sam: Our own good, my FREAKING butt! You have...took away our family, friends, and accomplishments for what?!

Sentinel: I do this in order to take advantage of the time travel to erase...single...thing that you guys had done. You and Carly wouldn't have convinced your little precious webshow, Zack and Cody won't have anything to do with Tipton corporation, Eleven won't have approached the boys on that rainy night and help them to find Will in the first place, and Tori wouldn't enroll at Hollywood Arts.

Eleven: You might have taken away Mike, Hopper, and my friends from me as you create this alternative timeline

Sentinel: Oh, Boo-hoo who care and do you know what? The only things that I care about Papa's wishes need to to be fulfilled and taking away your happiness

(As Sentinel uses the evil laugh, Zack and dropkick Sentinel, Kevin dropped a net onto him, and Cody, Mike, Lucas, Tori, Maddie, Alex, Max R., Justin, Steve, Dustin, and Phil approach Sentinel.)

Zack: Yeah, take that you punk

(Sentinel grunts and Mike approaches Eleven.)

Mike: Hey, I...umm...

Eleven: What are you trying to say

Mike: I want to...tell...that I think that you might be the super-cute chick with the fantastic superpower and I...( gulp)...love...you

Eleven (sobbing): Ohh...Mike, I...love you too

(Eleven pulled Mike in for a kiss.)

Mike: Papa likely

(Zack and Kevin approach Cody and Maddie)

Zack: Hey, Sweet Thang!

Maddie: Are you the one who has a crush on me since the day you and Cody moved into The Tipton Hotel

Zack: Yep, one and the only

Cody: Well, it either him or a 70-year-old dude who think that you are his wife

Maddie: Touche

Kevin: Ummm...I hate to break this reunion but I think Sentinel just escaped and took Mike into the Upside Down

Zack: Wait, what!?

Eleven: Well, we would probably need some backup before we get into the Upside Down in order to defend Sentinel and rescue London, Cat, Mike, and Will

Hopper (VO): Are you looking for these backups

(The Search Party tilted their heads to Hopper who brought Sikowitz with a Murray

Bauman's look carrying his assault gun, is dressed in a Camouflage Uniform, Spencer, Keely, Pim, Nancy, Jonathan, and Harper. Carly, Sam, Zack, Cody, Max S, Lucas, Dustin, Eleven, Steve, Alex, Max R., Justin, Tori, Jade, Maddie, and Phil looked at each other with a smirk. Then, we are seeing a destroyed Glass Class with Mind Flayer roar and pan over to London and Cat running into the wood.)

London (Panting): I...think...we...lost...them

Cat: Yeah, ohhhh...remember what this nice time man said this poor kid is still in Upside Down?

London: Yep, we got to find this kid and he supposed to be here somewhere

Cat: Kay, hmmm...London

London: What is it? Was this Will kid behind me

Cat: Ummmm...no, there...was...a..(gulp)...strange...creature...

(As London turn around slowly and spotted a Demodog, her eyes became wider.)

London: RUN!

(As Demodog chasing London and Cat through the wood in a Scooby-Doo style, London whacked Demodog out cold with a large branch of the tree.)

London: There, it should be all taken care of.

Cat: London, I think that I had found Will

London: Great, where is he?

Cat: Hmmm...he is in a large hole in a tree with a strange-looking breather

(Cat pointed to a certain tree where Will is in an exact position as he was in 1983.)

London: You got to be kidding me

(London and Cat approached Will.)

Cat: Kay, we need to untie him from the tree

London: Eh, screw my nails and makeup

(As London pulled out a gigantic worm which was hanging out in his mouth, she stepped on it.)

London and Cat (in unison): Ewwww!

(As Cat and London untied Will and they were getting ready to carry him, Will was waking up. Will coughing and groan)

Will: Who are you guys

(As London and Cat stare at each other with their eyes became wider, we are seeing Max and Sam walking towards an Upside Down version of Dershilt's House.)

Sam:...that is why my mother could be in the pain in the butt

Max: Tell me about it, my Stepbrother is such an ingenious and creep when it comes to every single attractive woman he approached and would beat anyone who stands in his way. Which I mean literally!

(Sam groan)

Sam: Preachin' to the choir, sista

(Sam and Max approach to a front door.)

Sam: You might want to stand back

(As Max stands back, Sam kicked the door open slowly and stare at the living room with Max. Then, they walked into the living room and door shut behind them.)

Mystery Person: Hello, Sam

Sam: I recognize the voice and I know who you are and holding a kid as a hostage. You are...better...show...yourselve or ELSE!

(As Mystery Person step out of the dark and revealed to be Nora with stitches on her head and blood is all over the place and very pale.)

Nora: Or what, Sam?

(Sam's eyes became wider with anger)

Sam (Breathes): NORA!

(Nora giggles in a Pennywise like.)

Nora: You thought you would saw the last of me as you pushed me off the cliff, Silly Sam

Sam: Where...is...the...freaking...kid!?

Nora: I could confirm that I didn't kidnap anyone this time

Sam: How could I believe you after multiple times of kidnapped me and my friends?!

Nora: True, true. But, I just want to make up for it by showing you something...neat

Sam: like what?

Nora: This

(Nora grew a vine onto Sam's leg.)

Sam: What...the...fudge was that!?

Max: You are going down, you...psychopath

(Max was getting ready to hit Nora with a bat)

Nora: Wait, what about your Stepbrother?

Max: Wha...

Sam: Max, do not listen to her, it's a trap!

(Nora grew a vine onto Sam's lip.)

Max: What in the heck are you talking about?


Max: I don't give a chiz about Billy at all!?

Nora: Is that so?

(Billy walked into the living room looking similar to that time when he was murdered by Mind Flayer.)

Billy: Hello, Maxine

(Max's eyes became wider)

Max: BILLY!?

(Then, we are seeing Hopper and enter a hallway of an Upside Down version of Hawkins Middle School.)

Moseby:Don't you suppose that this kid were just being a hooligan by causing a tons of manic around Hawkins and just basically disappear?

(Hopper sigh)

Hopper: I wouldn't say he would cause too much trouble in Hawkins. But, he was...well...I meant is just a nerdy kid who spent every single day in a basement playing D&D with his buddies

Moseby: I highly do...

(Moseby was interrupted by spotting a puppet.)

Moseby: What the..? Didn't Will own any kind of puppets like this?

Hopper: I am afraid not

Moseby: Okay but maybe we sh...

(Moseby was being interrupted once again by Rex's head turned by himself

(Moseby and Hopper scream)

Rex (in a man voice): Hi, I'm Rex and do you wanna play with me?

Moseby: Yelp.

(Moseby and Hopper pulled out their assault rifles)

Hopper: Heck no

Moseby (whisper): Let's...get...the...heck...

Hopper (whisper): I got you

(As Moseby and Hopper ran down the hallway...Rex can be seen at the dead end with locking the door.)

Rex: I guess you will have a play date with...DEATH tonight!

(Rex laugh in a Pennywise like)

Moseby: Oh Dear

(As Moseby whimpers, Hopper grab him by a collar and began running into a janitor's closet was already occupied by London, Cat, and Will.)

Moseby: London?

