The Day After The Hunt

Chapter 7, Ceasefire

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Lie Ren was forced to resist the urge to sigh heavily as he and his team sat themselves down to eat lunch, the cafeteria of Beacon positively booming with life as students of all years congregated and chatted amongst one another. Nora sat herself down next to him excitedly, the bench Ren was sitting on bouncing heavily as a result, while Blake and Yang sat themselves down across from the two childhood friends. Despite having been a team for close to a week, Ren still had trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that not only was he responsible for Nora for the next four years, something he would have taken upon himself regardless of his leadership position, but now he was also responsible for two women who may as well be complete strangers in turn.

Of the two sitting across from Ren and Nora, only Yang attempted to socialize with her leader and his partner while Blake stuffed her nose into her nearly ever-present black book, her golden eyes briefly scanning the room every now and again before returning to the pages of unknown text. More often than not, the feline Faunus eye's would land on the leader of Team NSRA's back before looking away just as quickly, the bow on her head coming to lay flat against her scalp as she did so.

Ren was far from stupid and probably one of the most observant students in his year outside his fellow team leader Jaune Arc, the very same person that Blake continued to eye as if she was expecting him to turn and lay into her at any moment. He knew that there was some form of bad blood between the two, with Blake being the guilty party of causing said bad blood going by her actions towards his fellow team leader. He, at one point, had wrongly assumed that the two had perhaps been in a relationship that had become soured, but a few more days of observation blew that theory straight out of the water.

For some reason, Ren had a hard time seeing the tall blond taking any form of interest in his ebony haired teammate, yet he couldn't discount the idea completely until he had more tangible proof of the contrary. While Ren didn't know Blake all that well, nor Jaune for that matter, the two seemed almost too different from one another to have shared any form of kinship in the past, let alone one as meaningful as to be intimate in nature. His teammate, however, carried on like a scorned lover would have in the event of a sloppy breakup. Jaune ignored her and her partner like they didn't even exist while maintaining a somewhat amicable relationship with Ren and Nora through subtle acknowledgments of their existence, something that brought Blake's emotional state lower and lower each time he refused to so much as glance in her direction.

To say things were tense between the two teams would be the understatement of the century.

Even if Team BXRN was the only one to even notice said tension.

It wasn't just Team BXRN that Team NSRA was at odds with, but Team CRDL as well. When Cardin Winchester, Leader of Team CRDL, attempted to shove past Jaune in the hallways during the first day of classes, the blond retaliated with nearly fifty times as much vitriol by choke slamming Cardin into a wall some two feet off the ground while keeping him suspended there as if it were nothing to lift such a large being with just one hand before then dropping him and apologising like he had just bumped Cardin back. He didn't even threaten the brutish mace wielder, just said sorry for nearly putting him through a wall and continuing on his way as if such a thing was completely normal.

Apparently, an apology was all it took to scare the Winchester descendent, as Cardin began to shake violently and later collapsed to his knees before emptying the contents of his stomach after Jaune released his throat with a smile on his face. While hardly an equal response in the force department, Ren couldn't exactly fault Jaune for his actions against the known belligerent. It was far easier to deter an obvious bully with violence than verbal admonishment, and as a result, Cardin maintained a twenty foot gap between himself and Team NSRA at all times, even while in class.

What was it that Cardin saw in that moment that made him act in such a way towards the otherwise cordial blond?

This did not stop the taller brute from taking his anger out on the rest of the student body, however, sticking particularly close to the Faunus population with his harassment rather than aiming his ire towards his fellow Human's from that point onward. It was disgusting behavior, to say the least, but Ren was hardly the confrontational type and so long as Cardin stayed away from his team, he would not raise a hand in his direction to stop him. It wasn't worth painting a target on his own back, especially when Ren knew how absolutely violent Nora could be when it came to jumping to his defense.

It was better than the alternative, as there was no doubts in Ren's mind that Nora would do more than just break Cardin's legs for any slights on his part. She'd vocalized as much more than three times, which was as much of a warning as Ren needed to steer his team clear of a Nora Meltdown.

Rumors started circulating almost instantly after the two leader's spat in the hallway between classes, letting Beacon know that the leader of Team NSRA and his underlings were not to be messed with, especially when it became clear that Jaune was more than willing to fight back when confronted with conflict. Most had long since gotten over his demonstration in Professor Port's class, chalking up his fight with the Boarbatusk as little more than a fluke, but Ren knew better than to forget such a sight.

