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35 ABY

Rey couldn't hear anything but the sound of metal being soldered together. She was in her element, with tools in hand and a clear job to be done. At the moment that job included setting up the advanced display technology and control systems in Mandalore's Bes'uliik assault fighter, the "death-hawk' as Rey liked to call it.

"Rey!" called Goran Beviin, he must have called her multiple times by the indication of the red, splotchy face of her adoptive father. Rey grimaced, pulling away from her work to peer down at her adoptive father.

At any other time this would have been a social call that Rey would have welcomed. But by the hard set of Beviin's mouth, today was not a social call.

"What is it?" Rey asked right away, hopping down from the fighter.

"There's been an explosion, in one of the mines to the northeast. One of the miners reported it was no accident." Beviin began to explain.

"I see." Rey responded, she began to contemplate the fastest route in order to get there in time. Raids happened all the time, especially for a resource as valuable as beskar. Rey naturally would want to involve herself in a situation like this as she was in charge of any and all mining efforts for beskar, as part as the rebuild process for the Mandalorians as a culture, as a whole. Their population and planet had suffered great losses in the Yuuzhan Vong War, Rey's parents included.

"The second time this has happened this month. Something else is going on here and I want you to find out what."

"I understand." Rey assured Beviin who, for all intents and purposes, was her father.

Rey continued on quickly making her way to the armory to fetch her Beskad sword, a single-edge curved sword forged from beskar iron, that tapered upward to a sharp point, featuring a hilt with a protective cross guard and pommel. She stroked the pommel, testing its excellent balance before sheathing the blade behind her back. Next she outfitted a holster accompanied by a blaster on her hip after donning her armor and helm with the customary T shaped visor. It was no longer common practice for Mandalorians to bedeck themselves in armor, this was light weight with only a few pieces, such as a chest plate, vambraces and greaves.

Rey jogged to the Northeast hangar, jumping on a speed bike to traverse the desert land this side of the planet.

Rey knew she made it to her destination once blaster shots and shouts could be heard. Rey immediately killed the throttle, leaping off her bike to take cover behind the outcrop above the mine. It was like gazing upon a massacre.

"Definitely not a misfire of equipment." Rey huffed to herself behind the rock.

Six figures materialized from the mouth of the mine, Six black specters, one, dragging a struggling miner by the neck. Rey could feel her heart in her chest, beating so hard she swore her breast plate vibrated from the force of it. Her breath came out in puffs as her lungs seized at the sight of the miner being tossed on the ground like a rag doll.

Rey had seen her fair share of violence.

Baviin called her upon this scene to bear witness but also to contain what happened here. Unfortunately, Rey was just beginning to see that he had no idea this is what she would bare witness to.

The Mandalorian coughed and spat up blood on the dirt, fighting to stand.

Rey's hand drifted to the blaster sitting on her hip as she crouched behind the rock, finger resting on the trigger. Her eyes darted to a seventh man, making his way out of the caves entrance, his feet heavy on the ground. Massive, Rey thought, his wide shoulders taking up a good portion of the entrance. The Leader.

Rey's gaze fell over this figure, starting from the black mask covering it's face, they all wore masks. Sweeping over his shoulders shrouded by a heavy cloak, too heavy and warm for this environment. All the way down to his boots, which were now making their way to the miner kneeling on the ground, back bent, the poor man's body contorted in pain.

No, Rey thought, his body was frozen in place, unable to move.

Rey shifted in her spot, wanting to get a better look. From this vantage point she could not hear what the leader was saying, she could only hear the muffled voice of the man behind the mask.

Before Rey had time to flinch, the leader was illuminated by 3 red beams of unstable light. In a wide arc the blade cut down the man kneeling before him.

In a burst of energy, a force she had never felt, Rey propelled herself down the steep drop into the mining pit where seven specters stood. She didn't realize she was yelling, she didn't realize she unsheathed her sword until her arms vibrated with the force of meeting the red illuminated blade in front of her, with her own saber. Rey, ever the tinker had outfitted it with a cortosis-weave, allowing it to stand up against energy swords. Merdit had gifted it to her years ago, recovering it from an old artifact aging back to the Mandalorian Wars.

Rey didn't have time to think over this mistake, she only reacted. Pulling away her blade before swiping upward, her teeth bared, bloodthirsty.

How dare he? How dare these attackers come and ransack their mines, their resources? Mandalore had seen enough war, enough bloodshed. At that moment she could only picture her mother, kneeling as if before this specter, cut-down like a mere animal. Rey's blood boiled, she screamed inside her head, or was she actually screaming?

This black specter, this monster, was unfazed, deflecting each attack, wielding his saber with only one arm. Rey slowly came back to her surroundings, she had been boxed in, they two, were the only ones fighting. The six, had created a circle, a perimeter to watch this fight unfold.

