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Chapter 20

The Pecking Order


Two gaudy rescue boats with feline motifs moored themselves near the edge of the concrete docks near the edge of the airport. About a dozen or so Heroes piled out of the boats and swarmed the tarmac like army ants as the flying Heroes landed near them. Many of them grimaced at the sight of dead Sabers littered across the area; either decapitated or had rebars jutting out of them. Focusing back on their objective as they stood before the massive bulkhead doors sealing the entrance, the Laser Hero X-Less fired a thin beam of red colored energy at the bulkhead from his right eye, easily cutting through it like butter and guiding his laser in a circle to create a makeshift doorway. The slab fell over and the Heroes carefully went through the superheated archway, finding themselves in the main atrium...with a large crowd of people staring at them slack jawed.

"THE HEROES ARE HERE!" A young boy from the crowd yelled at the top of his lungs.

The civilians started cheering as loud as possible with some of them rushing over to embrace them. It couldn't be helped: these poor people had been listening to gunshots and explosions all through the night and witnessed an armored man brutally kill their captors. As a few Heroes calmed the crowd down, others began to fan out and secure the airport. They saw more of the Vigilante's handiwork as they went through the hallways: blood decorating the walls and closets filled with dismembered mercenaries. After the whole airport was locked down, they all regrouped in the main atrium.

"The airport's all clear, no other hostages in sight." Edgeshot reported. "And no sign of any Sabers. At least any that are living."

"Are you sure about that? There has to be alive ones we can apprehend." Bubble Girl said as she used her bubbles to clean the blood off the floor while Death Arms carried the bodies out of the room. Much to the Hero's disgust of course.

"We combed the whole interior of the airport. Nothing but blood and bodies everywhere you go." Majestic lowered his oversized hat over his eyes.

"Do you guys think Melissa was really telling the truth about the Sabers being all dead? Maybe she was just exaggerating-" Fourth Kind reasoned in apparent denial before Hound Dog cut him off.

"No. They're all dead. This whole island reeks of blood." The Hunting Dog Hero snarled as he bared his teeth. "I can barely get a scent on anyone!"

"The work of a madman." Gunhead clenched his hands. "What kind of horrors did he put the hostages through?"

"Funny, the civvies are actually telling a different story." Mt. Lady deadpanned. "A schoolteacher just told me they were about to execute her and some of her students but that Vigilante saved them along with the captives."

The Heroes reacted with confusion until Vlad validated her claims. "She's telling the truth. I just confirmed it with two of our students from U.A." He gestured towards Nejire and Tamaki who were with the civilians. The Heroes could only stare at to each other in astonished silence. None of this was making any sense whatsoever.

"I have some very concerning questions right now." Present Mic held up his index finger. A series of noises growing louder could be heard within the airport, alerting the Heroes. It sounded like a growing mass of footsteps were moving through the hallways. Unsure of what was heading their way, the Heroes got into fighting stances with some moving near the civilians to protect them. The distrubance drew nearer and nearer, putting the Pro Heroes on edge they prepared themselves for whatever was around the corner. A large, muscular person was the first to come into view-

"ALL MIGHT!" The crowd screamed with joy!

As the civilians stampeded towards the Symbol of Peace and crowded around him, more people began to pile in the room. A majority of them looked like partygoers while the Heroes recognized the rest as famous top ranked Heroes from other countries. Aizawa saw his students enter the atrium and allowed himself to smile at the sight of his still alive students...but blanched when he saw that they were wounded and had splotches of blood all over them. The other Heroes noticed everyone's feet was soaked in blood up to their ankles and they looked utterly disheveled. What on earth happened to them?

"Easy, people! Give the man some room!" Mt. Lady pried the crowd away from All Might as other Heroes followed suit. Once they had calmed the crowd down and got them back into a group for their safety, the Pro Heroes met with All Might on the other side of the room along with the international Heroes.

"It's good to see you're okay, All Might." Ectoplasm expressed his relief.

"And I'm happy to see you all!" The Symbol of Peace beamed. "I take it the HPSC launched a rescue operation?"

"Actually, communications back on the mainland were jammed for some reason. We couldn't get a hold of anybody so we decided to do our own little rescue mission." Rock Lock folded his arms with pride.

