Full Summary:

Alex was the first human love of Edward Cullen.

He left her to "protect" her but he didn't come back.

Instead he and his family moved place to place until they moved to Forks where they met Bella; Alex being pushed to the very back of their minds.

Alex was changed a year after they left; she knew the main rules of the Vampire Word, she would be fine.

She didn't try to find them for help or guidance, if they wanted to leave so be it, each of them made their choice regarding her.

As a favour to a dear old friend, Alex puts her immoral life on the line to help a family with an hybrid child.

What happens when she finds out it's The Cullen family? How will she react? What will The Cullens do? What will Bella think?

WARNING️ :There will be swearing, mild descriptions of Violence and Sexual tension, plus all around Badass-ness.

This is my first ever story so please don't hate but do tell me what you think of it.

I imagined Vanessa Hudson as Alex.


Species: Gifted Vampire.

Looks: Brown hair, Red eyes, athletic, tan skin.

Power: She can copy anybody's power within 9 km, keep it and enhance it to her liking.

Best friends: Charlotte and Peter.

Likes: Honest people, Nature, Open spaces, Music, Singing, and Helping people.

Dislikes: Liars, Selfish people, Close spaces, Cowards and Abusive people.

A message from Alex:

Hey, I'm Alex or Al, if I like you.

I'm 16 years old in human years, 47 years old in vampire year so I'm 63 in total.

In those 47 years I've been immoral, I've made two friends; Charlotte and Peter who I consider my sister brother.

They're nice but both of them are 'Do not fuck with me or I'll fuck you up' people.

I've seen to have taken on their 'Take No Shit' attitudes.

I visit them as much as I can.

I often stay with them for around 10 years before I need to leave because there is only so much someone can take of Peters games and pranks.

Plus don't get me started on Char's and Pete's sex drive's, they go at it like bunnies.

It's not fun to be around, especially since I haven't met my mate yet.

Oh. Peter is calling, gotta go.

The ringtone Peter set for himself blasts from the mobile phone.

"I'm bringing sexy back.

Them other boys don't know how to act.

I think you're special, what's behind your back?

So turn around and I'll pick up the slack."

Smiling, I press the green answer button and slid it across the screen.

Before I even get a chance to open my mouth to say hello, I hear he's frantic voice, he's southern accent strong.

"Al, We really need your help."

My eyes narrow and I instantly become worried, wanting to protect the only people I consider family.

"What's the matter, Peter? Is Char alright? Are you Okay? What happened?" I said, firing questions at him non stop, I was surprised he could catch all of them even with vampire hearing.

"Everything's fine, its just,... a friend's family is in trouble Al" He signed, I could feel his worry and stress through the small device.

I took a deep breath, a habit that had carried from my human life over to my immoral life, to calm my nerves.


This man would be lucky if I don't take a flamethrower to his sparkly, texan ass the next time I see him!

I ran through what could of made the lean careful vampire this stressed and worried, he might of pissed Charlotte and she went for a run? No, that's not it, could it be Maria, could she have found him and Char?

When I don't reply, Peter keeps talking.

"They didn't do nothin' real bad, I can get em to explain to you when ya get here."

Signing, I rub a hand over my face; I want to help, really I do, but I have a bad feeling about this, oh the joys of having copied his gift.

But this is Peter, he would never put me in danger unintentional unless it was really bad, He loves me like a sister.

"Peter... you and Charlotte are there." I said, It was a statement, a fact.

Charlotte and he knew that I would do basically anything and everything to keep them safe; just like I know that they would do the same.

Trapping the mobile phone between my ear and my shoulder, I grab my sunglasses, keys and a small bag; a cute little black backpack that has my wallet, a sports bra and shorts, some colored pens and a small blank notebook.

"Where are you?" I hear myself ask him as I walk out my front door, heading into something that made my dead stomach turn unpleasantly.

What do you think?