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A Sorcerer's Ambition

Chapter 22: So it begins

I don't know why, but lairs aren't stable until they have a physical entrance in the 'real' world.

As far as I can tell, the lair both does and doesn't exist in the physical world. It's some form of pocket dimension but it needs to be anchored to a specific spot in the material world.

I wanted to place the entrance deep inside the forest so it'd be hidden away from prying eyes, but that's no longer an option because while I could make the entrance in the forest it would barely be at the edge of the forest, because my lair is directly under Hogwarts itself.

I could also just destroy the core myself, but that wouldn't get my essence back, and I am loathe to waste my resources like that.

The entrance can take many forms, and I can spend more essence to give it a 'nothing to see here' aura, telling people who I haven't informed about the truth that the entrance is nothing worth paying attention to.

As much as I was reluctant to do so, I've taken that option and blown quite a sum of essence to disguise it.

There's nothing overly illegal in my lair yet, simply an extravagant throne room and a bedroom, but I can expand it in time, and I don't want it to be found.

Which makes Hogwarts a problem with house elves and paintings that have nothing better to do than spy on your comings and goings.

I don't have long to place an entrance, and as I wandered the school and grounds looking for a place I had two epiphanies.

One, someone cleaned up after my fight.

There was no damage whatsoever but I know I burnt the grass and some of the surrounding foliage, but there was nothing. Someone knows entirely too much and I have no idea who.

Two, I decided exactly how I wanted to hide my lair.

"Very well, you will need to find a staff member to be your advisor, do not ask me," Professor Snape says bluntly, making me gratefully smile.

"Thank you, Professor," I say, truly grateful as he signs off on my new club, currently unnamed.

There are dozens of unused rooms in the dungeons, and with Professor Snape's permission, I now have one of them as the club room for my new group.

What does my group do? Well, Professor Snape doesn't know that because he doesn't care. I had a few excuses formed but as I hoped, he didn't even ask as he signed off on it.

Because if you're a Slytherin who actually performs well in classes, Snape is the best head of house. He also has a considerable amount of respect for the various noble houses and understands that sometimes it's better that he doesn't ask questions.

It's an important skill for the head of Slytherin, as so many Pureblood heirs pass through his house. His life could become very difficult if he angered even one of them so he has learnt how to deal with us.

Basically, there's a reason so many Slytherins actually like Snape, despite his surly and unlikeable demeanor.

I can get an advisor easily enough, Pompfrey is still my pet healer if all else fails after all, and now I have a room that nobody has a reason to go to unless they're a part of my new club, basically people I choose.

I picked a room that has no paintings inside or in the corridor outside it, that's both large enough to work for my new club, or cult as the case may be, and has a perfect place for me to put my lair entrance.

And I've gotten permission to ward it, because I plan to bring some very rare books from my library to the new club room and don't want to take any chances.

Another teacher might have told me that Hogwarts is a perfectly safe and friendly place where nobody would do something as terrible as steal, Snape simply approved of my paranoia.

Going back to his papers, I take the unspoken hint and leave his office, not wanting to overstay my welcome and irritate the teacher I respect the most.

Besides, I have a new club room to check out.

It doesn't take me long to get there, immediately tossing around some basic cleaning spells as I look around the long abandoned classrooms

Hogwarts used to teach a lot more classes than it does today, and the classrooms that haven't been used by more than the occasional amorous couple looking for somewhere more spacious than a broom closet are a sign of that change.

It also used to have more teachers, at least two for every subject for the larger student body, but that's because Hogwarts used to be the school for most of Europe, before the other schools opened.

With more schools opening up, the student body shrunk and with it the school itself. It's almost a shame.

…one day in the far future, I might want to get rid of the other schools, and have just one school where all magic users study. A school under my control, of course.

How better to fulfil my role as the demon lord than to make every future magic user my cultist?

But while this room is in shambles for now, it'll need new furniture and a more thorough cleansing than I can do right now, what matters for now is this.

Staring at the full length dusty mirror on one of the walls, I carefully clean it off and smile. I don't know why this mirror ended up here, but it's definitely not magical.

Or it wasn't until I made it the entrance to my lair, pushing my hand against I smile as it sinks in.

Of course it's not that simple, anyone else would need a code phrase to get it to turn into a portal, but it knows I am its master.

With that, my lair stabilises and is ready for expansion.

Not that I have time to start that now, because there's a very important conversation I need to have, which means it's time to take another trip across the pond.

Sometimes I honestly consider just dropping out of Hogwarts to free up my time but this place is still just too useful for me to leave.

Lucifer Morningstar —

Seeing Gray approach his table, he smiled happily and shooed away his barely clothed mortal guests, his smile briefly slipping as he smelt the taint of heaven on his young friend.

He knew Heaven had sent an angel to earth, now he knew why. So they tried to kill Gray? Impressive that he survived an angel at his age and power.

"I see you've met one of our angelic brethren," Lucifer said as Gray reached the table, making the teen demon blink.

"Ah, I take it the shower wasn't enough to remove their taint?" Gray quipped as he took the seat Lucifer gestured at.

"It takes more than water to remove that particular stench, I'm afraid," Lucifer chuckled. "But you survived, impressive. Tell me your tale, I want every last detail," Lucifer ordered, listening patiently as Gray started to speak.

It was an assassination attempt then? Curious. Not that they wanted him dead, that was just their nature to seek the deaths of demons, but that they knew exactly where to find him.

