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"I don't want to cheat," Josh whispered breathlessly.

"Want me to stop dude?" Karl asked just as breathlessly between their soft French kisses.

Karl was always one to ask the question, because in his mind there was absolutely no fucking way Josh could describe what they were currently doing as not cheating.

"No" Josh whispered at the next brief break before launching another passionate foray into Karl's mouth with his tongue. "Just ... no sex," the subdued teen finished during the next two breaks.

Then Josh added after a few more moments, "You don't want to do it, ... do you man ... cause ... we probably ... shouldn't."

Karl just shook his ginger-mane head in agreement with his friend, because the circling of Josh's tongue and the deep mutual mouth spelunking between these brief moments of talking prevented anything more.

Respecting Josh wish, Karl backed up just a bit. Still it was extremely difficult to think about not doing it, because the boys were so damn close to doing it. In fact, the only barrier between them when these words passed Josh's lips was the thin fabric of his cotton blue Under Armor briefs. The rest of his clothes were in a pile on the bathroom floor, jumbled up with Karl's. And Karl thought he needed to add, that was also hard to think about not doing it, because Josh was 100% into the moment and on fire at time, he said that they shouldn't do it. But perhaps I should back up a bit Karl thought. Where was he exactly? How did I get there and who was the boy that I was not doing it with as he pulled me tightly against his naked body?

In the middle of a April afternoon, Karl was in his bedroom in the suburban home he shared with his Mom. He and Josh were laying only about a foot off the floor on a short futon. It served as the teen's bed, and it was, in fact, his bedroom and his domain as well.

The boy Karl was not doing it with was a good friend of his, named Josh, and he'd been a good friend since the 3rd grade, ever since they were introduced at a mutual friend's birthday party. Josh was also the boyfriend of another good friend of Karl's, named Janice, who would've been very glad to know that they weren't doing it that day, and who certainly would've expected them to not be doing it. Josh, I should say, was a close friend of Lisa's, who likewise would've been very glad to know we were agreeing not to do it, since Lisa and I ... well ... we were doing it, though not right at that particular moment.

Josh is really cute for a guy. He's got a beautiful oval face, short wavy reddish hair, and ocean-blue eyes. Her lips were small but totally kissable. Her nose was adorable- not that Karl had a fetish for noses, but Karl did notice his - and below the neckline he was equally sexy. Josh had almost girl-like curves, a pale white chest crowned with sweet pinkish brown nipples, a slender flat tummy, and hips that were model-hot. His ass, oh fuck, seemed to simply beg anybody to grab on to it and sway; and it tapered down into long slender legs that gave Josh his5'10" of height. Altogether, Karl would guess that he weighed maybe 125 to 130lbs with the pounds being in all the right places.

Karl had admired Josh's attractive physique, of course. He didn't think there are too many kids who wouldn't have admired Josh in this way, at least not the sexually insatiable ones. But Karl's admiration had always been from a distance, so to speak, as a friend. Because, after all, he was never actually planning on being more than a friend to the other ginger teen and he certainly wasn't thinking about actually doing it with Josh.

Now that Josh had told him that they weren't going to actually be doing it together, Karl was undoubtedly confident that he could continue as his friend with only a ... sort of academic admiration of her.

How did they get to the point of not doing it? Well it wasn't anything momentous, if anybody wanted to know. Josh had asked him the previous summer if Karl would take Chemistry with him. Karl was more of a Math Whiz and it was time to start taking Chemistry. Josh was more excited to start Japanese as a foreign language and had always had a penchant for watching foreign movies in their native tongues. It was an easy sort of fit. It's always better to take classes with friends anyway. Why shouldn't Josh and I take a class together? I mean, since we wouldn't be doing it, it's no big deal.

Then there was the break after that class on Thursdays and Fridays, when it was the last class of the day. This led quite naturally to a pattern of walking Josh back to his house, a logical and easy thing to do since he was Lisa's neighbor and Karl was over there quite a lot anyway. Why shouldn't I walk Josh home? It wasn't a big deal either, especially since they weren't doing it.

