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Chapter 1: Displacement

Havonchir System, Outer Colonies, November 14, 2380

The Bridge of the UTCS Divine Intervention

"Captain, enemy weapons systems have connected with our shields! We're down to 60 percent, we're reading multiple minor hull breaches within decks seven to six. Maintenance crews are scrambling to put patches on those hulls, if they keep at this rate sir we would have full hull break!"

One of the crewmen within the bridge said in an urged tone, as mild panic began to take a grip within the man's being as sweat began to trickle down his forehead wiping the droplets with his hand, his mug still facing the man who he knew as the captain.

Captain Jacob F. Rudd knew that it would turn out like this, especially how things went during the previous battle of the Volmaur system went, that massive slaughter of ships against the Opalglec's offensive was maddening to him. The vivid images of ships being punched with solid energy causing the ships to stagger then implode as their reactors began to overload killing everyone not fortunate enough to escape through the escape pods coupled with hearing the various distress calls and screams, the screams of utter horror before silence were coming back to haunt Jacob, he couldn't fathom what fates we're dealt to those people onboard their hulking metal coffins floating in space.

Ever since the President declared war against the proclaimed scum of the galaxy, humanity in the beginning won battle after battle, even taking the Opalglec scum's capital and freeing all the slaves that they've employed in horrifying acts of hell, such as being used as miners to fuel the scum's economy as they had a monopoly on rare materials in which kept them from being outright conquered by it's other neighbours. These mining guilds within the Opalglec's colonies employed hellish conditions to their slaves only serving them a few meals in between causing severe malnutrition and in one instance during the liberation of Ultam-Uja the conditions there were absolutely horrifying. The slaves almost looked like walking corpses as their ribs and bone became visible through their skin as their sockets became terribly sunken, that was evident for the humans that we're rescued. However it was not the same when it came to other species living under these guild's iron fists, as it was soon discovered that they were all buried in mass graves with signs of severe malnutrition as well.

The Opalglec's atrocities concerning slaves did not limit there at forced labor, during the siege of Raja-Daan which was a prominent urban world for the Opalglec scum, one thing to note is that the Opaglec's had a nobility system as they considered these noble's the back bone of their nation, the question as to why such an idiotic claim was stated was currently unknown as it would appear apparent to the United Terran Confederate that it would be the citizens who would be the backbone of society. Going back these nobles we're caught with numerous Terran females as well as other species chained within the confines of their dark and dank basement's which had evident signs of sexual abuse. But these nobles who did this to them soon knew what came after as they we're all lined up and executed without trial.

Rudd knew that if he didn't take stand here now along side the remaining ships of the 4th fleet he knew that the same fate that those in Ultam-Uja and Raja-Daan would befall those people back in United Terran Confederate space, he knew he couldn't afford it and his knew it as well.

"Cannons fully charged!" An unamed crewman yelled.

"Corona, set the targets!" He said with an commanding tone with a bit of ice within his voice. "Target's acquired sir!" Corona the ship board Artificial Intelligence manifested herself within the bridge, her form is that one of a beautiful young woman clad in ancient Greek toga and her hair curled into a bun as her skin and clothing were coated in a blueish hue, as her beauty became visible to everyone on the bridge.

"Fire!" The ship shuddered as it's kinetic coil guns began to spewed out 400 ton tungsten rounds against it's foes, soon the rounds connected with it's target as a greenish hue flared encompassing the target ship as it's shield began to wane down not soon after another round connected piercing a hole within the alien's ship staggering it, followed by all it's visible lights going off into a black out soon followed by a massive explosion as it's reactor exploded in a majestic orange colored eruption, as bits and pieces of metal went off fling in every direction.

"Target eliminated!" Corona said, in her most seductive voice she could muster.

"Really?" Rudd said in annoyance at the AI, as his eye brow rose to indicate his annoyance.

"Well, someone's gotta ease the tension." She replied as a grin crept up her face.