All Might couldn't fault them one bit. "If you ever get reprimanded for that, I'll vouch for every one of you. Speaking of which, where's Endeavor and Hawks?"

"Don't worry about him." Eraser Head assured him, knowing that the Flame Hero was benched by the JSDF. "But Keigo went up to the tower to help Rumi. We need to know what's been going on here. What can you tell us?"

All Might grimly frowned. "I don't even know where to begin. It's been a non-stop nightmare for hours. The Sabers unloaded everything they had at him and they didn't even slow him down."

"He butchered them all without a hint of mercy or hesitation." Nyikang, the Number 1 Pro Hero of Sudan, shook his head as his hand rested on the hilt of his sword. "I honestly don't think there's a human being underneath that armor."

A feeling of dread hung over the Pro Heroes. Some of them were starting to think that they were probably in over their heads here. But what could they do, just leave without stopping the Vigilante? No, they couldn't. Their honor as Heroes wouldn't allow them to do that.

"Excuse me?" Midoriya stepped up to the Heroes with Melisssa as she held the VX gas rocket. "I know you're all having a discussion but what do we do with this WMD?"

"THAT'S A-" Power Loader yelled before quickly switching to a whisper as to not send the hostages into a panic. "That's a bomb?! The Steel Sabers had a freaking bomb?!"

"No, the League of Villains brought this poison gas dispenser to kill everyone on the island." Melissa corrected as the other Heroes gasped in horror.

"The LOV were here?" Midnight asked in a shocked tone.

"They were working together with the Sabers." Midoriya nodded. The Heroes of Japan tensed up when they heard that. To think that the LOV would actually partner up with a notorious band of mercenaries was something they hadn't considered was possible. All Might had already known of that a while ago but what really set him on edge was what All for One hoped to gain from this. His nemesis must've desired something from the tower's main vault but what if that wasn't his goal? What if there was something more to this hostile takeover of I-Island?

Yagi felt a familiar sting within him; a warning sign that he was approaching his limit. He needed to find a place where he could power down without any prying eyes nearby. He laid his eyes on the WMD and hatched an idea. "We can discuss the League of Villains for another time. Right now, I need to find a way to safely hide this bomb until it can be properly disposed of."

"There's a security office on the second floor near the baggage claim area." Best Jeanist pointed up to the stairs. "They should have some specialized cases meant for confiscation."

"Then say no more!" All Might proudly exclaimed as he took the bomb from Melissa. "No need to worry about me, I'll take care of it!" He then bounded towards the stairs and jumped up the stairwell like a lightning bolt.

"So. You thought it was a good idea to bring a Weapon of Mass Destruction into a small area densely packed with civilians?" Eraser Head questioningly drawled as his lazy eyes glared down at Midoriya. Boy, was he going to give this kid a lesson in common sense when this was over.

"I-I-I couldn't think of anything else." Izuku mustered an excuse, knowing it wouldn't work on someone like Aizawa. But his teacher could see the trauma in that poor kid's eyes and he could also see it in his other students. It would be cruel of him to reprimand Izuku in his current state on the spot and would probably set up a bad example as a teacher. He decided to take pity on him.

"Don't worry about it." Eraser Head reassured him with sympathy. "Go back over to your friends, you've been through enough today."

Izuku nodded and he went back over to the congregation of civilians along with Melissa. However, he stopped and glanced over to the stairway All Might just went up. He had a feeling that his mentor was nearing the limit of his muscle form and needed to find a vacated place where he could power down. The thought of it worried Izuku, aware that Yagi had a time limit on One for All and he had used up most of it by staying in his powered up state during the siege. He noticed the Heroes were busy having a discussion with each other and quietly made his way over to the stairs, unaware that Mirio was watching him.

"Are you serious?" Mandalay questioned Cow Lady. "Is there really...?

"A river of blood and death all over the island? We just went though it!" Cow Lady revealed while pointing to her bloodstained cowboy boots. "That crazy sumbitch literally killed all of em'!"

"So the Steel Sabers truly are dead..." Centipeder's antennae reflexively twitched. "But by one man on his own?"

"Yes. We bore witness to every second of his slaughter upon them." Fenghuang, the Number 1 Pro Hero of China, shuddered as she held her arms. "I believe that he might still be on the island."