Hopper: Looks like you gals have fou..

(Hopper was being interrupted by a sound of saw coming through the door and Rex popped his head into the hole.)

Rex: We're buddies till the end, remember?!

(As Moseby, Hopper, London, and Cat scream, we are seeing Zack, Cody, Kevin, and Lucas arriving at an Upside Down version of Pickett's family farm.)

Zack:...this is why I think Mister Roger's Neighborhood was the worst preschool series

Kevin: Right, it was definitely lack of imagination and this Roger dude is super boring

Cody: Well, I wouldn't said he was boring at all. Because, he was very well educated the kids way that every preschool series should had been

Zack: Wasn't that same weirdo whose only friend with the puppets and kids

Lucas: Yep, even though, he can't be on the level of Sesame Street's fame and nothing could ever surpass it, at least...for now

Zack: True, but I...

(Zack was being interrupted by Moose looking pale with the blood over him coming out of the barn which caused Cody's eyes became wider.)

Cody: Moose!

Moose: You thought you would get rid of me once my little Haybail chose you over me!

(Moose laugh in a Pennywise like)

Zack: Oh, boo-hoo...I don't give a chiz about it. Because, it was like 8 years ago

Moose: Just shut it, Blondie! Anyway, I recently made a couple of friends and Kevin here might have met them quite long time ago

Kevin What in the heck are you talking about?

(Moose whistle)

Moose: Get over here, boys!

(As Marv and Harry seems to be pale and Harry's face were burnt badly and Marv has blood over him came out of the Pickett's household, Kevin's eyes became wider)

Harry: Hello, Kevin. Long time no see

Kevin: Wet Bandits!

(Then, we are seeing Spencer and Steve wandering around the woods trying to find Will which wasn't aware that London and Cat has found him first.)

Steve:...and that how I used to make my hair look great

Spencer: Ah, gotcha...so from what I was hearing that you are a mom to a certain group of kids, was that true

Steve: Umm...yeah, it was sort of complain situation and I...

Spencer: I know what you mean. As you can see, my dad is in the Air Force and left me in charge of Carly. Well, I was in law school for 3 days and...

Steve: Whoa, wait a minute, you were only in law school for just 3 days!?

Spencer:Yep, I didn't tell him that until he made a surprise trip to take Carly to her last Father and Daughter dance.

Steve: Ohhh...

Spencer: So, the point is...I am sort of fun uncle to my little sis and her pals

Steve: Yeah, don't you suppose to have a weird kid in your "family" or something

Spencer: Well in the matter of fact, I do. There was...ummm...Gibby who always take his shirt for apparently no reason at all and has a mold of his head

Steve: A mold of...his head?

Spencer: Don't ask. What about you

Steve: Well, there was a kid name Dustin who have no front teeth due to some rare disease and somehow got a girlfriend and we were so shocked

Spencer: Tell about it, we couldn't believe that Gibby has a girlfriend either

(As Spencer and Steve chuckles, they spotted a baby)

Spencer: What the...?

Steve: Don't you think Will somehow morphed back to...this?

Spencer: I don't think it was possible. I mean...look at us, we are in Upside Down and didn't turn into a baby

Steve: That was a good point right there and what...

(As Baby's head turn 360 degrees, Spencer and Steve yelp)

Spencer: What...the...Fudge...was...that!?

Steve: Maybe, he could have a special talent which could be great for your sis's webshow

Spencer: Yeah, that probably it

(Spencer pick up the baby)

Spencer: I cannot believe that I just discovered a kid with a special talent from another dimension

Babe (Man Voice): Fudge...You

(As Steve and Spencer scream, Spencer dropped Babe)

Steve: What...

Spencer:..and who are you

Babe: I eat grown ups for meals

Steve: Huh-huh..well, it was nice to meet you and all but...we...RUN!

(Spencer and Steve ran and spotted a couple of adults laying on the floor with visible bones and Babe cut the head off of a grownup.)

Babe: Going somewhere?

(As Babe bit on his neck, Spencer and Steve scream and ran into Large Tree where Babe live)

Spencer: That was...creepy

Steve: Yep, where in the heck are we

(As Spencer pulled out a flashlight and turn on, he spotted Justin, Sitowitz, Keely, Pim, and Harper dead on the floor with no bodies to be found and Steve and Spencer stare at each other in fear. Then, we are seeing Carly, Eleven, and Nancy walking in the woods .)

Carly:..and that was how you get in a relationship with a guy that you..ummm

Nancy:...are in love with

Carly: Exactly!

Eleven: I get it now

Nancy: I might want to warn you that my little bro could be very dorky when it's come to some sort of board game that Mike and his buddies are into

Eleven: I don't mind at all

Carly: Well, you really do have a strong feeling for him and it probably makes you feel little crazy

Eleven: Crazy...like how?

Nancy: Well, let see when you meet a guy who makes feel...ummm...

Carly:...like there were strong connection with this particular dude and making you start to think about the future with him like right away

Nancy: Exactly! You know what, Carly? I know you have a webshow, but maybe we could host a dating show as...you know...a side job

Carly: Actually, that is not a bad idea but...

(Carly was interrupted by a mysterious voice)

Mystery Person: Hello Carly Shay, do you miss me

(Carly's eyes became wider)

Carly: Nevel!

(Nevel came from hiding behind the tree looking pale and has blood over him)

Nevel: You sure looking...so surprised to see me in this another...dimension

(Nevel laugh in a Pennywise like)

Carly: What do you want!?

Nevel: Well, I was just eavesdropping that Eleventh has a boyfriend issue and I had a couple of friends who can help you.

Carly: Oh really, like...who?

Nevel: Guys, you can come out

(As Nevel smirk and and Barb come from hiding the tree looking pales with blood all over them, Nancy's and Eleven's eyes became wider)

Eleven and Nancy (in unison): Papa!? Barb!?

(Nancy approach Barb to give her a hug)

Barb: Really, Nancy, Really?

Nancy (sobbing): Oh Barb...I am so, so, so, sorry that I basically ditched you at that party at Steve's by sending you home. I just...feel so horrible ever since, because you were gone missing after that and everyone in Hawkins...thought you were death especially your parents

(As Barb grew a vines on Nancy, Eleven and Carly stare at each other in fear)

Barb: Well, I don't give a chiz about your apology and you are only...care...about...yourselve, your...precious...Steve

(As Barb hiss, Nancy laugh nervously)

Nancy: Yeah, here is the thing, we are not together anymore and I am married to Jonathan Byers for 24 years now

Barb: LAIR!

(As Barb choking Nancy, Carly and Eleven was about goes after Barb and Dr. Brenner put them in a power-restricted cage )

Nancy: Why...are...you...


Nancy: I..am...so..so...

(Nancy has taken her last breath)

Carly and Eleven (in unison): NANCY!

(As Carly and Eleven is getting emotional, we are seeing Max and Sam facing Nora and Billy)

Max: Billy?

Billy: Maxine, I know we have tons of issues in the past and I was just being a douchebag and...(voice breaking)...I was...just...ticked...off...

Max:Tick off about what

Nora: Wellll, your step-brother has some daddy issue which was his father just took away Billy's close relationship with his biological mother

Max: Wow, I had no idea that you feel that way and I am so sorry about this...entire situation and...I...just

Billy: Oh, don't be

Max: I know and I just...