Gray's human disguise was an effective one, he should have slipped under their divine rader.

Heaven lacked the skill to find Gray, he was almost certain of it. His human heritage should have served as an effective disguise for their scrying spells.

That meant someone told them where to find him, but who? The magical community had very few Christians, aside from some particularly stubborn muggleborns who were trying very hard to ignore that whole 'thou shalt not suffer a witch to live' thing.

But none of them would even know of Gray's heritage or how to identify a demon unless the Church had managed to slip an exorcist into Hogwarts, but they hated magic users.

A magical exorcist? No, that was ridiculous. Someone else knew of Gray's true race and had told Heaven.


Hearing Gray admit exactly what he'd done to the angel made him chuckle.

"Ah, she must be furious at being defiled by a vile demon," Lucifer chuckled. Personally he preferred seducing angels and making them fall from pleasure and guilt rather than the forceful method but he couldn't blame Gray for having some fun with his assassin.

"Given that I killed her, I doubt it," Gray grumbled, taking a sip of his whiskey.

"Ah, you don't know then? I'm afraid it's not so easy to slay an angel. Unless you actually destroyed her soul, which I highly doubt you're strong enough to do, she just ran off back to heaven," Lucifer warned, making Gray blink and scowl. "It was only a matter of time before they tried something like this, really."

"Should I expect this to become a common occurrence then? Will the legions of heaven descend upon my world? Gray asked, making him laugh.

Did Gray even realise the possessiveness he put in the words 'my world'? Ah, it was good to see such ambition in the youths of his race.

"No, the barrier is still mostly intact. It may be weak enough for heaven to slip a weaker angel through, but if they had the ability to enter this world as they pleased you would have faced a battle-tested archangel, not some little dove with a single pair of wings. I have no doubt the majority of the forces of heaven are still very trapped," Lucifer said confidently.

"But the barrier is weakening, it's only a matter of time before both sides descend on this world," Gray said with a frown, making Lucifer shrug.

"I'd still say the barrier will last years before war between them is inevitable, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of the weaker angels and demons manage to squeeze through the cracks but the demon lords and archangels will have to bide their time for now," Lucifer said, frowning himself. "This world is my vacation spot, I can't say I'm thrilled to know I'll be having that much company."

"This world is my home, I'll not see it torn apart by either side," Gray growled, making Lucifer chuckle.

"Such bold words, my young friend… but how are you planning on stopping them?" Lucifer asked, truly curious.

"Who rules hell, now that you're playing with the mortals?" Gray asked, making Lucifer shrug.

"I have no idea, truly. They probably immediately descended into in-fighting after they realised I wasn't coming back anytime soon," Lucifer said, smirking as he caught onto Gray's plans.

"So I just need to take over for myself, then destroy heaven before they can ruin my world, that sounds simple enough," Gray snorted, dark humour in his tone, but Lucifer could see the determination in his eyes.

"Extremely simple," Lucifer agreed. "You'll need to get much stronger if you want to subjugate hell, so I look forwards to watching you try. It should be entertaining whether you succeed or fail," Lucifer chuckled, making Gray smirk as he took a drink.

"Happy to help entertain y-" Gray started, before he got cut off.

"Lucife- wait, how old are you?" The detective asked, staring at his drinking buddy. "Lucifer, did you give alcohol to a teenager? He doesn't look like he could be older than seventeen."

"Yes, he didn't want any drugs," Lucifer replied happily.

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm not seventeen. I'm fourteen." Gray added, making her blink in shock.

"I- wait, what?"

Downing his drink, Gray rose from his seat with a light smirk, well aware of how much he'd shocked Chloe.

"Thanks for the talk and the drinks, but I should get going before Maze realises I'm here," Gray said, giving him a nod as he calmly walked past the dumbstruck detective.

Ah yes, Maze would be happy to know Gray ignored her order to stay away, because she wanted an excuse to punish him.

"Before you shout at me, I'd like to point out that Gray is a demon and therefore your mortal laws don't apply to him," Lucifer said happily, surely that would stop the incoming lecture.

As the shock wore off, it did not stop the lecture.

Ah well, he tried.

Grayson Raum —

Before going back to Hogwarts, I figure it's best if I take care of some other things I need to handle.

It's a good job I'm the Heir now because it means I can pull the 'family business' card as much as I need, and mother will confirm that I'm handling family business if they ever ask, even without having a clue what I'm actually doing.

"Tracey I expected, but she asked for you to take Astoria as well?" Anastasia asks with a furrowed brow, taking a sip of her tea.

"Daphne did, and I agreed. I do like Astoria and I'm fairly certain you already planned to do this, even if Daphne is convinced she's somehow outsmarting you," I confirm with a small smirk, making Anastasia chuckle.

"Daphne is a very smart girl, but her social skills are rather lacking. I worry for her if she truly plans to go into politics," Anastasia admits.

"But that's what we're here for," I say, making her nod.

"Indeed. I have no problems with Daphne's request of course, if you want Tracey and Astoria as your mistresses. I would ask that you impregnate Astoria and Daphne at least a couple of times each in the future. I'd like the Greengrass family to expand beyond its current state after all, but there's no rush," Anastasia agrees, watching as I pull out the already written up paperwork and place it on the table.

"In that case, you shouldn't mind the other part of this adjusted contract," I say with a smirk, watching her eyebrows raise slightly as she reads before her eyes widen. "Because I want you as well, and you're still young enough for me to give Daphne a couple of siblings."

