Chapter 4 Settling In


" Blah" means talking.

'Blah' means thinking.

*Blah* means talking telepathy

~@~@~@~ means changing P.O.V

*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Flashback


Sesshomaru had Kagome bridal style in his arms. The snow was blowing on his handsome face. It has been two days since Kagome gave him his arm back. Now he wished he did use the transportation spell with Rin and Jaken. Shippo didn't go with them. Sesshomaru didn't know were he went. Sesshomaru growled and looked down at Kagome. 'What is this feeling? It's new, I cant place it.' Sesshomaru gazed at her beautiful face. Kagome muttered something about wind coming at a very fast pace. Sesshomaru didn't know what she meant. 'Maybe its part of the after shock.' Sesshomaru shrugged it off and kept walking.


Kouga was running towards 'his woman' at top speed. He still believed she was his woman after been repeatedly told that she wasn't. Kouga still had his ways of getting her to be his mate. Kouga thought 'I knew I heard her scream. I smell her. But something different.' The snowy wind was ruffling behind him, creating a little snow tornado. Kouga came to a small clearing and sniffed. 'That's Kagome scent alright and her kitsue pup too.' Kouga really didn't like Shippo. He was always getting in the way of him taking his Kagome to his cave.

Kouga sniffed again. 'A another human and something else. Who's scent is that? Where's the dog turd's scent? I can't smell anyone from that group. Maybe Inu Yasha did something wrong?' Kouga smirked.

Kouga picked up speed and ran toward the western lands. He had know idea of what he was getting into.


Lady Kaeda was busy making a remedy of Inu Yasha's bad wounds. He got into another big fight with some demon who had a jewel shard. He's always doing this, ever since Kagome left. Getting into fights with stronger demons. Smarter demons. Always the same. They would be gone for three days then come back with a badly beaten Inu Yasha.

"Ye child gotta stop picking fights with stronger demons. They might just kill ya one day." Lady Kaeda said as she wrapped up Inu Yasha's arm. Miroku was sitting across from them, with his eyes closed and his staff across his lap. Sango was next to Miroku. Sango was petting the fire cat's head. Kikyou was across the room. In her usually clothes.

"I don't need to stop. We need the jewel shards now. Lets go." Inu Yasha got up and put back on his shirt.

"Inu Yasha you need rest. Lay down and rest." Miroku said and opened his eyes.

"I don't need rest. I need the jewel shards. I will kill everyone who doesn't give them to me and of they are with Naraku."

"Even if it means killing your loved one?" Shippo came from outside. Him and Rain came into the hut and took off his cloak.

"Shippo your back." Sango opened her arms to the little fox demon. Shippo ran into the welcoming arms. "We've missed you so much." Miroku hugged the fox. Rain meowed and Kirara jumped down and walked over to her.

"Where have you been Shippo?" Sango asked.

"With Kagome. So has Rain. Were doing fine and Kagome really good at hunting now so no worries about us dying."

"Kagome? Hunting? What are you talking about? She went back to her time and left us."

"Oops I wasn't suppose to tell you guys." Shippo covered his mouth with both his hands. "I wasn't supposed to tell you." He kept repeating it all over again.

"Tell us now Shippo. What happen to Kagome?"

"Nothing." Shippo shook his head no. '

"Tell me or I will kill you."

"You will do no such thing." Lady Kaeda said. "I will tell you. Kagome is a demon, an inu demon to be exact. She ran away with Shippo. I lied. She didn't go home."

"But I would have been able to smell her."

"No you wouldn't. She put a spell on you to mask her scent from you. And the group." Lady Kaeda waved her hand and a blue drop of some sort of vanilla smelling perfume dropped on the floor. Inu Yasha smelt Kagome everywhere. Intoxicating scent that filled his nose.

"Where is Kagome? I must find her." 'I must have her.'

"That's why I am here. We were attacked by Nept. He had a jewel shard on his head. Kikyou did it." Everyone gasped and looked at Kikyou. She wasn't there.

"Where is she now?" Sango asked.