(Billy's laugh in a Pennywise like)

Billy and Nora (in Unison): JOIN US!

Max: Wait...what?

Billy: I want you to join us and to...

(Billy was being interrupted by a being hit by an axes and it went back to Sam)

Sam: Told you, it...was...a...trap!

Nora: Once I am do...

Sam: Yeah, yeah like I heard that before and less chatting, more kicking...your...Freaking...butt

(As Sam was about hit Nora with an axes, Nora dodge and Sam hit a picture frame which caused it to fall on Nora)

Nora: That it!

(Nora's hand tranformed into a knife)

Sam:Ooookay, that was definitely a weirdest thing that I ever seen

(As Nora was about hitting Sam, she dodged and fell into the basement. Then, Nora enter and force pushed Sam against the window of a studio and causing it to break)

Sam: What the...?

(As Nora kicked the door and approached her, lighting could be heard and seen in the background)

Nora: You are going to trap here forever...forever...ever...ever...and...ever!

(Sam seems terrorized and threw a mic stand against Nora and her head became flat and Nora has blood coming out of her eyes. Sam breath heavily)

Sam: Over...my...dead...body

(Nora laugh in a Pennywise like)

Nora: You and your friends has ruined my every...single...FREAKING...plans

Sam: Yeah, here is the thing, after I pushed you off that cliff. I...actually find...your...chicken...really delicious

Nora; You...what!?

Sam: Yeah, and...one more thing

Nora: What?

Sam: THIS!

(Sam threw an axes against Nora's face in a cartoon style and the blood were coming out of her face and lighting could be heard and seen in the background once again.)

Sam (breath heavily): NO...ONE...EVER...THREAT...MOMMA!

(Then, we are seeing Billy force pushed Max against the wall into a bedroom and approach her)

Max: What...in...the...heck...was...that!?

Billy: We would...have...bond...and rekindle our relationship over world donation

(Max breath heavily)

Max: I know what you are all up to and...destroyed what we had and there is way in the heck that I would do this kind of chiz

(As Max was about to hit Billy with a bat, Billy dodge and force pushed Max in the tub and got up went after Billy)


(Max pick up a knife from a bathroom and cut off Billy's head)

Max: And...let...see...oh yeah...FUDGE...YOU!

(As Max breath heavily, we are seeing Hopper, Moseby, London, Cat and Will still trapped in Janitor's Closet)

London; Is this...creepy puppet gone yet?

Hopper: Ummm...I don't know and gonna to check it out

(Hopper open the door slowly, saw no sight of Rex.)

Hopper:Alright, coast is clear and you might...want to wake up a red-head friend of your

(As London hit Cat, Cat wake up.)

Cat: Guys, I had this weirdest dream where we were in this another world and being chased by a strange-looking dog and a puppet)

(Hopper, Moseby, London, and Will gave Cat a "Really" look)

Hopper (Whisper): Is this gal for real?

London: Ummm...Cat, this was not a dream and we are actually in Upside Down and currently hiding from that...creepy puppet

(As Cat scream, she closed her eyes)

Cat: There's No Place like Home, There's No Place like Home, and There's No Place like Home

(As Moseby pick up Will and London drag Cat, we are seeing them coming out of the closet and walking toward the exit. Then, Rex was guarding a nearby classroom and spotted the hostages escaping and went after them.)


(As London and Cat scream, Moseby and Hopper went in the front of girls and Will pointing their assault rifles at Rex and start shooting at IT and Rex's skin were coming off with realistic blood. As Rex were coming toward them, he was mysterious blew up.)

Hopper: What the...?

(As Spencer and Steve came from behind the wall, Spencer blow his flamethrower.)

Spencer: Did anyone call for rescue?

(As Spencer smirk, we are seeing Zack, Kevin, and Lucas finishing set up a traps for the Wet Bandits.)

Kevin: I think we are all set for the Wet Bandits

(As Zack and Lucas nod, we are seeing Harry getting onto the porch.)

Harry: Kevin, where...are you? We have some quite catch up to do

(As Harry laugh in a Pennywise like, he stepped on a wood and it hit him into his private area and he fell down the step.)

Harry: Oooohhhh...Nuts!

(Harry got up)

Harry: I will get you, you little...

(As Harry ran up to the door, he struggling to open the door.)

Harry: Oh, wait a minute...He is not fooling me this time

(Harry chuckle, then, we are seeing Marv entering the Pickett's bunker)

Marv: Where are you hiding, Kev? Come out wherever you are

(Camera panning over to Zack pulled a box of nail over Marv and he look up)

Marv: What the...?

(Zack pouring it all over him, Marv scream and he has a nail poke into his eyes which caused it to bleed and him.)

Marv: I can't see!

(Lucas threw a couple of marbles under Marv and caused him to fall and Zack threw a knife into Marv's mouth and goes out back of his head which has even more blood all over him. Zack approach Lucas)

Zack: I guess we actually got a half of the Wet Bandits

Lucas: right on

(Zack and Lucas does a similar handshake which Zack does with Cody during their times at The Tipton Hotel. Then, we are seeing Harry sneak into the kitchen through the window.)

Harry: So far, no damages and I feel...FREAKING great. Take that Kevin!

(As Harry chuckles, he walk towards a bedroom and found a walking G. moving toward him)

Harry: What...in...the...heck...

(G.I. Joe jumped onto Harry's face, and G.I. Joes open his mouth and attempt to eat his face and grab him off and threw him into a freezer and shut the door right away.)

Harry: Yeah, nice try kid and I thought you would be too old to play with the toy by now

(Then, Harry ran into a guest room which full of creepy dolls and spotted Kevin carrying a remote control.)

Harry: Well, well, and well...it was nice see you, kid. But, you know after 27 years of prison would actually change mine and Marv's prospective on life

(Kevin scoff)

Kevin: Oh...really, first of all...you and Marv actually got killed during a prison riot while you were attempt to escaped from prison once again. Second of all, I had a couple of friends who just killed your longtime partner, Marv

Harry: Well...you doesn't seem like you has change at all either. Once I get you, you are so fudge when I am done with you

Kevin: Alright, but before you do...

(As Kevin smirk, he push a button which actived the dolls and went after Harry and ate all of the skins and eyeballs. Then, they left him with the body parts showing and visible bones.)

Kevin: No...one...ever...beat..me!

(As Kevin grin, we are seeing Cody being force pushed against the barn door by Moose.)

Moose: You shouldn't have infence my and Haybail's relationship in the first place

(Cody got up which he was already seem beat up which look silimar to Steve's during the Russian invasion in '85)

Cody: Well, I...Don't...Give...A...Fudge...About...You...Being...Dumped

(As lighting could be seem and heard in the background, Cody picked up the pitchfork and threw toward Moose and it poked into his eyes which caused it to bleed. Moose scream)

Moose: I can't see!

(Cody picked up the bat and approached Moose.)

Cody;Oh, it is also is for Bailey

(Cody hit Moose in the head which in the result of all of the blood and his brain coming out. As Cody breath heavily, lighting could be seen and heard in the background once again. Then, we are seeing Nevel, , and Barb watching Demodogs being feast on Nancy.)