"I- I see, you certainly are a greedy man," Anastasia says, slightly nervous at my intense stare.

She offered her body to me to try and stop me from getting annoyed at Daphne, but I never actually took her up on that offer yet, beyond some light groping.

This is far more, she'd be putting herself under my control for the rest of her life. But she's put a lot of her hopes into this engagement, and feeding her greed and envy of my family's influence and power is easy enough.

Anastasia Greengrass, Lady of the Greengrass Family

Fetishes: Anal, Degradation

Lesser Secrets: She is a member of a secret society, she uses her connections to the Russian underworld to assassinate her business rivals, she is worried Daphne will ruin her plans for the alliance with the Raum-Black House and is willing to do almost anything to keep it on track

Major Secrets: She uses her business to smuggle various illegal substances around the world. She disguises herself and goes to the muggle world for one night stands when she's horny.

Biggest Secret: ?

I considered buying the final upgrade for my eyes now that I have the essence for it, but I need power more than I need secrets as it stands, so I've already decided what I'm going to spend it on.

Knowing everyone's secrets won't save me if some angel cuts me down.

"This states that you and Daphne would marry on her sixteenth birthday, ahead of schedule… and that I'd step down as Lady Greengrass the same day," Anastasia says, obviously not thrilled but not willing to outright refuse.

"As we'd both still be in school, you'd remain the regent until we graduate, but yes. This also removes the escape clause, meaning even I can't call it off if you accept," I point out, which is something she was worried about.

Reading it again, she does relax slightly as she leans back in thought.

"True, Daphne would still be in fifth year, so I'd need to handle the day to day during the school year, and I can teach her during the summer break for when she truly takes her place. It's ahead of the schedule I had in mind but it doesn't make that much difference," Anastasia murmurs. "I take it you aren't willing to budge on me becoming your mistress?"

"I am not, you do realise that whether you were just my mother in law or my mistress, I'd still be fucking you. I want you, and I get what I want," I say with a slight growl as I give her body a hungry look, my eyes roaming over her curvy body wrapped in a tight black dress.

"Y-yes, I imagine you do," Anastasia says hesitantly, her issue is simple. She doesn't find teenagers, even rapidly maturing ones like me, attractive.

I look like I could pass for a seventh year thanks to my rapid growth, but that's still just a teenager.

"You are in a position to know more about my heritage than others, given your affiliation with the Lodge, you know what I am. Is that what scares you? Placing your fate in the hands of a demon lord?" I ask, standing up as I shrug my robe off, my body rapidly growing to my true form as her eyes widen.

She might have known what I was, but she hadn't ever seen me in my true form before, and I've picked up a new trick.

[Greater Demon]

Greater Demons are a level above the rank and file, in every way that matters. Stronger, tougher, faster and more powerful, greater demons have dominion over both their lesser brethren and mankind. You draw power from the suffering and negative emotions of others, consume the souls of your victims and indulge in the joy of sin.

I spent my essence on the most obvious thing of all, evolving to the next stage of demonic maturity. I've not grown that much, barely a few inches, but my horns have grown in size and my skin has taken a deep red tone but the biggest difference is the pair of leathery black bat-like wings that grow from my back, making me seem even more imposing.

Thankfully, Lucifer provided me with a pair of trousers that would grow with me, apparently demons worked out the whole 'tearing clothes every time I change' thing ages ago. Of course they're also leather so I prefer to keep my robes over them. I'll learn how to enchant some of my own clothes so I can wear something more elegant in both forms.

I can taste her fear, worried that she's offended me and now she's going to pay the price as I stalk towards her.

[Demonic Presence]

As a Greater Demon, you give off an aura of pure demonic power that you can alter to suit your needs. You can make it terrify those who witness your might or arouse those who look upon your majesty. In addition, lesser demons will find themselves unable to defy you while within your aura, though demons are tricksy and often plot against their masters once you've left them to their devices.

Despite herself, she feels her panties grow damp as I tower over her.

"Or did you think a demon would be satisfied with just Daphne when I could have you all?" I ask, placing a hand on her chin and forcing her to look up at me.

"I had hoped, my lord…" Anastasia admits, fidgeting in place. "But I knew it was always a possibility."

"Then why are you hesitating? Sign it, give yourself to me, you'll even enjoy it," I say as I stroke her cheek slightly.

"Are you going to hurt me? Or my family?" Ana asks, making me chuckle darkly.

"Not if you don't give me a reason to, demon or not. I reward obedience well but I will discipline those who defy me," I admit, making her pale.

She hesitates for a moment more, before she picks up the quill and signs, unable to resist or defy me.

There's a small flash as the contract is signed, her fate sealed, making me smile down at her.

"Good girl," I say, giving the older woman an approving smile.

"Thank you, my lord," Anastasia says after a moment. "What happens now?"

She tries to keep her tone even, but I pick up both the fear and hunger in her tone. She's scared that I'll take her right here and now, but she's also hoping I will.

"Now? We celebrate- you don't mind, do you?" I ask, making her shake her head hesitantly. "Stand up."

Anastasia Greengrass —

Rising to her feet, she still had to look up at Gray as he gave her a hungry smirk.

It was hard to picture the small fourteen year old he had at the start of the school year compared to the, frankly, absolute beefcake he'd grown into, but even his new, older look didn't compare to what could only be his true demonic form, bulging muscles wrapped in crimson skin and eyes that seemed to glow with barely-restrained power.

