Sunshine of Your Love

A songfic by DED


~It's getting near dawn,~

The sun broke over the hill. Zelda stood at the gate and watched the sunrise. She sighed and looked out over the plains of Hyrule Field, waiting. Waiting for her love.

~When lights grow on tired eyes.~

Link looked ahead. The sun rose behind him and he could almost see the castle. Over the horizon he could almost make out the form of the spires and the town.

~I'll soon be with you my love,~

Zelda turned away. She was hurt. Fore many days she'd waited for him to return form his journey. Every morning, she thought she could see his form riding over the horizon, but it was not true. She hoped, and she feared.

~To give you my dawn surprise.~

Link gave Epona a kick and she galloped over the field. Link wondered how Zelda was feeling. He almost felt her pain in his heart. He quickened his pace.

~I'll be with you darling soon,~

Zelda's emotions were too much. A tear slid down her cheek as she turned to look out over the field.

~I'll be with you when the stars start falling.~

Link was almost there. Almost to the castle. The horizon's fog shrouded the castle with mist, but could not mask the light of his desire and will. He was coming home.

~I've been waiting so long~

A cold wind blew Zelda's hair about as her tears drooped on the ground. She turned around to go back through the gates, back to her castle to wait. Another day, another heartbreak.

~To be where I'm going~

Link crossed the horizon. There stood the castle, and the town. He was home.

~In the sunshine of your love.~

Zelda began to walk in. But she heard something. And turned.

~I'm with you my love,~

Link rode up to her.

~The light's shining through on you.~

As he dismounted, Zelda ran to him, eyes glistening with tears of relief.

~Yes, I'm with you my love,~

Link recived her with open arms. Her body met his as she cried softly into his tunic.

~It's the morning and just we two.~

Zelda looked up at his face. He was tired, and his clothes were frayed. Battle-worn and weary, he was home.

~I'll stay with you darling now,~

Link's eyes met Zelda's. "I'm home," he said softly.

~I'll stay with you till my seas are dried up.~

Zelda's misty eyes stared longingly into his.

~I've been waiting so long~

Link took her by the hand.

~I've been waiting so long~

They walked back towards the castle, Zelda's head rested lovingly on Link's shoulder.

~I've been waiting so long~

They reached the threshold of the door to the castle.

~To be where I'm going~

"It's great to be home," he said.

~In the sunshine of your love.~

And kissed her.