Brenner: If you don't mind my asking, how did one of my test subjects create an alternative timeline in the first place

(Nevel chuckle)

Nevel: Well as you can see, I have a monitor that tracked the iCarly crew's every moves and as I discovered that Carly, Sam, and Freddie met with a time traveler, which gave an ideas which was given this evidence to Sentinel and we came up with an evil plan to create an alternative timeline where Carly and Sam hadn't convidence their precious webshow and Jane won't have escaped from your laboratory in the first place.

( smirk)

Brenner: Well, you did really good kid and...ummm...how would yo...

( was being interrupted by being force pushed against the tree by Eleven and caught Nevel and Barb by surprise)

Nevel: How did yo...

Carly: Let just said, I just has some help

(Carly wink at Eleven)

Eleven: While I have some unfinished business with Papa, You can handle those 2 those two

Carly: You got it, El

(As Nevel and Barb running toward Carly, she grab both of their arm and filp them.)

Nevel and Barb (in unison): Ohhh...

(As Carly ran and jump between the trees and did an upside rotion kick against Nevel and Barb, Carly take out a sharp boomerang and threw it against Nevel and Barb and caused their heads to be separated from their bodies. Then, Carly pick up Nevel's head)


(As Carly breath heavily, the lighting could be seen and heard in the background. Then, we are seeing Eleven about to finish for good.)

Eleven: You has used me for...WHAT!?

Brenner: Jane, I could explain...I has this master plan where we would recruit all citizens to takeover towns, capitals, states, countries, and then...The Entrie Universe

(Brenner laugh in a Pennywise like)

Brenner: But...in an original timeline, you has escaped from my laboratory and recruited those useless kids and a drunken chief to find a child in a whole another dimension. YOU...are the reason why, my masterpiece plan fell apart and defended mine and Sentinel's precious Mind Flayer 4-5 FREAKING times!

(Eleven breath heavily)


Brenner: Oh yeah, was that life waaaayyyy worse than I had given you

Eleven; SHUT...THE...FUDGE...UP!

(Eleven tear 's into half which the body parts would be visible. As Eleven breath heavily, the lighting can be seen and heard in the background. Then, we are seeing a cell where Mike is holding as a prisoner and Sentinel approach him)

Mike: Just wondering why are you holding me as hostage?

Sentinel: Well, do you know in "Super Mario Bros," the bad guy held a lead character's love interest and Mario would do anything to recuse her?

Mike: Yeah...so

Sentinel: Well, you are basically a hostage and your girlfriend is...

Mike: I GET IT! Jeez!

Sentinel: Well, the point is...I have more concept to my master plan that my beloved Papa passed on to me...It was starting with create an alternative timeline...sent up a fake academy which I am so proudly called it, "The S.E.N.T Academy" in order to lure people into being assured by my precious Mind Flayer, and I...has a purposeful way to recurring citizen to take over the entire universe!


(Sentinel chuckles)

Sentinel: We will see about that

Mike: FUDGE...YOU!

(As Sentinel chuckles and walks away, Tori and Johnathan who were undercover as a couple of scientists approach Mike)

Mike: Wha...ho...

Johnathan: We get your butt out of this...heckhole

(Tori pick out a nail and attempt to unlock the door, Mike get out of the cell.)

Mike: Thank guys for breaking me out of the chizhole

Tori: No Biggie, let get you out before h...

(Tori was being interrupted by Sentinel)

Sentinel: Well...Well...and...Well...look who got caught and clearly at the dead end

Tori: Oh really, you would want look who behind you

(As Tori smirk, Sentinel turn around and spotted Sam and Max standing behind him.)

Sam: Hey Remember us, Useless Mutant-Freak?

Max: Ohhhh...nice nickname there

Sam: Thanks

(As Sam and Max fist bump, Sentinel groan)

Sentinel: Why you little...

(Sentinel turned his hand into gun.)

Sam: Yeah, you might not want to do that

Sentinel: I can do wh...

(Sentinel was interrupted by being hit by Lucas, Zack, Cody, and Kevin with a couple of rocks)

Sentinel: What the...fudge was that!?

(Zack, Cody, Lucas, and Kevin came from the behind of the individual walls.)

Zack: Hey...Bitter Thangs, do you miss us?

Sentinel: Wha...

(Carly, Eleven, Jade, Alex, Maddie, and Phil enter)

Sentinel: Well, I...

(Sentinel chuckles)

Sentinel: I see what you all trying to do...ambush me, really? Hmmm...I see that you were missing some members...They could be dead and there is no way that you could defeat me

Zack: I guess you could said that you are outnumbered

(Zack chuckles)

Eleven: You are doomed

Sentinel: Fine...I could surrender and change everything back to the way it was or...

(As Sentinel grinned, Mind Flayer broke into Sentinel's Hideout and Zack's, Cody's, Maddie's, Carly's, Sam's, Eleven's, Mike's, Max's, Luca's, Johnathan's, Tori's, Jade's, Alex's, and Kevin's eyes became wider)

Sentinel:...or you guys join the army of Flayed Citizens!

Sam: Holy...Chiz!

(As Mind Flayer almost step on Sam, she dodged and took out her assaulted rifles and shot at Mind Flayers and threw a bomb under the Mind Flayer.)

Sam: RUN!

(As Carly, Sam, Zack, Cody, Maddie, Mike, Max, Lucas, Eleven, Johnathan, Tori, Jade, Alex, and Kevin escaped from the hideout, it was exposed which scared away the Mind Flayer)

Carly: That...was...a...close...call!

Mike: Yeah, but...so where is in the heck is Nancy?

(As Mike finished his question, Carly and Eleven became emotional and put their head down)

Eleven: I...I...so...sorry

Mike: What do you mean?

(Mike's eyes became wider)

Mike:...No...no...it's...can't be!

(Mike and Johnathon became emotional)

Johnathan: WHY...DID...YOU...

Carly: Wait, it was not Eleven's fault and there was supposedly an old friend of her killed her for a revenge from a...

Johnathan: Wait, are you saying that Barb was the one who murdered Nancy for ditching her at Steve's

(Carly Sigh)

Carly: I am afraid so

Mystery Person (VO): She is not only one...

(Carly, Sam, Zack, Cody, Maddie, Eleven, Mike, Max, Lucas, Johnathan, Tori, Jade, Alex, and Kevin turn around and spotted Spencer, Steve, Hopper, London, Cat, and Will approaching them.)

Cody: What do you mean that Nancy was not the only one who get murdered in Upside Down?

(Spencer sigh)

Spencer: Well, Steve and I were chasing by a creepy baby...

Sam: Whoa...whoa...wait a minute, did you just said that you guys were being chased by this...harmless baby?

Steve: Yeah, it was not a laughing matter as we literally were chased by this grown up eater name Babe. But, that's not the point...the point is that we saw IT that it had cut off Max's head and bitten his neck

Spencer: Then, we ran into his hideout and discovered a couple more of...dead member's head who...

