I really love my Lataine series so this is another story from the series. As usual, I do not own Twilight, just my OC Lataine. Hope you enjoy!

Lataine POV

I had done everything. I had 'lost' the form. I had 'accidentally thrown it away.' Yet it had still been signed and turned into the school. I guess that's what happens when your uncle is in charge of the forms. Emmett had brought the forms to the school so he knew full well we were getting them and told Alice and Jasper. Grrr.

Our school was offering a flu shot clinic for one day. And every student who had returned that dreadful form would be getting a flu shot at no charge. A group of nurses and paramedics would be setting up an empty classroom to act as a clinic. Alice and Jasper had decided that I needed the shot, no question about it. Jasper said I got sick enough and didn't need to get the flu on top of it.

So all morning I had been dreading when they would call down the sixth graders to get their shots. They were the last to go. This was something the school did every year and apparently it was always eventful for the sixth graders, as they had never gotten shots in school before.

After lunch, which I didn't eat, the sixth graders were called down to the health class room. The classroom looked like a mini hospital and it was all too fitting that this is where the clinic had been set up. They sat us in the auditorium to wait and started calling us in alphabetical order by last name. My last name started with a W. I would be here a while. But I saw two familiar faces pulling kids to get their shots: my Uncle Edward and my Grandpa Carlisle.

Carlisle POV

I had promised Jasper that I would make sure I was the one to take care of Lataine. Edward couldn't give her the shot, as he was giving the nose spray vaccines. I however was giving the needle injections. I was about to be one of Lataine's least favorite people. And worse, I would have to put family ties aside since this was a school.

When I walked to the auditorium to get Lataine, there were only a few sixth graders left. She looked terrified. When I called her name, she looked slightly relieved. I guess she preferred me giving her the shot if she had to have it over one of the nurses or paramedics that she didn't know.

She followed me into the makeshift clinic room and I lead her over to my chair. There were screens between each chair so each student would have privacy but it wasn't much. I had already prepared the syringe and it was ready and waiting on the counter. I bent down so that I was next to her. "Are you alright, sweetheart?"

She shook her head no. "Please don't give me the shot," she whispered softly. I rubbed the pads of my fingers up and down her arm.

"I'm sorry angel. I love seeing you but I hate seeing you sick so often. You need it. It will only hurt for a minute and I promise it won't hurt that much. Like a mosquito bite."

She whimpered softly and then mumbled "I don't like mosquito bites."

"I know you don't love. And I know you are scared, but this is to help you, I promise. I would never do anything to you that wouldn't help you in the long run. It'll just be a little pinch I promise."

She drew in a shaky breath. I stood back up and wiped her arm with an alcohol wipe. I picked up the syringe. "Are you ready?"

She shook her head no. I smiled sympathetically. "If we wait, you will never be ready."

She whimpered again. "Just close your eyes and don't think about it. Tell me about your day so far."

"We had free time in math class. Cuz our teacher didn't want to go through a lesson and then have to reteach it to half of her classes. So we drew pictures on the white board." As she spoke I quickly slid the needle in and out of her skin before she was aware of what was going on. I covered the injection site with a bandaid and she opened her eyes.

"It's over?" she asked, shakily.

"Was it as bad as you thought it would be?"

She shook her head no. "I barely felt it. Thank you grandpa," she whispered.

I kissed the bandaid I had placed on her arm lightly since no one was around. "It's all over, angel. You did great."