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Chapter 31

New Target

Turns out this guy and his fuckin' pals? They were knocking this place dead for years. I wanted everybody to know that things were changed around here. We had to make an example of these pricks that the party was over.

-Sam Rothstein, Casino


8:35 PM

/Calibrations complete. You may now activate the Fabricator./

Taggart took a moment to take a gander at what he and VEGA had created. It would've taken a normal human being several months, up to a year or more, to complete this technological undertaking. But thanks to VEGA's instructions, some workarounds, using the Support Items to create specific parts, and the fact that he did not require sleep nor rest, he was able to build it in just two days.

The device resembled a city bus-sized printing press. It was made from a jet-black carbon fiber material and the machine was almost as long as the subway cars in the derelict station. A keypad and a small monitor were on the side along with a jutted-out tray. A long conveyor belt stretched out from the front of the machine while the Support Items were housed within the machine, installed during its creation, and serving as vital components.

Now all that was left was to turn it on. Because it used an internal power source VEGA had him create via the Support Items, he didn't have to hook any wires up to the generator. He went behind the Fabricator and located the small leaver and button next to it. He pulled the lever, causing the machine to utter a dull hum, and then depressed the button. The Fabricator activated; the monitor revealed VEGA's symbol and the keyboard lights flickered on. The machine continued to hum, though inaudibly which was a boon: no nosy intruders would hear it and discover the Slayer's location.

/All systems are fully nominal. The Fabricator is at 100% operating efficiency. We may now begin upgrading your equipment./

The Doomslayer smiled in anticipation but one question lingered in his head. Why the need for upgrades? His gear served him fine and they were not under any threat at the moment but the Slayer trusted VEGA with his equipment.

/Please dispense your UAC grenades and hologram projectors into the tray./

The Doomslayer did as requested, taking several of his grenades along with his holograms out of his hammerspace backpack and into the Fabricator tray. The tray retracted into the machine and blue lights glowed from within the Fabricator. The sounds of machinery dissembling and reformatting his weapons at a brisk pace were heard as the conveyor belt activated. After a few short seconds, The conveyor rolled out his equipment into view as they emerged from the small opening. His grenades now resembled metal WW2-era stick grenades while his hologram projectors had a cubical redesign.

/Upgrades complete. Your UAC grenades are now lighter and carry a bigger payload of explosives. When thrown at an enemy, the grenade will automatically activate the "pincushion" function and adhere to its targets before detonation./

The Doomslayer grasped one of the grenades by the handle and when he held it up, an array of long spikes jutted out from the grenade head. Nodding in approval, the Slayer pocketed the rest of his grenades into his hammerspace backpack. He picked up one of the hologram projectors and raised an eyebrow at the now peculiar design.

/Your hologram projectors will now create a hard-light duplicate of yourself. The construct is armed with your Heavy Assault Rifle that is, like itself, a hard-light object and uses ammunition made of the same material. However, it cannot use your other weapons as well as their Mods. By linking myself to it, I can control the copy to assist you in combat. The duplicate will function indefinitely and will detonate in a disorienting explosion similar to that of a flashbang grenade on my command./

The description alone almost made the Slayer giddy.

He pressed the button on the side of the projector and tossed it to the floor. As soon as it hit the ground, four insect-like legs unfolded from the cube, and a blue light glowed around it. A polygonal light green humanoid materialized into thin air and stood in front of the Doomslayer. Its appearance then distorted like television static before reforming into a completely identical clone of the Slayer. A Heavy Assault Rifle formed in its hands and VEGA controlled the duplicate to take up a gun salute stance. Impressed, the Doomslayer held out his fist to the clone. Having observed the Slayer performing a similar gesture to a miniaturized toy in his likeness, VEGA made the clone respond in kind. The two of them fist-bumped each other; pulling their hands back and twiddling their fingers afterward. The clone vanished and retracted itself back into the holographic projector; Flynn picked it back up and placed it in his hammerspace backpack.

/Next, a new melee weapon to replace your chainsaw. I will need your remaining combat knives and the limbs you procured from the Nomu./

The Bane of Hell placed thirteen knives into the tray before pulling out the two torn-off arms of the Nomu, the chainsaw blades still attached. As soon as he set them down, a port opened up above the tray and dozens of spindly appendages ending in sharp tips emerged. The tips glowed red hot and began cutting apart the limbs like a hot knife through butter; disintegrating the skin and bone with ease. The appendages retracted back into the Fabricator once the skin and bone had been cleared away from the saws, leaving only a small puddle of the Nomu's blood. The tray was then pulled into the machine so it could begin its work.

