Dear Diary,

I still remember it all too clearly. The story that changed my life forever. Of how I become who I am today. I am writing this down as I hope someone will read and learn from my story. I will tell you about my former life and my life now. So here it is…..

My name is Amillea Claire Thrones. I was born on May 22, 1860, at a small hospital in Boston. My father was a rich and influential man in the city. My mother was a well-respected high society lady. I was, however, grew up a typical little girl. I played with friends, had make-believe tea parties, and loved exploring. Life was pretty good until I was eight. On the night following my eighth birthday, my life changed forever, and this is where my story begins.

I woke up to what felt like my bed rattling, except I was not on a bed but a cold carriage floor. My hands and mouth bound with a tight rope and cloth. In my tired state of confusion, I look up to see two men staring at me with wide, glaring eyes. The first man was average height with black hair and deep blue eyes. He looked to be about 16-year-old. The other was a tall red-haired man with light brown eyes and freckles. He seemed to be around 25-year-old. By looking at the two, it was easy to tell the younger one was the apprentice of the older red-headed man. The two men were speaking to each other in French. I think they thought I couldn't understand them, but I was able to put pieces together from what my tutor had taught me over the last two years. The apprentice seemed to be talking about what they were going to do with me if my father didn't pay the ransom. The other man looked down and glared at me after that comment. After what felt like forever, he tells the appetence that they could put me to work. I wasn't sure how I felt after hearing this.

After being in the carriage for a few hours, I started to feel the fatigue and started to fall asleep again. However, sleep didn't last very long. I woke up due to the sharp sunlight coming through the carriage window the next morning, although this time, instead of showing them I was awake, a pretended to be still asleep. I slowly started to realize the men had an intense whispering conversation to try to keep me from waking up. I worked very hard to listen and see what I could learn about my kidnappers. After a while, I learned the younger black hair man was named Roger, and the older man was named Jared. I also learned that Jared was married to a girl name Susy due to the fact he complained about his wife for an hour straight. After a while, I felt carriage begin to slow, and so I thought I should start to "wake up."

Opening my eyes, I saw we had stopped in front of a lovely little two-story cottage surrounded by open fields. The two men got out, and then the one named Jared picked me up and carried me inside. He went upstairs, opening a door on the right. Upon opening the door, he stuck me on the bed and untied the ropes while telling me not to get any funny ideas about escaping. He then left me to inspect the room. The room wasn't big, but it wasn't bad either. IT had a small window, a bed, a small dresser, and a small desk area with a candle for light. Not knowing what to do, I looked at the bed and decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to get some proper sleep while I still could. I pulled the cover over my head and was out like a light.

The next thing I remember, it was morning. The man named Jared walked into the room and shook me. He tells me and that there are clothes for me on the dresser, and then he walked out of the room. I quickly moved over to the dresser and changed. I then walked to the door and headed outside. I found myself guarded because I found the two men standing right outside of the door. The man named Jared grabbed the dress of my shoulder and spun me around to look at him. I followed him down to the kitchen. We went down the stairs with Jared in the front, and Roger was guarding me against the back. I was led to the dining table, where I was told to sit and wait.

Jared returned with a hot cup of tea and some toasted bread. It was still warm, so he probably grabbed off the stove. I thought it was leftover from breakfast, where his wife made early this morning. After giving me a chance to eat, Jared sat down across from me and told me what was going on. So apparently my father owed Jared business a lot of money from a loan he took out, and he wouldn't pay. So their genius idea was to kidnap me to have my father pay back the loan. The only humorous part is when he told me, "Sorry for the treatment, kid, but this is just business. I hope there are no hard feelings." However, there was now a problem. My father had responded to their kidnapping letter to let them know he could no longer pay them due to his bankruptcy.

To make matters worse, he couldn't take care of me. He revealed in the letter that he was dying from being terminal Cancer, which he had kept hidden for the last few years. The doctors told him he possibly had a month left to live. I know what you're thinking, " why don't I go live with my mom." The problem is I couldn't while I said life was good earlier I meant that I was doing my best to live a healthy life. In truth, my dad was the only close family I had left. My grandparents had passed away long before I was born, and my mom died two years ago. I had an Uncle David and Auntie Susan, but they lived in Italy and hated children. There was no way my father was going to send me to live with them, and so he asked my kidnapper for the outlandish request. Jared explained to me that my father has asked if I could live with them.

After hearing this, my whole world turned upside down. I could barely breath finding out about my father's terminal illness, my home being ripped from us, and now my father wants me to live with my kidnappers. My father's illness must have already messed with his brain because this situation was total bonkers. I mean, how did he expect me to deal with all of this. I had only just turned 8 years old. The only saving grace I had was that my kidnappers were decent people. After a week to process this information, Jared sat down with me again and asked if I am willing to work with his wife Susy while he and Roger went to work in town. So after eight years of my life living in an influential family, I started to learn about the real world. I can say I am truly thankful to this day for the skills Susy taught me. I learned to cook, clean, sew, and play the piano. This is how my human life continued for the next nine years before I met him.