She always found muscles attractive, something she blamed on her former husband. Not because he was muscular but because he was very much not, a typical fat noble who'd never worked a day in his life.

And while she was put off by Gray's age, it was hard to remember he was so young when he towered over her, and she knew this was a possibility from the moment she decided to risk it all and approach the Raum's, despite knowing of their heritage.

"Don't look so scared, you'll enjoy this," Gray chuckled, his voice much deeper in this form as it reverberated through her entire body.

She knew he was right, because her lacy panties were already drenched as he grabbed her dress with two massive hands and simply tore the very expensive silk dress off her body, making her yelp and briefly go to cover herself, before she stopped.

A single fingernail easily cut her black bra in as it ran between her cleavage, causing it to split and expose her modest breasts to her new master as he grabbed her bra and used its newly cut state to pull it off her.

"Lose the panties," Gray ordered, making her quickly obey as she pulled them down, blushing in shame at the way they stuck to her for a moment as her wetness was exposed, a deep chuckle leaving Gray. "Now, kneel."

Shuddering at his commanding tone, she fell to her knees in front of him and looked up at him with trepidation.

"You look good on your knees, pet," Gray said with a smirk as he placed a massive hand on her head. "Undo my trousers, you'll want to make sure I'm properly lubricated for what comes next."

As her hands reached up for his leather trousers, she carefully undid them and pulled them down, unsurprised at his lack of underwear.

What did surprise her was the size of the manhood that flopped out, already erect and dripping with pre-cum as it slapped against her face, making her gasp.

Her former husband had actually been rather well endowed, but he also wasn't an eight foot tall demon lord. The cock currently resting on her face was far bigger, around eleven inches at a guess and incredibly thick as her eyes widened.

She definitely needed to make sure he was lubricated if he planned to put that inside her, despite her dripping cunt.

"Well, pet… get to work," Gray ordered, making her shudder at his demanding tone as she stared at the intimidating shaft.

Unable to defy her new master, quite literally now that she'd put herself and her family at his mercy, she grasped the cock, unsurprised that her fingers didn't quite wrap all the way around it as she gave it a slow, experiential stroke.

She didn't actually regret her decision, the future generations of her house would see this as a turning point for their family, when they went from merely rich to rich and influential.

No one would look down on her family for being new money in the future, not with Black and Raum blood in them.

Leaning forwards, she stuck out her tongue and gently ran it from the base to the tip of his throbbing cock, before she parted her lips and took the thick tip into her mouth, her black lipstick leaving stains on his red cock as she tried to take it further into her mouth.

It was a lost cause, she barely fit half of his length into her mouth before she was forced to pull back, coughing slightly as her gag-reflex took offence to the intrusion.

"Come now, Lady Greengrass, surely you can do better than that," Gray said, gripping her hair and guiding her head back down as her eyes bulged slightly, forced to take it even deeper this time.

With his hand preventing her from pulling back, she had no choice but to try her best to take the thick shaft into her throat, her eyes watering as she stared up at him.

She didn't feel much like a Lady right now, but that was probably the point as Gray started to fuck her face, using her for his pleasure.

Her vision darkened from the lack of air, but he seemed to know when she was on the edge as he pulled back, letting her catch her breath for a moment before he started again.

"Use your tongue," Gray ordered, making her start to push her tongue against the invading phallus, even as the sounds of her gags filled the room. "That's it, please your new master."

Too busy trying not to pass out to take offence to his mocking words, she could only try her best to pleasure him to bring the violation of her mouth to a quicker end, already tasting the salty and yet strangely spicy taste of his pre-cum as he fucked her throat with no regard for her health or comfort.

This close she couldn't stop herself from breathing in his heavy musk, which only aroused her more despite her rough treatment. She had no idea how long she spent on her knees, but her jaw felt sore when he finally gave her a reprieve.

Pulling out of her mouth, she was too out of it to do more than stare blankly as he finished himself off with a few strokes, thick globs of sticky white seed splattering against her face and breasts as she flinched back at the strange heat of his cum.

"That look suits you far better than your usual elegant appearance, my lady," Gray chuckled, making her face flush in shame. "Perhaps I'll pick a more suitable outfit for you at the next ball, to show the world your true face."

Shuddering are his words, even as his cock continued to spurt its load onto her body, she imagined what her peers would think if they saw her like this, if he took her to a ball wearing nothing but his cum…

Why did her shudder feel like it was more of pleasure than fear? What was wrong with her?

She didn't have time to work that out as he grabbed her and literally threw her over his shoulder, carrying her towards her bedroom as he kicked the door open and tossed her onto the bed.

Looking up at him, she couldn't deny the anticipation she felt as she spread her legs to expose her dripping slit to him, or the excitement she felt as he pulled her to the edge of the bed, his still hard cock pressing against her pussy as he grinded himself against her for a moment.

"See, you want this, pet," Gray laughed, one hand groping her breast roughly. "Beg."

"P-please, Lord Raum, fuck your slutty mistress. Enjoy my body, defile me and make me yours," Anastasia said, even as she blushed in shame.

Yelping as he flipped her over, she clutched the sheets as she prepared herself for the coming insertion, unable to deny her anticipation.

Which turned to worry as she felt his bulbous tip pressing against a very different hole, turning back to him in fear.

"M-my lord, please, it won't fit," Anastasia tried to reason with her new master as he pressed his cockhead against her rosebud.

