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Chapter 18

The Destroyer

Part 4


Sweat ran down David's face as he feverishly worked at the console while Wolfram impatiently paced behind his back. What was supposed to be a foolproof plan to restore All Might's Quirk had turned into something out of his worst nightmare. The supposed "actors" that Sam hired to aid them in obtaining the Quirk Amplification Headset for All Might were working for the League of Villains and they had hired the Steel Sabers to overtake the entire island.

He was such a fool. In his maddened desire to save his longtime idol, he never considered the possibility of All for One targeting him since he was Yagi's friend. And now he was paying for his hubris by recklessly endangering everyone on the island, including his own daughter. And now THIS was happening: an unknown, heavily armored man wielding advanced weaponry that was decades ahead of anything I-Island's R&D could produce was on a bloody warpath against the Sabers; David watched the man destroy half the island and slaughter the mercenaries without the slightest bit of hesitation or mercy.

But the horrors that were unfolding on the island was nothing compared to the situation he faced now. Earlier, he was dragged into the main server room by Nine and ordered to circumvent the program that was jamming communications and turning the previously hacked security system against them. What made matters worse was they were threatening to kill Melissa and Sam if he didn't get the system under their control. The multitude of Villains in the room hovering over his shoulder wasn't helping.

"I hope you've made some manner of progress, Mr. Shield." Nine pressed the barrel of his Taurus Raging Judge revolver up against the back of David's head.

"N-n-no i haven't..." David hesitantly answered before an agitated Wolfram grabbed him by the collar of his suit and whirled him around to face the Villain.


"I didn't! I don't even know who he is!" David professed.

"Then stop wasting our time and override the damn program!" Nine ordered as he pointed his weapon at Shield again.

"I can't! I can't access or bypass it! This program is like nothing I've ever seen before!" David hastily explained.

"That's not the answer we wanted, Shield." Nine said darkly as he nodded to Mummy. "Does your daughter matter that little to you?"

The bandaged lieutenant walked over to Melissa and Sam who were backed up against the far wall. Mummy snatched Melissa by her wrist and dragged her over to her father. Forcing her down on her knees, he grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head up to unsheathe his serrated shortsword; holding it against her neck!

"MELISSA!" David ran towards her only to be slugged right in the stomach by Daigo. He crumpled into a heap as he reached out for his daughter in an act of futility; reminded again his fanaticism for All Might made this happen. "No...!" He pleaded before Wolfram stomped on his hand and pointed his H&K USP Match at his head.

"You better get this shit fixed or so help me I'll shoot you and your little girl right between the eyes!" Wolfram ordered angrily. David grit his teeth as Wolfram grounded his foot onto David's hand.

"Daddy..." Melissa whimpered right before her eyes became fierce. "Don't give them anything!"

"Oh, looks like she's got some spunk" Wolfram mocked as he pointed his gun at her! "Lets see if all that sass can outsmart a bullet."

"NO!" David all but screamed as the barrel of the weapon was pressed against her daughter's head! "PLEASE!"

"Uh, boss?" Came a voice from the other end of the room. Everyone turned to the source of the voice to see one of Wolfram's lackeys, Specs, standing in the door. Specs was around the same height as Swordkill and dressed in the same combat fatigues as the others. He had long pale hair and wore metallic goggles that enhanced his bullet eye Quirk.

"What the hell are you doing here, Specs?!" Wolfram barked. "You were supposed to stay with the chopper!"

"The chopper's fried. All of the electronics are shot to shit but that's not why I'm here..." He moved out of the way to reveal three figures entering the room. Wolfram's eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

"Hello, Wolfram."

"C-c-c-curator?!" Wolfram fumbled over his words in shock.

"Oh shit..." Nobu mumbled as he, Daigo and Swordkill backed away when they laid eyes on Volcano and a Nomu. Curator was basically 2nd in command of the LOV and was just as scary as All for One. If he was here, then it meant they really screwed up.

"Who are you?" Nine demanded as his lieutenants looked ready to strike.

"I believe Wolfram just said my name." Curator answered in a condescending, matter-of-factly tone. "I'm with the League of Villains. We're here to clean up his little mess, feel free to leave whenever you want."

"Just what makes you think you can start ordering us around?!"Chimera bared his teeth and he stomped over to him. He didn't get far when Volcano and Chainsaw stepped in front of him, barring his path.

