I'll Be Leaving Soon

This is yet another obscure BNL song of the same name. It's about if Link hadn't saved Termina and escaped back to Hyrule. Please review even if you don't know the song!

This is where I played that song again,
And I got away,
This is where the children used to play,

This is only half a mile away,
From ground zero attack,
This is where my life changed in three days,
And then it changed back,

Buried under rubble and the overhead explosions,
I do my best to save them but I can't help my emotions,

This is where the moon crashed on the clock,
In Majora's wake,
Ain't nobody takes me for a fool, just for a fake,

And later back in Hyrule I see the Princess waiting,
I hurry back away, if all the memories were fading,

And I'll be leaving soon,
I'll be leaving soon,

Just as soon as had fled that land,
I began to regret,
Just another three day foreign tour,
I'd never forget,

It's hard to leave behind all of the devastation,
I saw a world collapse on my Terminian vacation,

And I'll be leaving soon,
I'll be leaving soon,

Couldn't help anyone
Cause everyone was bold
They always were so skeptical
If only they had known
And even I get sick of
Having to be shown

Though it's only half a month away,
Everyone's gone,
Soon I'll have another quest, someday,
But I can't move on,

I'm haunted by the memories and do my best to tell 'em,
I can hardly comprehend them all, why would I sell 'em,

Everybody's laughing while the words are on my finger,
A world that loves it's irony must hate it's protest singer,

And I'll be leaving soon,
I'll be leaving soon…