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Chapter 23

Truths Revealed



After the battle with the Vigilante, Yagi implored those who discovered his identity to keep it a secret until they could find a safe place to reveal everything. First off, they had to remove his All Might costume and find him different clothes to change into. Mirio found some brown pants and a souvenir T-shirt from a crumbled shop; Yagi changed immediately while Izuku held onto the Hero's tattered costume.

They traveled back to the airport on foot and secretly made their way inside but bumped into Melissa who noticed Izuku holding All Might's costume and immediately started asking questions. Yagi was left with no other choice but to bring her into the fold. Once they had found a safe secluded place upstairs and had a sit down at the table, Yagi told the truth about himself to Bakugou, Uraraka, Melissa, Miruko, and Hawks.

He told them all about his condition, the nature of One for All, how it's passed down through different inheritors with Izuku being next in line, and All for One. Izuku, Mirio, and Aizawa helped fill in the blanks with additional information afterward. The reactions of those present were varied: Mellisa and Uraraka were heartbroken, Miruko and Hawks' jaws were agape while Bakugou stayed completely silent, head hung and spiky hair shadowing his face.

"Uncle All Might, I-I never knew..." Mellisa covered her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes.

"I didn't want you to be targeted by All for One. I kept the truth from you to protect you. I'm... I'm sorry." Yagi apologized, further saddening Melissa.

Hawks was quiet, absorbing this information as best he could. It was staggering; to know that the Symbol of Peace couldn't keep up his image for long was disheartening.

"You know, of all the Villains you faced, you never mentioned All for One." Miruko thought aloud, idly flexing her ears. "He's the big bad, isn't he? Your arch-enemy?"

Yagi shook his head with a tense grimace. "It was never a competition. He's a psychopath. A monster."

"After seeing what that guy did to us and you, I'm not sure which is which anymore." Aizawa rubbed his tired, bloodshot eyes. Mirio felt a small pang of fright at the Erasure Hero's words. If a dozen Heroes or All Might couldn't defeat the Vigilante, then what hope did All for One have?

"Back at the entrance exam, when you saved me from that zero-pointer, were those wounds because of One for All?" Uraraka asked out of concern for her friend.

Izuku rubbed his hand. "It was more like I didn't have a good handle on it back then. But thanks to a Support Item Melissa made, I was able to use 100% of my Quirk without hurting myself."

"Sounds to me like you're putting a lot of pressure on this kid." Hawks voiced his opinion, causing Yagi to look down at his feet with guilt.

"Yeah, does this mean he's 'The Chosen One' or something?" Miruko questioned as she wagged a finger at Izuku. This seemed a little too fishy for her.

"It's difficult to explain..." Yagi admitted. The door to the office opened, interrupting him before he could speak further. Sayaka and Mera walked in while taking off their gas masks. Some of the occupants appeared to be hesitant at first but that was when the woman smiled in relief at Yagi.

"Toshinori. It's good to see you're okay." She said as she shook his hand.

"I've felt worse." Yagi admitted before starting the introductions. "Everyone, this is Sayaka Grant: chairwoman of the Hero Public Safety Commission. Also, this is Agent Mera Yokumiru."

Everyone, sans Bakugou, bowed their heads a little in polite greeting with Sayaka doing the same. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"Alright, let's get down to brass tacks." Mera said rudely. "Now that you all know about All Might's identity, his condition, and All for One, you can't breathe a damn word."

"Mera!" Sayaka barked at Mera's callousness.

"Hey, they have to know how serious this is!" Mera replied as he gestured to everyone.

"You two are in on this?" Hawks asked while Miruko narrowed her eyes at them suspiciously. Giving Mera a heated glare, Sayaka sighed and seated herself at the table.

"Yes. We know of the nature of One for All as well as a select few people who do. Aizawa and young Mirio are one of them as you no doubt already know. I understand this these revelations come as a very big shock to all of you and I understand your apprehension." Sayaka started, sounding as sympathetically as she could. "But you all need to understand that if word got out about the Symbol of Peace would be unable to continue his duty soon, there would be chaos across the country and Villains would capitalize on that knowledge. I know we're asking a lot from you but we have to keep this a secret."

