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Chapter 16

The Destroyer

Part 2

"One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask. What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?"

-Spy, Team Fortress 2


Rumi's mind was in a frenzy as she quickly evacuated the firefighters from the port. Her ears were still ringing from the massive explosion earlier and the panicking emergency personnel weren't helping her at all. Looking behind her, she saw soldiers and Heroes staring towards I-Island completely gob smacked and it wasn't hard to see why.

They just witnessed that chainsaw wielding maniac sawing a man straight down the middle and hacked two more to pieces before throwing one of them and the camera out of the observation deck window. From there, they watched him butcher the Steel Sabers without mercy with weaponry that should be, by all accounts, outlawed. Then he started to tear them apart with his bare hands and ripped off the head of a mercenary though his stomach before throwing it at the camera and cutting off the transmission, leaving everyone who was watching the transmission horrified and some of them throwing up.

And then came the explosion.

Miruko remembered being thrown back and nearly had her ear drums blown out as shattered glass from the warehouse rained down on her and the others. As they gathered their thoughts together, they heard the sounds of battle coming from I-Island. It was loud enough for all to hear but Rumi's heighted hearing began to pick up other sounds amongst the gunfire and explosions: screaming.

It soon began to dawn upon everyone that the Vigilante was waging war upon the Sabers and winning. As everyone listened to the chaotic noises coming from the artificial island, Miruko was slowly beginning to realize that this was on her. Maybe Endeavor was right to yelling at her for not bringing the Vigilante in the first time they met at the park. Maybe this really was all her fault. And yet why did she feel so elated that the Vigilante was killing the Sabers?

Miruko's smile vanished and her mood was replaced with shame when she realized she was going back to that dark place again. Even after all those years of leaving that part of her past behind, it still came rushing back to her…with a vengeance.


Leaning back in his chair with the side of his face resting against his balled hand, the dreaded leader of the League of Villains watched the news. This was certainly an unexpected outcome. Not once did he predict that the events at I-Island would escalate to such a level. The destruction, the bloodshed, the panic that was brought about from the transmission and the explosion…all of it caused by a Vigilante.

The same man who tore off his student's arm.

All for One had a particular disdain for those who participated in vigilantism. Since they weren't constrained by the law, they could freely do whatever they wanted and engage Villains without any consequence. The problem was that sometimes they would unknowingly interfere in his machinations and made sure to have his agents eliminate them if necessary. But then there was this man. Dispatching several Pro Heroes non-lethally and engaging an entire organization of infamous contract killers was unheard of. The Vigilante paid no mind to the sheer panic he was causing when he slaughtered the Steel Sabers on national television or the sheer devastation he unleashed when he set off that explosion, possibly from when he destroyed the Saber's submarine.

Something about this man intrigued All for One. He didn't need to capture him or even speak to him to know. He could see that this Vigilante was special and whatever Quirk he had, All for One desired it. This was one of those very rare occurrences where he was willing to persuade a Vigilante to join the LOV. He made himself a mental note to look into a particular former Pro Hero turned Vigilante over in Kobe.

But that could be saved for later; he had to focus on the matter at hand. An outside element had upended his plans on I-Island and he needed to retake control. Luckily, All for One always had a backup plan in case things ever went sour. He picked up the cellphone from his desk and was about to contact one of his followers when he noticed that he had just received a text from Kurogiri.

I have successfully retrieved Tomura's arm. The police were currently too preoccupied with the I-Island siege to notice.

Excellent. With any luck, Dr. Garaki would be able to reattach his protégé's arm. All for One scrolled through his contacts until he found the one he wanted. He pressed the call button.

"Yes, Master?"

"Are you anywhere near I-Island?"

"I am, Master."

"Good. I'm sending you some of our members to accompany you to the island with a special 'package'. Wolfram and the Sabers had their chance, execute Plan B."


Two Sabers from Gamma Squad couldn't take their eyes off the rising pillars of smoke coming from the central quadrant of I-Island. Behind them were scores of Sabers setting up defenses and mobilizing their APC's in response to the explosion and the sounds of a massive battle. The two could sense the dread and uncertainty in the air as some mercenaries began to bring out the big guns for their emplacements.