He knew. He knew she enjoyed anal, but she'd never had anything that big inside her pussy before, let alone her ass. None of her toys came close.

She had a little secret. She had slept with quite a few muggle men, usually disguised with charms or polyjuice. It wasn't an uncommon hobby for noblewomen who weren't getting their needs seen to, either due to being widowed like her or because their husbands simply weren't taking care of them, and she'd let more than a few muggle men take her ass, sometimes in places as scandalous as the dirty toilets in the back of the club she'd visited, but none had ever been as big as Gray.

"It will fit," Gray said simply, leaning over her as he prevented her from moving or trying to pull away.

As the first inch pushed into her unprepared asshole, she felt a strange feeling in her back door, some kind of magic she couldn't identify but she knew what the result was as his passage became suddenly smoother, the next few inches sliding into her ass despite its size.

Did he just summon lube inside her ass? No, that didn't feel right because it'd still be a struggle , but whatever he did, the slight pain of his violation of her tightest hole vanished as her body seemed to grow more flexible and accepting of the massive cock.

Grabbing her by the waist, he slammed his hips forwards and sheathed the rest of his cock inside her in one single movement, chuckling to himself as she moaned in pleasure.

"See, I told you it'd fit. Your body is mine, and I'll use it how I please," Gray said as he started to move, the bed shaking with the force of his thrusts as she gripped the sheets tighter and moaned lewdly.

"Y-yes, master, fuck me, ruin my ass," Anastasia moaned, her eye rolling back in her head as an unbelievable amount of pleasure ran through her body.

She'd thought having other men fuck her ass had felt good, but clearly she'd never truly understood how good anal could feel, her tongue slipping out and hanging loosely as she whimpered and moaned, cumming within the first minute of his brutal defilement of her asshole.

Her pride as a noblewoman had been thrown aside completely as she moaned and begged for more, Gray abusing her for his pleasure as he pumped into her tight hole that would probably never be the same again.

She'd not be satisfied with small muggle cocks anymore, and even her bigger toys seemed pointless now that she'd experienced what a truly fat cock felt like.

"Such an easy slut, I bet you were hoping I'd make you my bitch, weren't you?" Gray laughed, spanking her ass with enough force to make both cheeks jiggle.

"N-Noooo~" Ana moaned, whimpering in disappointment as he pulled back and out of her, gripping her and flipping her onto her back. "I didn't want this… I just knew it would probably happen anyway," she admitted as he chuckled, sheathing himself back inside her as she moaned happily.

"But you don't mind being my toy, do you?" Gray asked, roughly groping her breasts. "Admit it."

"I- I like it, I didn't think I would but I love the feeling of your cock inside me," Ana moaned, making him laugh.

"Then you'll enjoy your new life, because this is going to happen a lot," Gray chuckled as he placed a fingernail against her stomach, making her look down in confusion as it glowed.

Drawing a strange symbol on her stomach, just above her womb, her eyes widened at the sight of him marking her.

"You are mine, my mistress, my plaything, my property. This is to make sure you never forget it," Gray growled, and while she should have been offended at being reduced to being his property… she came.

Harder than any of her previous climaxes, she screamed in pleasure as she wrapped her legs around his waist as best she could, her eyes widening as she heard him grunt before her back passage was flooded with cum.

He seemed to have no limits on just how much he could cum, because his second load felt just as big as the first that was still staining her face and tits.

Her entire body shuddered with pleasure as he finally pulled out of her stretched asshole, staring down at her, but before she could even speak he moved again, and she was utterly unsurprised when he simply thrust forwards again, aiming himself just a bit higher this time as he took her final hole for himself.

She tried her best to hang on as he pounded her into her bed, but it was all for naught as he sent wave after wave of pleasure through her slutty body, and eventually she lost consciousness.

Waking up an unknown amount of time later, she was unsurprised to find her cunt and ass leaking Gray's seed, he'd obviously not let a little thing like her being unconscious ruin his fun.

She should be sore, but she felt utterly comfortable and content, laying there in a puddle of cum and sweat.

Realising there was a neatly written note on the bedside table, she reached for it languidly.

'Thanks for the fun, pet. Don't worry, I'll make sure to visit you again.'

Shuddering at his promise, she couldn't deny the anticipation she felt at his words.

But she was too tired to move right now and after a moment, she simply laid back down and fell asleep.

Her dreams were more realistic than ever before, dreaming of Gray and his cock. She dreamt of being defiled in the middle of a ball, with all her peers watching and sneering, of Gray taking all three of the Greengrass girls to bed at once, forced to watch as he knocked up her daughters one after another before he moved on to her.

The image of the three of them, servicing Gray's cock with bloated bellies, made her cum again. Somehow, she knew it was downright prophetic.

He planned to breed them all, but wasn't that what she wanted? Wasn't that her plan all along? Sure she didn't plan for herself to be included, but as she looked down at her pussy, watching the semen slowly leak from her, she couldn't really bring herself to mind.

The only real question was what she was going to tell Phillipa?

Grayson —

The book on sex magic has quite a few interesting spells, and I would be a fool not to put it to use.

Imbue Elasticity

When Eromancy is involved, sizes can become a bit weird, people shrunk down to a fraction of their size, dicks with length and girth that would look big on a horse, so it should come as no surprise that this spell exists.

Erotic Dreams

Causes the target to experience wet dreams of the caster, can be overpowered to last until it is dispelled. The dreams alone can satisfy the victim, as their climaxes in the dream are very real.