Alex: Wait...are you trying to say that both of my brothers and Harper are dead

Spencer: Yeah...I am so sorry about your loss, same for Phil, Tori, Jade, and Cat

(Tori and Jade spotted Cat sobbing)

Tori: Are...are...you...saying...

(As Spencer nod, Tori became emotional)


Mystery Person (VO): Ohhhh...it must one emotional reunion and I think that I have tears in my eyes

(The Search Party tilted their head to find that Sentinel survived the exposion and has burn all over him and his face were melting)

Phil: YOU...KILL...

Sentinel: Yeah, yeah, I don't give a chiz about your dead love ones! I have some friends of mine that I want intdoring you to...

(As Sentinel grin and clapped, all of the Flayed Citizens were surrounded the Search Party)

Carly: Well, whatever it take us to get rid of them.

Sentinel: Get rid of those worthless humans

(Sentinel chuckles)

Mystery Person (VO): NOT...SO...FAST!

Sentinel: What the...?

(The Search Party and Sentinel tilted their head and spotted Woody, Dustin, and the extra backups which were: Ned Bigby, Moze, Cookie, Jake Peralta, Sheldon Cooper, Malcolm Wilkerson, Reese Wilkerson, Reese Wilkerson, and The Loser Club)

Woody: Need any more backups?

(Members of Search Party stare at each other with a smirk and Sentinel groan, Sam punch a Flayed dude with her fist and took out her assault rifles, Carly, Eleven, Tori, Maddie beat up the Flayed Dudes with Bats, force, sharped boomerang and a large dude who were about killed Eleven teased by no another than Jake with his tease gun.)

Eleven: Thanks, I am Eleven and you are...?

Jake: I am Jake Peralta the Chief of New York...

Eleven: Cool

Jake:..okay, I am actually a detective of 99th Precinct of the New York Police Department and you must be a gal with this sort-of superpower that Hop was telling me about


Jake; Cool, cool, cool, cool

(As Eleven and Jake shake hand, they get back to beat up more Flayed Citizens...Cody and Mike used a spiked bat and slingshot to beat up more Flayed Citizens, Cookie and Malcolm joined them)

Cookie: Mike, right?

Mike: Yeah, why?

Cookie: Is this true that you are actually dating a chick with a power

Mike: SERIOUSLY, is this the time to ask the freaking question!?

Cookie: Sorry, I just...

(As Mind Flayers reappear, Cody's, Mike's, Malcolm's, and Cookie's eyes became wider.)

Cody: How!?

Cookie: Let me do a quick research on this strange looking creature

(Cookies turn the white switch on his glasses and scanning Mind Flayers and turn it off)

Cookie: Okay, IT's weakest is some sort of a bright light and we would proably...

Malcolm:...need to set a trap for Mind Flayers and...

Mike:...find some way to get the bright light on...

Cody:...the Mind Flayers!

(Malcolm tilted his head onto the viewers)

Malcolm: Was this a little creepy to compete a sentence from a couple of strangers that I just met?

(As Malcolm shiver, he turned his head back onto them and resume the fight. Then, we are seeing Dustin, Lucas, Zack, Woody, Reese and Kevin, fought a couple of Flayed citizens and spotted the Mind Flayers)

Zack: What the...?

Reese: What in the heck...was that!?

Dustin: That gigantic creature is Mind Flayers which could brainwash people

Reese: Whoa, that is...scarier than my mother

(Reese gulped, Zack spotted Moseby fought a couple of Flayed Citizens and a guy with a sharp blade were walking slowly behind Moseby and and stabbed him all the way from back to the front of his body which caused the blood came out of his chest and mouth, Zack's eyes became wider)


(Zack ran all the way to him and confront him)

Zack: It's ok...I got..

(As Zack was about get first kit out of his pocket, Moseby stop him)

Moseby: Don't...

Zack: Wha...what in the heck are you...

Moseby: I...

(Cody and Maddie ran up to him)

Cody: MOSEBY! I know a way to preform an oper...

Moseby: No...it not nesscary and I...have fulfilled what I accomplished which was...

Maddie: Wha...wha...are you saying?

Moseby: I...had reached a finish line and my time here is...nearly the end

(Zack, Cody, and Maddie became emotional)

Maddie: Don't say that...

Moseby: I am so proud of what you guys has become and you hooligans were always give me a trouble every...freaking...time

Zack: Yeah...well I mean that once we first moved into The Tipton Hotel, we actually consider you as our second father in our life and we...won't be here if it wasn't for you

Moseby: That...actually...mean...lot...

Maddie: Well, The Tipton...won't be the same without...you...and I would not have gotten away from my crazy family and promotion as a hotel manager at Orlando Tipton

Cody: I would not have met Bailey if it wasn't for you and you does actually play a huge role of our lives..

Moseby: As...I...was...saying...that...is...a...reason...why I brought you together for some...certain reasons. So, I wan...want...you...Zac...Zack...to...become...

Zack: Wha...wha...what are you trying to say?

Moseby: I wan...want...you...beco...become...a...hot...hotel...mana...

(As Moseby has taken his last breath, Zack, Cody, and Maddie sobbing. Then, we are seeing Carly, Sam, Max, Eleven, and Sheldon kept fighting Flayed Citizens)

Sam: We...(grunts)...got...find...a...way...to...kill...a...FREAKING...Mind...Flayers!

Eleven: There...a...cave...where...the...Flayed...is...located

Carly: Great...so...how...are...we...gonna...sneak...

Eleven: I...have...plan...

(As Eleven use the force to killing the Flayed Citizens who were standing in their path, we are seeing Eleven, Max, Carly, Sam, and Sheldon entering the cave and Sheldon took out his handless flashlight which it's hover and guide them through the darkness)

Sam: Holy Chiz, how did yo...

Sheldon: Well, as you gal could see that I am a physicist at Caltech who invent a excess of high tech...

Sam: Yeah, yeah...who care

Max: I wasn't this bore since I was a kid where Lucas forced me to watch him and his buddies playing a...FREAKING round of some...stupid board game

Sheldon: Why you little...

(Sheldon was being interrupted by an Upside Down version of the bear which was called Nero roaring which caused Sheldon, Carly, Sam, Eleven, and Max slowly turning around and their eyes became wider. Then, we are seeing London and Cat carrying Will and Dewey following them)

Dewey: Soooo...I had alway think about traveling to the another dimension when I was a kid but my mom would had murder me...if I gone for more than 8 hours.

Cat: Ohhhh...you poor thing, at lea...

London: Seriously!?

Cat: What?

(London roll her eyes)

London: Never Mind

(London sigh)

Cat: Ohhhh...Dewey, we sh..

(As Cat was being interrupted by a Demogorgon roar, Cat, London, and Dewey around slowly and spotted IT stand behind the tree and start chasing after them)

Dewey; What...in...the...heck...was that!?


Cat:...a horrifying creature of this scary world

Dewey: Cooool, I had alway want one of those as a pet

(London groan)

London (mumbling): Why do I had to team up with these morons

Cat: Did you said something

London: Nothing, I jus..wait, where is Will?

Cat: Oh chiz...I...I...think...that...

(Cat gulp)

Cat:...IT got him

London: You know this entire FREAKING mission was to find a kid...b...b...

(London was interrupted by recognized that they were at the edge of the cliff)

Cat: What the...?