There was something about Jaune that put Ren both on edge and at ease, a conflict of emotion that shouldn't be possible for someone with a Semblance like his. He was dangerous to have as an enemy, something that the leader of Team BXRN knew without a shadow of a doubt, yet it was hard to make an ally or even acquaintance out of someone that ignored half of the team Ren represented.

"What are you frowning at, Renny?" Nora questioned around a mouthful of pancakes, causing her partner to lightly admonish her about speaking with her mouth full. "Sorry, sorry... seriously though, what's on your mind, oh cunning leader ours?"

"Nothing much, Nora, just a bit curious as to how our sister teams are doing so far." Ren admitted after taking a small sip of the steaming tea he'd grown fond of over the past few days, "Team NSRA seems to be rather well respected by our elder peers, no?"

"You're telling me," Yang laughed lightly as she turned to glance over her shoulder in the direction of Team's NSRA and CFVY, a few members of the two teams speaking amicably amongst one another while the others remained silent, "If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think their team was avoiding me and Blake, which would be crazy, ya know?"

"W-what makes you say that?" Blake spoke up for the first time since lunch began, peeling her eyes away from her book to glance in her partner's direction. "Also, it's Blake and I."

"Shut up, Grammar Atlesian," Yang drawled with a roll of her eyes, "You know what I mean. It's not like the whole team is like that, P-Money is nice and so is Rubes, but... vomit-breath and Weiss-cream are something else entirely."

"They're pretty cool, if you know what I mean." Nora waggled her brows, only to receive a shove in the side from Ren as a result, "Hey! Just because I love you doesn't mean you can just abuse me like this!"

"I love you too, Nora, but we agreed you weren't going to encourage Yang, remember?" Ren leveled her with a look that left no room for arguments, causing Nora to pout while crossing her arms before accepting defeat soon after. "Good Nora, and for the record... I wouldn't let him hear you calling him that, Yang."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm not scared of tall, blond and snazzy, believe me," The buxom blond shrugged her shoulders while stabbing her fork into her spaghetti rather harshly, "I'm more worried about Ruby at this point, considering the fact that she's hardly spoken to me lately. He must be working them like dogs, 'cuz all of them but him look bone tired."

The look of frustration on her face was as plain as Nora's infatuation with pancakes.

"Hey, we can't have three of our team members frowning all the time! They'll think I'm beating you all up or something!" Nora quickly realized that she was the only member of her team in a somewhat positive mood, causing her no small amount of distress, "I know! It's Friday, meaning we don't have classes tomorrow! How about we invite Team NSRA over for a few games or something?"

Yang seemed to think it was a good idea while Blake and Ren retained the frowns on their faces, clearly not buying what Nora was attempting to sell.

"I don't think that they'll agree to something like that, Nora, but it never hurts to ask." Ren eventually relented after Nora locked eyes with him and hit him with the most pitiful look he'd ever seen, "How about we ask them after combat class?"

After an entire week of not being called upon, even Ren was starting to get the urge to let off some steam. He just hoped he wasn't paired up against either Jaune or Pyrrha from Team NSRA, as he doubted his ability to match either in direct combat without having to reveal more of his combat abilities than he was wanting to show off this early into the school year.

Every good Huntsman kept their best tricks close to their chest until they were absolutely needed, after all.


Ruby was glad to finally be almost done with the day, her mind being a million miles away as students continued to spill into auditorium used by Glynda Goodwitch to house her class. The past week had been rough, not in any part due to her teammates or partner but rather due to how much she had to catch up on to be around where she was expected to be with her education to even be attending Beacon. She was not the only one who had to play catch up, with Jaune seemingly lacking quite a bit of necessary knowledge as well, yet she was the only one to struggle in retaining said knowledge.

So far, the only courses she showed any proficiency in were combat class and lunch, the latter of which being the most important, in her opinion. She highly doubted that knowing the date of the very first time a Beowulf was sighted by the predecessors of the Four Kingdoms was going to help her kill Beowulves any better, yet her teammates and partner insisted that she know said day by heart just in case it ever came up on a test. It wasn't just about memorizing dates, however, but studying Dust-based chemistry equations, taking Human anatomy lessons and partaking in team building exercises as well, leaving her little time for herself or her few hobbies. She was glad for the distractions, as they kept her busy and from thinking about the terrible nightmare she had after awakening her partner's Aura and promptly passing out some four days prior, yet she couldn't help but want a small break after hitting the ground running after Initiation came to a close.

