Inu Yasha's 18th

"Happy birthday Inu Yasha!" Sango, Miroku, Shippou, and Kagome all screamed up to the sleeping hanyou in the great oak tree.



"What the hell was that that for?!" Inu Yasha yelled as he pried himself from the hard ground.

"Mew." Kirara ran up to him walking across his back in pleasure as he tried to sit up.

"Come on Inuyasha! Today's your 18th birthday so don't act all grumpy!" Sango was jumping up and down happily while Kagome dragged him towards the village.

It was morning but almost noon and the sun was beating down on their backs as they walked on. No wind and hard ground didn't please them at all, but today was a day for celebration, not complaints.

Shippou was picking up random rocks then throwing them as far as he could, he was jealous of Inuyasha and wished for it to be his own birthday. Kirara followed sitting high on Sango's shoulder watching the young kitsune, she wished she could chase those rocks, they reminded her of flying bugs.

"I'm not 18 until sunset! Wait, how did you know it was my birthday?!" Although he was confused as to how they knew of his birthday he was actually happy. He hadn't celebrated his birthday since his mother died. They quickly came upon Kaede's hut. He walked a little behind Kagome, he liked the new smell she had, still the same, yet, better.

"Myouga told us about a week ago." Miroku stated as he held open the door for the two girls, smiling widely at Sango.

"Thank you Miroku." "Mew." Sango blushed slightly but just enough for Miroku to notice.

"Of course lady Sango." As Miroku held the door and gestured for Inuyasha to go ahead in. As Inu Yasha past by, Miroku stared at him warningly before following.

'What's his problem? Oh well, probably just jealous.' Inuyasha looked back at Miroku, who only stared at him.

The moment Inuyasha stepped into the small hut everyone started singing a really annoying birthday song. After the song, Kagome and Sango rushed into the back room and in moments came back with a huge bowl of Ramen! The room went silent, all were in awe. The girls set it down in front of Inuyasha, Sango went back to get something else. Kagome looked up at her best friend (all though he may never know) smiling.

"It's all for you Inuyasha! I didn't know what to get you then it dawned on me, Ramen!" She laughed at his happy/awed/amazed face then took her seat next to him as he began to throw it down his throat. It was kind of disgusting but she was glad he liked her gift.

Sango came back with more food. Obviously she and Kagome knew that Inuyasha wasn't going to share any of 'his' ramen with anyone, well, except maybe Kagome.

"So, how old are you really Inuyasha? 67 right?" Kagome asked.

"Yeah but the Goshinboku tree held my soul," He noticed Kagome look at him sadly and stop eating, he smiled weakly to let her know he was okay, "I didn't age, so I'm kinda' still 17, until this evening." He glanced up to see Kagome who still looked kind of sad for him. Inuyasha felt his stomach do a flip and he growled a little and started the gang. He waved them off saying it was just hunger but deep down he thought it was something more.

Miroku inched slowly towards Sango, who looked strangely relaxed, but instead of touching her he whispered in her ear. 'I must speak with you after dinner, it is of great importance.' Sango nodded, hearing the tone of his voice, she knew it really was important.

After everyone was done eating Miroku grabbed Sango's hand and pulled her through the woods far enough away so Inuyasha wouldn't hear. The sun was slowly inching closer to the horizon, making the skies a purplish colour.

"Miroku, what is it?!" Sango asked. She was kind of curious and confused as to why he hadn't groped her all day.

"It's Inuyasha, he's 18."

".yeah, sooo.?"

"Well, remember when Myouga came about a week ago?" He waited for her reply.


"Well, he told all of us of Inuyasha's 18th birthday but later that day told me in private that when a male youkai reaches this age that their youkai instincts push them to the limit. Inuyasha, being a hanyou, will have and even worse time controlling the instincts to take a...mate."

"I, oh no, um. Shouldn't we tell Kagome?" Her eyes showed only worry at the thought of Inuyasha accidentally take advantage of Kagome.

"I thought it best if you told her. And don't worry about him going after you or any other woman, once he chooses that's that. We all know that Kagome likes Inuyasha and vice versa. "

"Thank you Miroku. Um, I haven't seen Inuyasha acting...different all day though."