This walking home business soon evolved into hanging out for a bit and actually studying (and playing video games) together, another perfectly innocent activity for high school students taking Japanese together on dull sunny afternoons, when neither of them have any plans on doing it. Very soon the studying led to a lot of laughing together and longer brotherly conversations etc. etc., the kind of activity that is once again perfect acceptable between friends who aren't doing it.

So that's basically the lot of it. Like Karl thought, nothing scandalous, just pretty ordinary stuff.


One might be curious about the details of that afternoon and how they came so extremely close in their decision not to do it.

Karl blushed ... if he remembered correctly, it started with a look. Not just an ordinary look, mind you, but one of those long and lingering ones.

The boys were in the middle of parsing verbs. This is normally an extremely boring activity as a rule, but that day the conversation had been revolving around some adult subjects. Josh was laughing about hearing Lisa and Karl having sex together because we were too damn loud, and he also brought up some of the boastful things his girlfriend had told him. Then, he was quizzing Karl about whether Janice did any talking. Eventually their minds were already running in spicy directions despite Japanese grammar homework.

It was then that Josh gave Karl the look.

Karl recognized it immediately, and Josh certainly would've too had he given it to him. It was a sort of long and lingering look at Karl's lips, which said simply, "I really just want to kiss you right now dude."

The long-haired ginger's eyes widened a little, but Josh didn't see that immediately. It was almost like he was unsure of his look for a few moments. Then he realized what he was doing, quickly recollected himself and glanced up into Karl's wide brown eyes to see whether he'd noticed.

Josh noticed him staring.

Karl swallowed and licked his lips.

Josh blushed slightly and looked back down at his textbook, quickly asking what Karl put down for the next word in their warm-up exercises.

Karl wasn't a suave seducer for nothing. In fact, he thought that it's fair to say that he pretty much lived by the Way of the Warrior code, show no fear and go for it. Though it sometimes took a weekend, some money, a movie, and a little alcohol for the happy seizing of young love to skyrocket, this was a very cute boy sitting in front of him; and this very cute boy had just given Josh an incredible hint, albeit unintentionally. It didn't take very long for Karl's mind, after that initial surprise, to start running like a cheetah down a road. It also didn't take long parts of his aroused anatomy a little further south to start kicking into gear either, ... maybe ten seconds.

Karl didn't answer his question about the food translation.

Josh looked back up at him, nervously.

"Dude, you were just looking at my lips," Karl said, with a little playful tease in his voice.

"No I wasn't," Josh lied, the color in his cheeks deepening.

Karl smirked and snickered at him. Josh unconsciously looked at his friend's lips again and then quickly looked away in embarrassment.

"You just did it again," Karl said.

Josh opened and closed his mouth for a moment and then met Karl's eyes, "That's because you said I did before, when I didn't. It's not a crime you know."

The teens looked at each other for a moment, and then both of them laughed.

While Karl was laughing, adrenaline suddenly surged through his body and he could immediately feel definite electricity in the room as Josh looked at his lips for a third time.

"Anyway," Josh shrugged, still looking, "So what if I was, you're a handsome stud, and it's not like you'll ever actually do anything about it."

Josh said it with a playful grin playing across his face and Karl thought to himself, Now if that wasn't an invitation, I don't got a damn clue what is.

It was now or never time. Will Karl make a move on his friend or not?

Karl's cock, incidentally, had already made its own mind up. It was hard as a rock and now painfully restrained in his blue jeans. It didn't take more than a few seconds for his cock to convince his brain to charge forward.

Karl stood up. Stretched toward the ceiling and then sort of sauntered around the table. Josh watched him with a twinkle in his innocent eyes. Karl leaned down close, looked the speechless boy right in the eyes and asked, "Is that a dare?"

Josh smirked and raised his chin slightly. Karl leaned closer. Their lips just brushed and then parted for some gentle first kisses. Josh wrinkled his nose after a few moments, giggled and said, "You've got Cherry Coke breath dude."

"You got Doritos," Karl grinned.

"Let's grab some Scope," Josh said.

The boys quickly stood up and went to the hall bath. Karl had a bottle of mouthwash there already, thanks to Lisa, not Julia's, since Janice and him were not doing it. The two teens gargled almost in a race. Josh's hands were trembling a little with excitement. Karl couldn't help but notice. Plus, Josh couldn't help but notice the bold aching hard-on at the front of his friend's jeans.