Ruby was forced from the thoughts of her partner as she saw Jaune's name flash on the board above Miss Goodwitch, followed by her sister's partner's name, Blake Belladonna.

"I was starting to think they'd never call you to the stage, Jaune." Pyrrha clapped him on the back lightly in an almost congratulatory fashion.

"Thank you, Pyrrha," Jaune didn't budge when her hand collided with his back, instead taking comfort in the small display of kinship between the two that had been developing slowly over the past few days, "I have a feeling someone has just granted me a boon."

"Jaune." Ruby spoke up, her voice a bit smaller than her usual jovial mood allowed, "Kick her butt."

Her partner turned to her slowly, the expression on his face slowly warming from the stone-cold look of almost joyous determination to one more amicable, almost kind yet still showing displaying hints of danger. "She doesn't deserve it, but I will for you."

Ruby offered him a beautiful smile that was as radiant as the sun, causing her partner to falter slightly before he offered a much smaller smile in return, one meant to hide his fangs from the world.

If the young scythe wielder didn't know any better, she'd almost think that Jaune was some sort of vampire. The only reason she didn't was because he clearly had a reflection in the mirror, he seemed to adore sunlight and was just overall far too nice to be some unfeeling, blood drinking monster who stalked the night. Ruby, of course, dutifully ignored the fact that he ate his steak blue rare and never seemed to sleep in the same room as her, Pyrrha and Weiss.

"I agree with Ruby, don't hold back." Weiss spared Jaune a passing glance that seemed to hold some weight to it before her attention was returned to the amphitheater below, "I wish to see why my partner holds you in such high regards."

Ruby pursed her lips and sent a slightly heated glance in Weiss's direction before deciding to ignore the obvious snub at her partner, instead taking a moment to clap Jaune on the back like Pyrrha had. Unlike Pyrrha, and due to not paying attention, however, the clap aimed for the small of his back strayed a bit lower than intended, causing Jaune to jump lightly when her hand slapped against his rear.

"Did you just..."

"Please, just... I didn't mean to, alright? Just go whoop her butt already!"

"Like you just did me...?"

Ruby groaned loudly as she buried her face in her hands after raising the hood of her cloak, as if it would hide her from the embarrassment of pulling a 'Yang' on her partner, even if unintentionally.


Jaune returned from his workshop with a quickness, stopping in only long enough to change into his combat gear and grab his blade. He briefly considered picking up one of the many ranged weapons he had acquired while in Yharnam but decided against it, settling instead on a few stacks of basic throwing blades for his ranged option.

The Doll had been understanding when he admitted he didn't have long to speak, granting him privacy enough to change in peace before he departed towards the classroom claimed by Glynda Goodwitch once more. He was thankful for the fact that class was still in session for every year and not just those in his own, as it gave him a few moments of peace to gather his thoughts before he was to face down the crazy chain-katana-pistol-cleaver-sickle girl that wouldn't stop stalking him and staring at him when she thought he wasn't looking. You compliment a girl's bow once and suddenly she acts like it's time to follow a fellow around like an affection starved stray cat. The growing dislike he felt for the obviously unbalanced Faunus he felt had been dulled slightly over the past few days, yet it was still potent enough to demand he put an end to this nonsense before he could even begin to get over the slight against all Hunters that was her preference in weaponry

If not for Ruby almost pleading with him to not show mercy, Jaune likely would have beaten the black haired woman up and down the amphitheater before deciding on her fate. Showing no mercy meant something far different to Jaune than it would someone else, so others might be forgiven for assuming that the young scythe wielder was calling for blood. Instead, he had assented to his partners plea and soothed her spirit with his own, much as the Doll did for him during moments of turmoil.

Jaune couldn't help but hate that part of himself, pushing it away from the forefront of his mind and locking it behind as many Caryll Runes meant for confinement as he could possibly create within his mindscape. By the time Jaune finally made it back to class, he had to brace himself against the wall for a moment to clear his thoughts and force his rising Aura back to acceptable levels before his bout with the Faunus katana-cleaver-chain-pistol-sickle-katana-stalker girl. The more he thought about the coming fight, the more his hands itched for his sword and shield and the more his Aura seemed to struggle against him to be unleashed at last.

'Deep breaths, Jaune, deep breaths.'