"I'd sit if I were you, little doggie." Volcano taunted with his arms folded while the Nomu let out a snarl. Chimera growled while Slice came up next to him, her hair hardening into quills. Mummy released Melissa and got into a fighting stance when Chainsaw turned around and glared at him.

"Wha-what do you mean, 'clean up my mess!?'" Wolfram demanded.

"Isn't it obvious? Your mission here has failed and All for One has transferred control of this operation to me." Curator revealed, sounding like Wolfram was beneath him. "You'll follow my orders from now on."

"But-but I can still salvage this!" Wolfram claimed. "How was I supposed to know this guy would come here and fuck everything up?!" He pointed towards one of the monitors showing the Vigilante, as well as a construction mech inexplicably butchering the Sabers, on a rampage.

"I distinctly remember Kurogiri informing you about this man yesterday and we told you to be on your guard due to the important nature of this mission." Curator lectured him.

"You knew about this maniac?!" Slice shouted at Wolfram as Chimera and Mummy gave him scathing glares. Wolfram was about to clear up any misconceptions when Nine marched right up to wolfram, the armor underneath his suit lighting up and crackling with electricity. He grabbed Wolfram by the neck and brought up his right hand, the armor around his wrist shooting out curved wristblades!

"Is there anything else you haven't told us, Wolfram?" Nine demanded from him, his tone of voice rising. "Any further memory lapses or oversights perhaps?"

"I'M TELLING YOU, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT GUY WOULD FUCKING COME HERE!" Wolfram gagged as Nine's grip on his throat tightened. Nine raised his right arm and was about to stab Wolfram through the head when Curator gently placed his hand on the mercenary leader's arm.

"There's no need for any unnecessary violence, Nine. The League of Villains will take full responsibility for Wolfram's blunder and we'll ensure the Steel Sabers are fully compensated for this unfortunate turn of events." Curator calmed Nine.

"Compensation?!" Mummy furiously exclaimed. "Half of our entire organization is dead because of that thing!"

Glaring at Wolfram, Nine dropped him to the floor and turned towards the monitors. He clenched his fist as he watched the armored man continue to decimate his army. All of this could've been prevented if Wolfram had informed them about this man earlier; allowing them to set up tighter patrols and intercept him. But whatever the tactic, they would clearly stand no chance against him. This walking natural disaster had made an utter mockery of the Steel Sabers in just a few hours. NOTHING could slow him down.

His frustration over the situation reaching new heights, Nine swore he would have this man's head.


(Quake 3- Front Line Assembly 02 Long)

The Doomslayer threw a Saber against a ruined APC and slammed his bootheel into his face; splattering brain matter across the hull while the mech grabbed a cluster of Sabers and threw them with enough force to shatter their bodies apart against the buildings. The Slayer scooped up an MG7 and began gunning down the mercenaries with quick bursts. The ground was littered with slaughtered Sabers as more fell victim to the Slayer and to an extent, VEGA.

433 remaining.

The Slayer scored multiple kills against the Sabers as he casually walked amongst the piles of dead bodies he was piling up. Despite the sheer number of losses, the Sabers still attempted to open fire upon the Slayer but it was all for naught as nothing they had could even dent his Praetor Suit. Throwing away the now empty light machinegun, the Slayer plunged his fist into the back of a fleeing Saber and tightly gripped his spine before flipping the goon over his head slammed him down into the ground with enough force to fold him in half. Another Saber rushed at him with a knife only for the Slayer to break his arm, tear out a piece of his ribcage out of his body and plunge it into his eye. Two Sabers ran up to him from behind and unloaded their automatic shotguns into his back. The Doomslayer spun around dispatched the first one by grabbing his weapon, pointing it up to the merc's chin and depressing the trigger to blow his head into pieces. He slammed his foot into the other Saber's leg, causing a compound fracture, then grabbed him by the neck and pulled his head straight off along with his spinal column.

An explosion got his attention and turned to the right just in time to see several Sabers attacking VEGA's mech with weapons resembling futuristic M202 FLASH rocket launchers. The mech was already suffering damage and even though it wasn't really VEGA actually getting hurt, the Slayer ran forward to assist while grabbing a USAS-12 from the ground. He blew apart the heads of several Sabers before the last one aimed his launcher at him and fired. The rocket hit him without doing any damage to his armor but destroyed the automatic shotgun. He emerged from the smoke and slammed his fist downward upon the Saber's skull, burying his head into his chest!