Melissa and Uraraka glanced at each other before nodding at Sayaka. Hawks folded his arms and stared up at the ceiling for a few seconds before closing his eyes and nodding as well. Bakugou did not react, he had been silent and unmoving during the whole discussion; something that worried Izuku and Yagi.

Miruko was very apprehensive about this. None of this was sitting well with her. The fact that this kid was a part of some grand Quirk conspiracy was cause for concern but the HPSC being involved troubled her. While Miruko understood that the HPSC only wanted to help Heroes it didn't stop her from being distrustful of them. Especially when their last president was responsible for what happened with Lady Nagant. That poor woman...was it any wonder she became a Vigilante?

Reluctantly, Miruko nodded her head before turning her attention to Yagi. "You said before that there were seven other users before you. Did they really all lose against All for One?"

"Yes. Across all generations, he was responsible for their deaths and One for All was transferred to only those they deemed worthy of inheriting it." Yagi explained.

"Generations?" Uraraka parroted. "But wouldn't that mean All for One is a hundred years old or more?"

"We have reason to believe that he has a Quirk that grants him increased longevity." Sayaka theorized.

"But All for One didn't kill you, you're still standing. Are you sure you really can't be All Might any longer.?" Hawks questioned further. All Might and Endeavor were his role models that lead to his dream of being a Hero; he couldn't bear the thought of one of them being unable to continue their work.

"Unfortunately, yes. After my fight with the Vigilante, I can only maintain my enhanced form for one hour a day." He confessed, much to the dismay of everyone. "I'm steadily draining away my power each time I use it. Soon, I won't be able to continue my job as the Symbol of Peace. When that day comes, it will be young Midoriya who takes up the torch."

"CUT THE SHIT!" Bakugou verbally and literally exploded as he slammed his fists on the table, partially blowing it up and causing the occupants in the room to scramble away from him. Bakugou stomped towards Yagi and roughly grabbed him by the shirt, breathing through his teeth.

"Bakugou!" Aizawa exclaimed as he got up to stop him, only to be held back by Mera.

"Let him vent." The agent sighed.


"What the fuck is your problem, kid!?" Miruko shouted as stomped around the table towards Bakugou to pry him off Yagi.

"W-w-w-wait!" Izuku pleaded, blocking her path.

Yagi could hear the emotional pain in Bakugou's voice. He lowered his head and gently placed his hands on Bakugou's arms. "I'm...I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say except I'm sorry. I understand this is difficult for you to comprehend but it's the truth. I won't be the Symbol of Peace for long and I'm truly sorry you had to know this." Yagi comforted him as best he could. He lifted his head and looked him in the eye. "I chose Midoriya to be my successor because he was willing to risk life and limb to save you from that sludge Villain. When no one else could help you due to the situation, he jumped in and gave me an opening to rescue you knowing full well he stood no chance against that Villain and had no Quirk. That is what it means to be a Hero."


Yagi wasn't sure how to respond to that without making it sound like he was belittling Katsuki. Aizawa on the other hand decided to give his student a stern lecture. For a long time, he had been giving out warnings and reminders to Bakugou about his attitude but now it was high time to put his foot down.

"Bakugou." Aizawa spoke in a flat tone. The teen took his attention off Yagi to glower at his teacher. "Constantly yelling at people, blowing up at anything that displeases you, and boasting about how you're going to beat All Might are not the qualities of a Hero."

Bakugou uttered frustrated grunts at Aizawa, deeply scowling with his teeth clenched together before releasing Yagi, kicking the door open, and storming away from the security office.

"And I thought I had issues." Rumi whispered to Keigo.

Mera folded his arms, watching Bakugou stomp down the stairs at the far end of the baggage claim area. "Y'know, Aizawa, your student's 'behavior' back at the Sports Festival has been a cause for concern for us and some people on social media aren't exactly enthused with how he acted. I hope you can steer him in the right direction."

Aizawa shut his eyes as he lowered his head. He was well aware the HPSC kept a stern lookout for students from Hero schools who might go down the wrong road. Sadly, some ended up treading down the path of Villainy. He swore to himself long ago that he would make sure his students, the children who entrusted their future to him, would grow up to be morally righteous Heroes.