Gulping down another lung full of air, Jaune suppressed the shudder that ran through his body upon seeing the way his opponent was basically stripping him with her eyes the moment he came into view before rolling his shoulders and pushing himself away from the wall, his nerves as settled as they were going to get before he finally returned to Ruby, Pyrrha and Weiss. While the white haired female grew warmer to the idea of Jaune being the team leader of Team NSRA and not herself after Pyrrha dragged her from the room and into a combat simulation after attempting to lay into him once more, Jaune could tell she still disliked him on some level.

Tugging lightly at the cravat wrapped tightly around his throat not unlike a scarf before correcting it, Jaune braced himself and entered the classroom once more.

Ignoring those around him as best he could, Jaune found himself standing across from his opponent only moments later, the whispers of the student body around them growing hushed as he focused exclusively on Blake. He nodded curtly to show that he was prepared when Glynda asked if both students were ready, the words hardly registering in his mind as he examined his would-be partner for any openings in her stance. Some he recognized as potential feints but there were a few that he felt were exploitable, particularly if he came at her from either above or from the left.

Icy blue locked onto amber and the two began to circle each other at once, maintaining a few feet in distance between themselves as they did so. He could see the fear in her eyes, practically taste it on his tongue, yet he did not revel in it. She did not fear fighting against him nor did she fear him as a person, yet the emotion still perverted the air with its acrid stench none the less.

Deciding that they'd stalled long enough, Jaune dashed to his right at a wide angle before changing direction on a dime to intercept Blake from her unprotected left side while stabbing his blade forward in a piercing motion. Blake was quicker on her feet than he was expecting, pivoting on her heel at the last moment before attempting to counter-attack with a helm-splitter as he passed by. Sanctus Lunam seemed to move of its own accord to intercept the blow that had the potential to split his skull wide open, a flick of his wrist being all he needed to knock her substantially smaller blade away with a flourish.

Pivoting on his heel so that he was facing Blake once more, Jaune settled on a wide horizontal swipe towards her midsection using the backside of his blade. He felt himself pause for a moment in confusion as his blade pass through her as if she were no more than an illusion, only to force himself into a roll to his left as she appeared above her hazy afterimage poised for another downward strike. Her katana left a deep gouge in the stone floor where he was previously standing, a testament to not only her strength, but the strength of her weapon as well. Blake seemed to charge her weapon with her Aura for a moment as it cut into the earth before she snapped her blade in his direction just as she released the rest of the energy coating her blade in a crescent beam.

Jaune did not remain still long enough for the attack to reach him, dancing out of the way of the crescent of Aura with his loch shield held at a downward angle to block most of his body from most incoming physical attacks or bullets. He had faced an opponent that wielded techniques very similar to her own in the past and was familiar enough with blade beams to dodge them more often than not, thankfully. The purple beam of Aura and Dust dissipated just as it passed his body, reminding him more than faintly of his bouts with Ludwig, the previous owner of the blade he now wielded as his own.

Jaune reciprocated the ranged attack by temporarily sheathing his blade reaching into the pouch at his waist before slinging two of the wickedly curved throwing blades he'd picked up in Yharnam with differing trajectories. Flying true to their predetermined arc, the two blades intercepted one another just at her throat despite her dodging backwards, though neither were able to do more than pierce the surface layers of her skin before they landed somewhere behind her. Small tufts of hair fell to the ground around her, not enough to do any permanent damage to its styling but enough to make her a bit more amicable to the idea of wearing her hair in a ponytail while fighting in the future.

The droplet of blood that traced down her throat was both a warning and a statement, causing his opponent to visibly recoil as she took a step back to reevaluate her positioning. Her gaze went wide for a moment before her amber eyes sharpened, Blake deciding in that moment that staying on the defensive wouldn't be good for her health. Clenching her jaw tightly, Blake launched herself forward with a flurry of blows, each swing being blocked or dodged as Jaune continued to back pedal before the two reached the edge of the amphitheater.

Just as she stabbed forward with her black Katana, Jaune's eyes flashed white and his body disappeared in a haze of red before reappearing just within her guard, almost too fast for her to register. His foot blurred into motion before she could so much as lower her shoulder to intercept, savagely delivering a snap kick to her ribs while the flat of his blade collided heavily with the back of her head a second later. Blake stumbled in the same direction that his blade collided with her head, the momentum carrying her to the edge of the amphitheater before she felt her hair being seized from behind.