The surviving Sabers quickly piled into two undamaged APCs and attempted to drive away from the hopeless battle but the Doomslayer picked up the FLASH and fired 3 rockets into the first vehicle to make sure there were no stragglers. The mech lurched forward and slammed its remaining claw onto the last APC repeatedly until it resembled a crushed can with blood seeping out of it. The Slayer tossed away the launcher and walked towards the damaged mech, crushing the dead bodies of the Sabers as he did. Despite its destroyed chassis, loss of an arm and a heavily damaged leg, it was still functioning.

/The tank division is approaching our position from the bridge. This mech is currently in no condition to assist you so I will program it to guard the front entrance of the airport./

Nodding, the Slayer made his way towards the bridge at the other end of the quadrant while Vega guided the mech over towards the airport.

The sounds of treads rumbling against the asphalt reverberated through the air as twenty five heavily modified, black-colored Merkava tanks rolled across the service bridge. They took up both lanes in pairs with one tank up at the front in the center as a scout. Because the radios were rendered useless after the EMP blast, a Saber sitting atop the tank would use hand signals to coordinate the division. Looking through his binoculars, he gasped and signaled the other tanks behind him to stop. The tank gunner popped his head out of the hatch.

"What is it? What do you see?"

"It's him! Tango Primary's coming this way!"

They scrambled back into the tank as the loader inserted a high explosive round into the rear of the tank turret while the gunner looked through the scope. Soon enough, the one man army himself casually walked into view. With the tank shell fully loaded, the gunner's finger hovered over the button to fire his payload as he zoomed in on the hostile.

"Gotcha." The gunner grinned as he depressed the button. The shell exploded out of the barrel and shot towards the Slayer; whistling through the air as it did. The gunner was still looking through the scope, eagerly expecting to see the target getting splattered...but nothing happened. The confused Saber looked through the scope again but magnified the zoom function. To his absolute astonishment and eventual horror, the Slayer caught the shell with one hand!

The Doomslayer chucked away the shell and broke into a sprint towards the tanks. Predictably, the tank up front fired at him again but the Slayer easily dodged it and began to close the distance. When the tank fired another round at him, the Slayer punched it away from him and it collided into another tank that destroyed it in a huge explosion!

"BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK THE FUCK UP!" The gunner barked at the driver as the Saber threw the tank in reverse. But it was too late when the Slayer leapt up on top of the tank, brought out the Rocket Launcher, ripped open the hatch and fired a rocket directly into the vehicle. The explosion didn't stagger him one bit and he jumped onto the next tank. He grabbed the barrel and tore off the entire turret and slammed it down on the tank, the force crushing it like it was made of tin and detonating it in another explosion. He flung the turret club at a tank that was aiming at him and the force of the hit forcibly rotated the tank's turret into another beside it and discharged its payload point blank into the side. Equipping himself with the Gauss Cannon and attaching the Siege Mode barrel, the Slayer began railing tanks left and right without pause. Every charged shot bored through their reinforced armor and hit the other tanks behind them while the occupants inside were reduced to melted human slag.

The Slayer continued his relentless assault upon the tanks, explosions and blue energy arcs reflecting off his visor. He was quickly burning through his remaining plasma ammo but if VEGA assured him that there would be a way to recrate plasma energy, then it was of no consequence if he ran out. He finally burned through the last of his plasma ammo and put away his weapon, charging towards the last Merkava tank. The tank fired its main gun at the Slayer but instead on dodging, he took the blast head on and kept right on going!

A Saber manning the twin-linked M2 Browning yelled in panic and hosed down the Slayer in a hail of bullets only for the juggernaut to jump up onto the tank and grab the Saber by the face. He brought out the chainsaw and sawed him in half while crushing his face in his vice-like grip. He dropped a grenade down the open hatch and it exploded, killing the Sabers inside. He chucked the still-dripping half of the Saber back inside the ruined tank, hopped off of it and flipped it over with his bare hands. The Slayer grabbed the turret barrel and began to swing it around and around 360 degrees until he let go and the tank was sent sailing through the sky and away from I-Island.

Snapping his head towards the island's central tower, the Doomslayer quickly made his way across the bridge, eager to finish off the Sabers once and for all.


"THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT!" Death Arms shouted to everyone present. "We're Heroes, damn it! We gotta do something!"

