AN: I Did not write this, I found it on /Ranma-chan and Ranko fiction. I also fix a few errors.

By Ran Dandel

The Riding Club's favorite twins, the Jacoby brothers were hosting their annual Spring Semester party. Each year, they came up with a different idea for the party. Last year, it was a Hat Party. Each guest was asked to wear the hat that they felt best represented themselves. Of course, there was the usual profusion of cowboy hats, police caps, and even a few bikers' caps. One person wore a Batman cowl, admitting that he felt that, deep inside, he really wanted to be just like the Caped Crusader.

This year, however, they made the theme a costume party, based upon your favorite television, movie, or video character. This left the choices wide open, because people could dress in regular street clothes, formal wear, or even an elaborate costume depicting a fantasy or cartoon character.

Tim Jones, and Richard Hooker, members of the exclusive Kappa fraternity, and lifelong best friends, saw this as a fun chance to dress up as their favorite video characters, characters from the Japanese Anime, Ranma 1/2. They knew one of them would be dressing up as Ranma, the young martial artist who had a curse that changed him from a tall, strapping, black-haired martial artist, into a petite, well-curved, buxom, redheaded young woman every time he was splashed with cold water. Hot water would return him to his regular, manly self.

The problem was whom the other would go as. They debated the question over the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, finally settling on Shampoo, the very attractive, purple-haired, large breasted Chinese amazon who had a strong crush on Ranma. They decided upon Shampoo because they both thought that they'd like to be seen with her if she were a real person. While the character in the anime seemed to be a bit dense, most fans of the series wrote it off to the fact that she was supposed to be a Chinese woman who spoke poor Japanese. Therefore, her poor language skill made her come across as a bit dim witted.

Just before the Christmas Break, after they settled on the two characters, they started to argue about who would go as which character. Each of them wanted to go as Ranma, and didn't want to have to dress up as Shampoo. They finally decided to flip a coin. Tim won, and chose to go to the party as Ranma. Richard was stuck as Shampoo.

In the days remaining before the party, they put together the items they'd need for their costumes. They spent no expense.

As Ranma, Tim had his hair dyed from its normal brown to jet-black. He also had a hair weave done so that he'd have the short, distinctive braid worn down his back, just like Ranma. The Chinese pants and shirt were no problem, as was the pair of black gymnastic slippers. He had a couple of leather armguards made, and his costume was complete.

Richard, on the other hand, had a bit more to do. In order to pull off his Shampoo costume at all well, he got himself a much wider variety of items for his costume. Breast forms (very large), bra, corset, and a padded panty that would give a bit more of a feminine shape to his hips and behind.

The hardest thing to find was a long wig with purple hair. He finally wound up with a black wig with some purple highlights added. Since real people wouldn't really have purple hair, this was more realistic.

On the day of the party, just after classes started, both men began their preparations. Because his costume was elaborate, Richard started a few hours before the party. He started off in the shower with a depilatory, removing almost all of his body hair below his neck. He then used a razor to catch any areas he missed. He was glad that he didn't have any back hair to speak of, because he felt embarrassed enough, just going as a woman.

After the shower, he shaved his face as closely as he could, going over every part several times, to make sure he was as smooth as possible.

Leaving the bathroom, he started dressing. First, he pulled the corset roughly into position. He then pulled up the body-shaper panties, tucking his balls and penis behind, to keep a smooth front. He put on the bra and slipped the silicone breast forms into place. Now for the most embarrassing part of the whole process.

He called Tim to come up and help him lace up the corset. As Tim pulled on the laces, and Richard kept exhaling to pull in his stomach, they finally had Richard's waist as small as it would go. It wasn't really a woman's waist, but with the large bust and padded panty, it was close enough to work.

Feeling squeezed, and slightly faint, Richard sat down at his desk and used a shaving mirror to start the makeup process. He first rubbed on a creamy foundation, to hide any indication of whiskers, and to smooth out his skin. He then applied light and dark blush to emphasize his cheekbones. After that, he applied eyeliner, mascara, and shadow. Because Shampoo was supposed to be from deep in the Chinese countryside, he was glad that she'd not have highly-tweezed and stylish brows. He just colored them with a dark eyebrow pencil.