"Myouga said it begins the instant he turns 18. Earlier today he said he wouldn't be 18 until sunset." Miroku got up and followed Sango back to the village. They had at least an hour before the sun set. Walking rather slowly, the two lost track of time in their thoughts. It was chilly out and Sango only had a short sleeved shirt and a skirt on. Miroku took of his outer robes and handed them to her. Sango blushed red but took them gratefully. She muttered a thank you and reached out to hold the monk's hand in hers. Miroku was shaken from his thoughts as he felt the warm pressure on his hand but he said nothing. He didn't want to make Sango mad so he just tightened his grip on her hand and they walked back to the village quietly, lost in their own thoughts of Kagome and Inuyasha.

When they finally arrived at the small village they both looked up at the sky and then gave each other worried looks. Shippou was playing with Kirara with some other village kids, their mothers were laughing as their kids tried to catch the little demon. Sango ran into the village yelling for Kagome. Miroku ran towards the hut they had eaten in. When he stepped through the door he called Sango. Kagome was sitting in a corner doing homework and Inuyasha was groaning about stupid stomach aches. Sango rushed in and grabbed Kagome and her bag.

"Sango?! Where are we going?!" Kagome cried as she was jerked up from her comfortable place in the corner.

"Bye everybody! We're going to the river!" Sango called out as she dragged Kagome towards the woods.

"What? Why?" Kagome was a little confused because they had already taken a bath earlier that morning before waking up Inuyasha and making the ramen. She nearly tripped over some roots.

Sango turned around. "Because we have girl things to talk about." She hissed trying to make Kagome understand that this was important.

"OOOHH! Okay, bye guys!" With that the two ran away towards the river.

They ran all the way to the river and stopped only to catch their breath.

"Sango, what's wrong?" Kagome asked after she caught her breath.

"Kagome, everyone knows you like Inuyasha and he likes you," Sango waved her hand in front of Kagome to stop her from interrupting. "it's a fact. You know it." Kagome blushed as she listened to her friend speak. "Miroku just told me that Myouga told him about Inuyasha's 18th birthday, more than he told us. Myouga said that a male youkai blahblahblah." (You've already heard all of this so let's get on with the story.)

Kagome stared at her friend in disbelief. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. He will be exactly 18 in about 5 minutes!" Sango had to yell the rest because Kagome was already racing back to the hut. Chasing close behind they ran inside to find Miroku talking to a sad looking Inuyasha.

Miroku sat down across from Inuyasha and glared almost angrily at him.

"WHAT?!" Inuyasha didn't need this; his stomach was already giving him enough trouble. The sun was setting and making a shadow creep up the walls of the small hut.

"Inuyasha, Myouga had informed me that on your 18 birthday that your youkai half may...influence you in certain ways." Inuyasha could tell he was serious about what ever he was talking about.

"What are you talking about monk? I do not know of any of this! Why would the flea tell you and not me?! What did he tell you?" Now Inuyasha was getting a little ticked off. He didn't know what Myouga had told Miroku. 'Why didn't the flea just tell me?!' he thought.

Miroku was getting mad at the attitude he was getting from Inuyasha. "Myouga said that your youkai half will persuade you to take a mate!" he yelled back at the stunned hanyou, "Everyone knows you like Kagome and she likes you, Myouga said that she would be your choice, no exceptions. Is this true?"

Inuyasha stared at him like he was crazy but somehow he knew that this was true. Every time Kagome came near him he felt light headed and aroused by her presence.

"That would explain why I've been so giddy around her." He didn't realize until it was too late that he had said this last thought out loud. He looked up to see Miroku giving him a wide perverted smile. Blushing and growling at the same time he quickly looked away. Then he realized how serious this could be, soon the sun will be set and he would be another year older.

"Miroku, I will be exactly 18 in just a few moments. I give you my permission to knock me out if my instincts become to powerful. I will somehow control them! I will not hurt my Kagome!" he obviously didn't realize he said 'MY Kagome'. Miroku grinned.

"I hope not Inuyasha, I hope not."

They sat quiet for a few moments thinking. Then it dawned on Inuyasha why Sango was in such a hurry to get Kagome away.

"Is that why Sango took Kagome? To tell her?" Inuyasha asked. Miroku looked at him from the corner of his eye and nodded. 'Know she's going to hate me. And be afraid of me.' Inuyasha's ears drooped. Miroku must have seen the sad/depressed look on his friends face.

"I'm sure lady Kagome will understand."

Fretting and longing, gazing at the moon across the western sea, it seems a
time of nothing but tears.
I thought this poem suited this ending well
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