Once the fires had been put out, the emergency crews had been recalled back to the barricade to aid anyone affected by the blast from earlier and Endeavor was brought aside by the JSDF colonel to prevent him from doing anything reckless again. This left the Heroes at the port awaiting orders from either the Japanese government or the HPSC. But they had received nothing from them and any attempts to contact them were met with white noise. And now everyone was in the middle of a heated debate about what to do: wait for orders or take immediate action. With the continuous gunfire and explosions coming from I-Island were a constant reminder that the Vigilante was still slaughtering the Steel Sabers; they all finally reached an agreement that something had to be done. Orders be damned.

"I'm with you, man!" Rock Lock agreed. "I'm not sitting back while that psychopath endangers innocent people!"

"But we cant just blindly charge in there! We need a plan!" Manual quickly interjected, his tone of voice frayed. "It's not like all of us can just swim over there!"

"We have rescue boats!" Mandalay of the Wild Wild Pussycats announced as she and Pixie-bob stepped forward. "They're specialized speedboats used for rescue missions and transporting Heroes. We had Tiger and Ragdoll run over to our portside agency to grab two of them, they should be here in a few minutes."

"Don't leave us out in the dust." Hawks admonished as he stood next to Ryukyu, Loud Cloud, Majestic and Air Jet. "We can be the eyes in the sky."

"Are you sure you guys are okay?" Present Mic questioned out of concern as he pointed to Hawks, Ryukyu and Loud Cloud. "No offense, but that guy laid you three out pretty badly."

"It's nothing, we've felt worse." Loud Cloud assured him with a wave of his hand before twirling his bo staff in anticipation. "So what's our plan of action when we all get there?"

"We rescue the hostages, the other Heroes, All Might and we stop the Vigilante." Edgeshot said with his arms folded. "We get in there quick and take him down as quick as possible."

"You're underestimating him." Eraser Head called out to Edgeshot, sounding like he was scolding him. "This guy was able to take on sixteen Pro Heroes on his own and incapacitate five of us without stopping. He's is on a whole new level, it's going to take ALL of us to beat him."

The Heroes who weren't a part of the group that engaged the Vigilante glanced at each other with uncertainty and fear. After witnessing the Vigilante slaughter the Steel Sabers on national television, could they really take on a man capable of dispatching several top-ranked Pros and an army of the deadliest mercenaries on the planet? Miruko cracked her knuckles at the mention of how the Vigilante easily beaten her and the others. It was a major chip she wanted to get off of her shoulders and was itching to introduce her foot straight up his armored ass.

"That guy only beat us because he caught us off guard. He won't be so lucky next time!" Miruko boasted with a confident smile.

"Do we even know if there's any hostages still alive?" Snatch the Sand Hero gruffly spoke. "For all we know he's probably got them all killed."

"That is not the issue here! How can you even say something like that?!" Cementoss argued, appalled at Snatch's nihilism.

"I'm not going to sugarcoat this for you-!" Snatch shot back before Vlad King stopped him.

"Alright, that's enough!" He barked at Snatch before turning to Cementoss with a sympathetic expression. "We'll rescue as many as we can. That's all we can do."

As everyone accepted the grim possibility of their predicament, Beast Jeanist noticed something in the sky. He couldn't make it out due to the clouds covering the moon but he could see something flying towards them. Was it another Hero perhaps? He squinted as hard as he could to make out what it was...and his eyes bugged out of his head.

"INCOMING!" He shouted as he pointed upwards. Everyone looked up and gasped as the sight of a tank hurtling downward from the sky! Everyone dove out of the way as the tank slammed into the ground and tumbled across the port. Something was dislodged from the tank and it flew right into Midnight, sending her landing on her back. The tank continued to thunder along the port, rolling like a giant metal tumbleweed until it smashed right into a warehouse. The Heroes picked themselves back up while Midnight sat herself up and rubbed the back of her head. She felt an unexpected weight on top of her and her legs and waist felt wet for some reason (non sexually). Everyone gasped while other less-hardened Heroes cried out in horror. Midnight looked down at herself and froze.

Sprawled across her lap was a severed human torso, one of the Steel Sabers, his guts spilling out all over her legs and missing a chunk of his face that exposed torn viscera and bone. Midnight let out an uncharacteristic shriek as she shoved the body off of her and quickly stood up, blood staining her ensemble. She looked down at her quivering hands which were now bathed in crimson.