Josh gargled the mint-flavored mouthwash and spit it out after securing the bottle cap again. Karl did the same, and now happily refreshed, he sat on the toilet in front of his host and said, "Now what were you saying to me?"

Fuck, the things that happened in the next few minutes on our way to not doing it! Karl almost wanted to slap himself.

It was dreamy: Tongues dancing, pulses racing, fingers in Karl's belt loops pulling him tight against Josh, legs wrapping, groins grinding eagerly, body arching back, biting the pale boy's neck, fingers shaking, lifting his shirt up, grabbed his ass, sneakers free, body arching further back, shoulders against the mirror, Karl's left hand massaging one soft mound, lips and teeth catching the flesh of the other, nipples hardening. Yes ... it was a dream, this not doing it together.

Josh pulled Karl tight with his legs and thrust his pelvis out for Karl to grind with him. The fingers of one hand tunneled through Karl's busy flame of hair as Josh pulled his mouth down more firmly against his right nipple. Josh really wanted him to suck it harder and Karl was happy to comply, even as he thrust his jean clad manhood against Josh's jean clad crotch in the sweet motions of not actually doing it together.

It was then that he had his first orgasm with Karl. Josh stiffened and let out four short gasps followed by a delicious groan as the hot waves of pleasure swept through his young body.

When it was over, he relaxed and eased Karl back a little. Josh looked at him, brown eyes slightly dazed with pleasure. "You're not done, are you J.?" he asked with slightly breathless hope. When you're not doing it together you sometimes gotta ask questions like that, Karl guessed. Then squeezing Josh's legs, he felt the reassuring hardness pressed against his swelling manhood.

"No," Karl said with a grin.

"Good," Josh grinned back.

Then Josh suddenly unwrapped his legs and pushed Karl back as he slid off the toilet. Josh leaned forward and kissed his friend hard and deep as he began unbuttoning Karl's shirt. Karl shrugged it off and Josh's fingers were everywhere on his chest for a few moments. Then ... oh fuck yes ... Karl felt them traveling down to his waist. Josh quickly undid his belt and thrust his pants and boxers down freeing the host's anxiously throbbing cock. Without breaking their kiss, Karl felt Josh's hands run lovingly over his warm length, feeling it happily and pausing at the bottom to gently cup his balls.

Karl closed his eyes and moaned in the other boy's mouth. Josh snickered and then his mouth left Karl's and began traveling down, over his neck and chest, down to his abs. As Josh bent, Karl pants and boxers slid further; and then ... oh ... my ...Hell yeah! Soft lips encircling ... tongue teasing and ... playing.

Yes, not doing it with Josh was wonderfully intense. Karl thought he could stand not doing it with him very often, matter of fact.

Though, Karl wasn't exactly sure what happened next. Who could blame him!?

There was a whirlwind of pleasure. Not a smooth relaxing springtime breeze, but a gale force, a turbulent rush that sent shivers of delight through Karl's body as Josh sucked and played.

The blue-eyed red-head stopped before Karl erupted, though, and then sat back and quickly stripped off his own jeans. Josh left his briefs in place, probably because he already had it in his head that they weren't doing it that afternoon and he was not going to cheat on his girlfriend with his long-time crush. Then Josh was standing again, his lips seeking the heat of the other's as Karl felt his cool naked chest pressing hard against his own fiery flesh.

After that, they ended up in Josh's bedroom. Karl thought that he carried him there, but he wasn't sure. At any rate, somehow the two got there, and then in the missionary there were Josh's legs wrapped tightly about him, heels locked on the back of Karl's thighs, followed by breathless feverish kissing, equally feverish bumping and grinding; and finally after a few minutes, the conversation that started this lurid story.

Yeah, that's pretty much how Josh and I came to the point of not doing it.

On second thought ... now that I think about it, I'm not totally sure that we weren't doing it.

