This story is a prequel to my other pic "Who Were Meant to Be", it contains significant spoilers for that story and despite being a prequel I wouldn't read this one before the other one. Having said that, you do not need to read WWW to understand this at all.

This is most definitely a test run to see if there's interest in expanding WWW's universe, so be sure to drop a review if you'd like to see this play out. Feel free to drop by any ideas or requests.

Having said that, check it out!

"Captain," Law hopes Shachi has a fantastic reason to disturb him. He opens an eye to give his subordinate a glance and the man gulps but doesn't leave. Ah. Law peels himself from Bepo, his back sweaty from being in prolonged contact with the thick fur, his shirt clings to him uncomfortably but he's not awake enough to care. The Mink barely stirs, sleeping peacefully in the subs terrace. Law could keep sleeping but alas, duty calls. He gesture Shachi to follow him, making his way into the bowels of the machine with the direction of the kitchen.

"What is it, Shachi-ya?"

"It's just, we've been getting conflicting reports regarding the coming island, Captain." Law frowns, opening the kitchen door and heading for the coffee cupboard.

"More coffee, Captain?" Someone in the crew exclaims, and Law stops his movements, how many cups has he had today? He looks down at the mug, steaming. Meh. He's a pirate he can do whatever he wants, shrugging he pours in the cream.

"Conflicting reports?" He repeats, pausing to take a swing from his coffee. It's horrible, of course, but Law doesn't really drink it for the taste. Hmmm, if he's not mistaken their next destination is… "From Sabaondy?"

"Yes." The man nods, sitting down at one of the mess hall's tables across from Law. "The Archipelago has a rough history. Originally, it used to be the most lawful part of Paradise, because the last marine base before the Red Line was the Headquarters of the Navy itself, guarding Mariejois. Celestial Dragon presence was rampant and it was considered that getting through Sabaondy itself was the first test of the New World."

"But then Headquarters moved." Law continues, this part of the story he knows. Shachi nods quickly.

"Exactly, a year ago headquarters was moved across the red line, exchanging places with Marine Base G1. The Archipelago fell into decay, and became more like a black hole for criminals. Obviously some groves, shopping districts and auction house are taken better care of than others but the new base just doesn't have the man power to really keep it under control and the immediate threat of a high-ranking marines is gone." Law is still waiting for the conflicting information, really. "But 6 months back there's started to be… rumors. Pirates that showed up at Sabaondy, but never really make it in the New World. The first couple didn't cause too many ripples, coating fails, rival crews, even competent marines get lucky sometimes but a pattern started to emerge very quickly. Roughly 70% of pirate crews that have gone through Sabaondy in the last 6 months have failed to reappear in the New World."

Law gulps down his coffee, it's still unreasonably hot.

"The number is suspicious," he acquiesces.

"Especially because no one seems to be sure as to why the pirates are gone. There's been several theories; slave trading is a popular one, but there's one that seems to be downplayed a lot, almost too much for it be a coincidence." Law wishes Shachi didn't have so much perchance for drama and for once, could give an intelligence report that doesn't sound like a soap opera, but he's known his crewmate too long to hope. "About a new, secret marine base that's been cleaning out shop in Sabaondy."

"Why would the marines keep quiet about how much good they're doing?" Law wonders out loud, not really expecting an answer, but to poke at the faulty logic.

"Because of the Supernovas." The other man states simply. What a stupid nickname. "I think the marines don't want to discourage the big-shot pirates of the moment reaching Sabaondy, or for them to take preventive measure. This info is buried deep, Captain. Without it plenty of other rookies are going to enter Saobondy guns blazing."

Law ponders on skipping the Archipelago altogether, because of the submarine it's not like his crew needs to stop to coat their ship but… But Doflamingo has a lot of business in Sabaondy and Law cannot miss the chance to do some recon. Crossing into the New World in itself will be a challenge to the Warlord and Law needs every advantage he can take.

"Don't change course, but warn the crew to keep out of trouble." Law decides, polishing off the last of his coffee. "And let's keep everyone we can on the sub ready to go. We'll be in an out as fast as we can, confrontations with the other supernovas or mythical marines are to be avoided."

"Aye, Captain."

"Good work, Shachi-ya."