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~*~*~*~*~Six Months Later*~*~*~*~

"Kouga!!" Kagome yelled to get his attention from across the hall. She saw him smile and made his way through the crowded hallway. He kissed her gently on the cheek.

"And how are we doing today?" He looked down to pat his hand over her enlarged stomach. Kagome grinned before placing her hand over his.

"We are doing just fine. Tired, but fine." Kagome saw a flash of white and looked to see Inuyasha with his arm around Kikyo, glaring at the couple. *Still acting like a jerk.* she thought. *He won't change* She smiled and waved at him before turning away and looking back at Kouga.

"Are you sure you don't need anything?"

"Hai, Kouga, I'm fine." He kissed her again.

"Well alright, but if you need me you know I'm here." Kagome nodded and kissed him on the lips before heading out to the parking lot to find Sango.

When Kagome waddled out she found Sango leaning against her Jeep making out with Miroku. Kagome smiled and gave a fake cough to get their attention. Sango jumped about two feet in the air while automatically pushing Miroku away from her.

"I'M SORRY PRINCI-" she frantically looked around, but spotted Kagome instead of Principal Kaede. She glared at her. "Damn-it, Kagome, don't freak me out like that!! She's already gotten on my case three times about my 'inappropriate public displays of affection!' She told me if she catches me acting like a 'tramp' on school grounds again I'm suspended."

Kagome cocked her head to the side and looked plainly at her. "Then why not just wait till you get HOME for your 'affection?'" Sango blinked.

"Because I don't WANT to."

Kagome sighed, "Fine. But I still need a ride home."

"Hai, see you later Miroku." She winked at him as he rubbed his butt from being pushed onto the asphalt.

"Alright, I need to be getting home anyway. There's a RAID tonight!!" He ran to his yellow Mercedes and fumbled with his keys to open the door.

Sango sighed and faced Kagome. "You're lucky you got rid of Inuyasha and don't have to deal with him and his computer shit anymore."

"Psh I know." Sango opened the door and helped Kagome into the Jeep. She ran around to the other side and hopped in.

"So how much longer until you're due?" She asked as she inserted the key into the ignition.

"It should be about 3 months."

"So do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?"

"Iie, well I COULD know, but I don't think I want to. I want it to be a surprise." She nodded at her friends answer.

"Soooo.." Sango started, "I heard that Inuyasha is cheating on Kikyo."

Kagome's eyes widened. "With WHO?!"

Sango grinned. "Rin."


"Yeah I know, Sesshoumaru is going to have some batting practice on his car."

"So they DID get back together?"


Kagome grinned thinking about his Iroc Z getting pulverized by Sesshoumaru and his baseball bat. "Heh, heh, he deserves it."

Sango started laughing. "Yeah I know, you think he would learn." Kagome rolled her eyes. "Kagome?"


"I've been meaning to ask you, but I haven't been wanting to offend you.."


"What do you think about you..you know..getting pregnant?" She tensed up slightly but Kagome just smiled and patted her stomach.

"At first I was really scared and upset. I thought that there was no way that I could raise a kid when I was still a Junior in high school. I mean, I knew that I could and WOULD love it and take care of it. But I was scared financially. But then I realized that Kouga and I both make good money, and that he truly loves me, so I knew that we would be alright."

"Well YEAH he truly loves you!! Look at the huge rock he gave you!" Her gaze turned from the road to her left hand. Kagome grinned and looked down at the engagement ring that Kouga had given her just 3 weeks before.


"So when ARE you getting married anyway?"

"We decided in a month."

"NANI?! That's pretty soon isn't it?"

"Well we both hated the thought of our child being born without being married first."

"Hai I guess so. Well, I can tell that you two are going to work out. You've got what it takes." She slowed down and pulled into Kagome's driveway. Sango jumped out and helped her out of the car. "I'll see you on Monday then!!"

"Bye, Sango!" she turned and started up the sidewalk to her house.

~*~*~*~*~THE END~*~*~*~*~

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