Tensing heavily, Blake resisted the urge to shudder as she felt the cold blade wielded by her opponent press into her throat as her head was wrenched backwards, the warm breath of Jaune Arc caressing the back of her neck as he whispered softly in her right ear.

"You fight well, for a coward. Surrender."


Blake was regretting her decision to abandon Jaune Arc to his death for the umpteenth time as she continued to fight her opponent off as best as she could. She knew that their fight was more than just a bout between students, but a conflict between a wronged party and the offender. Between the Headmasters speech during her teams formation and the calm expression on Glynda's face despite how one-sided the fight had been so far, Blake realized that she had not made any allies amongst the higher ups and was being punished for her actions by unofficial standards.

It wasn't until Jaune had drawn blood in one of the most vindictive of ways did she start to actually fight back with any strength behind her attacks, knowing that she couldn't afford to let him continue to throw knives at her if he was that precise with them. Each time she swung Gambol Shroud or its sheath in his direction, he would move in a way that not only put his sword in a position to block, but keep his body out of harms way of either of her blades.

It was almost as if he knew what she was going to do before she followed through with her attacks, each feint being ignored dutifully while every attack she did follow through with was either intercepted, redirected or outright danced around. Without a doubt, he was proving to be the most frustrating opponent she'd ever faced, as even Adam had been susceptible to falling for some of her faints.

It was only when she had driven Jaune to the edge of their battleground did she realize she'd been baited by her opponent the entire time.

Without so much as a warning, Blake felt her head being wrenched backwards by the hand lacing through her hair almost lovingly before Jaune's massive claymore was placed against her jugular near the very same spot that his two throwing daggers had cut a minute prior into her flesh.

"You fight well, for a coward. Surrender."

She couldn't understand the last word Jaune spoke, yet instinctively knew that he was demanding she admit defeat. If it wasn't for his backhanded compliment, Blake might have accepted defeat if only to save herself any more blows to the head or throat, yet she couldn't bring herself to do so.

Thinking quickly, Blake used her Semblance in conjunction with Ice Dust to create a clone that exploded outward in a frigid display of brilliance to ensnare her opponents body. It was not without cost, however, as she felt her Aura noticeably dip from using her Semblance in tandem with the last of her Ice Dust left over from the failed train heist months prior. Not bothering to close the gap, Blake chose to instead begin to pepper Jaune with a rain of gunfire, bullets bouncing from his body and whittling down a rather miniscule amount of Aura compared to other opponents she had faced in the past.

The gunfire lasted all of a few seconds before she was forced to reload, giving her opponent ample time to flex his Aura and shatter the ice that confined him to one spot. Shielding her eyes quickly with her arm, Blake felt her opponent slam into her with a shoulder charge before she could remove her arm from its place across her face, forcing her into a roll as her back slammed into the ground below with enough force to steal her breath from her lungs. Coming to a halt seconds later after skidding along the ground for a few feet, Blake opened her eyes in time to watch her opponent drive his blade downwards as if he were going to stake it through her skull.

Instead of splitting her skull, however, Jaune allowed his blade to sink deeply into the ground just beside her face, the blade close enough to her face to leave a small cut on her right Human ear to seal shut through a flash of Aura.

Blake released her shaky hold on Gambol Shroud, the katana and cleaver falling from her hands and clattering on the ground as she raised both palms upwards to show her admission of defeat.

She knew from the start that she was facing a highly skilled opponent, yet she wasn't expecting to face someone who apparently had more experience than even her in facing humanoid opponents. Every attack he unleashed upon her was meant to either incapacitate or kill, no opportunity going to waste as he pressed each and every weakness he could possible exploit in her defense.

Blake had a feeling she was doomed to lose from the start of their match and accepted her defeat with as much dignity as she could, knowing that she at least put in the effort of fighting him regardless of the outcome.

He deserved at least that much from her.

"Jaune Arc is the winner of this match through surrender." Glynda finally acknowledged Blake's admission of defeat with a slightly unpleasant look on her face, "Mister Arc, may I ask in the future that you don't resort to potentially lethal attacks against your opponents here at Beacon?"

"Of course, Miss Goodwitch." Jaune withdrew his blade from the ground before placing it on his back as if he hadn't almost just murdered one of his classmates in a sanctioned spar, "I got a little carried away, my apologies."