As Eraser Head, Present Mic and Loud Cloud went over to help their friend, no one realized the tank had actually crashed into a warehouse that held containers of tanker fuel! All it took was one spark from the vehicle's damaged instruments to ignite the ripped open containers and detonated the entire warehouse! A massive explosion lit up the entire port, the force of the blast throwing the Heroes back and bathing the port in fire for the 2nd time. The Heroes were all fighting off concussions sustained from the explosion but Manual was the first to immediately spring into action.


He used his Quirk to attract water from the ocean and hurl it towards the fire in an attempt to douse the flames while other Heroes followed his lead. Beast Jeanist wrapped up multiple plastic barrels of water nearby with the threads in his costume and poured them onto the flames. Mt. Lady grew to her full height and grabbed an empty shipping container, using it to scoop up the seawater at the end of the pier like it was a makeshift bucket and dump it onto the fire. Snatch jumped up to one of the cranes and summoned a downpour of sand to smother the conflagration.

As Hawks was about to assist the other Heroes who ran over to put out the burning warehouse, he stopped when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. He looked to his left and saw Miruko staring down at the body of the Saber. She was as still as a statue and was seemingly transfixed on the corpse. And then...a twisted grin began to spread across her face, giving her a fearsome appearance akin to a predatory monster. Panicking and worried that the currently preoccupied Heroes would see her, Hawks quickly hurried over to her and shook her.

"Rumi!" He quietly exclaimed. He was not going to have her go back down that slippery slope after all these years.

This snapped Miruko out of her little "episode" and she blinked several times, her eyes locking on to Hawks. They two stared at each other for a few seconds, Miruko expressing guilt while Hawks showed concern. Another series of explosions and gunfire alerted their attention, causing them to look over to I-Island for the hundredth time and reminded of the increasing lunacy of the situation...


The scenes of bloody carnage dominated the video screens. After witnessing the Vigilante melt through their entire armored division with a hand-held railgun, Nine and his lieutenants were forced to watch him decimate their remaining forces outside of the tower. Nine never felt this angry before in his whole life. How could this have happened?! He trained his soldiers to combat Heroes, study their Quirks, exploit their weaknesses and show them that they weren't invulnerable. How was this man capable of decimating them this damn quickly?! It was maddening!

Nine grounded his teeth in infuriation over his failed operation as the screams of his dying men blared from the speakers. He noticed Curator giving him a sideways glance before robotically turning his attention back to the main screen. His eye twitching, Nine interpreted this as a sign of indifference from the Villain. Suddenly, the main monitor cut out and was replaced by a blue screen with an odd symbol. A synthesized voice voice came from the speakers.

"/If you are listening to this, then the Steel Sabers are about to be destroyed. You Villains who do harm against the innocent are a plague upon society. This will not stand for he is coming for you. You cannot plead with him, you cannot reason with him and you cannot bribe him. He is coming to kill you all./"

As the monitors switched back to the Vigilante destroying the Sabers, the temperature in the room plummeted for those with weak constitutions. Curator was highly interested by the message. Was it the Vigilante who sent it to them? David was confused at first but slowly realized that it had to be the hidden program that was blocking off access to the entire island...and it was possibly sentient.

Taking this as an insult and further humiliation; it was at this point that Nine finally had enough. "Mummy, Slice, Chimera. We're going after him."

Not showing the slightest bit of hesitation or fear, the lieutenants nodded and followed Nine out of the room. Walking down the halls, Chimera couldn't help but wonder about the future of their organization. "Commander, what's next for us? The Steel Sabers have been destroyed."

"Not entirely, Lieutenant Chimera. There are mercenaries all over the world. Replenishing our forces will be a simple task, we'll just have to make sure they're all Quirk Users this time." Nine explained. "We'll come back from this setback and the Sabers will rise stronger than ever...right after I have that man's head mounted on my wall."

Back in the main server room, Curator silently watched the remaining Sabers walk down the hall and disappear from view. He began to formulate a plan in his head and realized that there was a unique opportunity presented here. "Chainsaw, kill the Vigilante. Assist Nine and the others if you must." He ordered while sounding disinterested at the last part. With its chainsaws revving up and uttering a throaty snort, the Nomu sauntered out of the room while leaving behind a trail of drool in its wake.

"You're sending it after him? Wouldn't Nine be a better distraction?" Volcano pointed out.