(As Demogorgon roar, they turn around slowly)

Dewey: We...are...so...fudged

(As Demogorgon was about to run after them, IT was being lift and push it toward the cliff and a Mystery Person were stepping out of the dark wood and revealing Will was the one who saved their life which caused London's, Cat's, and Dewey's eyes became wider.)

Cat: Holy Ch..

(Then, we are seeing Spencer, Steve, Jonathan, Jake and Hopper sneaks into the Mind Flayer's cave)

Jake: So...Hop, I know you proably chief of this small-ish town but I am actually a cop of one...of the biggest cities in the world

Hopper: Yeah, what is your point

Jake: Well...my point was...we has manage to captured a #1 American's Most Wanted who gone on a FREAKING killing spree around the world

Hopper: Ok, good for you...I guess. Not huge as I beat the chiz out of a Russian spy back in '85

Jake: Ohh...ok, I see

Hopper: What in the heck are you talking about?

Jake: You think that you are better than me since you are BIG boss in a small town, Fat Magnum

Spencer, Steve, and Jonathan (in unison): Ohhh...

Jake: I might have a smoking hot wife while you don't ha...

Hopper: You...shut...it...or...I...will...pound...you...silly and stay at least 3 inches away from me

(Jake gulp)

Jake: Y...y...e...s...s...i...r

Hopper: Good

Jake: Ok...so, we are here to find this sort of...ummm...

Spencer:...a gigantic piece of power destruction that could destroy this entire dimension

Jake: Right...

Steve: How bad could it be?

(As Steve scoff, Mind Flayer standing behind which caused Spencer's, Jonathan's, Hopper's, and Jake's eyes became wider)

Jonathan: U-ummm...S-S-Steve

Steve: If we could beat the Russian and the Mind Flayer in the original timeline, then we got this

Spencer: Yeah, speaking of Mind Fla...

(Spencer was being interrupted by Mind Flayer roaring and cause Steve shaking and slowly turning and scream. Then, we are seeing Will guiding London, Dewey, and Cat through the woods.)

Cat and Dewey (Singing): Everything is awesome once we doing this as a big happy family of chipmunks that live in a pineapple under the seeeeeas...

(London groans and Will rolled his eyes)

Will(whisper): What is in the heck is wrong with those kids

London (whisper): I am wondering about that myself

Cat and Dewey (Singing):...Ohhhhh..here...it...goooooo...my...beeeessssstttt...pppooonnny...

(Will grew vines onto Cat's and Dewey's mouth)

London: Thanks Will

Will: No problem...anyway we got to get to Nero's cave where all the Flayed Citizens live to destroy this...sort of capsule where they would be released from the control of Mind Flayer, right?

London: Yep, pre...

(London was being interrupted by a Sefer which is an Upside Down version of Dragon's roar which caused London's, Cat's, Dewey's, and Will's eyes became wider)

London: W...w...w...h...h...a...t...w...w..a...a..s...

Will: That was Sefer which is an Upside Down version of dragon which was...much scarier and bigger

London: So...

(As London laugh nervously, Sage landed near them.)

Will: Get...your weapon ready an...

(As London took out a firearm X78 and Cat and Dewey ran into deep of the wood, we are seeing Phil, Tori, Maddie, Jade, Ned, Moze, and Alex walking towards Mind Flayer's cave)

Ned:...So, Wizards, Time Travels, and other dimension actually exist?

Alex: Yep

Ned: Holy Chiz, that was literary blowing my mind right now

Phil: So...from what I heard that you actually came up with various survival guide dating all the way back to middle school and does it work?

Ned: Yep, It's actually helped my following classmates with various issues from the first day all way to final exams week.

Maddie: Even...ummmm...

(Maddie was being interrupted by a close by scream)

Tori: what in the heck was that

Jade: I guess that means we are getting closer to the cave and Ned, do u have some...sort of...

Ned: Sure

(Ned tilted his head towards the viewers)

Ned: If you guys are on a sort of recusing mission that occurs in the woods fight against the strange creature, then you would probably need some weapons and strategies in order to be able to defeat them.

(As Ned turned his attention back to the group, we are seeing Zack, Kevin, Lucas, Dustin, Woody, and Reese sneaking into Flayed Citizen's bunker)

Zack: Okay...so, we got to find this...sort of capsule that could kill off Flayed Citizens

Dustin: Yep, here is a...

(Dustin was being interrupted by a mysterious sound)

Lucas: What...in...the...heck...was...that!?

Woody: I had no clue but...I think it got to be either a democreature or...

(The Gals and Sheldon enter from the side of the wall)

Carly: Hello Boys

Zack: Wai...what, how did yo...

Sam: Thanks to this -It-All wh...

Sheldon: Hey, I would prefer my actual name is Cooper by the way

Sam: Wellll...I don't give a fudge about your actual name. Soooo...I was saying, Sheward...

(Sheldon flap his arm in franstion)

Sam:...here and El has just figured out how to shut down the Flayed Citizens

Lucas: Soooo...did you actually killed them off by shutting off the gigantic capsule

Eleven:Yep, pretty much.

(As Eleven smirk, we are seeing Spencer, Steve, Jonathan, Hopper, and Jake trying to defend the Mind Flayer with their own fire-related weapons but couldn't. Spencer grunts as he get up)

Spencer: Wha...how was that possible?

Hopper: Well...ummmm...we need to find some creatively way to defend Mind Flayer but...

(Hopper was being interrupted by a Mystery Person)

Mystery Person (VO): Do you need lend some extra hands?

(As Spencer, Steve, Hopper, Jonathan, and Jake turned around, they turn around and spotted Alex and Phil standing behind them.)

Steve: Oh, finally...it was about FREAKING time that you guys finally show up

Phil: Sorry, but we...

(As Phil was being interrupted by being stabbed through his chest by Mind Flayer, Spencer's, Steve's Hopper's, Jonathan's, Jake's, and Alex's eyes became wider.)

Phil: You...know...what...it...take...

Hopper: No...just stay with me, kid

Phil: I...I...w...w...w...a...a...a...a...n...t...A...A...Alex...t...t...t...o

Hopper: D...d...don't you dare, I am..n...

(Hopper sigh and sniff)

Hopper: I...I...I...can't bear to watch another kid die in front of me escpcally...

(Hopper choking up and becoming little emotional)

Hopper:...my daughter who I had to watch this...FREAKING cancer beat her to the death! So, I...I...I...

Phil: Y...y...y...o...o...o...u...have...a...w...w...wonderful adoptive daughter who could protect you from any s...s...strange...c..c...creatures

(Hopper sigh)

Hopper:Alright, you are totally correct about El and...thanks for everythings Phillp

Phil: A...a...a...w...w...w...w...a...a...a..y...Alex k...k...k...n...n...

(As Phil has taken his last breath, Spencer, Steve, Hopper, Jake, and Jonathan tilted their heads to Alex)

Jake: W...w...what does he mean that you know what to do

Jonathan:Soooo...do you know how to defend the Mind Flayers

(Alex sigh)

Alex: Yep, it is sort of...life threatening one and y...you guys might want to get out of the cave for this.