"Are you implying Kacchan might become a Villain?" Midoriya accused Mera, cutting off Aizawa before he could defend Bakugou's attitude.

"No, I-"

"He won't." Izuku proclaimed, giving the agent a heated glare.

Mera turned around to face him and held up his hands. "Now hold on. I wasn't saying-"

"He. Won't." Izuku repeated a litter louder. Uraraka, emboldened by her friend's conviction, went over to Izuku and stood next to him with the same look he had. Bakugou may act like a jerk most of the time but he was NOT the type to become a Villain.

Not wanting to be put on the spot in a negative light, Mera relented. "Well, if you can vouch for him..."

Yagi and Aizawa could only smile, proud of their students defending their friend and it was the same for everyone else in the room. Miruko had the biggest smile out of all of them, again impressed by Izuku's moxie. But then she remembered something from Bakugou's earlier outburst.

"Y'know, shitty attitude aside, that little firecracker brought up a good point. If this All for One can steal Quirks, organize Villains and kill all of those Heroes who wielded One for All before, wouldn't putting him down be the best option?" Miruko reasoned, drawing a worried look from Hawks.

Yagi felt his throat go dry. Apprehensively, he clasped his hands together and took a deep breath. "Yes...I did consider ending him."

This came as an absolute shock to Izuku, Uraraka, Mirio, and Melissa. Did the Symbol of Peace just admit wanting to kill a Villain?! Miruko and Hawks were perturbed at this revelation while Sayaka, Aizawa, and Mera exchanged forlorn glances.

"After the death of my previous master, Nana Shimura-" Yagi began to explain until Hawks interrupted.

"Hold on. You mean the Nana Shimura?" Hawks questioned in disbelief.

"Your master was Titaness? The Indomitable Heroine?" Miruko joined in. "That woman's feats were legendary!"

"I've heard so many stories about her. She died to a Villain thirty years ago but they never found her body." Melissa recounted.

"That's because All for One made sure there was nothing left of her to recover." Sayaka shut her eyes grimly as Melissa turned pale.

Yagi resumed his confession. "After the death of Shimura and my continued training of mastering One for All, all I have ever wanted to do was to kill him. A day doesn't go by when I don't think about making him pay for every person he's killed and every life he's destroyed for his own mad ambitions. I had him dead to rights back at my fated battle with that madman. All it took was one punch and it would be over: he would no longer threaten the world and I would avenge my master's death along with everyone he's slain." He paused, letting his words hang in the air for a bit before continuing. "But I couldn't...I was scared. I was afraid that if I did take his life, if I did allow myself to go down that dark pit...I'll never come back."

No one said a word. Sighing, Yagi lifted his shirt to reveal the scar he received from All for One to everyone. "I hesitated. And now I'm paying for it every single day."

It was quiet for a long time as some of the occupants processed this stunning confession from the Number 1 Hero. It was almost too much to take in after the horrors they endured last night. Hawks was the most conflicted out of the group, his normally aloof expression tense. He looked at Izuku; noticing the boy's distant, troubled expression, and felt nothing but pity for him.

"Midoriya, are you sure you still want to go through with all this?" Hawks questioned him, wanting to know if this kid understood the risks.

"Yes." Izuku replied without giving it a second thought. "All my life I've dreamed about being a Hero. I'm not going to run away from this and I won't let the LOV threaten any more lives."

"But he'll be given proper training and guidance, I assure you." Yagi said. "He's still in school and we fully intend to ensure he finishes his 4-year tenure at U.A. I'm not going to send a child after All for One. The next time I do square off against him, I'll finish it for real this time."

Again, it was disturbing for some to hear All Might say right into their faces that he was going to kill a Villain. It was like they were looking at a completely different person. As disheartening as it was to hear this from the Symbol of Peace, they slowly accepted that All For One was too dangerous to be left alone or alive. It was a grim affirmation but they slowly nodded in response.

Sayaka and Mera knew that it was hard for them all to accept but it was a necessary precaution to prevent mass panic. "Right. Now that we got all that out of the way, do any of you have any useful intel you can share with us? The HPSC has been in the dark for quite a while."

The students, Melissa, and the two Heroes shifted uncomfortably. Where do they even begin? Mirio cleared his throat, announcing that he would start first.