"This is bad, man. This is so fucking bad."

"You're telling me. How the hell did one man get past us?"

"Your guess is as good as mine. Did you see what he did to our guys on TV? That was some fucked up shit, Marley!"

Marley checked over the ammo belt attached to his MG4 light machinegun. "There's no way that guy could've been a Hero. They don't' kill. Ever."

"You don't think they have people like that hidden from the public eye, do you?" Cruz swallowed.

"Don't be fucking stupid, Cruz. There's no way the Hero Association would hire anybody like that. It doesn't fit their M.O. at all." Marely scoffed.

"But what if he really is a part of some secret Hero black ops program that we don't know about? I think we should just surrender. I mean, maybe that psycho will let us li-"

Marley smacked Cruz across the face. "Surrender?! How someone like you got to wear this uniform, I'll never know! Sabers never surrender! You really think the Hero Association will show us any leniency after the shit we've done over the years? We have the blood of 246 Heroes all over our hands. They are never gonna let this go!"

"HEY! Knock it off and move out!" A Saber shouted at Cruz and Marely. "The Sergeants want all of us gathered!"

The two soldiers followed one of their own to a massive gathering of Sabers from Squads Gamma, Beta and Alpha. All of them were armed and incredibly antsy due to the destruction of their moving headquarters as well as the losses they suffered from the blast and whatever the hell was going on over at the central quadrant. Three sergeants were standing atop an APC, regarding the crowd of mercenaries gathered before them.

"Alright, everyone listen up! Our situation here is FUBAR, we're not gonna sugarcoat it. We've lost the sub, most of our forces, our radios are fried and the Tango Primary is still on the island. We are effectively cut off from Nine and it won't be long before the JSDF and the Heroes over on the mainland mount an attempt to retake the island." The first sergeant began.

"The Tango Primary has reduced our ground forces to 35% operational status so here's what we are going to do: we will mount our defenses around the perimeter of the expo district and hold our positions until Nine can send for reinforcements and possible exfiltration." A second sergeant briefed.

"We want everyone to keep their eyes peeled and have a second pair in the back of your heads. Get to your posts and make sure all of our emplacements are locked and loaded. If any of you see the first sign of the Tango Primary or a Hero-SHIT!"

The third sergeant gawked when he witnessed a fuel tanker carrying two tanks filled with petroleum soar through the air right towards them! Everyone looked up and scrambled as fast as they could for cover but it was too late. As soon as the tanker impacted the APC, the resulting force ruptured the tank and all it took was a single spark from the chaos to ignite the petroleum spilling from the tank. The explosion enveloped the sergeants and the Sabers near it in a plume of searing flames, blanketing most of the area in a sea of fire. Dozens of Sabers and the sergeants who were caught in the blast radius were killed instantly. But they were the lucky ones.

The petroleum sprayed out in all directions, dousing the mercenaries with the sticky substance and lighting them aflame. It adhered to their skin and burned through their suits as they desperately tried to get the makeshift napalm off of them but to no avail. All they did was tear off their own melting skin when they pulled off their uniforms. The fire began to spread all around the area as the Sabers scrambled to get away from the searing flames, hoping that things couldn't get any worse.

It did.

"HE'S ON THE BRIDGE! TANGO PRIMARY'S COMING!" A Saber shouted as he pointed to the service bridge. Every Saber within an earshot stopped what they were doing and rushed towards the entrance to the expo district, leaving behind their comrades who were dead, dying or reduced to charred corpses. The makeshift barricades were swarming with Sabers as they armed the mounted defenses, including M2 Browning turrets, GE M134 miniguns and MK19 grenade launchers. Snipers up on the buildings near the bridge took position with their sniper rifles at the ready. Several APCs rolled up near the emplacements and rotated their 30mm guns at the bridge. Everyone else armed their weapons and prepared themselves.