"But we still don't know what happened to Hawks or Miruko." Kamui Woods added. "They could be in danger for all we know-"

"WHY ARE YOU ALL JUST STANDING AROUND?!" An enraged voice thundered from behind, echoing throughout the atrium. The Heroes turned around and were greeted with a sight they weren't expecting but at the same time dreaded: Endeavor. The Flame Hero stood in the middle of the hole in the bulkhead before stomping though it and ignored the looks of awe the civilians were giving him. Shoto glared bitterly at his father who barely even noticed him; fueling his contempt for him.

"Enji! What are you doing here?!" Backdraft demanded. "You were ordered by the JSDF to stand down!"

"And just sit by while I watch an insane Vigilante run roughshod over us all?!" Endeavor furiously shouted at the Firefighter Hero as he glared the Heroes. "NEVER!"

"How did you even get here anyway?" Loud Cloud asked absentmindedly. The other Heroes already knew that Enji could use his flames for flight.

Endeavor ignored Oboro and continued to vent his fury at the Heroes. "You should be searching for the Vigilante! Why are you wasting your time here!?"

"For your information, asshole, there are people in danger who need our protection!" Shishido the Lion Hero growled at him. "What did you expect us to do, just ditch them?!"

"I EXPECT YOU TO FIND HIM AND CAPTURE HIM!" Endeavor roared as flames engulfed his body, giving him the appearance of an angry fire god. "WHERE IS HE?!"

"All we know is that he's at the top of the tower!" Ryukyu hesitantly answered as she and the others backed away from the intense heat that was radiating off the unstable Hero. "Hawks flew up there just a few minutes ago-"

Endeavor snapped his head upwards to the sealed skylight above and a cone of fire erupted from both of the soles of his boots. The burst of flames nearly knocked everyone over as Endevour rocketed himself upwards and melted straight through the bulkhead where he took to the sky and dissapeared from sight. The Heroes stared up as the perfectly shaped hole in the bulkhead above, making sure to avoid the droplets of superheated slag that dripped from it.

"Me and my big mouth." Ryukyu groaned as her shoulders sagged.

Apache Hurricane, the Number 5 Pro Hero of America stepped foward and gave the Japanese Heroes a stony glare. "I've heard that he had a sizable temper but this is a tad much." The Native American Hero remarked as his near-expressionless eagle face kept it's eyes focused upon them.

"Oui. This sort of behavior doesn't exactly represent the qualities of a Hero, n'etes-vous pas d'accord?" Dame Moto, the Number 1 Pro Hero of France rhetorically stated. The Motorcycle Heroine raised an eyebrow when she heard a groan from X-Less.

"He's doesn't care." He sighed in resignation.

The heroes of Japan could only avoid the other Heroes gazes in shame and embarrassment. Endeavor had always been a problem and time after time, thay had to be the ones to try and salvage their image after one of his outbursts or overzealous capture of a criminal. How the public still praised him was beyond them. Loud Cloud glanced over his shoulders to the civillians and took note of their freaked out expressiosn from Enji's outburst.

"Okay, Mr. Pyromaniac is on his own page. What now?" Oboro asked nobody in particular.

Midoriya reached the second floor and entered the spacious baggage claim area. It was completey deserted with luggage scattered all over the place but so far there was nothing out of the ordinary. He spotted the security office at the other end of the room with it's door ajar. Rushing over to the office, he barged into the room and looked around for his mentor but there was no sign of him. The room was small with a few desks, a cluster of monitors on the right side, and a cabinet with confiscated baggage.

Sitting on the table in the center of the room was a large steel suitcase that was open, revealing the WMD safely tucked inside the foam-lined interior. He heard the sound of someone retching to his left and made a beeline toards the employee bathroom. He walked in just in time to witness Yagi, now powered down, vomiting a stream of blood into the sink.


"ALL MIGHT!" Izuku yelled as he rushed over to Yagi who collapsed to the floor. His mentor was taking in lungfulls of air, steam billowed forth from his skin and blood flowed down his chin while his costume loosely hung around his frail body. Midorya carefully slung Yagi's arm over his should and carried him out of the restroom, propping him up on the seat near the table.

"Are you okay?" Izuku asked worriedly.

Yagi coughed into his hand, staining it red. "I've had better days. Good thing I found someplace secluded, I could barely stay in my muscle form any longer. Had to use up most of it back in the ballroom."