Rey's eyes looked up and up, until she came upon the masked figure, the black sucked in all the light, none reflecting off except the bands of silver running along the top and temples of the mask, almost a reminder to the darkness swallowing up what little light there was to reflect.

Every overarching cut made by her was easily deflected.

A desperate attempt to end this fight and flee, Rey pulled out her blaster and fired.

With a twirl of his laser sword, his adjacent hand reached out and with fingers spread, deflected the laser. The same gloved hand then closed into a tight fist and pulled backward, yanking the gun from her hand. Rey yelped out in surprise, suddenly losing the ability to control her body.

"A scavenger?" One of the men in the circle called out.

Rey could not move, her arms had been pinned to her sides as she frantically looked around the group, vastly outnumbered.

"No…" Came the reply from the man in front of her, Rey's eyes darted back to him as he towered over her, blocking out the sun.

"Obviously not, look at her armor. Mandalorian Steel." Commented another.

It was then, Rey found her voice. "What are you doing here?" She demanded "Why-why did you kill him?" Her question ended in a gasp as she was released from her invisible hold, falling to her knees.

The figure knelt down to her level.

"Investigating sabotage, we tracked him here, to this mine." He answered simply, motioning with his saber, now inactive, to the body resting beside them.

"You're a murderer" Rey spat, lifting her chin in defiance.

"So was he." His, voice synthesized behind the mask, disinterested.

"I'd like to know what's behind that helm," jeered another.

"Quiet" Rey jumped at the barked order the leader directed to his group. She assumed his group, as the now chastised member raised his hands in mock surrender.

Before Rey could think over the odd gesture, the leader jumped to his feet a second before another explosion rang in their ears.

"That came from the east."

Rey's eyes darted to the direction spoken, smoke already rising into the air. She jumped to her feet, taking advantage of their diverted attention and sprinted up the hill and over the edge.

Their shouts ringing in her ears she was already punching the accelerator on her speeder, racing towards the plume of smoke. Within minutes she came upon a scene not much different from the one she had just witnessed.

The sounds were horrid, digging up old memories she would have rather left buried.

The creatures were merciless, hideous beings. Teeth jutting out from their sharp jaws, wrinkled tough hide covering bald, spiked heads.

And they were murdering the miners.

Without much thought, Rey's mind went blank as she found herself once again, sprinting down the steep decline, this time towards a different enemy.

Her hits were strong and sure, slicing through thick sinew and cutting off monstrous limbs from even more monstrous bodies.

Rey yanked her saber from the belly of one beast, caught off guard by another as he swiped at her middle. She barely had enough time to dodge before another fell upon her. Gasping for breath, adrenaline running out, Rey surveyed her circumstances and they were not good.

Rey felt a searing heat at her back as she felt the impact of a saber meeting spear behind her. She whirled in time to see her previous captor, towering over her, keeping one Vong at bay.

He had prevented her from being impaled by the Vong's spear.

He took a step back towards her, almost arching over her body as he took the brunt of the Vong's strength. In one breath Ren feinted left and skewered him while also separating his head from his shoulders in one spin.

Rey found herself staring up at him, now face to face. Or mask, she thought.

He did not say anything, only throwing out a hand blocking the shot coming from a Vong behind them, much like he had done with her.

Rey grunted and spun, ready to finish this.

Rey dispatched foe after foe, watching in her periphery, seven black specters do the same.

After the battled had finsiehd, after the dust and dirt settled, Rey jerked her head upwards, her eyes now adjusting to the harsh sunlight revealing a group of her people all standing on the edge of the cliff. All peering down at the sight before them.

Rey slowly made her way back up the steep incline, her muscles straining against the effort, spent.

"What happened?" Beviin questioned, eyes sullen, lips set in a straight line, others had joined him to investigate, only to find seven armed men fighting along side Rey.

"Yuzzhan Vong" Rey gasped, her heart still thundering against her chest plate, her breath coming out unevenly.

Beviin clutched her arm just then, a lull falling among the group of people that had come to survey the damage. Rey knew what had silenced them once she turned around to watch the Knights of Ren making their way over the rim of the overhang. The wind picked up, dust and dirt blowing through the plain, rustling the cape of the leader who had begun to speak.

"Your period of neutrality has come to an end." Gesturing down the pit with his hand, the same arm, that had blocked the Vong from mortally wounding her.

"This has left you vulnerable to continuous attacks of Yuuzhan Vong ." His voice comes out frustrated, annoyed. As if he slaughters countless every day, this event, saving her people, a mere inconvenience.

Without another word, they trudge on, in the direction of ships Rey did not notice before. The leader does not look back as they leave the Mandalorians alone to deal with the body count and survey the damage.


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