As the sounds of crackling fire and the moans of the dying filled the air, the Sabers never took their eyes off the bridge but their shaking arms were clear signs they were now completely demoralized. After several nerve-shredding seconds, he finally came into view. The Slayer slowly walked across the bridge towards the entrenched Sabers with all of the blood that was caked onto his armor mysteriously gone. One of the Sabers buckled from the pressure and fired his assault rifle at the Doomslayer, causing everyone else to open fire. A cascade of lead and grenades streaked across the bridge, hitting the Slayer dead on…but the shots went straight through him.

It was like they were shooting at a phantom: everything was hitting nothing but air as the Tango Primary kept walking towards them without a scratch. He got closer and closer to the Sabers as the bullets went through his body and suddenly disappeared in a bright flash! The Sabers stopped firing and jerked backwards in confusion; spotting a small object sitting on the ground where the hostile just vanished. It was white colored and resembled a grenade with blue lights on the side. Sparks started to shoot out from it and the device dissolved into rusted metal.

As the Sabers tried to process what was going on, they were alerted to a scream coming from above. They all looked up to one of the nearby buildings and saw to their horror the Tango Primary disemboweling one of the sniper teams with a chainsaw! The Slayer stared down at the terrified Sabers as they fired upon him again. Before his foray into the expo district, the Slayer threw the petroleum tanker at them to disorient them and then deployed his hologram projector as a distraction. He then swam over to the right quadrant of I-Island as the hologram walked across the bridge, having arrived at the expo district just as the Sabers spotted his hologram.

From there he easily clambered up to the nearest building without being spotted and killed the snipers on the roof. Drawing his Super Shotgun, the Doomslayer leapt off the roof with his saw and sawed-off in his hands down towards the Sabers who were now screaming bloody murder.


Momo's heart slammed against her chest as she watched the Vigilante tearing through the Sabers on the main screen. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she hyperventilated out of fear. Her friends weren't fairing much better. Ida and Denki were clearly having panic attacks, Mineta had fainted and poor Jiro was now openly sobbing into Momo's shoulder.

The partygoers and captured Heroes were having the same reaction. Every scene played out the same: scores of mercenaries would try to fight the armored man only for them to be horribly butchered like animals. Blood and entrails flew everywhere; it was like watching a horror movie come to life. All Might felt his blood run cold as he watched the man tear out a Saber's spine with his bare hands.

Never in his entire life did he ever witness so much blood and savagery. He was no stranger to the grim realities of being a Hero: from watching his mentor Nana die before his eyes to his bloody duel with All for One that left him crippled, he knew the risks that came with the job. But this was something completely different. This was a man who had absolutely no qualms about killing and didn't have a shred of mercy within him. Not only that, but it was the same man who disarmed Tomura Shigaraki not just a day ago.

All Might was so transfixed on the Vigilante's rampage that he couldn't even begin to question what he was doing here during a siege. All he kept seeing where the terrorists being torn apart in the most horrific way possible. Nothing could stop him. Every bullet bounced off of whatever armor he was wearing and he ripped apart armored vehicles with ease. He wielded weapons that shredded through scores of mercenaries. He would never forget how he tore off the head of one of them and crushed it in his hand in front of the camera as a message to Nine. It was barbarism at its worst. He had to stop this mindless slaughter but he was still tied up by the security system and he could still feel One for All bleeding away.

Nine and his lieutenants couldn't believe this was happening. His army of 9,870 highly-trained Hero killers was being decimated by one man. One man. He snuck past his tightly defended perimeter, destroyed his personal sub as well as half of their forces and now he was reducing his men into piles of limbs. That man was out for him. He knew that all too well when he crushed the skull of one of his soldiers while glaring at him through the camera.

"You fuck ups…" He heard Wolfram growl.

Nine glared icily at the Villain. "Would you care to repeat that?"


"That's what we want to know! Whoever he is, he managed to circumvent our security system and turned it against us!" Mummy defended.

"But the question is how did he do it?!" Swordkill barked. "This place is supposed to be on par with Tartarus Prison!"

"I'm not sure of that myself…" Nine began as he turned his gaze over to David, Melissa and Sam. "But I do have a hunch. Bring them over here." He ordered to Slice and Chimera.