"Most of it!?" Izuku gasped, stumbling backwards a little. "Does that mean...?"

"No, no." Yagi waved him down. "I still have One for All. But I burned through the time limit of how long I can remain in my powered up form. Normally I can do up to three hours a day but now I'm down to two hours...maybe even less."

Izuku was at a loss for words. The end of All Might's era was coming faster than he thought. They heard someone gasp behind them and turned their heads towards the office entrance to see Mirio's face sticking out of the door. Their eyes locking onto each other and fear gripping their hearts, Mirio phased the rest of his body through the door while Izuku threw up his hands.

"WAIT! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU THINK! HE'S SICK!" They both shouted in unison. They blinked at each other, realizing what they just said. "Wait, you know too?" They spoke in unison again.

Despite the situation, Yagi chuckled as he slowly sat himself up. "Don't worry yourselves. It's kinda the reason why I invited the both of you here to I-Island."

Mirio and Midoriya appeared confused. "Huh?"

"Well, I wanted to introduce the two of you to each other because of my Quirk." Yagi explained. "Mirio, Izuku is the new inheritor of One for All. Izuku, Mirio was originally my first choice."

The two boys stared at each other in astonishment. Yagi laughed again. "Yeah, awkward, right?"


Endeavor landed onto the roof as the flames around his feet dissipated. The first thing he laid his eyes on was the dead body with most of the upper half of his face reduced to red mush. A deep frown formed on his face as he made his way over to the edge of the roof and gazed down at the carnage below. His hands balled themselves into fists as fire formed around them. It had become clear to the Flame Hero that this Vigilante- no, this abomination was a threat to the securty of Japan and if left unchecked, there was no telling what kind of horrors he would inflict upon the populace.

Enji's mind was made up: he was taking that monster down, dead or alive.

Turning around, he spotted a series of bloody footprints along with a trail of blood leading to a destroyed section of the roof. He jumped down through the hole into the hallway below and followed the trail. He followed the footprints down several floors for the next several minutes until he came into an office with an adjacent medical lab. He entered the lab and found Hawks and Miruko currently unconscious. Hawks was slumped against the counter while Miruko laid across an operating table. Narrowing his eyes suspiciously at the two Heroes, Endeavor noticed the footprints leading out of the office and back into the hallway.

He callously left the room and the Heroes behind, without even checking to see if they were alive, and continued to follow the trail. The flames around him grew hotter as he picked up the pace. He was eager to put and end to this...


The Doomslayer walked through the set of heavy steel doors that had been melted through with magma. He enterted the room and took a moment to take in at how huge it was. It was a circular room with a high ceiling and a collection of monitors and keyboards at the other end of the room, most likely used for unlocking the lockers. In fact, the entire room was lined with small locker doors that could easily number in the hundreds. There had to be some really useful Support Items in these lockers but he would let VEGA choose the right ones.

He glanced down at the melted skeletal remains in the left side of the room. Was it a hostage? Shit, did he miss one?

/It is, or rather used to be, Samuel Abraham. When you defeated Nine and his Lieutenants, Curator ordered Volcano to dispose of Samuel once they had the Quirk Amplification Headset. I eavesdropped on their conversations via hacking through their communications./

No biggie then. At least it was a traitorous back-stabber that got melted, not an innocent. He walked over to the monitor which showed the list of Supports Items within the lockers.

/Scanning...there are two Support Items that we can utilize. Opening the lockers now./

Wait, only two out of the hundreds of goodies all around them? If it were up to him, he'd pillage the whole damn vault. He heard two lockers open and went up the stairs that led up to the wall. The first opened locker he came up to contained a cluster of cylindrical devices connected by green tubes and colored orange with several grey buttons located on the sides.

/This Support Item has the capability of fusing any object or material together at the atomic level. It's applications will be beneficial when I make some adjustments./

The Hellwalker plucked the Support Item out of it's container and placed it in his hammerspace backpack. Not sure what VEGA had in store for this item but he trusted the AI's judgement. He went over to the second locker and noticed one next to it was wide open. Must've been for the Headset the LOV stole earlier. He reached inside the locker and pulled out a large, rectangular case that was made of a sleek, carbon fiber material. He inspected the device, curious as to how this particular Support Item functioned. There was a small keypad on the side but there wasn't any compartments, slots or any visible sign that it could open. How did this thing work?