Anastasia will dream of me every night, and every time she cums for my dream self, it'll feed me just a little more.

Plus it'll keep her nice and satisfied since she'll be cumming for me every night, no need to run off to get fucked by muggles. I don't like sharing, it'd be different if she was just some nobody I was sticking my dick in but she's my mistress.


Arriving back at Hogwarts, I unshrink the new furniture I bought for my new club room, spending some time arranging everything as I turn the dusty classroom into an elegant lounge

I spent a small fortune on the furniture because it's meant to impress, so it's worth the price. It's not like I can't afford it, and this room will be where I do my work for the next few years, plus I don't intend to have this club fall apart when I leave.

I just need to make sure I recruit the talented younger years to carry on my legacy, and continue my club for years to come.

I'm planning a trip home to get the relevant books to fill the bookshelves, but for now I've settled on moving the books from my room to here.

I've also started warding the room, it's not as well warded as my personal rooms yet but I can work on that over time.

A knock on the door makes me click my fingers, opening it to reveal my new club advisor.

Walking into the room, Margarita looks around for a moment with an impressed smile.

"I must say, your message came as a rather large surprise," Margarita says with a smile, making me chuckle.

"I can imagine why, but I gave it some thought and I decided I wanted you as the advisor to my new club," I say, making her narrowed her eyes before she smiles

Yes, choosing the outright spy as my advisor instead of Poppy is a questionable decision but the Lodge claim they want me to get strong, for their own purposes of course.

And you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, this will help me work out which one she is, and by extension the rest of the Lodge.

"So, I take it this is more than just you deciding to be more social?" Margarita asks, making me nod.

"I have a message for your little group. I was attacked by an angel yesterday, I won of course but the fact remains that Heaven made the first move. I intend to increase my efforts to grow stronger, this club is just the first step towards that," I say, making her pause, frowning in true concern. "If your group truly wants me to succeed, you'll assist me by giving this little club legitimacy."

"Of course, I'd be happy to help. What are you going to use as the public purpose for this club?" Margarita asked, making me smile.

"I don't intend to have a public purpose, I intend for the club to be mysterious and shrouded in secret. For any nosy staff members, it's a mixture of an advanced study group and a place for future Lords and Ladies to prepare for their future role in the government since we have no classes for that after they were cancelled a few decades ago," I explain, making her chuckle. "Your experience makes you the logical advisor for such a class."

"Ahh, playing the typical Slytherin then?" Margarita asks, making me nod.

"We have the reputation regardless, I might as well embrace it. Most of my starter members are Slytherins after all," I admit, making her nod thoughtfully.

"I see, I'll tell the Lodge of the attack, and I'll be more than happy to help you keep your new cult a secret, that is what this is after all, isn't it?" she asks, making me nod easily. "Philippa Eilhart, one of our 'leaders', has asked me to arrange a meeting with you," Margarita says after a moment, making me pause.

"Very well, arrange it. It'll be… nice to meet more members of your little group," I say, making her nod.

"I'm sure you won't regret it, I should probably tell the others of heaven's actions immediately… so unless there's something else you need from me?" Margarita says suggestively, making me pause as I give her body a long look.

She's moved closer to me while I was arranging the furniture, barely a couple of feet away from me at this point as she gives me a sultry smile.

I want to take her up on her offer, but I also have a lot to do.

"I'm sure we'll have plenty of time for us to go over what I need from you, but not right now unfortunately," I say, reaching out and giving her ass a grope over her dress, making her giggle.

"I'll look forward to that day then, I'm sure we'll both enjoy our new… working relationship," Margarita whispers, giving my chest a light slap.

I think I understand why the Lodge sent Margarita into the school, who better to get close to a lust demon like me than someone who is quite frankly a bit of a slut.

"Until then, Professor," I say simply watching as she turns and walks away, her hips swaying enticingly as she leaves.

It'll be interesting to see how the Lodge reacts to the knowledge that an angel attacked me, because they can't switch sides at this point, as too many of them have made deals they need my help to escape.

Lucifer says Heaven is unforgiving, they won't let the Lodge members get away with just a slap on the wrist after all the demonic pacts and deals they've made.

Looking at the fancy round table in the centre of the room, I take a seat and pull out some parchment and start to write.

Lyra, Pansy, Daphne, Blaise, Millicent, Morrigan and of course Keira. The first members of my new group, because most of them are already under my sway.

It doesn't take me long to write the invitations, written on expensive parchment and charmed so they can only be read by the intended recipient. I'm going fully into the secretive nature of this new group, because teenagers are curious by their very nature.

The teachers shouldn't pay too much attention because they'll learn 'the truth' of my group, but the other students will need to know what the group is about.

Rumours will spread and people will be drawn towards solving the mystery, which will give me plenty of opportunities to lure in people I want.

Heading out to my last appointment for the night, I smile to myself wryly.

There's one more thing I have planned for tonight, because I've come to the conclusion that I need to understand my Mindslaver magic better.

That means I need a test subject. Poppy is too important to risk, and the family in Hogsmeade are too far away from me to keep a close eye on them.

Fortunately, I know exactly who I can use as my test subject, because all I need to do is get someone alone long enough to enslave their minds.

An unaware slave would allow me to test my ability to affect my slaves as much as I test various Mindslaver 'boons'.

I considered Fleur to be honest, but she's too much fun to ruin our little game so easily and while making her an unaware slave wouldn't change her… it would take away some of the pleasure I get from messing with her.