"Think of this as a means to gauge the Vigilante's strength. If he really is capable of taking on the Steel Sabers single handedly, then we need to know if its either his Quirk or his suit and weaponry that allows him to do so. Seeing him in combat with our Nomu will provide useful intel for All for One. The Doctor may even use that info to enhance the combat effectiveness of our..." Curator looked to David and decided to not mention the High-Ends. "Future experiments. Chainsaw will buy us extra time while we carry out our mission."

"And what exactly does that fuckin' entail?" Wolfram grumpily asked, still bitter about his failure and looking like a fool in front of his men.

"If you're that curious, then I'm willing to indulge you." Curator began, starting with a sarcastic jab. "While the Vigilante is busy fighting Chainsaw and the Steel Sabers, we will access the central tower's vault and retrieve the Quirk Amplification Headset. Once that's done, we will regroup at the roof of the tower with Dusty Ash and Gust Boy. They are preparing a rocket that will cover our escape."

"Rocket?" Swordkill blinked as the others tilted their heads in curiosity.

"See, we cant let the Heroes or even the HPSC know we were here so All for One gave us a little present to get rid of any witnesses." Volcano answered before Curator could, annoying the Villain.

"As soon as we leave, a timed rocket will be launched into the air and disperse its payload: VX Gas." Curator revealed with a malicious glint in his eye. Wolfram's eyes widened(along with his lackeys) while David and Mellissa looked at Curator in absolute horror. "Though the United Nations had all known samples of it destroyed, our master was fortune enough to acquire the last known canister of VX Gas in the world. The explosion will be enough to disperse its payload and the gas will spread over the entire island. There will be no survivors."

Curator allowed this to sink in with everyone in the room before speaking again. "Now that Wolfram's question has been answered, lets move on to brass tacks. Sam, are you able to open the vault?"

Samuel Abraham got up from the corner he was huddled in and walked towards Curator while straightening his tie. "I could but due to the rouge program it already has the vault sealed via reinforced security doors by now. But I can still access the safe the headset's contained in, I have the key that can unlock it."

"Good." Curator nodded before turning to Volcano. "I trust you're able to melt through the doors?"

Volcano smiled behind his mask and conjured a globule of molten magma in his hand. "All for One didn't hire me for my good looks."

David began to shake his head at his best friend. "No...no! Sam why are you working for them?! Don't you know who they are?!" He got up and began hurrying towards him in desperation. "You cant let them have the headset! Whatever they've done to you, I can help-" David was instantly punched in the face by Sam, giving him a bloody nose before being kicked in the stomach by his friend and sent sprawling to the floor in front of Melissa!

"Spare me your self-righteous pity, you sanctimonious piece of shit!" Sam angrily shouted at David as Mellissa ran over to him. "All those years of creating Support Items and you gave all of the royalties to worthless charity groups instead! That money was supposed to be ours and your bleeding heart robbed me all of it! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE!"

"Sam...!" David gasped, he and Melissa were completely unaware that his longtime friend held this much vehemence against him.

"I am done putting up with your soup kitchen Bono horseshit and I'm through playing second fiddle!" Sam finished, his face reddening in anger. "The League promised me so much more than you ever did!"

"Provided you get us the headset, Samuel." Curator reminded him before looking down at David.

"Your friend has been highly beneficial to our organization. We approached him years ago, with a rather tempting offer and he accepted without hesitation. In return for handing over copies of classified blueprints for up and coming Support Items, we would generously compensate him for his services. Sam's been invaluable to the LOV for years, David. Our Nomus wouldn't have been able to reach their full potential without those blueprints." Curator leaned in closer to him, relishing the look of growing fear David had on his face. "And when Sam got word that you planned a heist to retrieve the headset, he was more than willing to inform us of everything and here we are."

"Heist?" Melissa blinked in confusion as she looked at her father. "You were after the headset too? W-w-what does he mean, dad?"

David had a guilty look on his face and sweat poured down from his head. He was absolutely wracked with shame over the danger he put his daughter through.

"Oh? Your father didn't tell you?" Curator raised an eyebrow in amusement. "David here was so desperate to alleviate All Might's condition that he was planning to hire Villains to override the security system and retrieve the Quirk Amplification Headset as a way to help All Might. He was perfectly willing to endanger hundreds of innocent lives for his idol."

Tears were starting to well up in Melissa's eyes as she stared at her father with a look of heartbroken betrayal. David couldn't formulate a single sentence to his daughter as the sheer weight of everything happening around him further crashed down upon his shoulders. Curator, in an act of sheer cruelty, decided to rub more salt into the wound.