"Sesshomaru took her to his castle. He said he was going to protect her and train her. He's acting weird lately too." Shippo said.

"Lets go." said Inu Yasha.

Miroku, Sango, Rain, Kirara, and Shippo nodded. And were out the door in seconds.

Inu Yasha and Shippo were leading the way toward Sesshomaru. 'Today I will see her. Tomorrow I will make her mine.' Inu Yasha thought. "Rain. Kirara change into your stronger forms and lets run." Rain and Kirara nodded and change. This was would be a lot faster to Kagome. They all got on one cat demon and ran faster than ever. They were about five minuets away from were Sesshomaru was.

"Hey what's that:?" Shippo pointed toward a large snow wind.

"It looks like the just Kouga leaves behind." Sango said.


Sesshomaru reached another large clearing with a small river running through it. 'Inu Yasha's going to be here shortly. He will not touch what is mine.' Sesshomaru held Kagome closer and looked down at her. 'That stupid wolf prince is sure to be here anytime too.'

Inu Yasha, the group, and Kouga all reached Sesshomaru at the same time. Kouga growled. "Put my woman down now."

"Your woman? I see no claim mark, so that means she free for the taking." Sesshomaru looked at Kouga and gave him a death glare.

"She's not anyone's but mine. Sesshomaru give her to me now." Inu Yasha got out his Tetsusaiga and was ready to attack. "Give to me now.

"Yours? You chose that dead bitch."

"No she's mine."

Inu Yasha, Sesshomaru, and Kouga got into a huge fight. Sesshomaru gave Kagome to Sango and went to battle. "Stop it. Do you think that Kagome will mate with one of you if you kill the other. She cares about all of you. Don't kill each other" Miroku yelled.

"He's right. Lets take Kagome back to my home and see who she chooses when she wakes up." Kouga said.

"No. I promised her I would take her to my castle and I plan on keeping that promise to her." Sesshomaru went over to Kagome and took her out of Sango's arms.

"Feh. Fine. After she wakes up she will decide between us." Inu Yasha said he sheathed the Tetsusaiga.




#*#*#*#*#*#Some time later at the castle*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*

Sesshomaru put everyone into there separate rooms. Kouga insisted on staying next to "his woman" So Sesshomaru put him three doors down. Inu Yasha is right across from his. Sango and Miroku's room is next to his and Kouga's. Kagome is right next to Sesshoamru's and Shippo's is on her left. Rin's is right across from Kagome's.

Kagome felt something wet across her face and moved it out of the way. "Lady Kagome please don't move. You need rest." A soft, almost a whisper came from Kagome's left.

"I am a demon, I don't need anymore rest."

"If you feel that way, I guess you may get up."

Kagome sat up and looked at the servant. She was wearing a red kimono with blue and green flowers all around it. The servant had purple hair pinned in a bun. "What's your name?"

"Usagi, my Lady." She spoke and bowed her head.

"Where is everyone?"

"Eating in the dinning hall, my Lady. Do you wish to join them?"

"Yes, Usagi. Where are some clothes?"

"Right there is what Lord Sesshomaru wants you to wear." Kagome looked to where Usagi pointed. Kagome gasped.

On the chair was a white kimono with blue lining. The kimono had sky blue clouds with flowers down at the bottom. It was the most beautiful kimono she had ever seen. Kagome walked over to the kimono and strip off her clothes and put on the kimono. It fitted her perfectly. Kagome twirled around and laughed.

"Lady Kagome you look wonderful. You are very beautiful. No wonder you caught Lord Sesshomaru's eye."

"Thank you."

"Now lets go to the dinning hall. Wait let me put your hair up."

Usagi combed and put Kagome's hair in a bun with little curls that came down her face. Kagome's bangs were parted to show off the blue butterfly on the top of her head.

"Wow. You really look beautiful. Lets go, my Lady."

Kagome and Usagi walked down the halls Gasps and looks were coming from all the demon servants as they walked by. When they came to two wooden doors Usagi stopped.

"This is were I leave you, my Lady. Good luck."

"Thank you."

Kagome opened the doors and everyone looked right at her and gasped.


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