Spencer: Whoa, whoa...wait a minute, you were saying that you want to defend this gigantic creature by yourself

Alex: It was for a greater good to end this chiz

(Alex pulled out her magic wand)


(As Alex approach Mind Flayers and The Dudes ran out of the cave, it was shaking and crushing all the way to the bereft fort. The Dudes sigh and approached by Jade, Tori, Ned, and Moze.)

Moze: Let go take down Sentinel once and for all

(As Moze smirk, we are seeing London and Will trying to defeat the Ergo. As Will being pushed against a gigantic tree, we are seeing Will transport to the Void and he got up and look around and find himself back in his bedroom)

Will: What the...?

Mystery Person (VO): Hey Buddy.

(Will turning around and spotted Bob Newby standing at his door.)

Will: W...w...who are you?

Bob: I was your mother's boyfriend for a couple of months until my unexpectly death...well, in the original timeline...of course.

(Bob chuckles)

Will: Rrrrright...what do you want?

Bob: Well, as you can see your mother were worrying about you and you...were having some flashback of your..well...unique incident and I wanted to give you some advice. When I was about your age, I...was having this nightmare where I was facing a creepy clown called every...single...FREAKING...times. Then, I finally decided it's time for stand my ground and told him...GO AWAY...GO AWAY...GO AWAY! So, ever since then I haven't seen him in any dreams so far.

Will:Ummm...okay, what does it have to do with me defeating this...Ergo

Bob: My point was...you have a power to stop any...freaking creatures that stand in you ways. Sure, you might some help to defeat this creature...but they haven't enough power to stop Ergo.

Will: Soooo...you want them to stop helping me

Bob: Nope, but you have a power that come with a even greater responsibility which you can help them to kill this dragon.

Will: Thanks...

Bob: Oh, I am Bob Newby the superhero...ok but I might not have some cool superpower...you would know what I mean

Will: Thanks Bob...for your such great advices

Bob: No problem, kid. Go get them

(As Will and Bob shake hands, we are seeing a bright white light and London trying to wake up Will)

London:Ummm...Will, wake up...it was not a good time for napping

(Will wake up and went up to Ergo and using his power to spilt IT into half.)

London: Ho...what in the heck was that

Will: As a wise man once said, "You got to stand your ground in order to defend your worst nightmare."

London: Great...I guess and what now?

(Then, we are seeing Sentinel sitting on the deshabille which is an Upside Down version of the rock watching his Flayed Citizens passing down and has a feeling that his precious Mind Flayer has been killed along with Alex.)

Sentinel: That's...Impossible. Ho...ah...a wizard has just committed suicide and killling my precious Mind Flayer at the same time...

(Sentinel grunts)

Mystery Person (VO): When are you done with talking to yourself...

(Sentinel tilted his head to seeing Sam, Carly, Mike, Cody, Eleven, Zack, Tori, Jade, Spencer, Jake, Steve, Hopper, Maddie, Jonathan, Lucas, Dustin, Max, Sheldon, Malcolm, Ned, Reese, Moze, Kevin, and Cookie standing across a rivera from him.)

Eleven:..we would be kicking your butt

Sentinel: YOU!

Sam: Yeah, look at you and you are technically been outnumbered and...

Max:...we would be kicking your butt all the way to the death's door

Sentinel: Ohhhhh...really?

(As Sentinel snap his finger, S.E.N.T soldiers suddenly came out of nowhere by standing by Sentinel and those familiar faces were Freddie who has his hair in a Mohawk style, Beck whose have shaved his head and has a scar on his eyes, Robbie who look exactly same as he was in the original timeline expect for a fact that he have a muscular body type, Bailey who has a pink steak in her hair and has a darker brown color silimar to Jade's when Tori first enrolled at Hollywood Arts, Andre whose shaved his head and a eye patch on one of his eyes and last but not at least, Robin who has shaved a side of her head and a blue streak in her hair as well. It was caused The Search Party's eyes became wider.)

Steve:R-R-Robin...was that you?

Sentinel:Ahhh...you have a girlfriend in the squad, is that correct?

(Sentinel chuckles)

Steve: W-W-What did you do to her?!

Cody:I would said the same for Bailey...

Jade:..and Beck

Sentinel: Well, as you can see...as I was creating an alternative timeline, I find how close you are to these people and I had to do what must be done and speaking of which...

(Sentinel approach Robbie)

Sentinel: Rob...I want you to find this childish bubbly red-headed and her new boyfriend and feed them to Demodogs!

Robbie:Yes, my master

(As Robbie sautle, he ran off)

Sentinel: Now...any more freaking questions before we begin

Mystery Person: Yeah, I have one...

(The Search Party, Sentinel, and S.E.N.T soldiers tilted their heads and spotted Joyce, Kali, a couple more of test subjects, and Arwin)


(Sentinel grunts)

Jonathan: Mom?! Ho...

Joyce: Let just said a little birdie told me something were fishing going on in the past couple of days

(Joyce wink at Kali, Then, we are seeing Arwin approach Zack, Cody, and Maddie)

Arwin: Hey guys

Zack: How di...

Arwin: Ohhh...that, some guys who look awfully like Magnum contact me and just informed me...that the entire universe is at a stake here. So, now I...


(Arwin whimper)

Sentinel: I don't have times for this foolishness reunion and now...let the battle begin...

(Then, we are seeing Cat and Dewey walking through the woods)

Cat:...that how my brother managed to get our little cousin to shut up

Dewey: Huh, no wonder why your brother is a cannabis

(Cat giggling)

Cat: Yeah, he is completely mess up.

Dewey: Not bad as one of my older brothers decided to launch me into the outer space

Cat: That's wa...

(Cat was being interrupted by Robbie dropped in from the branch and Cat and Dewey scream)

Cat: Wait a minute, Robbie Sharpio was that you?

Robbie: Do I know you?

Cat: It's me Cat, one of your pals from Hollywood Arts, remember?

Robbie: Ummmmm...yes

Cat: Huh, huh

Robbie: But...as an enemy

Cat: Wait, What!?

Robbie: Must destroy you and your boyfriend...

Cat: Whoa...whoa, wait a minute here, Dewey here is definety not my boyfriend and he is not my type and no offense, Dewey

Dewey: Eh, none taken

Robbie: Alright, I must...destroy you and your friend

(As Cat and Dewey scream and begun running and Robbie went after them, we are seeing The Search Party (minus Eleven and Spencer) and Joyce fighting against the S.E.N.T soldiers; Sam approach Freddie)

Sam: You know, I has always knew it was gonna happen...well expect for this whole another dimension and timeline stuff. The point is...I has always knew that I was gon...

(Freddie kicked Sam into her stomach which caused her to fall)

Sam: Ohhhh...I see how it is, allllllrrrrrriiiighty then

(Sam got up and pulled a punch and kick against Freddie, we are panning over to Mike and Zack fighting against a couple of S.E.N.T.)



(Mike slide through a solder's legs and caught a knife that Zack threw at him and stabbed him through his chest. Then, Zack and Mike picked up their own matnace knifes and slayed tons of soldiers by cutting off their heads, legs, stab into their eyes, through their chests. Then, we are panning over to Cody and Jade fighting against Beck and Bailey, then panning to Carly Tori, and Max fighting against a couple more of S.E.N.T. soldiers.)



