"This story takes place in 2024 when Scarlet Witch is 21. It is a year after Endgame.

"What do you mean you can't make it, I'm stuck with a bunch of wannabees. The least you can do is come down here." Thor said while drinking a bottle of booze. "You mean up here, you're in Norway, and I'm busy on a mission, just deal with the wannabees," Rhodes said. "Whatever, you son of a bitch," Thor replied as he threw the phone across the globe. "Wannabees, thanks," Wanda said. "How long have you been standing there," Thor replied. "Just got here, I read your mind which is very very hard to find," Wanda said. "Anyone ever tell you you're beautiful and weird," Thor said. "I appreciate the compliment both of them," she said as she walked away. "What'd he say now," Nebula asked. "We're wannabees," Wanda answered. "Well, my ships all fueled up we could go now," Nebula said. "No, no,no, no, no," Thor said, "you're not wannabees you're superheroes really pretty superheroes," Thor answered. Wanda walked up to Thor and said, "I can read minds and I know you're lying, but we'll stay."

"He's coming, get into position," Peter Parker said. Thor was trying to catch the kingpin, Baron Benatar, who was notorious for bombing structures and slowing down the construction of New Asgard. As Benatar was driving by on his motorcycle he threw five bombs in different directions. "Nebula, you distract him I've got work to do," said Maximoff. "Wait, you're not in-charge," Thor said. "Don't worry Mr. Thor I'm still here," Spider-Man said. "Just get out there and kick ass," Thor said. "On it," Peter said.

Nebula jumped in-front of Benatar's motorcycle. Benatar threw his motorcycle at her but Spider-Man caught it with his webs and threw it back at Benatar. While Peter and Nebula were fighting Benatar, Wanda collected the bombs he threw and threw them back at him. "Hey pissant," Wanda said. Baron Benatar looked down, as he looked the bombs blew up and Wanda manipulated the explosion to not touch Nebula and Peter. "Problem solved." After the explosion a triangle shaped, large, blue, rock dropped from him. "The hell is that," Peter said . Thor walked up to the rock and said, "We should probably lock it up," Nebula said. "Nonsense we should destroy it," Thor said. "What's your problem with smashing and destroying. You even did that to your own kingdom. Tony and Hulk kept me updated on every Avenger. Because of some prophecy," Wanda said. "I did what I had to to save my people. And what about your home," Thor said. Nebula and Peter backed up as Wanda and Thor continued arguing. "I'm sure you don't remember all that booze goes to the head YOU AND THE OTHER AVENGERS DESTROYED MY HOME," Wanda said. "You ungrateful bitch. We saved your life," Thor said. " No, my life was never in danger and what about my brother what about all the people YOU DIDNT SAVE," Wanda said. "What about the people you killed in Lagos, Nigeria," Thor said. "I was sixteen." "We're done here," Thor said. "We're you did nothing," Maximoff said. Thor swung the Stoembreaker and smashed the rock. But as he did a blue tornado arose. After spinning for a few minutes a lady emerged. In a blue dress draping behind her. "Did you miss me."