The underside of Karl's cock had been pressed hard against Josh's crotch with the tip somewhere up by his belly button, he was sure that wasn't doing it. Karl thought they could both agree to that. But then wanting more, Karl raised up and backed down on Josh so that the tip was now driving for home against the fabric of his briefs, pressing in between those luscious pink virgin lips.

Fuck they're pretty like a girl's and so pink! Karl hadn't seen them yet, so he was just assuming at that point. The only thing Karl really knew for certain about Josh's sweet spot just then was that the musky smell of the other boy's sex was divine as it filled the air and proclaimed Josh's excitement.

As Karl was braving the storm in their efforts to not to do it, he was sure that he was pressing the evil cotton barrier inside of Josh with the tip of his blade. – Josh's briefs felt totally wet, by the way.

Now some people would debate whether or not this is classified doing it, and that's why Karl felt he wasn't totally sure that they weren't actually doing it even as they were agreeing to not do it.

Suddenly ... well ... there's the whole question of whether or not there was an actual deal to not do it. Karl remembered that Josh said, "You don't want to do it, ... do you ... cause ... we probably ... shouldn't." Now why does a boy say something like that? Is it because he doesn't want to do it, or because he does want to do it? Is he talking himself out of it? Or is he really game and just testing your feelings?

To this statement Karl responded by shaking his head in agreement because he couldn't talk just then.

Then what the fuck does that mean? Is Karl agreeing that they shouldn't or that they should? Almost anybody would have admitted that it was all kind of messed up.

Josh thought it was vague too. He laughed in Karl's mouth after he shook his head and said between more kisses, "What ... does ... that mean?"

Karl managed to find his voice at some point and much to Josh's delight, Karl answered with, "I don't know."

He followed up with "you were begging for it" because Josh laughed out loud, obviously besotted.

So the boys continued on, bodies pressed tightly together in the blissfully muddled fray of not actually doing it and neither of them really knowing whether or not they would be doing it soon.

Unless, case given, one would think that pressing in slightly through the briefs is doing it. Then Karl guessed anybody would have to say that they were doing it, all the while believing that they weren't doing it, and still wondering whether or not they would soon be doing it in a slightly more in depth kind of way.

Dude ... where the fuck was I?

Oh yeah, Karl remembered. He started shaking. It's all true. When he would get excited, Karl would start shaking like crazy, and he had been building up a geyser of excitement for about nine to fifteen minutes. Josh had never experienced his friend's shakes before and apparently it made him feel relieved. He grinned and pulled Karl even tighter. Josh circled his hips beneath Karl's cock with devilish playfulness. Even now they were still ... not doing it!

Something had to change and fast. I knew that if I could sort of back my cock off to the edge of those wicked cotton panties, maybe I could do a little hook and jive and get inside of them ... so that ... we could still be not doing it together ... but just ... not doing it a little more closely.

I made an attempt at the hook and jive maneuver during an especially important exploration of the roof of her mouth with my tongue, in order to see whether or not it was ticklish. The exploration succeeded but the maneuver failed. A cock is not nearly as deft as fingers, after all - My fingers, incidentally were busy gripping her shoulder and ass in an attempt to deal with the shakes.

Julia laughed again after the exploration broke. "I thought we weren't doing it?" she said amused. "Or ... did you mean the other way."

"I just want to be closer," I said, enjoying the lack of clarity between us far too much to try and fix it now.

She grinned, bit my lip and wriggled a hand down between us as I raised up a little on my knees. She hooked her panties with her thumb and pulled them over to the side, allowing my hardness inside so it could be ... closer.

She withdrew her hand and elastic of her panties snapped back over the side and top of my cock, as it joined her inside of them. Then she kissed me deeply again and we went back to pure joy of not doing it together.

Damn it was a beautiful moment.

How did it end?

Well after a while, Julia arched beneath me. She pulled my shaking hands up and locked her fingers tightly in mine above her head. I could feel the tip of my cock pressed against her clitoral hood. It would have taken so very ... very ... very little effort at that point to no longer not be doing it together.

Julia, eyes closed, bit my lower lip, sighed with pleasure and wriggled her hips just ... a little bit ... more ... in a certain direction.

Apparently she had just made a decision to not not be doing it any longer. Her lower lips parted around me, and I slid deep inside of her.