When he was done, his lack of expertise with women's makeup showed. He had a bit too much blush, heavy eye makeup, dark, dark, eyebrows, and a too-red lipstick.

Makeup done, he slipped into a gaily-printed cheongsam. Once the dress was settled, he presented his back to Tim to get zipped up. The then put on a pair of low heels. He wanted to try really high ones, but he knew he'd just be falling all over if he did that.

The final touch was the wig. Richard had spared no expense. It was magnificent. Once it was in place, he looked at himself in the mirror. He saw a rather tall, big breasted, big-hipped woman with just enough of a waist to be realistic. His face was a bit garish, but gave the impression of being slightly bimbo-ish. The wig had long bangs in front, nearly to his eyebrows, and it trailed down his back nearly to his waist. He added a large bow in the back to make it a long, full ponytail.

By the time he was done, it was time to go to the party. Calling Tim, he went down to the main room of the fraternity house. Tim took one look and started to break up laughing.

"Shut up, Tim," he cried. "This is embarrassing."

Accompanied by the hoots and catcalls of their fraternity brothers about what a great couple they made, Tim and Richard left the house to go to the party at the Riding Club.

At the party, they presented their invitations, signed in, and registered for the Best Costume Contest.

Most of the other guests chose to wear costumes, too. There were a few Playboy Bunnies, a Superman or two, a Batman, and even some cartoon characters. Jessica Armitage was dressed as Jessica Rabbit. Tim and Richard saw that she, too, had used some kind of "augmentation" to shape herself just like the cartoon woman.

As the evening progressed, Richard became more comfortable in his Shampoo costume, mainly because he hung out with a few other guys who came dressed as women. One was in a Catwoman suit, and another was in a cowgirl outfit. "Just call me Annie Oakley," he said, brandishing a toy rifle. "Get a cigarette and I'll shoot yer ash off."

At one point, there was a disturbance at the door. Two men of the security staff were escorting out the door two attractive young women, who were very indignant over the whole affair.

One yelled out, "You people think you're so hot, with your exclusive Riding Club. You think you're too good for the rest of us peons. Your posing and posturing means nothing! You all are nothing inside! You're all hollow imitations of real human beings! You're nothing but a bunch of fakes! I'll fix you all! Try being real for a change!"

Just as she was being "helped" out the door, she threw something into the room. It looked like a small glowing ball. It soon expanded, like a ball of glowing gas, and engulfed everyone in the building, accompanied by panicked shouts as people tried to avoid it. Tables and chairs were overturned as people sought cover.

Tim and Richard, who by this time were together at the refreshment table, saw the tail end of the whole process. The turned at the noise just in time to be hit by the forefront of the glowing mass. They were both temporarily blinded, as from a camera flash, and felt a strange tingle in their bodies. They quickly regained their sight, blinking as they looked around.

Nobody appeared to be hurt, but there soon arose sounds of anguished wails and a few screams. Others stood in horror at what they saw. A few started to panic and began to run around aimlessly, grabbing people and screaming, "What happened? What happened?"

"Richard," said Tim. "I think the party's over. Let's beat feet and get out of here before anybody really goes nuts." With that, Tim grabbed Richard's hand and jumped out of the window, not realizing it was on the second floor.

As soon as he did that, he realized, aww shit, now what did I do? The ground came up terribly fast. With a jerk, Tim twisted in the air and came down hard on his feet. As he was straightening up from a crouch, he realized that Richard was right beside him, just standing up, also. They both had jumped out of a second-story window and landed on their feet with no injuries. In fact, they felt like they had just jumped off a chair! Stunned, they just stared at each other, amazed at what they had just done.

They broke out of their daze when they heard the sounds of approaching sirens. The police had been called to quell the disturbance inside the Riding Club. They didn't want to get caught up in the questioning that would result, so they started running towards their Frat house.

Ahead of them, a police car turned onto the street. With their decidedly odd costumes, they knew they'd be stopped. Looking around, Tim saw a tall cyclone fence running between two buildings. Without a thought, he leaped atop it and ran on top of it as it went down the center of the block. He heard Richard's panting right behind him.