"For starters, the Steel Sabers were working with the League of Villains. From what you told us about All for One, I think we can assume that he hired them." Mirio debriefed.

"I see..." Sayaka murmured as she looked down at her feet. She and Mera should've known AFO would target I-Island somewhere down the road. "He probably spearheaded this assault to steal this island's inventions."

"Yeah, that's right!" Izuku nodded. "They were after a Support Item called the Quirk Amplification Headset."

Sayaka and Mera's eyes slowly widened when they heard him say that. They distinctly remembered David Sheild presenting the invention to them in secret but they declined to use the device out of concern for possible side effects it could've had on One for All. The risk was simply too great and Sayaka ordered production of any future models of the headset shut down permanently. But how did AFO know about the headset? An information leak or a possible spy within the HPSC?

"Amplification?" Yagi pondered to himself before asking Izuku, "It could strengthen a Quirk?"

"Bingo." Miruko confirmed as she propped her legs up on the table. "But it ain't pretty. You ever see what happens to a guy after he dopes himself up on too much Trigger? Try to imagine that but worse."

Izuku, Uraraka, Mirio, and Melissa shuddered at the memory of Wolfram going ballistic. Yagi and Aizawa were no strangers to how dangerous that drug was: they had fought many Villains who were hopped up on the drug and while it made their Quirks stronger, it also caused their powers to go completely haywire with little control over themselves. The aftereffects were just as grisly, having seen those who were addicted to that steroid cocktail be reduced to bedridden husks.

Sayaka and Mera were silent but tense. Rumi's claim of the headband's similarities to the effects of Trigger validated every misgiving they had about David's invention.

"On top of all that, the League was going to gas everyone on the island with VX. That way there would be no witnesses and no one to reveal that the LOV was working with the Sabers." Hawks finished.

"God..." Aizawa muttered, shaking his head as Yagi scowled angrily. Only All for One was capable of something so horrific.

"Where is the WMD now?" Sayaka inquired gravely. The United Nations had fought tooth and nail to destroy every last trace of that heinous weapon and she was going to make sure it would be the last anyone would see or hear of it. Izuku nervously pointed to a large briefcase in the corner of the room. Sayaka and Mera started to sweat a little while Miruko and Hawks scooched their chairs away as much as they could.

"Is...that still armed?" Mera gulped.

"Don't worry, Melissa disarmed it, it's not a threat to anyone anymore." Uraraka calmed him down.

"About that, I was given instructions on how to deactivate it." Melissa pointed out. "Someone kept contacting us on our phones and giving us instructions."

"She's right. Whoever this person was, he directed us to stop the League and even gave us directions to where they were trying to leave." Mirio further explained. "We think this mystery contact was in cahoots with the Vigilante."

"Quick question: did this contact have a robot voice and sounded like a college professor? Did a symbol or jingle pop on a screen anytime he called?" Miruko asked out of the blue. It didn't take long for her and Hanks to start connecting the dots on who it was.

"Um...yes? He was really polite." Izuku brought a finger up to his chin, remembering the helpful advice the contact gave him and his friends...and the sobering lecture he gave him.

"Well, we talked to him too and this part is gonna throw you all in for one helluva loop. You were talking to an AI that speaks for our heavily armed 'friend'." Hawks revealed, much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

"An artificial intelligence?!" Izuku exclaimed in disbelief. "We were talking to a computer program the whole time?!

"Oh my God. That was what hacked us earlier...!" Sayaka slumped in her seat with her hand against her head.

"The HPSC was hacked?" Aizawa repeated, an incredulous look on his face.

"Several hours ago, we received a call from the Prime Minister during the Vigilante's assault. He listed the no-fly order and tasked us along with the JSDF to launch a counteroffensive on I-Island. But we were hacked by that AI you all mentioned before we could do so. It blocked off all communications and told us not to interfere with the Vigilante." Sayaka explained to the group.

"Our surveillance satellite has been scrambled beyond repair." Mera huffed, hands in his pockets. "3.5 billion yen worth of hardware straight down the fucking toilet. But now that we know it was an AI program, we can rule out the possibility of foreign interference...or an overweight computer hacker living in his mother's garage."

