I am happy to give you some fun facts of Infinite Crisis and it's AfterMath episodes. First of all, I have originally had the plan to do a direct squeal to Victorious: Locked Up! where the chancellor of Yerba and his army arrived in the US in order to find the HA gangs and overtaken the country. So, I thought it was just run on to me...which led me to add a tweak to the storyline. I had also planned to give Raven and the gangs a bigger role in this crossover event...but, due to lack any ideas, I have drop them out of this story. Which is why I had The iCarly Crews move to San Francisco in the first place. The idea of an alternative timeline just popped up in my head since I already had Phil Diffy in this crossover storyline as I was working on it. This crossover also introduces The Hawkins citizens, Malcolm, and his brothers, Ned, Cookie, and Moze to the Ryanverse. So, as Sam making a reference to the existing of Vampires and Zombies which is actually true which Sam wasn't aware of which can be seen in a couple episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place. Zack and Cody are 2nd and 3rd characters from another series could be viewing the iCarly webcast after Tori Vegas in "iParty With Victorious." The idea of including the ST elements was inspired by after watching the 3rd season of Stranger Things for the first time. This crossover special is also mark the final appearance of Nora Dershlit, T-Bo, and Bailey. So, speaking of which...the idea of Cody not being able to get Bailey back and Groovy Smoothie being shouted down for good was inspired by the latest DCTV crossover event "Crisis on Infinite Earths" where everything is not resolved. Also, The idea of Freddie and Carly became a sibling based on my theory on why they has never mentioned their same sex parent (his father and her mother.) The character Babe was a creation of mine which was based on Cousin Eddie from Jimmy Neutron and Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbits? Oh, the upside down version of Rex was a parody of Child Play. The Dr Brenner and Eleven fight scene was based on my thought of what would happen if they have face again in the future episodes of Stranger Things. Also, The Battle Scene was inspired by The Battle of Earth and the aftermath scene was also inspired by COIE. I has been working on this for over a FREAKING year! I has plan to included Kids from Spy Kids but after binge-watching it...I felt like they weren't developed enough to be part of the universe. Also, I has planned to include The Loser Club but...I am saving them for the next crossover event. This is also the first horror story that I actually had done.