At the end of the block, they leaped off the fence and continued running. The Frat house was down the block in front of them and around the corner. There were a few houses between them and the Frat on a straight line. Again, without thinking, Tim leaped in front of the first house and easily landed on the roof. With hardly a pause, he leaped to the roof of the second house, and then to a third. He leaped off the last house and landed in the back yard of the Frat house. He looked up at his window, then looked at a large tree in the center of the yard.

As he was doing this, Richard lightly landed next to him. He'd performed the same stunts as Tim had with the same appalling ease.

"What we do now?" said Richard.

"We need to get into my room," replied Tim.

"How we do that?" asked Richard.

"Just follow me!" cried Tim.

With that, Tim leaped to a branch high in the tree, and then jumped to his third-floor window without stopping. He landed on the sill, pushed up the sash, and swung into his room with hardly a pause. Richard quickly followed.

Tim sat down at his study desk, and Richard sat on the bed. They just sat there, panting from their exertions.

Richard suddenly looked over to Tim. "How we do that? We not run on top of houses before!"

Tim replied, "I don't know. We ran home just like Ranma does in the Anime. Whatta rush! I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing!"

Richard stood up. "I feel hot after running on houses. I think I take off dress and too-tight belly binder and cool off. You want help me?"

With a small jump, Richard turned around and presented his back to Tim. "Unzip, please," he said quietly.

Tim got up and unzipped the dress. He had the feeling that something was definitely wrong. Richard was talking funny, and in a soft voice. When he turned around to get unzipped, he did it with a decidedly feminine jump.

"Richard, are you feeling all right? You sound a bit funny," he asked.

"Shampoo fine. Just hot from running. You want unlace belly binder now?" Richard said as he let the dress fall to his feet.

"Uhh, sure."

Tim reached for the laces to the corset when he realized that there was no corset. Richard's back showed that he needed no corset to give him a very narrow waist. He reached out and touched Richard's back.

"Ohhh, that feel good!" exclaimed Richard. "I not feel you take off belly binder." He turned around and faced Tim.

Across the few inches separating them, Tim could see that Richard now had a very slim waist, and a very flat stomach. Richard was now wearing only a bra and panties. The panties were very sheer silk, and not the body- shapers he'd worn at the start of the evening. A dark triangle could be seen inside the panties.

Tim's gaze traveled upward to Richard's chest. What he saw didn't look like an oversized bra filled with silicone forms. It looked like an oversized bra filled with real, live flesh.

He looked into Richard's face, and got a shock. He didn't see Richard's badly made-up face at all, but the face of a beautiful Chinese woman with very tasteful makeup. Her eyes were very dark, and shaped like almonds. With the high cheekbones, slightly flattened nose, and pursed lips, he saw the face of a classic Han beauty.

As he stood in shock before Richard, Richard reached behind his back and easily unclipped the bra strap. As the bra fell to the floor, two glorious mounds were revealed. Tim couldn't help but stare at them. They were large and wonderful. Tim felt himself getting hard from the wonderful sight in front of him.

Richard then noticed that Tim was staring at his chest. He looked down to see what it was.

"Aiyah! I have big boobies," he cried. "How I get boobies? I not a womans!"

Richard's exclamation broke Tim out of his reverie.

"I think you'd better look at yourself in the mirror. Something happened, and you've somehow turned into a real-life Shampoo!"

Richard turned to the mirror on the closet door. In the mirror, he saw the stunning Chinese beauty, who was dressed only in low martial arts slippers and sheer silk panties. Stunned, he looked himself over. He reached down and slipped off the panties. A triangle of black hair was revealed. He put a hand between his legs and felt himself.

"Aiyah! I all girl now. I no have man-thing any more! I think maybe magic make me Shampoo and you Ranma."

"Richard! Get hold of yourself. Do you realize you just called me Ranma and yourself Shampoo? Besides, you know magic doesn't exist. Something happened at the party, we ran home and you've somehow turned into Shampoo." Feeling himself, he continued, "Nothing happened to me, so I don't know what made you change."

"Hmmph! You need take good look at self in mirror. You look like Ranma now!"

Tim turned to the mirror. He saw a tall, young Japanese man with black hair that was braided into a short tail in the back. He face was strongly handsome. He also noticed that he was very muscular.

"Wow, so I did change, too!"