I let her get a glimpse of me earlier, and then vanished. Fleur doesn't know the secret passages and hallways of Hogwarts like I do, so she had no chance of working out where I went after she turned the corner to an empty hallway… and a dead end.

Tyche watched her search the classrooms for me, which was fun. I do have a purpose for this, she's getting more and more desperate and angry, and that'll make it all the easier to get her to do whatever I feel like for this portrait she's so determined to get.

So, who did I pick to be my experiment? Well, I needed someone fairly unimportant in the grand scheme of things, in case my experiments have any long term side effects so any of the pureblood nobles weren't really an option.

"Damn, Tracey wasn't kidding," Lavender whispers as she bounces her frankly massive tits, my cock trapped between them as she smirks up at me.

Lavender Brown is the school slut, pretty much everyone knows it and the fact that she met with me late at night isn't going to raise any eyebrows even if people find out.

It's just Lavander fucking another guy, barely even worth a raised eyebrow.

Lavender is a pure-blood, but her family is very much not important. Her father is an unimportant secretary in the Ministry and her mother works as a sales assistant in Diagon Alley.

Lavender Brown

Fetishes: Breastplay, Public

Lesser Secrets: She's a slut but her parents think she's still an innocent virgin. She's slept with prefects to get out of trouble.

Major Secrets: She had to bribe a back alley healer for an abortion during the summer after third year, both with gold and her body. She gave her virginity to Gilderoy Lockheart in second year before realising he was a fraud, deciding to just sleep around because she'd already thrown away her virginity.

Biggest Secret: ?

She actually let that joke Lockheart between her legs? That explains a lot, and I'm not surprised that she or whoever she was fucking forgot the contraceptive spell at least once considering her reputation.

I wonder which idiot knocked her up. I've been using contraception charms like clockwork because I'm not ready for that particular set of trouble.

"Your brother should be embarrassed, you're three years younger and already bigger than him," Lavender says with a lewd giggle as she gives the tip of my cock a kiss as it pokes out of her cleavage.

…oh for Merlin's sake, of course it was that moron. I can't prove it but I'm sure it was Damian's fault.

I should probably do something about him before we have to deal with an army of bastards trying to claim the Raum or Black wealth.

"Lavender, please don't bring up my brother while we're together," I deadpan, leaning against a dusty desk in another abandoned classroom.

Hogwarts really has fallen from grace, no matter what some people may say.

"Sorry~" Lavender giggles, squeezing her breasts together as she pleasures me. "You can just call me Lav if you're any, or maybe just slut, whore, cocksleeve, whatever you want."

She's only wearing her skirt and Gryffindor themed socks at this point, her robe, shirt, bra and even panties scattered around the room.

Gripping her hair, I push her head down and shut her up as she obediently starts to suck the tip of my cock. She's good at this, she's definitely spent a lot of time on her knees.

"Honestly, I'm impressed. Most guys don't last this long between my tits," Lavender says as she pulls back, bouncing faster. "I hope you've got more than one shot in you, because you'll feel amazing inside me~" Lavender says with a grin. "I can't wait for you to bend me over and pound my slutty little cunt, so hurry up and cum for me hot stuff, blow your load between my tits."

Well, I'd never want to keep a lady waiting, and while Lavender is no lady I can't deny she is very good at this. I might just keep her once this is all done.

With a groan, I let loose as she giggles triumphantly, even as the first spurt bursts from her cleavage and hits her on the chin.

Acting quickly, she moves her head down and places her lips around the tip, swallowing rapidly as I flood her mouth with my seed.

She never breaks eye contact as she does, staring up at me with surprisingly cute blue eyes as she happily swallows my seed.

My load isn't as big in my human form and as it stops, she moves back and licks her lips with a smile.

Before she can speak, I pull her up to her feet and bend her over the desk, making her giggle as her skirt is flipped up and over her curvy pale buttocks, spanking her as she smirks back at me.

"Ready for round two already? Merlin, you are fun, I'll have to thank Tracey for the hint later," Lavender says with a smirk as she feels my cock rubbing against her slit. "Go on, sexy, fuck me."

Slamming my hips forwards, she moans and more importantly turns and faces forwards as I start to fuck her against the desk, the sounds of her moans and our flesh slapping together filling the room as I pull out my wand.

She's too focused on the pleasure to see the stunning spell coming, going limp against the table.

…well, there's no reason I should stop during the ritual, so as I start the spell to make her my unaware slave I continue thrusting into her.

I know where I want to start my little experiment.

Boons are particularly expensive and I had more than enough to spare after my angelic defilement, so I've acquired a few.

The ability to rewrite their memories at will, the ability to 'pause' them freezing them in place until I release them, and the ability to charm them which should cause them to fall in 'love' with me, either immediately or over time, to alter their appearance and age, amongst other things.

These will be very important for my plans going forward, I just need to learn their limits.

So, as I finish my ritual (and finish inside her), I pull back and smile at my handiwork. Lavender Brown, this is the most important you've ever been. You'll be my test subject and let me work out the limits of what I can get away with.

Not to mention, I just got a spy in the Gryffindor house, not that Lavender will realise that.

Lavender Brown —

Waking up on her back, she blinked briefly as she looked around, spotting Gray smirking at her.

"Really, Miss Brown? Passing out, with your reputation?" Gray asked, making her genuinely blush as she moved off the desk.