/That is an advanced, portable 3D printer. Inspired by a Quirk belonging to a Pro Hero from New Zealand, it can easily construct anything regardless of size or density ten times faster than any normal 3D printer. It also uses less materials making this an indespensable Support Item./

The Slayer nodded and stashed it away.

/All objectives completed. We are now free to exfiltrate from I-Island./

The Doomslayer felt a sense of accomplishment upon hearing that. His mission here was, in his opinion, a success. The Steel Sabers had been wiped out, he nabbed some useful Support Items and most important of all, the hostages and Heroes had been safely rescued with zero fatalities. Although the League of Villains managed to escape, he had denied them the opportunity to steal the Headset and eliminated some of their members.

All in all, a good day's work. He walked back down the stairs and headed over to the entrance-

/Incoming Hero./

No sooner did the Slayer stop in the middle of the room when Endeavor came into view from the right and stood in the opening of the melted doors. The Doomslayer was impressed that the Number 2 Hero was still standing after he royally trounced him back at the port. Enji glared at the Vigilante hatefully until he noticed the skeleton nearby and his lips curled into an angry snarl. The Slayer guessed Enji didn't know the corpse belonged to a man who sided with the LOV and thought he was a dead hostage. And que a long, drawn out fight over a misunderstanding.

"FLASHFIRE FIST!" A surge of searing fire blasted outwards from Endeavor and raised the temperature of his flames to a white hot point. With the density of his flames engulfing his body, Endeavor clenched his fists as his fire beard surged intensely.

The Hellwalker did not move.

"JET BURN!" The Flame Hero reared his fist back and launched a firey beam at the Slayer, hitting him dead center in the chest. But it didn't melt his armor, let alone stagger him! There was no damage whatsoever.

Momentarily shocked, Enji prepared another attack. "IGNITED ARROW!" He threw an oversized arrow made of fire at the Slayer...and it harmlessly impacted off of his armor, dissipating in the process. Endeavor was growing frustrated as the flames around him grew larger. This was not happening. Nobody was impervious to his flames.

"HELL SPIDER!" Endeavor summoned thin trails of fiery strings from his fingertips and lashed them at the Bane of Hell. The whips cut through anything in it's path while errantly hitting the lockers, detonating some of the more volatile Support Items in a destructive chain reaction. The whips cracked themselves against the Doomslayer's suit to zero effect. He kept standing where he was like a statue: unmoving and uncaring. Endeavor retracted his whips after several more seconds of fruitless lashings. He grinded his teeth together in rage as his temper reached it's boiling point.

"HELL'S CURTAIN!" Endeavor threw his hands out and a blanket of flame surged towards the Doomslayer like water and covered his body with fire that was hot enough to melt the steel floor and anything else made of metal. But Enji followed up with another attack.

"HELLFIRE STORM!" A whirlwind of fire erupted from beneath the Slayer and nearly consumed the entire room as it formed into a raging minature tornado of hellfire! The heat coming from the flame twister melted the lockers and destroyed the Support Items inside them, destroying valuable pieces of equipment for Heroes everywhere. The flamenado continued to whirl it's destructive power upon it's target until it started to die down. Endeavor held his breath but was fully confident that with his combined usage of his moveset, he finished off the Vigilante.

And boy was he in for a shock when the flames dissapeared to reveal the Vigilante! Even after being consumed by flames, there wasn't a single singe on his armor and was still standing after everything that was just thrown at him. Enji's eye twitched as he reached the end of his rope. He charged up his flames again, this time to their highest level as he leveled a death glare at his target. The Doomslayer could see the bloodlust behind Endeavor's eyes. Enji brought his hands together and formed a ball of white hot fire in his hands. It grew in size as the air distorted fom the heat and glowed brighter. Once it reached it's peak, Endeavor let loose his most strongest attack.


Enji fired a massive, concentrated beam of heat from his hands that completely engulfed the Doomslayer! The size and strength of the beam was almost powerful enough to be on par with the Gauss Cannon's Siege Mode blast as it vaporized everything in it's path and tore a hole right through the wall behind it's target. It melted through the reinforced structure of the central tower as it continued to travel through the air until it burned out before it could strike a building back on the mainland. Enji breathed heavily as his assault was finished, steam rising from his body. His beard and eyebrows were still aflame but he had exhausted himself from using so many of his moves on top of his most powerful one. Smoke clouded the room until the giant hole became visible at the other end of the vault. The smokescreen continued to slowly dissipate as Enji regained his composure and posture.