Rudd sighed, he never really expected to have an AI like Corona, she was a recent addition to the crew and despite her quirky behaviour, Rudd knew that she would be paramount to the Divine Intervention's operations.

However the minuscule lull in the fighting was soon interrupted as, two explosions engulfed two UTC Manila-class corvettes.

"The UTC Keyes and Unto Fire are down Sir!"

Another crewman yelled, in a tone with a hint of despair.

Rudd knew that if they kept on taking losses like they wouldn't make it through this entire affair, he knew that his parents would continue to live within the world with one less son within his family, but he also knew the dangers of joining the navy and to himself he accepted that he was one step closer to death within this line of work. But he had to, wanted to do this. Not for himself but for his family so that they could live a better life and for his nation, this was his dream ever since he was a child and now that he was staring death right in front of his face in the end he was the only one who could ultimately steer his fate out of death.

"Sir we're detecting multiple hyperdrive signatures. Multiple, Opalglec ships have entered the system!" Someone on the bridge said in clear disbelief.

The odds looked certainly grim for the 4th fleet what remained of a total of two hundred ships totaled to forty seven.

Rudd would grimace that fact, as he the chances of him and his crew surviving went down a notch. He cursed Fleet Admiral Nimtz for not properly organizing 4th fleet in time to fight the Opalglec fleet, to Rudd Nimtz was simply a manchild who only rose through the ranks because of his family's influence. I hope the U.T.C. would kick this bastard off for if it not for him this crumbling fleet would've over powered the enemy. To say he was pissed was an understatement.

"Corona, get me a line to Nimitz." He said with clear angst within his voice. "Nimtz, what the hell are you doing? We need to pull back now, or we're going to get hammered!" He yelled into his comms.

"Well if it isn't Captain Jacob Rudd, it's a pleasure to have this opportunity to talk with you." He said as his holographic display appeared upon a pedestal in front of Rudd's position, Nimitz's form sitting upon his seat as he was clad in his Admiral's uniform with his smug look defiling Rudd's presence as well as a glass of old Earth wine within palm of his hand.

Nimitz took a sip from his wineglass then smiled at Rudd.

"Nimitz, we need to fall back, and reorganize our ships other wise we're done for!" Rudd hissed as this man's clear incompetence, as Rudd's fist curled into a fist.

"I knew you would say that Rudd, can't you see we're winning here?" He said in a calm tone as he dared take another sip from his wine glass further infuriating Jacob with his pompous smug punch able face. Why this bastard wasn't investigated yet and court martialed he didn't know but he certainly knew that this battle was on a verge of defeat for the Terrans.

"Winning?" He snarled as Jacob took hold of his chair as the Divine Intervention Shuddered.

"We're hit! Shields Down to 55 percent!" The same crew member yelled alerting Jacob to his ship's status.

Jacob gritted his teeth in utter frustration, then faced the idiot before him. "You think loosing a 3rd of our over all fleet is winning?" he snarled once again. "Look around you Nimitz, we're loosing get the fuck out of that fantasy world that you're living in John!"

Nimitz only smiled once again in response, before he began to spew bullshit from his mouth, further irritating Rudd, Rudd knew that if the 4th fleet we're to survive this battle he would have to take command or someone who possess the necessary skill and mindset to lead a fleet to battle, because god knows that man child would not do better.

He had to think, was he capable of taking command? Is he capable of taking this fleet out of the battered side and into the winning side? He knew that he needed to decide now as every minute that goes by more and more men are loosing their lives to an incompetent leader that call's himself fleet admiral.

"Captain, are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" Corona asked with a quizzical look plastered within her pure light face as her eyes began to convey that to Rudd himself.

Rudd quickly pressed the button terminating the line to Nimitz, Rudd assumed that Nimitz the ever stupid bastard that he is thought that he won this arguement. Little did he know Rudd will turn his seemingly clam life into living hell. He knew that the remaining the captains within the Fleet held contempt against Nimitz though they only needed a slight encouragement onto ousting Nimitz from his commanding role.