Everyone sweatdropped at that last statement.

"Is there a chance that this program could be...sentient?" Yagi wondered.

"Funny thing, it just confirmed to us that it is sentient a while ago." Hawks answered. This made everyone a tad worried. The only thing that counted for actual sentient AI nowadays were medical robots or practice Villain Bots at U.A. but they followed a set of predetermined orders. They were designed not to evolve beyond their programming but apparently, the Vigilante had the first Artificial Intelligence that could think for itself.

"Our Vigilante's packing serious tech and heat." Mera rubbed his chin. "How did a maniac like him get his hands on that kind of equipment?"

Miruko lowered her head a little, tapping her finger on her knee. She thought back to how the Vigilante saved her life twice as well as the dozens of civilians he rescued. Not to mention protecting Izuku's friends back up on the roof and saving All Might from that explosion earlier. Rumi still couldn't figure out what was going on in that guy's head but figured it would be best to let everyone know. "He's not a complete manic. He saved my life twice, patched me up, and rescued dozens of hostages. Call me crazy, but I think there's a heart underneath all that armor and heavy ordinance." Miruko spoke, earning confused looks from those present.

"I second that." Hawks smiled. "The AI told us that the Sabers were stalling for time so they could steal any Support Items they could get their hands on and kill everyone afterward. The Vigilante knew that and he bulldozed through us so he could stop them himself. This guy came here to save people."

There was an air of uncertainty in the room and everyone slowly digested the info the Heroes gave them. It was hard to believe that a man who single-handedly slaughtered the most feared mercenary company in the world and fought off multiple Pro Heroes and All Might...came here specifically to help innocent lives. What that man did to the Sabers wasn't Heroism but he did save the hostages, something a Hero would do. It was hard for them to understand why he did the wrong thing but did the right thing at the same time.

"Perhaps we can discuss the Vigilante at another time. I want to know how the Steel Sabers took over I-Island." Sayaka announced.

"It does seem strange how they were able to pull this off." Mirio wondered. "I-Island is one of the most heavily guarded facilities in the world. Mounting an attack of this scale would be borderline impossible."

Yagi cupped his chin. "The only way the Sabers and the LOV could've coordinated this takeover was if they either had a way to disable the security systems or if they had someone on the inside-"

"Samuel Abraham." Melissa cut him off. Everyone turned their heads over to her, the young woman's eyes obscured by her hair drooping over them. "The League paid him to give them blueprints of Support Items and he gave them everything they needed to invade the island. He was my father's friend just for money."

Yagi and Izuku gasped in shock. The Symbol of Peace and known Samuel for years while Izuku remembered his first meeting with him yesterday as being cordial and pleasant.

"But my father..." Melissa began, her shoulders shaking and her voice beginning to waver. "He planned to hack the security system and bring in actors posing as Villains to make it look like a siege so he could get inside the Vault and get the headset. But he didn't know Sam was working with the League and he ended up getting the Steel Sabers instead."

Yagi stumbled backward; was like a dagger had been plunged into his heart. Izuku was just as horrified as his mentor, bringing a hand up to his face and clasping it over his mouth. Sayaka and Mera were stunned to hear that the foremost inventor of dozens of Support Items in recent years was partially responsible for the siege of I-Island. The rest of the group shared the same feeling of surprise but that soon turned to pity when they witnessed tears rolling down Melissa's face.

"He was going to put everyone in danger just so he could get some stupid invention that was too dangerous. I think he even knew just how bad the effects were..." Melissa continued but her tone of voice was steadily becoming heated.

"Melissa, hold on!" Yagi quickly went over to her with his hands held up placatingly. "David wasn't thinking straight-"

"What if the Vigilante never came here? Do you have any idea how many people could've died because of what he tried to do?! You, Izuku, and everyone else would've been dead by now!" Melissa yelled, gripping her arms.


"I COULD'VE DIED! HE WAS GOING TO PUT HIS OWN DAUGHTER IN DANGER JUST TO GET A SUPPORT ITEM THAT NEVER WOULD'VE WORKED!" She screamed at him, lifting her head to reveal her tear-stricken eyes. Melissa darted past Yagi and out of the room, running towards the stairwell. Izuku numbly stood where he was with a sorrowful look, cursing himself for not speaking up sooner. After a period of regretful silence, Sayaka stood up.