But then something came into view as the smoke vanished. Endeavor's eyes bulged out of their sockets as he choked back a gasp.

The Unbreakable Doomslayer is still alive.

Untouched, unhurt and unstoppable. The Slayer had tanked Endeavor's signature move without even lifting a finger just to show how utterly ineffective it was against him. The Doomslayer's armor was designed to withstand the very fires of Hell itself; Enji's flames wasn't even close. The Greatslayer had not budged an inch after everything Endeavor threw at him and erratic flames dotted around the room only enhanced the aura of invincibility that the Slayer exuded.

The Doomslayer wiped off the nonexsistent soot off of his right shoulder just to fuck with the Flame Hero.

Endeavor's legs shook as he stared at the Vigilante in shock. This had to be some kind of sick joke the universe was playing on him. This was impossible. How was this man still standing? How?! But then Enji experienced something he had tried to bury within his mind a long time ago: helplessness. That same feeling that brought him to his knees when he saw the massive gap of power between him and All Might. In fact, he was facing something that made him feel weak and puny, just like All Might. Another hurdle he could never hope to jump over. He imagined himself in a rocky wasteland with a large chasm spanning the length of the desert. On the other side stood the Vigilante. But standing next to him was his rival All Might, hands on his hips and laughing boisterously as if to remind Endeavor that he could never surpass him. That he could never surpass either of them.

It was sole reason why he wanted Shoto to become the Symbol of Peace: so he could never fall victim to that dark pit of despair and helplessness just like when he lost his father when he was still a teenager.

Enji Todoroki snapped.

"GRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Endeavor flew into a berserker rage as he charged at the Doomslayer. His fists became wreathed in fire and unleashed a barrage of explosive punches against the Vigilante as soon as he closed the distance. Each punch released brusts of flame upon the Vigilante; Endeavor swinging his fists wildly in fury. The armored plates around his knuckles began to crack and bend but Endeavor was so furious he paid it no heed as he continued to strike the Slayer across the face. His brutal assault seemed to be working as the impact of his blows were forcing the Vigilante backwards.

But to clarify, Enji was not gaining any kind of advantage against the Slayer. The Flame Hero's punches were comparable to hitting the Bane of Hell with a pillow. Endeavor was not forcing the Doomslayer back, he was purposefully walking backwards to make it look like the Hero was winning.

The Doomslayer could tell that Endeavor had an ego the size of a space station. When he wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, he was in charge of training new recruits. Most of which were very vocal about his position and thought they could easily best him. He proved them wrong every single time by using a simple, two step training method: step one basically consisted of him allowing his overconfident opponents to land a few good hits on him just to make them think they were above him.

Endeavour then tackled the Slayer into the destroyed monitors and pinned him against the wall with his arm. He slammed his other fist against the side of the Vigilante's helmet repeatedly as he snarled in frustration like an amorous baboon. Suddenly, the Slayer's arms shot up and grabbed Endevour by the wrists. He slowly pried them away from him while overpowering the Hero with ease. Endeavor struggled with all of his might (no pun intended) but the Vigilante's grip was like a vice, he couldn't free himself at all. The Vigilante's strength was inhuman.

And thus began step two: "humbling" his opponent. The Doomslayer instantly released Endeavor's wrists and swiftly punched him right in the throat!

"GAAAAAAACCKKKK!" Endeavour sputtered as he clutched his neck with both hands. Hunched over, he staggered away from the Slayer while trying his hardest to breathe. The Doomslayer slowly advanced towards the reeling hero with a menacing posture as his opponent coughed uncontrollably. The Flame Hero desperately threw a punch at the Slayer but he parried the blow and delivered a straight punch to the face followed by another to his stomach, snapping one of his ribs. Pain shot through Enji but tried to land another hit on the Slayer only for him to sidestep the clumsy swing and slugged him right in the back.