Tim took off his shirt and saw that he now had a strongly muscled chest and a well-defined abdomen. His body radiated strength. He flexed his arms and saw the muscles ripple. He tried a few poses.

As he was watching himself pose in the mirror, Tim was suddenly grabbed from behind. Two slim arms wrapped around his chest as he felt a lush female body press itself against his back. He heard a feminine sigh as Richard laid his head on his back.

Startled, Tim jumped out of the embrace, turned, and pushed Richard away.

"What did you do that for, Richard?" exclaimed Tim.

Richard looked startled and then replied, "I not know. I think I now Shampoo. Cartoon Shampoo love Ranma. I become Shampoo, and I now love Ranma. You Ranma."

"Are you nuts?"

"No," sighed Richard/Shampoo. "I think I a womans who love Ranma - .and Ranma is you!" She suddenly smiled, giggled, and pointed a finger at Tim's crotch. "I think you like Shampoo, too! No?"

Tim looked down at the tent at the front of his pants. He felt like he had a phone pole down there. He couldn't move fast enough to strip off his pants and take a look.

"Aiyah! You turn into real man!" exclaimed Shampoo. She pressed her nude body to Tim's in a tight embrace.

With the sudden clutch of a very well built beautiful woman hugging him, Tim's reaction was to reach out and hug her back. Her large, firm breasts were pressed tightly against his chest. He moved slightly and pushed one thigh between her legs to put pressure against her crotch. She only sighed and tried to pull them closer together.

Tim looked down at her face just as she was looking up at him. They looked into each other's eyes for a few seconds before their lips crushed together in fiery passion.

A few hours later, while resting on the bed, Richard, now Shampoo said, "Ranma, you show Shampoo that she all womans, now. You all man. Give Shampoo good loving. How come you love Shampoo, but cartoon Ranma chase Shampoo away?"

"I'm not sure. Earlier, you said you thought that magic was involved somehow. Hard as that is to believe, it turned you into Shampoo and me into Ranma. I guess you got turned more into Shampoo than I was turned into Ranma. You got her love for Ranma, and I got everything but Ranma's personality. I kind of like this."

"I think you like pumping Shampoo, no? That OK. Shampoo like Ranma pumping her. You make wonderful lover."

She cuddled Tim. Tim put his arms around her and gazed at her wonderful body and beautiful face. They soon fell asleep entwined.

The morning sun threw a beam across the two lovers holding each other closely in the single bed. As the dawn grew in brightness, they slowly awoke. The man opened his eyes first, and gazed in wonder at the beautiful Chinese goddess snuggled tightly against him. He looked down and then kissed her forehead. She smiled and opened her eyes.

"Aiyah! Shampoo sleep wonderful! Good sleep give much rest so amazon womans give husband good loving in morning! You want good loving? Shampoo know she want husband give Shampoo good loving!"

"Shampoo -er -Richard! Wake up! Do you realize what you just said?" exclaimed Tim.

"Shampoo know what Shampoo say," she replied calmly. "If magic make me Shampoo, then I be Shampoo. Richard no more. Only Shampoo here, now."

"This is incredible!" replied Tim. "If I was turned into a woman, I think I'd freak! Do you remember anything before last night?"

"Shampoo know everything about self. Know old self, know family, know schoolwork -just don't care. Shampoo like being Shampoo, now."

"Uh, can you remember how to speak properly? You sound a bit dim- witted, the way you speak now." asked Tim.

The beautiful woman next to him in the bed screwed her face into an expression of intense concentration, and replied, "Tim, I think I can talk properly if I really concentrate. It looks like the magic gave me Shampoo's poor skills in her second language. Do you realize we've been talking in Japanese?"

"Richard, speak English! I hardly understood a word you said," replied Tim.

"I was speaking English. Concentrate, man!" Tim thought for a second and then said, slowly, "This is amazing! We can speak some of the most difficult languages on Earth without having taken classes for them, but it's hard to speak English, now."

"We'll get better, I think. We'll have to, because we aren't in Japan or China. It will be hard work for both of us," she said. Reverting to Japanese, she continued, "But now Shampoo need get dressed and use potty. Only have one dress, need buy more clothes. This much easier than talking strange tongue of Devil Barbarians. Not sound so nice as Chinese or Japanese. They pretty way to talk!"