(Max grab a couple of assault rifles and skateboards with rocket underthese them and dropped them on the ground)

Tori: Wait, we don't actually know how to ride these skateboards

Max: Well, we don't have a choice and j...j...just get on these freaking skateboards!

(Carly and Tori grunts)

Carly: Alright, (mumbling) here it goes for nothing

(As Carly, Tori, and Max got on the skateboards, they bend over to lit the rockets and launched off and shoot S.E.N.T. soldiers. Then, we are panning over to Joyce and Hopper fighting against a couple of S.E.N.T. soldiers)

Hopper: I..t...t..t...w...w...w...a...a...a...s...s..s...t...o...s...s..s..e...e...y..o..u...Ms.B..B..y...y..y..e..e..rs

Joyce: I...t...t...t...w...w...w...t...t...t...o...o...s...s...s...e..e..e...you...as...well...Hop

Hopper:I...want to said...how I...ummmm,..want...tooo...apologetized...about...ho...

Joyce:Ohhh...don't be because, I was technically gave up for the the past 18 years until...this gangster girl just...basically showed up at my front door

Hopper: Heh, Sooooo...I want to said that if it wasn't too late to...ummm...ask you out for drink and maybe smoke some cigarettes after...all of this over

(Joyce giggling)

Joyce: No...I am gladly to go out for a drink...and smoke some cigarettes with you

(As Joyce and Hopper shared a kiss, we are seeing Eleven, Kali, and a couple of test subjects were fighting against Sentinel who were beaten badly and Eleven and Kali approach him)

Kali: How does it feel by being in a pain like El, me, and most of the test subjects

(Sentinel groan)

Sentinel: P...P...Pain does help you to learn

Eleven:J...J...Just shut the fudge up!

(As Eleven lift Sentinel and pushed him through the wall, we are panning over to seeing Spencer, Arwin, and Sheldon nearly finish building a gigantic machine that would destroy Upside Down)

Spencer: I had never thought in my entire art career that I could build something that could save a freaking universe

Arwin: ...and mine too

Sheldon: Yeah...yeah, nobody like to boost unlike somebody who had recently got a Noble Prize

Spencer: Was that you...

Sheldon: Ummmm...perhap

(Then, we are seeing Cat and Dewey still running from Robbie and has reach a dead end which was Robbie jumped into them.)

Cat: Ohhhh...hi, we jus...don't want to been eaten and I know that somewhere deeply inside of you don't want to...

Robbie: What was that supposed to mean

Cat: Well...the real Robbie that I know won't just go murder people, his best friend is a puppet who constantly bully him...

Dewey: Whoa...Whoa, wait a minute...his best friend is a puppet?

Cat: Not Now! Anyway, you had alway find a way to cheer me up no matter what and I think that I have something that would jog your memory.

Robbie: Huh?

(As Cat lean in for a kiss and Robbie open his eyes, we are seeing various clips of Cat and Robbie from most episodes of Victorious and the event of iParty With Victorious. Then, we are seeing Cat back away and Robbie opened his eyes.)

Robbie: Wait...Cat, was that you?

Cat: Yeah, that me

Robbie: Where in the heck am I?

Cat: Well, it was sort of a long story

(We are seeing Eleven, Kali, and a couple of test subjects join the forced)


Sentinel: No, you guys...won't understand our Papa has this brilliantly master plan that would involve us takeover...the entire galaxy

Kali: I have experienced the worst from Papa and you and I am...NOT letting you to getting away with this!

Mystery Person (VO): Neither do I

(Eleven, Kali, a couple of test subjects, and Sentinel tilted their head and spotted Will)

Eleven: Will?

Will: After spending in Upside Down for the past 36 FREAKING years, I gained some powers which led me to developed a feeling that Sentinel was behind all of this chiz! My friends, family, and Hopper had constantly searching for me for a couple of weeks. But...Sentinel...you had took that freedom away from ME!

(Will pushed Sentinel into a gigantic machine which caused it to exploded and seeing the Search Party were nearly being killed by a couple more of S.E.N.T. soldiers but a bright light were coming in, The test subjects and inventors closed their eyes and white light came in the full screen. Then, it was fading away and seeing Carly and Sam sleeping at Sam's apartment with the new left on)

Jane:...and we were sadden to inform you that Oliver Queen who were formerly know as Green Arrow has sacrificed his life to save the entire universe

(Carly got up and shut the television off, she groan)

Carly: W..w..w..Sam, wake up

(Sam groan)

Sam:What is it

Carly: We actually FREAKING did it

Sam: Whoa...whoa, wait a minute, did we jus...


Sam: Holy Chiz...I cannot believe it, we are actually went through this instase lengthy adventure

Carly: I know right...we jus...

(Carly was being interrupted by someone who were knocking on the door.)

Carly: Come In

(Freddie opened the door)

Freddie: Hey guys, I just came back from a trip to Cen...

(Carly and Sam ran up to Freddie by giving him a hug and back away)

Freddie: Oooookay...what in the heck going on here?

Carly: Well, we just miss you so much

Freddie: I was just gone for a couple of days

Sam: Welll...we just...ummmm...happy to see you and that's all

(Freddie puzzled)

Freddie: Ooookay...I miss you guys as well.

(Then, we are seeing a white light fading away and seeing Zack sitting in 's old office)

Zack: Wha...what the fudge is going on here?

(Cody ran into the office)

Cody:Michael, I go...wait a minute...Zack, why are you sit...

Zack:I don't know why either bu...

(Zack picked up his nameplate that read, "Zachary Martin, Hotel Manager")

Zack: No, that was impossible but how?

Cody:Well, we just went through this totally instant adventure and we possibly had created this new timeline an...

Zack: Yeah?

was a great man and sure we sort of giving him a hard time early on.

(Zack and Cody chuckles)

Zack: Once that psychic chick came through those door, we clearly had no idea what would going to happen

Cody: Yeah, true...

Zack:So, sin...

(Zack was being interrupted by a family picture that caught his eyes)

Zack:Wait a minute

Cody:What is it?

(Zack passed on a family photo to Cody)

Cody: No, it can't be...

(Then, we are seeing the earth with Phil and Alex narrating)

Phil (VO): As there were an old saying, "Out with the old, in with the new"

Alex (VO):Wait, were those statements came from High School Musical?

Phil (VO): Does it matter? Anyway, everybody has a role to protect this entire galaxy...

(As Phil were saying this, we are seeing the various clips of iCarly, Suite Life Series, Stranger Things, IT (2017 film series), Victorious, Park&Rec, The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, MCU film series, Drake&Josh, DCTV Universe, X-Meniverse, Fantastic Fouriverse, and Ned's Declassified Middle School Surivival Guide)

Phil (VO):...and has a prosperous to for whatever next in the near future and I know what you guys were wondering; is this the ending...yes, but...this...is just the new beginning...

Alex (VO): Is there would be more threat

Phil (VO): Wellll...I would said there would be threat but to themselves...

Alex (VO):Ohhhhh...it would be fun to watch

Phil (VO): Well...this path will led to the another

(With that, we goes to the black screen)