The Slayer parried another punch from the stumbling fool and countered with an uppercut to his jaw and a swift punch to the chest. Endeavor's back hit the wall as his vision grew hazy. He started to hallucinate that he was fighting All Might and in a crazed fury, flung out his left fist at the Vigilante who again parried his attempt and countered him. The Doomslayer swung his hand down upon Endeavor's right shoulder in a chopping motion and dislocated his arm at the shoulder!

A horrific cracking sound filled the air as Enji screamed in pain; his left arm dangling uselessly. The relentless Slayer did not cease his assault and unleashed a one-two combo across Endeavor's face, knocking out some of his teeth before uppercutting him in the gut. The wind was knocked out of the Flame Hero as the Doomslayer grabbed him by the neck and delivered a devestating right hook. The blow smashed Enji's head into the wall and the pulverized hero dropped to the floor. The Slayer stood over Endeavor and noted that in spite of all of the damage he inflicted upon him, he could still move. But when the Hellwalker noticed Endeavor grab a shard of jagged metal from the ground, he frowned in disgust.

Endeavor lurched upwards and swung the blade at the Doomslayer with a roar, only to have him grab his wrist and twisted it hard enough to force him to drop the metal shard. The Slayer caught the shiv as it fell and swiped it across the right side of Endeavor's face, barely missing his eye! Blood sprayed across Taggart's visor as it gushed from the open wound before he plunged the shard into Endeavor's left shoulder. The Doomslayer socked an agonized Endevour with a left hook to the side of his head, spinning the Hero around and striking the back of his head with an open palm blow. He spun the dazed Hero around, grabbed the back of his neck and swung his knee upward into his face with enough force to shatter his nose.

The Doomslayer then hefted Endeavor up in the air with both of his hands, held him over his head and slammed him down into the ground hard enough to leave a crater into the steel floor. The Slayer stood victoriously over the Flame Hero who had now been reduced to a bloody pulp. Enji was completeley unconscious and would not be waking up anytime soon. Observing his beaten adversary on the ground reminded him of his days back on D'Nur...



Flynn Taggart sent the young shirtless advocate tumbling across the floor with a haymaker as the other trainees watched on. The circular arena located outside of the Night Sentinel grand hall offered a glorious view of the D'Nurian forests with the titanic World Spear visible beyond the mountain range. The afternoon shown down on the bruised face of the overconfident trainee who thought he could take on the legendary Doomslayer himself.

"Foolish, overconfident, brazen and obviously short a few brain cells. Make no mistake, these will lead you to an early grave if you don't learn to rid yourself of these shackles." Taggart addressed the downed youth and to the other applicants outside the ring to an extent. "You must become disciplined and resourceful if you ever want to walk alongside the Sentinels."

The advocate he just beat up slowly sat himself up, nursing his bloody nose with a humiliated frown. Taggart knelt down on one knee and extended a hand. "Humility is painful...but in the end you will appreciate it when it shows you that you can rise above your shortcomings. Only then will you become a true warrior of the Night Sentinels."

The rookie's eyes lit up with clarity; experiencing an epiphany as he grasped Flynn's hand.



Still looking down at Endeavor, the Doomslayer came to a disapointing conclusion that the Hero would probably never learn from his mistakes. If he ever recovered then it would mean that he would hold a grudge against him and it will be an issue sometime in the future. Oh well, he would just have to kick his ass again. Maybe that'll teach Endeavor to understand his place on the food chain. Looking over to the circular hole in the wall created from Enji's previous attack, the Slayer realized now he had a convenient exit to leave the tower and soon I-Island. Hopefully without anyone noticing-

/Slayer, I am detecting a large number of Pro Heroes converging near the tower. Your escape route has been blocked off; you may need to physically remove them from your path./

The Doomslayer rolled his eyes. Nothing was ever easy. Truth to be told, he didn't want to fight the Heroes...but maybe he could intimidate them into letting him go. He glared back down at Endeavor's prone form, grabbed him by the neck and dragged him towards the hole. The Slayer trudged through the melted entryway until he stood at the end, taking in the sight of the ruined cityscape below. Far out on the horizon beyond the ocean, he could make out a tiny speck of light in the distance; morning had finally come. They certainly didn't call it "The Land of the Rising Sun" for nothing.

He jumped from the hole and plummeted downwards towards the blood flooded street below while still clutching Endeavor.

To be continued...


That's right.

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