"Yeah, Shampoo, it's too hard to keep up the concentration. You know? I wonder if we can read Japanese and Chinese, now?"

"We find out when go to store. Now take shower and get smell nice for Ranma."

With that, Richard, now Shampoo got out of the bed and went to the small bathroom that adjoined the room. The sounds of a young woman happily humming in the shower soon followed. (There were no communal bathrooms or showers in the residential areas of the Kappa Fraternity House. Each member had a small suite, with a bedroom and bathroom.)

Meanwhile, Tim got out of bed and stood before the large mirror on the closet door. He admired his new, very fit physique. He had well-defined muscles all over, but not the great big ones of a body-builder. His muscles were meant to be used in Martial Arts.

He bent down to touch the floor and found that he could do so effortlessly. His knees were straight, yet he could bend his torso down against his legs. As he straightened up, he flowed into the movements of Tai Chi, warming up his body. A bit later, he unconsciously started to perform various Kata of Ranma's Art. Because there was nobody around, like Ranma's father in the Anime, there was no early-morning combat.

As he continued his Kata, lost in the movements, he didn't notice the admiring glances from Shampoo, who had emerged from the shower. She just stared at him with deep love in her eyes and sighed. He also didn't notice the large glass of water in her hands.

As he wound down and finished the Kata, he noticed Shampoo standing nearby, clothed in one of his old terrycloth robes. He realized that she had been watching him perform in the nude, and started to deeply blush in embarrassment.

"No need to have shame, Ranma! You have good body. Also know that you not have to hide from Shampoo. Shampoo see all of Ranma last night!" she said with a giggle.

"Here, have water," she said, moving toward him. She faked a stumble, and managed to throw all of the water out of the glass and onto Tim.

"What did you do that for?" Tim yelled. He came to a sudden halt. That didn't sound right! What happened, he thought.

With a bad feeling, he looked at himself. He now had breasts! He now had - no, he couldn't say that! He wasn't a -.

Shampoo spoke, "Shampoo wonder if Ranma curse come with change, too. It look like you now girl-type Ranma! You make beautiful womans!"

With some fear, Tim turned to the mirror. The sight before him shook him to his very core.

An extremely attractive blue-eyed redhead was reflected back at him in all her glory. She was shorter than Shampoo, but every bit as well formed. Her face was Asian perfection, with almond eyes, slightly tilted upward towards the outside. Her neck was swanlike, down to slim shoulders. Her chest proudly stuck out in twin globes of perfect womanhood. A very narrow waist flared into generous hips that flowed into perfectly shaped well-muscled legs. Between her legs was a scarlet, vee-shaped patch that proclaimed that he now was truly all woman.

Tim couldn't help but stare at his altered self. He'd always thought that it was a sexy idea to be able to change between man and woman, able to taste both sides of the gender equation, but the experience was something else. He felt his new endowments with his hands in wonder, noticing their weight and, oh yes! their sensitivity.

He was about to reach down between his legs to feel what he had there when Shampoo came up behind him and added her ministrations to his own. He leaned back into her to experience what she had to give.

As Shampoo fondled the now female Tim, she guided them back to the bed, where she proceeded to initiate her new mate into her newfound womanhood.

Some time later, Tim found herself wondering at all that had happened. She looked at her partner. "How come you did this? I thought you liked guys," she said.

Shampoo replied, "Shampoo love Ranma! Boy-type, girl-type, no matter. Both Ranma! You I love, body no matter!" Changing the subject, she continued, "We now take shower again and go shopping? Shampoo and girl-type Ranma need girl-type clothes, now."

"Am I stuck this way?" asked Tim.

"No, you forget story. Cold water make you girl, hot water make you boy again. Can be man or womans any time want to. We take not-hot shower, so you stay girl. Not want to shop for girl-type clothes with boy-type body."

Amazed that she was accepting this so well, Tim joined Shampoo in the shower, where they barely restrained themselves from playing with their bodies some more.

After they dressed, Shampoo in the outfit she'd worn the night before, and Tim in some clean sweats, they left the Frat House via the window and tree, to avoid being spotted by their Fraternity brothers. They stopped at an ATM to get some cash, and proceeded downtown to the Mall.