The two marched over to them and the wolfman socked Shields across the face before tossing him at Nine's feet. Chimera then grabbed Melissa by her hair and dragged her over to her father while Slice pulled out a Steyr TMP from her holster and pointed it at Sam who hastily got up. Nine grabbed David by the throat and hoisted him up so they could be at eye level.

"We're going to have a little chat, Mr. Shields." Nine said threateningly as he held up his hand which was now crackling with electricity. He shoved him over to Mummy who wrapped up David's arms with his bandages.

"Take him and the others to the server room." He ordered his lieutenants as they dragged them out of the ballroom. He then regarded his soldiers. "All of you take the elevator down to the main lobby and coordinate with our remaining forces to hunker down and defend the main tower. Have our entire tank division along with a contingent of our men to advance on the lower quadrant so we can take back the Airport and secure the hostages."

"Understood, Sir." The Sabers nodded. "But the all of the elevators are out due to the EMP-"

A bolt of lightning shot out of Nine's hand and collided into the Saber, killing him instantly while sending him flying into the far wall!

"THEN TAKE THE GODDAMN STAIRS!" Nine shouted as the remaining Sabers ran out of the room. Looking at the steaming corpse of the soldier Nine just killed, Wolfram motioned Swordkill, Daigo and Nobu to follow the Saber lieutenants to the server room. He went over to his own soldiers.

"You all stay here and keep this room on lockdown. If any of these pricks try anything funny, plug em." The hired guns nodded and spread out around the ball room while Wolfram left the room. Nine narrowed his eyes after he left and decided to head for the server room as well. Before he exited the room, he took one last quick glance at the screen showing his enemy pull out the hand-held railgun to vaporize the sniper teams on the rooftops.

Why didn't he hear about this man a long time ago? Whatever his price would've been, it would've been worth it.


The HPSC President had her arms folded as she breathed through her nose.

Sayaka Grant was an American/Japanese woman in the late 50's with steely blue eyes and slicked black ash blonde hair. She wore a black suit with a blue dress underneath and maintained an air of professionalism. But that was starting to crack as beads of sweat formed on her head and her arms were shaking.

Standing in a small private room, Sayaka looked out the room-length glass window at the rows of agents and tech analysts working at their consoles within a massive room. Or at least they would have if they weren't glued to the main screen in abject horror. Sayaka looked to the giant screen spanning the length of the room and felt her throat tighten. She mentally recapped how this entire situation came to this ghastly outcome.

The Steel Sabers had seized I-Island and captured the Symbol of Peace along with Pro Heroes from different countries as well as the islands scientists and tourists. The HPSC was able to coordinate a perimeter alongside the JSDF and the Japanese government. They were in the middle of planning a method of infiltrating I-Island without the Sabers noticing while also brainstorming on how the mercenaries were able to easily infiltrate the seafaring facility. When they concluded that it had to have been an inside job, they just got word that a random man wearing armor charged through the perimeter and put five Pro Heroes in the hospital. Not only did they find out that he managed to escape, but it was the same Vigilante who tore off the arm of the LOV leader.

This had put everyone in the crisis room in a frenzy as they tried to make sense of what was happening until the Sabers hijacked the airwave across the half the mainland of Japan to broadcast their demands. But when he appeared onscreen…there were no words to describe what happened next. After the bloodbath, they had no time to catch their breaths when an explosion on the scale of a small atomic bomb destroyed half the entire island.

Sayaka immediately ordered her technicians to activate their top secret surveillance satellite so they could see what was happening on the island. They now had a bird-eye view of I-Island and when they zoomed in, all they could see were the streets literally running red with blood. The Vigilante was on a murderous rampage against the Sabers, shredding through them like they were paper. He didn't stop at all; he just kept killing and killing without pause. Several people had to leave the room or threw up all over their desks.

Sitting herself down in her seat near the conference table, Sayaka buried her face in her hands as she heard the sounds of the Sabers screaming as they were torn apart by the madman. Sitting not far from her wearing the same expression of horror was her top agent: Mera Yokumiru.