That will have to come soon tho, as he felt his ship shuddered again as an explosion rocked the ship from an supernova like event, to his left he saw the Divine Intervention's Sister ship the Aurora erupting into a grandeur of massive sparks and blue flame sporting a shock wave shaking the enemy fleet, as her reactors overloaded resulting in a massive explosion taking out a few enemy corvettes that kept on swarming our capital ships.

Not long after that massive light of death, three enemy corvettes armed with proton torpedoes began bee lining towards the Intervention, Rudd yelled orders to prepare it's lighter batteries to take down those incoming boogeys.

"Coilgun Batteries ready!"


The small emplacements embedded within the side of the ship, opened up with flaming hot slugs as these seemingly light like ammunition began racing through the void of space eventually connecting to one of the corvettes, as it's shields flared green then followed by a continuous stream of fire, then the vessel of the void erupted into bright green ball of radiation and severe heat. Then the batteries then redirected their fire to other corvette which soon followed it's companion into hell and went into hell into similar fashion as it's companion in a ball of flame.

The Intervention along with several Railegh-class cruiser's kept on holding the line, as he took down an enemy as the Intervention's slug came piercing through it's stern like hot knife through butter.

The destroyer has taken down two Manila-Class cruisers with it's massive plasma cannon's searing the two ships into halves, before succumbing to it's fiery fate.

This was the situation that Rudd found himself now as, alarms began blaring to life within the bridge as the Intervention took another hit from the Opalglecs, officers and crew urgently shouting orders within the bridge.

As it turned out, Nimitz's incompetence was eased.

Rudd saw spikes of radiation indicating hyperdrive signatures coming from the top of his ship.

From his high resolution cameras he saw battered ships from the 19th fleet come barreling down onto the battlefield from transit, firing their main guns gutting several ships leaving lumbering metal husks in place of what was once plasma spewing metal death machines.

Rudd stood there in shock as monstrous beam of white came dashing through space from one of the Opalglec ships, it only took one blink of the naked eye the beam connected with UTCS Caesar from the 19th searing through it's heavy dura-steel hull completely ignoring it's shields.

Rudd then redirected his guns to aim at the absolute behemoth of a battleship that the 4th and the 19th fleets have to deal with. The ship was a monster.

"My god.." someone uttered in sheer disbelief in Rudd's fleetwide comms.

Everyone felt fear creeping onto them as a wave of a freezing chill rode down their spines before the image of a behemoth of a ship.

Rudd knew what this was, it was a a Opalglec Titan-class Ship killer.

"Everyone fall back!" He yelled into his fleet wide comms, but his yells we're all for naught as the enormous vessel unleashed hell, numerous beams of white light as well as plasma came bolting towards the UTC ships, second after second a ships left and right exploded into massive fire balls of light reducing the amount of UTC ships within the system. Rudd knew that this was the time to take command, this was something Nimitz couldn't do and would lead them into their passage into the after life.

"Corona, get me linked up with all the Captains of 19th and 4th. Tell them I'm taking command, oh and block Nimitz's signal for everyone in the fleets." He commanded his AI companion with grace.

Corona simply giggled at his words, as she began her task. "Looks like good ole Nimitz, is going to flip once he know's somethings up!" she giggled once more as Rudd began to settle within his chair in silence thinking of a way how to defeat this incoming horror.

"All linked up sir." Corona replied

"Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to my attention that Fleet Admiral Nimitz is not fit to lead us into battle. I know all of you have lost alot during his command especially the battle of Volmaur, and to that I say screw him!" He said in utter satisfaction.

"Today, I shall lead us into battle, with utmost bravery, courage and honor. Today the enemy shall fear us once more!" His speech certainly gave out an positive effect as everyone cheered and had renewed vigor to fight the enemy.