At the Mall, Tim was astonished by how easily Shampoo fell into the typical female patterns of shopping. She was able to enchant the clerks in the store with her bright personality and fantastic looks. She was also able to help Tim get into the swing of things, helping her to overcome any embarrassment at herself.

A while later, they left the Mall with several bags of clothes, including a few dresses, pants, blouses, shoes, hose, and underwear. They had also changed into jeans and tee shirts, as more appropriate wear for a couple of girls out shopping.

"Except for boobies, Shampoo can share Ranma's girl-type clothes. Bodies much alike, but girl-type Ranma not have big boobies like Shampoo!" she giggled. "Shirts and blouses push out too-tight for Shampoo. Make boy-type Ranma very hot!"

"Shampoo, cut that out! This is not the time to discuss this! Not out here!"

"What, Ranma ashamed of body? Amazon womans not embarrassed about body. Have good body from hard workout. Should be proud of good body!"

"Ok, I get the picture, but what are we going to do about school? What about the Frat? We can't just keep on living there, at least you can't. No women allowed, remember? You'd have to move out, even if I could convince them I'm still myself."

"Shampoo no leave Ranma!" she exclaimed heatedly. "If Shampoo not allowed to live with Ranma, then we move!"

"I guess you're right," Tim replied. "We can't continue as we were. I love you, too, now. We've been best friends ever since we can remember, and now we've become lovers. It's not something we'd ever thought could happen. With you around, I can even take being changed into a woman. You helped me like it."

"Shampoo happy Ranma accept self."

As they walked, Tim came to another realization, "Shampoo, if I have Ranma's curse, do you have Shampoo's curse, too?"

"Shampoo have curse. Before take shower, Shampoo make shower run hot water, then pour cold water over self. Shampoo become cat like Shampoo in story. Not do where Ranma see because story Ranma afraid of cat," she said, looking at Tim with a little sadness in her eyes.

"Well, we'll have to see," I don't have Ranma's feelings about Shampoo, so maybe I won't react so badly to a cat. We'll try it when we get back."

After another leap up the tree and into her room, Tim took off her feminine clothing and poured some hot water from the tap over herself. She quickly morphed back into her male form.

"Okay, Shampoo," Tim said, "here's the cold water."

Shampoo, having also removed her clothing, allowed Tim to pour a glass of cold water over her. She shrank down very rapidly, growing a tail, fur, pointed ears, and long, fine whiskers. She became a large black tabby with purple highlights.

"Meow?" she exclaimed, looking up at Tim, who was staring at her in amazement. He recovered, and slowly reached out to touch her. With a slight shudder, he picked her up and cradled her in his arms. He slowly began to stroke her fur. Before long, she was purring in ecstasy.

Tim placed her back on the floor, went into the bathroom and emerged with a glass of water. The water steamed slightly. He poured it over the cat, which quickly changed into the lovely form of Shampoo.

"How Ranma feel?" she asked.

"Well, I felt a bit of Ranma's fear, but not enough to bother me. Once I had you in my arms and was petting you, I lost all fear. You were just a beautiful cat in my arms."

"Good! Shampoo happy. Now can enjoy being cat with Ranma. Getting fur rubbed is very nice feeling. Not so nice as love with Ranma, but still very nice," she stated.

They both got dressed again and made plans for what to do now. They decided to move out of the Frat House, because they could not stay together if they didn't. Shampoo would be forced to move out, because no women were allowed to live in the House, and Tim decided he couldn't live without her.

They found that money would not be a problem, because they still could sign checks and use their ATM cards. The difficult hurdle would come when they had to discuss this with their families. Fortunately, they also discovered a lot of other people from the Riding Club were no longer who they once were. This would help them establish their identities, and provide the witnesses they needed to get everything changed to represent their newly changed selves.

When it was discovered that the women who started the whole mess had disappeared, they weren't too unhappy about their situation. They changed their names, and Ranma Saotome and Xian Pu became an item around the campus. Ranko, Ranma's female alter ego, found herself to be a boy magnet, but stayed loyal to her lover. This only confused everybody around the campus, but they didn't let it bother them. They had each other. Lifelong best friends now lifelong lovers. The End