"Of course, you previously thought that you hired actors pretending to be Villains when in actuality, it was us and the Steel Sabers thanks to our informant. Sam did most of the work for us, but the headset is only our secondary objective. My master's true objective is to show All Might that even his closest friends can fall into the abyss. First it was Sam and now you, David Shield. You clearly didn't care for anyone that could've been killed today and you even got your own daughter in mortal peril, all of this for All Might's sake. How does it feel to know that you were willing to sacrifice everything and everyone for him?" Curator tormented the already emotionally crumbling man.

"No...I-I-I-I-I didn't want this!" David claimed in desperation. He turned to Melissa and reached out to her. "Melissa, I didn't mean for any of this to happen! Please I-"

But his daughter pulled away from him with tears rolling down her cheeks. Mellissa hugged herself and turned the other way, she couldn't bare to look at him. Falling to his knees, David Shield was now completely emotionally broken. He looked down at his shaking hands and buried his face into them while weeping. The gravity of his hubris had finally crushed his spirit and reduced him to a sobbing shell of a man.

Curator was silent, knowing that there was nothing else left to be said to David. With the first part of his mission fulfilled, all that was left now was to retrieve the Quirk Amplification Headset for his master. He nodded to Volcano and he walked out the door to the tower's vault with Sam in tow. Curator looked back at the main screen and watched the Vigilante continue his slaughter. The Villain found himself oddly mesmerized by the sheer ferocity this man unleashed upon the mercenaries. It was like watching a ballet of carnage unfold before his eyes; gory poetry in motion. But who was he? What underlying motive did he have for coming here?

As he and the others continued to watch the monitor, they never noticed the security camera watching them...


(Sonic Mayhem-Rage)

And relaying everything to the Doomslayer, courtesy of VEGA. The Slayer processed and thought over this new information as he butchered the last remaining Sabers on the island who tried to kill him in a last-ditch futile attempt.

For starters, Nine and his lieutenants coming after him saved him the time of hunting them down and he could eliminate the Sabers organization entirely. The LOV had earned their place on the Slayer's kill list since they were planning to unleash a deadly nerve agent on the island. On the subject of Curator and this All for One, the Slayer knew these guys were calculating, manipulative and dangerous...just like Hayden. But whereas the chairman of the UAC was a "Well-Intentioned Extremist", these two were straight up Villains who were planning to kill innocent people. The League of Villains had to be dealt with at some point after he and VEGA were done on I-Island.

Moving on, there was the subject of David Shield. He obviously had a friendship with the Symbol of Peace but what was all of that talk about All Might's 'condition?' Was he ill or something? Whatever reason, it served as a catalyst for how the Steel Sabers and the LOV took over I-Island. However it was Sam who altered the plan and had real Villains infiltrate the island so killing him would be about as easy as breathing. But the Slayer wasn't going to kill David. The man would live with the consequences of his lack of foresight, there was absolutely no need to kill him in front of his daughter.

But the last piece of info confused him. The LOV kept talking about a Nomu, which VEGA translated it as "brainless" in Japanese, and they were apparently working on making more of them. But what are they? Chainsaw was identified as being one of them but were they a group of powerful Villains or some kind of experiment involving Quirks? All of these questions reminded the Slayer of how little he knew about this new universe. Even after Vega supplied him with the info this world's knowledge had to offer beforehand, he was still felt lost. Was it because of the existence of superheroes that was throwing him off? Was it because he was back on an Earth that had some level of normalcy? Was it because he was surrounded by semi-regular people instead of outer space Knights Templar?

The Slayer shook his head a little after he vertically tore a Saber down the middle. He could sort through all of that at another date, now was the time to put an end to the Sabers. He stood atop a ruined barricade the mercs had set up and drew his Rocket Launcher with the Remote Detonation mod, firing rocket after rocket at the last remaining Sabers. Explosions rippled outside the towers as bodies, shrapnel and limbs flew into the air. By now the last remnants of the organization devolved into full on panic, opting to run away while some foolish few tried to fight back.


But there was no help coming for them because the Doomslayer killed them all. Now it was just an unlucky few who were on the receiving end of his wrath. Dozens were being blown apart or dismembered by the shrapnel from the Rocket Launcher as the Slayer slowly walked amongst the flames and smoke. He fired his rockets into the most densely packed groups of mercenaries and let the Remote Detonation do the rest of the work, ignoring the screams of pain from those where were cut into ribbons. For several minuets this continued with more Sabers being bombarded with high explosive, shrapnel tipped rockets. Some of them detonated near ammo depots the Sabers had set up; creating more thunderous explosions and causing boxes of ammunition to go off, sending bullets of all kinds scattering everywhere like they were firecrackers and hitting multiple Sabers.

