Still in Wanda's apartment...

"By the way we're not going to talk about our little plan. Right." Wanda said. "Nope," Thor said. "Okay. So. Do Asgardians have weaknesses," Wanda said. "No," Thor said. "But. When Loki's Sceptre was made on Nivadellir it was made with Morgana's eyeball. Which also means it is enchanted with her same energy," Thor continued. "But Loki's Sceptre was destroyed to get the mind stone," said Wanda. "Yes but while you were gone we had a time heist to get the infinity stones and bring everyone back. The machine is still in the tower but we only have one pine particle," Thor said. "Okay good plan but what are pine particles ?" asked Wanda. "Little red tubes invented by Dr. Hank Pine," Thor answered. "It's pym particle. And if we need some we take some from Ant-Man," Wanda corrected. Thor said, "Nobody knows where he is." Wanda replied, "Eight years ago we were in Germany fighting half the other avengers..." Thor looked confused as Wanda continued, "We could go back to Germany take a few pym particles from his suit and will go get the Sceptre." "Doesn't Ant-Man need those particles," Thor said. "Well, Yeah, but his suit runs on ten particles. If we take five we could get to and from our destination with one to spare," Wanda said. "So take us to Avengers Tower," Wanda said.

As they arrived at Avengers tower they noticed no one was home. "Alright let's get this show on the road," Wanda said. "I don't know how to use this," Wanda said looking at Thor. "Don't look at me," he said. Wanda replied, "You were there." Then she looked up and sighed, "Wait. The security cameras I could just watch how to do it." "Let's go," Thor said.

Outside the tower Quicksilver and Loki watched with binoculars. "If we separate them we can take them down," Pietro said with a sokovian accent. "Good idea. Stay here," Loki said. Then he walked up the street and created the illusion of five extremely big spaceships supercharging a blast.

As they were walking down the halls of the tower Wanda looked outside and said, "Shit." "Don't worry I'll handle this," Thor said. "Not alone," said CAPTAIN MARVEL. Walking down the halls. Scarlett Witch said, "Captain Marvel a lot has happened we'll fill you in on everything later just go fight those things." "Um you're not the boss," said Captain Marvel. "Then why does he listen to me," said Wanda pointing to Thor then walking away. "Let's go," said Thor.

Then CM (Captain Marvel) and Thor started flying threw the air towards the ships. "Perfect I'll get the red one," Quicksilver said.

As Wanda arrived in the security room she gasped as a man dressed in gray stood there. "Pietro. You're. Back," Wanda said crying. Then when she ran up to him to give him a hug he kicked her in the stomach and pulled a gun on her. "Pietro ?" Wanda said. "MY NAME IS QUICKSILVER," Pietro said. Then he shot the gun at her head. But, Wanda stopped it with her mind and threw it to the wall and stood up. "What are you doing," Wanda said.

As CM and Thor arrived at the spaceship Thor supercharged with lightning and shot at a ship but upon contact the ship disappeared. "They're fake," CM said. "Why would they do that," Thor asked. "To get us away from the tower. We have to go back," Thor said.

"Pietro you have to stop. I don't want to hurt you," Wanda said pleading with her brother. "That's to bad because that's all I want to do to you," after Pietro said this he sped over to her and kicked her through the glass in the tower. "NO. I'll get her," Thor yelled and then flew after Wanda (who was unconscious). "Well well, I guess there is some romance brewing," Captain Marvel said. As Wanda almost hit the ground Thor caught her and flew back into the tower.

But while Thor rescued Wanda, Captain Marvel found Pietro. "What are you doing here," CM said. "I'm not here for you tell me where Wanda Maximoff is so I can kill her. "Okay your medication isn't working," CM said. Then she flew over to him and blasted him threw a wall. "That all you got. Hit me with your best shot," Pietro said after he looked at Wanda flying up the tower. "You asked for it," Captain Marvel said. Then she shot him with a photon blast. But as Captain Marvel shot Quicksilver he sped around her, but as he sped around Thor and Wanda entered and Captain Marvel hit them. "Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha you hit your sidekicks," Pietro laughed. "Alright now I'm pissed," Captain Marvel said then she cosmically enhanced herself and shot him with her photon blast halfway across the city. But in the process blasted a huge hole in the tower. "Well, now Tony's going to be pissed," Thor said. "I'll handle him," Carol said. "Alright then shall we get to the heist," Wanda said.