Rudd sunk into his chair once again, surveying the battlefield before him. Despite his speech and it's positive effects the void still illuminated from plasma bolts and coilgun fire, as numerous hulks of sheer metal drifted in space but aside from that he noticed there was planet below.

"Corona, got any information regarding that planet below us?"

"Yes captain, it's Havonchir II and it's a gas giant filled with combustible gas that would require little heat to ignite."

"Thank you Corona, by the way how many Nukes do we have in the bay?" He asked as he scratched his chin.

"We have one remaining, the other two were used in Volmaur, don't you recall sir?"

Rudd smiled as a plan began to form within his thoughts, he knew that leading the enemy fleet into Havonchir's atmosphere would severely hamper the Oplaglec's abilities but that would mean that it would also hamper theirs. Once they we're in almost sphere he would lunch a nuke into the planet creating a massive supernova and would like take out the entire fleet if not everyone even friendlies. He knew that this was his only shot to win this, he slowly accepted that he won't make it out of this after all. He sighed slowly but he had to do it or else.

"19th and 4th fleet, it's been an honor fighting with you lad's but I need you all to retreat to the edge of the solar system, and jump into hyper space into the Jomprom System on my signal."

"How about you sir?" one of the captains linked to his comms asked, as sorrow engulfed the tone of his voice.

"I have a plan and please if you want to live, heed my commands."

They had no choice but the heed his commands, as Rudd's ship began to draw fire from the enemy fleet he then ordered Corona to dispense a signal blocking communication's between the Opalglec's forcing them to focus on the Divine Intervention. While that was happening the remaining ships from the 19th and 4th withdrew to the edge of the system where there was a wormhole which enabled them to travel back to Terran space, such as Wormhole stabilization tech made miracles to travel.

Intervention's thrusters began to spit out super heated flame as the intervention began it's descent into oblivion within Havonchir II's atmosphere, he knew that he had to do it quick and out if he wanted to live through it all. Soon enemy ships followed him into the atmosphere as streaks of plasma came barreling through barely missing the Terran ship.

"Is the nuke ready?" He inquired within a tense state.

"Yes sir, time for 20 minutes." Corona replied.

Good. He mentally said, he had enough time to to make it into the wormhole and get his men and women home safely. Soon the nuke was deployed and was set to detonate within 20 minutes.

The intervention began It's rapid climb out of the atmosphere and towards the wormhole, the ship shook and shuddered as multiple plasma lances took their strides and connected with the Intervention.

15 minutes..

His pores began to sweat as his ship's engines began to hum loudly as it was pushed to it's limits he knew that if his crew's inched it further that it's current state now he wouldn't even reach the worm hole as he would destroy his ship along side his crew. And that he wouldn't like to bring to the afterlife.

10 minutes…..

"Shields are 40 percent!"

5 minutes…..

Even if it were mere minutes they would feel like years within his senses as time was quickly running out, soon the counter went from five to 1 minute. It was amazing that the fact that they did not detect our trump card was a miracle in it self he thought as he stared into the arcing plasma bolts as well as the pursuing behemoth and it's blazing white beams of light came darting to us luckily missing.

"GET FTL READY! AND WORMHOLE STABILIZATION ON!" Rudd yelled in utmost urgency as the timer was now at 30 seconds he knew that he needed to be fast and precise, otherwise everything would be in vain.


As the clock struck into a single digit zero, the nuke exploded and it ignited the gas giant into a massive ball of light, as a supernova explosion rocked the Havonchir system, a massive shock wave akin to that of the big bang raced through the system destroying everything in it's path as the blinding light came and everyone covered their eyes as the behemoth behind them imploded from the sheer force of the explosion. The remaining ships too followed their massive companion's fate and too succumbed to their hot molten fates, as for the ships closer to the gas giant's they instantly disintegrated into molten metal burning all of their crew alive into paste.

Soon, Rudd and his crew jerked in their seats as some who were standing fell down at the sheer force of their transit into hyperspace supplemented by the massive force of a star being born.

He did it he thought.