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"Kagome are you coming?" Inuyasha squeezed her hand in emphases.

"Nani? Oh yeah, I'm coming." She smiled at her boyfriend of 8 months quickly before she turned around and stole another glance at him. She felt her heart lift when he looked back at her and waved. She sighed as Inuyasha started pulling her away and headed out through the crowded hallway to the parking lot. She started thinking about the other guy in the hall. *Kouga* she smirked *AHH I can't get him out of my mind. This sucks so bad.*

"Hey Miroku!" Kagome's eyes focused to see her best friend, Sango, and her boyfriend come walking toward them. Miroku walked up to Inuyasha and gave him a quick high-five.

"Hey Inuyasha!" he took a quick glance at the girl standing next to him, "Hi Kagome." She smiled and nodded before turning her eyes to Sango, who was presently making a funny face at her. She started giggling and stuck her tongue out at her.

"So, Miroku," Inuyasha started with a smile, "what happened last night?" Kagome sighed when he started talking, knowing exactly how and where the conversation was going to go. They weren't talking about girl conquests, oh no, they were talking about gaming conquests.

"Aw man, Inu, last night my when my guild and I went on the dragon raid, we came across this noob who had just died, and I picked an ORACLE RING off of him." Inuyasha's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You're kidding me."

"No way, man. He must have picked it up somewhere because there was no way he could have fought anything for it. He had absolutely no HP or AP or anything."

Kagome raised her eyebrows. "What's an oracle ring?"

Inuyasha quickly turned to her and said hastily, "Don't worry about it, Kagome. You wouldn't get it." He turned back to face Miroku and she huffed to herself before turning her gaze back to Sango. Her eyes shifted to the side and back to her best friend several times and Kagome smiled.

"Inuyasha, Sango and I are leaving ok?" When he didn't respond she tapped him on the shoulder.

"Huh? A who to the what now?" Kagome sighed again.

"I said that Sango and I are LEAVING."

"Oh ok, I'll talk to you later then." He turned back around and started talking about orgs. Kagome made a squeezing his neck gesture and turned away with Sango next to her.

"Why do they always do that?" She turned to the taller girl and frowned.

"Oh you mean the fact that anytime one of there games comes up in the conversation they automatically forget we exist? I have no idea." She smiled at Kagome and led her to her blue Jeep.


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