Howdy all, I'm sorry it's taking so long for me to update these stories. I'm afraid it's going to be quite a while before I can do much writing at all. New job and new responsibilities equals no life for me. I'm serious. I have absolutely no spare time for myself, it's always revise this and revise that.

What the hell is an AC synchronous gyro anyways?! Why is AC electrical theory so damn complicated too?!

Anyway enough ranting and raving, just thought I would explain to you all (not that there's many I'm sureā€¦) the reason why I'm not going to be updating any time soon. I shall try honestly. It's just a little difficult trying to write something sensible at half past seven in the morning.

I was meant to be having next week off but, gosh I love work sometimes, I'm going on a team building exercise into some freezing cold mountains! I am anticipating very cold temperatures, minus numbers that is, and a wonderful dose of flu is on the cards as well I'm sure.

I shall seriously attempt to write these up as fast as is humanly possible but don't expect anything too soon.

Sorry all.

Yami Trekkie