"Very well," The green eyed woman looked as if she wanted to argue her point further but decided against it at the last moment with a huff, "Other than your... lack of restraint, I am glad to see you've recovered enough to finally begin testing yourself against your peers. Keep up the effort you've been putting in this past week and I dare say you'll make a fine addition to this Academy."

Once more, Jaune ignored the obvious displeasure in Glynda's tone as he turned his attention away from his teacher and back towards Blake, who had yet to rise from her position on the ground. Blake locked eyes with him once more and any words Miss Goodwitch might have had for her went in one ear and out the other as she watched icy blue melt away into a pearlescent white.

Thoughts of her parents sprang to mind, staring down at her in disappointment over his shoulders in that instant. Tears welled up and clung to her peripherals, not daring to fall as she waited with baited breath. Eventually, the disappointed phantasms disappeared in a nonexistent breeze, leaving only a stoic blond in their place to continue staring her down before eventually, he offered her a small nod and his hand.

Blake felt her heart skip a beat and briefly considered it to be a cruel gesture that he'd withdraw at the last moment before taking a leap of faith to reach for the offered hand. Jaune did not snatch his hand away and instead pulled Blake to her feet with little effort before steadying her when her knees nearly gave out beneath her.

"I... I'm-," Blake was cut off when Jaune shook his head and silenced her with a raised hand.

"Just quit following me around and I won't hold your weapon choice against you any more, alright?"

Blake could only nod in confusion.


'Dearest Mother-'

Weiss pursed her lips before shaking her head in displeasure, snatching the now ruined piece of paper up from her desk before balling it up and throwing it in the recycling bin Team NSRA shared.

'Dear Mother,'

The white haired female wanted nothing more than to ball up the paper once more but refrained from doing so, instead pressing on with her letter.

'I hope this letter finds you well. I know it had been some time since we last spoke, but I've found myself under pressure from my team leader to reach out to either you or Father-,' Weiss resisted the urge to destroy the paper and continued writing as elegantly as she could possibly muster, 'and we both know that I would much prefer your company over his. I am now a student of Beacon Academy and a member of Team NSRA, partnered to the famous Mistrali champion Pyrrha Nikos, a rather fetching union between Huntresses and Huntsman if there were to be one, despite my earlier reservations on not being named team leader.'

While she would have loved to claim such a position, it had become increasingly apparent over the past week that not only was Jaune a capable leader, but a capable warrior and scholar as well. Any complaints she might have had were at this point moot, causing her to eventually accept defeat and fall in line with her partner under Jaune's four year tenure as her teams commanding chief.

Pyrrha's insistence was merely the final nail in the coffin for Weiss's desire to become leader, though she wouldn't admit defeat verbally.

'The other two members of my team aren't nearly as valuable as Pyrrha, yet I cannot find fault in their drive to succeed. Ruby Rose, despite being only fifteen years old, is proficient enough with her weapon to put all of her opponents to shame thus far. The final member and leader of Team NSRA is a male by the name of Jaune Arc, someone I know next to nothing about outside of his name.'

It was around this point that Weiss realized that out of the three other members of Team NSRA, Jaune was the one she knew the least and could offer no information on her leader to her mother.

'I must go now, it seems Ruby has gotten it into her head that our team needs to spend some more time amongst our peers. I,' Weiss paused mid-stroke of her pen, daring not finish the line that she almost made the mistake of penning into her letter, 'hope to hear from you soon. Truly, Weiss.'

"Alright, alright already you dolt! Quit hounding me!" Weiss couldn't stop her scathing remark aimed towards Ruby, who'd been pestering her silently by poking her in the ribs for the past minute, "Who do you think you are, anyway! Respect my personal space!"

"Well excuuuuse me, princess!" Ruby rolled her eyes in exasperation before seizing Weiss by the wrist to drag her along behind her, "Come on, we're going to be late for game night! Nora's already threatened to eat all the cookies if we don't show up soon!"

"I don't care about Nora's stupid cookies, unhand me at once you barbarian!"

"Heresy! Do not DARE call cookies stupid in my presence! Now march!"

Weiss decided she was going to have to rewrite her letter to Willow entirely now, as any kind words she might have had for Ruby Rose went right out the window when she began to push Weiss along like a stubborn puppy who didn't want to go outside. She tried to call out for help, knowing that the crimson haired hoplite should have been nearby.

"Pyrrha! Your partner demands assistance!"

But no one came.