"I appreciate all that you've told us but now I think it's time you all go back downstairs and collect yourselves before they transport you back to the mainland. Some of you need medical attention." She recommended, nodding to Miruko and Hawks. Still sporting forlorn frowns, the students and the two Heroes slowly vacated the room with an air of misery and sympathy.

This now left only Sayaka, Mera, Yagi, and Aizawa as the only occupants in the security office. Yagi suddenly grabbed the table and in a fit of rage, flipped it over with a furious yell. The table clattered to the floor as Yagi took in several deep breaths, his eyes quivering in anger over the entirety of the situation with David. He felt a hand gently place itself on his shoulder and turned his head around to see Aizawa with a calm expression. Despite the Erasure Hero appearing stoic, Yagi could see the empathy in his eyes.

Yagi's previous look of anger morphed into one of anguish before burying his face into his hands and seating himself down in a chair. Half-chocked sobs welled up from Yagi's throat, the Hero devastated over the path his friend took. Mera and Sayaka said nothing and let Aizawa comfort his hurting friend. The emotional trauma this island was afflicted with hadn't left them unscathed...


Sweeping the last of the broken glass into a dustpan, Ibara dumped the shards into a small wastebasket and sat herself down on her bed. She took a deep breath and stared down at her lap. The last couple of hours had been incredibly hectic. After hearing the news on television that the Steel Saber took over I-Island, Ibara spent the last couple of hours praying for the safety of the hostages. Then there was another report of how a man in green armor beat up several Pro Heroes and swam all the way over to I-Island.

When the Steel Sabers hijacked the airwaves and broadcasted their demands, the armored man butchered them in ways she couldn't even begin to describe. After a while, there was until a gigantic explosion from the island shattered every window in their house as well as the ones in her neighborhood. She spent the last several hours huddled with her parents on the sofa watching the news report of gunfire and explosions coming from I-Island. They didn't sleep that night. When morning finally came, they went to work cleaning up the broken glass all around their house. Her parents had left the house nary a few minutes ago to check up on their neighbors or anyone else they knew in their area. This left her to clean up the rest of the glass in her room.

Shiozaki sat still as a statue as the evening sun shone through her open window, a light breeze flowing against her thorny, vine-like hair. Her fings scrunched up against her wool skirt as a knot formed in her stomach. Glancing towards her cell phone sitting on her dresser and turned it on. She saw that her texts were bombarded with her classmates asking if she was okay; making a mental note to call them back. She scrolled through her photo until she came upon what she was looking for: a video she recorded a few days ago when she went to get some groceries for dinner. She pressed play.

The video showed the dark clouds suddenly forming in the night sky as they grew in intensity followed by a thunderclap. Then, out of thin air, a shimmering portal opened up in the sky above the clouds and the shape of a person was flung down from the portal! The being fell from the sky and landed near an apartment complex just as the clouds and portal disappeared like they weren't even there.

Ibara watched herself run as fast as she could until she arrived at the complex across the street. She hid behind a corner and held up her phone to record a tall man sitting himself up from the small crater near the apartment and taking in his surroundings. A boy and presumably his mother, whom Ibara recognized as Izuku Midoriya of Class 1-A, ran out of the building to see his he was alright. The man walked off without a word, prompting Ibara to end the clip.

Ever since that night when she returned home, Ibara was in a constant state of confusion and uncertainty over what she witnessed. Then afterward, she heard that the man was sighted at the mall and tore off the arm of the leader of the League of Villains targeting Class 1-A. And now that man had stormed I-Island, fighting the Steel Sabers. The news reports were still in a frenzy; not a single one knew what had happened on the island so far.

Her free hand reached up to her chest, feeling her rapidly beating heart. This could not be natural, this was not a mere coincidence...

Ibara turned her head over to a painted picture of her lord and savior, Jesus Christ, hanging on the wall with a traditional Christian cross hanging below the picture frame. Getting up from her bed, Ibara went over to the picture, knelt down on her knees, and clasped her hands together in prayer.

"Oh, heavenly Father...is this a sign?"

To be continued...

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