"Whoops, but maybe you're just so much better than my usual partners~ take it as a compliment, handsome," Lav teased to hide her embarrassment.

She'd only passed out once before, to an older Ravenclaw and that was because he choked her.

"I will, but we should get dressed and get out of here. It's been fun but it's getting very late," Gray said simply, fixing his trousers.

"We can do this again, right?" Lav asked quickly, bushing at his raised eyebrow. He was so much better than the boys she'd fucked before, Gray was a man through and though.

He'd ruined her, he had to take responsibility right? She tried to ignore the way her heart raced at his cocky smirk.

"I'm sure I can make some time in my busy schedule for you," Gray laughed, making her smile as she grabbed her clothes. "Not the panties, I'm keeping those," Gray said, holding out his hand as she blushed again.

Handing over her red and gold panties, she watched him pocket them before he paused.

"Actually, stop wearing panties all together, I want quick access if I decide to pull you into a broom closet. You don't mind, do you?" Gray asked, groping her breast as she giggled.

"Of course not, feel free to pull me aside whenever you want, maybe we can get a quickie between classes, but then you aren't a quick shot are you?" Lav flirted as he chuckled.

"I want you to bring me all your panties, and I'll be checking if you're wearing any in future, you don't want to disappoint me do you?" Gray asked as she blushed deeper.

Just go commando forever? How bold~

"No, sir," Lav joked, but somehow it sounded right leaving her lips. Getting dressed as he watched, she couldn't help constantly glancing back at him.

She'd been wasting her time with little boys when she had such a man in her class all this time?

"Tell me who you lost your virginity to," Gray ordered, making her blink.

"Professor Lockheart. He wasn't very good to be honest," Lavender admitted, telling Gray something she'd kept a secret from everyone but Parvati so far.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" Gray asked again with a satisfied smile.

"Are you kidding me? I spend pretty much every night in Parvati's bed, she's probably gonna eat your cum out of my pussy later," Lav admitted with a giggle.

"Oh, maybe I'll have to give her a taste from the source. Do you think you could bring her next time?" Gray asked, making her pause.

"Probably not? She's not as easy as me, even if she's definitely not a virgin but she also knows Padma has a crush on you and doesn't want to hurt her sister," Lav admitted, making Gray smile.

"Does she now?" Gray asked with a smile. "I do like twins. What's Padma like?"

"Oh she's so serious and prudish, I doubt she's even had her first kiss. I bet you could talk her out of her panties though~ and Parvati would definitely have a threesome with you and her sister," Lav said helpfully.

"Would she? And why is that?"

"Oh, Parvati is super bi, I like girls as well but Parvati prefers them while I prefer a proper cock, yours to be exact. I bet she'd love to get fucked by you while she eats out Padma," Lavender explained.

"That's helpful, thanks Lav," Gray said, giving her a smile which made her blush deeper. "One last thing, could you be a dear and subtly tell me of anything interesting that happens in Gryffindor? I'll find a way for you to stay in contact with me clandestinely."

"Of course!" Lav said, beaming at being called his dear. It was a bit proper but Gray was a proper man. "It'll be our little secret."

"Good girl." Gray said, spanking her over her skirt as she giggled.

"Anything for you, honey bunny."

"Honey… bunny?" Gray asked, giving her a look.

"Don't like it sweetie?" Lav asked, making Gray pause. "Sugarplum? No, that's a bad one. I'll work on it."

"Lavender, be a dear and suck my cock. I think it's better if you don't speak right now," Gray ordered, watching her fall to her knees and undo his belt, immediately taking his cock into her mouth. "That's better. I'll decide on any 'pet names', just call me Gray for now."

Her words of agreement were somewhat muffled by the manhood she was worshipping, but she got the message across. "Oh, and make sure to tell all your female friends how good I am in bed, that'd be great."

He was pretty silly, as if she wasn't going to brag about how good his cock was.

Bonus Scene — Ciri

There had been an angel nearby, she recognised that when she got caught up in their little time-stop trick.

But more importantly there had been a demon as well, fighting the angel, which only confirmed her suspicions that she was in the backyard of a demon's territory.

With her powers mostly sealed. She'd gathered quite a bit of essence in her time here,mostly with Bea and Madam Rosmerta, but she'd been too hesitant to try anything too big after she realised that a couple of the Three Broomsticks regulars were bound to the demon that resided in the castle, which she'd discovered was a magical school.

She recognised Mindslaver magic when she saw it, and that scared her because if he was good enough then even a demon noble like her could be turned into a helpless puppet. Mindslaving was both a rare and feared art, even amongst demons.

But she couldn't just keep hiding, he'd realise she was here sooner or later, maybe she should approach him?

Demons weren't exactly understanding, but as weak as she was right now she couldn't risk him attacking her. She didn't think he was a demon noble like her but even a greater demon could beat her as she was now.

Fucking Gaunter, why did he drop her in another demon's territory? She was almost safer back home, at least there she only had to worry about her father deciding to try and breed her.

That was almost preferable to being dumped next to a Mindslaver who'd probably make her a mindless puppet if he realised she was here.

No, she had to approach him and hope he was smart enough to be reasonable. She was the daughter of a demon lord after all, she was more useful to him alive and not a mindless puppet.

He was definitely at least a greater demon, lesser demons didn't have the intelligence or patience for whatever long term schemes he was up to. He might even be a demon lord in which case she was fucked either way.

But no-one had ever called her a coward, and she'd rather just get it over with and approach him.

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