The Doomslayer walked amongst the carnage while nearing the front entrance and decided to swap out his Rocket Launcher for his Chaingun. The thundering impacts of the superheated rounds annihilated the remaining mercs while tearing apart the fortification at the entance and detonating another ammo sockpile. He put away his Chaingun and walked through the ruined frame that led into the tower's main lobby. The Slayer stepped over the pieces of what used to be the mercenaries all over the ground. The main lobby was a large, circular room with red wallpaper and decorative columns dotted around with the floor made from the most pristine marble...of course it wasn't pristine anymore due to the rubble, blood and body parts. Behind the receptionist desk in the center of the room was a large stone statue depicting the Greek deity Atlas, holding the globe atop his shoulders. The Slayer immediately understood the symbolism behind it: this island was the cornerstone of the world's technology and supported Heroes from all across the world by supplying them with Support Items along with other beneficial inventions for different countries.

Not so much now, was it? The damage done to this place would be enough to bankrupt half the entire planet. Not his problem, though. He heard a pained groan and he looked to his left to see a Saber trying to crawl away, his legs gruesomely maimed from the explosions. His HUD showed him the final remaining Sabers left on I-Island.


So this one on the ground was the last soldier. The Doomslayer slowly plodded towards the downed mercenary, drawing his Super Shotgun slowly. The wounded Saber desperately struggled to crawl away as he trailed blood from his legs. The Slayer continued to follow after him in a meanacing, slasher movie style motion as he reloaded his weapon. The downed Saber let out a scream of desperation as he rolled himself over and opened fire at the Slayer with his P90 to zero effect.


The Slayer pulled the trigger and obliterated the upper half of the last Saber soldier on I-Island. Reloading his Super Shotgun as it dripped with blood, he felt a sense of satisfaction after spending several hours fighting these idiots. All that was left now were Nine and his lieutenants and the organization would be no more.

A sudden bolt of lighting from above struck him dead on, the force of the blast sending him stumbling back a bit. The Slayer saw the leader of the Steel Sabers himself land on the ground from the floor above them and bolt towards him with lighting forming in his hands. The Slayer fired his sawed off at Nine's chest and was momentarily surprised to see the pellets bounce off of the armor he was wearing underneath his suit. Nine dodged a fist the Slayer threw at him and discharged a blast of electricity point blank into his face, the bright flash briefly blinding the Slayer. With his other hand, Nine unleashed a powerful gust of wind that blew the Slayer back but the Hellwalker regained his balanced and ran towards Nine with his chainsaw at the ready.

A series of orange colored blades made of hair shot towards him from the left and the Slayer swung his saw to block the blades. They then unfurled into a series of razor sharp whips and began to coil around the saw until they tore apart the chain, destroying his chainsaw! The Slayer grabbed the whips but was forced to let go when a massive blade the size of a truck speared towards him in an attempt to impale him. The Slayer tightly grasped the blade and stopped it until Nine began launching a series of rapid fire lightning bolts at him. His suit easily tanked the bolts and threw the blade away from him; charging at Nine again only for several bandages to wrap around his arms and legs. He was about to break free when several mummies of various shapes and sizes with red cycloptic eyes and attached to smaller red bandages dogpiled him and began pummeling him all over. With a mighty flex, he threw them all off and would've pulled out his Chaingun if his hands and head wasn't suddenly engulfed in bandages. He could hear a loud, bestial roar despite his bandaged head and felt something large collide into him and began slamming him into the ground repeatedly. He was then thrown into the air and the bandages slipped off of his head just in time for him to see a flurry of icicles flying right at him.

The Slayer managed to batter them away despite the bindings around his hands but several of them smashed against his armor with enough force to send him hurtling back to the ground where multiple hair blades struck him square into his chest. A large, furred fist punched him right into the far wall, leaving an indentation. Picking himself up, the Slayer saw his quarry: Nine, Mummy, Slice and Chimera all standing alongside each other. They looked ready to fight.

"You..." Nine began as he unsheathed his wristblades."Have caused me no end of trouble, Vigilante."

The Doomslayer cracked his neck. He aimed to please.

To be continued...

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