Mera was a middle aged man with messy beige hair and wore a formal black suit as per HPSC dress code. His most discerning feature was the heavy bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep from overworking. Despite that, he was a well-regarded and proficient agent in the organization, being in charge of reviewing the performances of Heroes and scoping out potential candidates for becoming Pros. Not only that but he had a sizable military career, spearheading multiple counter-villainy operations ending with a 100% success rate.

His once sleepy eyes were fully awake and bugging out of his head as he watched the Vigilante grab a Saber by the leg and use him as a human club against the other mercs. Lips quivering, Mera glanced back to his laptop which was scanning for any radioactive contamination since the detonation of the Sabers nuclear submarine. Completely clean. Not a single shred of radioactivity for miles. He should feel relieved but what was driving him nuts was how? Looking over to Sayaka, Mera closed his laptop and walked over to her. He sighed, scratching the back of his head as he looked back at the monitor showing the one-sided shit show.

"Listen, it's a little risky, but I can get boots on the ground-"

"We can't do anything until our government lifts the no-fly order." Sayaka interrupted, looking up at him.

Mera couldn't believe what he was hearing. He let out a laugh of frustration. "Oh? Great! That's just perfect! Well while were sitting here twiddling our thumbs, Arnold Leatherface Schwarzenegger is turning I-Island into the set of a Quentin Tarantino movie!"

"You think I don't want to end this insanity as much as you do?!" Sayaka snapped. "For all we know, we could end up putting more innocent lives at risk if we start sending soldiers and Heroes over there! The public-"

"Oh, right! The public! We certainly can't forget that they'll have fucking night terrors for the next 15 years after what they all saw on TV!" Mera threw up his hands.

Sayaka was about to reprimand him for his language when the phone on her desk began to ring with the voice of her receptionist coming through the speakerphone.

"Ma'am? The Prime Minister is on line one. It's urgent."

Sayaka's eyes widened. Mera almost lost his balance. The Prime Minister of Japan was calling them?!

"Oh shit." Mera mumbled. "You better have all your eggs in one basket for this one."

"Zip it." Sayaka pointed at him, shutting him up. Taking a deep breath and composing herself, the President of the HPSC picked up the receiver and answered.

"Hello-yes, I understand the severity of the situation. No, we don't know the identity of the Vigilante but we can confirm that he is fighting the Steel Sabers. We're unable to ascertain the safety of All-Might and the hostages but they will be our top priority to rescue. You have? I understand, I'll notify the authorities. Thank you, Prime Minister."

She set the receiver down and faced Mera. "He's just rescinded the lockdown and gave us permission to coordinate with the JSDF and Pro Heroes on a mission to retake the island. Let's get to work."

Mera smiled broadly. "Best news I've heard all day."

The two of them went out the door leading to the main room with all present agents. Mera clapped his hands together to get everyone's attention. "Okay, listen up, people! We-"

Suddenly, all of the computers in the room as well as the main monitor went completely black and nearly plunged the room into total darkness! They came back on after a few seconds but this time, every screen showed a white background with a blue colored symbol. It was a circle in the middle with three odd shapes around it. Before Sayaka could demand what was going on, the phone began to ring from inside the private room. A jingle was then heard through the ceiling speakers and a message came up underneath the symbol on the monitors.


Sayaka and Mera numbly glanced at each other in shocked confusion before slowly heading back to the private rooms with all eyes on them. Some of the agents started to follow them. Now in the room, Sayaka cautiously reached for the ringing phone as Mera sweated nervously. The two nearly jumped out of their skins when a computerized voice spoke through the speakerphone!

"/Hello. I have blocked off all communication access to the JSDF and authorities throughout your headquarters and other government institutions. For your own safety, as well as the safety of the hostages, do not interfere with our operations./"

"W-what?" Sayaka breathed before she instantly became serious. "Who is this?!" She demanded.

"/Who I am is not relevant. But you have our assurance that the hostages and All Might will be rescued and the Steel Sabers will plague Hero society no more. Thank you for your time./"

The line went dead and they were left absolutely stunned. Mera looked like his brain had just melted while Sayaka had to sit herself down. Pulling her personal handkerchief out of her pocket and wiping the sweat off her brow, the President of the HPSC now felt like the smallest person in the world.

To be continued…

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