/The Fabricator can also be used to scan materials. I have analyzed the blood sample from the Nomu and detected an unknown substance. After running diagnostics and cross-referencing similar studies of this substance from the main computer on I-Island, I have concluded that the creature was injected with a narcotic known as Trigger. It is a highly addictive steroidal compound that strengthens a person's Quirk by directly enhancing their Q-Gene. The duration of its effects varies; they can last for a few minutes up to an hour. The drug has serious, often fatal, side effects: discoloration of the tongue, loss of cognitive thought, bleeding gums, Thrombosis, bone density degradation, heart failure, schizophrenia, Sickle cell disease, blood clotting, grand mal seizures, blockage of blood flow circulation and irreversible physical deformities./

A steroid for superpowers? That was something the Slayer didn't expect. Thinking back to all of those comic books he read as a kid, it surprised him that this kind of concept wasn't explored. What confused him was why anyone would take that drug when it had so many disastrous side effects. Either they were that desperate for power or their common sense went out the window a long time ago.

/Further scans have indicated that this is an improved version of the formula known in some databases as Ideo-Trigger. It has ten times the effectiveness of regular Trigger and can last for a total of two hours but the side effects are significantly worse. This variant of the drug is rarely used, only seeing circulation amongst high-profile Villain organizations. I am still analyzing the Nomu's genetic structure and will update you when possible. In the meantime, the Sawtanas are now ready for use./

The Doomslayer turned his attention to the conveyor belt and felt himself bristle with anticipation. His new weapon rolled out from the machine in all of its glory: a pair of red and black katanas with serrated chainsaw blades along with throttles and motors built into the hilts! A stylized tag depicting a Hannya mask was imprinted on the sides of the blades. Taggart picked up the weapons and depressed the throttles, each blade letting out a whirring roar that made him grin wickedly. He took several practice swings, wielding them with frighteningly skillful proficiency before depositing them in his hammerspace backpack.

/The Sawtanas utilize a synthetic fuel generator built into the hilts, eliminating the need to find spare gasoline. I have also created a variant of the hologram projector to use for our base of operations. Please place them near the entrance and the tunnels. They will create a digitized camouflage that will conceal our location from anyone who tries to find us. Additionally, the projectors have been programmed to allow you to pass through them but prevent entry from unauthorized personnel./

The Frabricator printed out five rectangular devices that resembled his upgraded hologram projectors. He picked them up and went up the stairs that led to the entrance. He placed one block on the side of the wall near the opening and a small port opened up on the device. A green light shone towards the entrance and a translucent green barrier formed in front of it. It then changed into a perfect image of a realistic brick wall, giving it the appearance of a sealed-off passage. The Slayer extended his hand towards the simulated brick wall and his hand phased right through it. This was the perfect way to fool anyone snooping around. He then proceeded to place the projectors at each subway tunnel, camouflaging them all before heading back to the Fabricator.

/I have good news: I can replenish your ammunition supply via the fabricator. I have also successfully replicated your Plasma Gun cells; they do not use any Argent energy but still have the same combat effectiveness. Unfortunately, I am unable to replicate BFG cells due to their dependency on Argent Energy. I will attempt a workaround for this; please be mindful of your remaining BFG ammunition./

The Slayer lowered his head in thought. This meant he only had two shots left for his BFG...but that was probably for the best. He, in no way or form, wanted this world to know or attempt to use Argent Energy. He had seen firsthand what that power led to back on the alternate Mars, he did not wish for the same to happen here. He would have to be very careful about using his BFG until then.

/My last request is for you to place your weapon Mods onto the tray so that I may enhance and augment their capabilities. Also, bring the remaining motorcycle over to the Fabricator as well./

Again, the Doomslayer found himself questioning why VEGA wanted to upgrade his weapons. What exactly was the big threat here? What could be out there that needed so much hardware if the world wasn't under threat from Hell? Regardless, he knew the AI would give him an answer soon enough. He started by placing all of his weapon Mods onto the Fabricator tray and then brought over the motorcycle afterward. The back of the Fabricator opened up to reveal an array of arms with various tools attached to them. The Slayer wheeled the motorcycle over to the arms and they immediately set to work, disassembling and reformatting the vehicle in real-time just as the tray with all of his Mods retraced back into the machine.

/This will take some time to finish. In the meantime, the HPSC is currently holding a press conference as we speak. I will turn on the channel it is being hosted on."

The Slayer turned around to the second invention that VEGA had him build: a large supercomputer built from the portable terminal the Sabers brought with them when they stumbled into his hideout. With the help of some parts and tools the Support Items created, he had transformed a simple computer terminal into a shed-sized supercomputer with three monitors, a built-in keyboard, and made out of the same material as the Fabricator. Within the supercomputer were high-tech components that this world could only dream of creating. VEGA had complex knowledge of the central processing area where his AI was housed and was able to have the Support Items recreate some of the parts found at the facility which were then built into the supercomputer.

Said terminal switched itself on and the Slayer walked over to it, pulling up a subway bench for him to sit on. The screen showed two HPSC officials seated at a table before a large crowd of news reporters and cameramen. In the back of the room behind the representatives was a large, flatscreen TV. The Doomslayer's HUD brought up information on the two officials: the chairwoman of the HPSC Japanese Branch, Sayaka Grant and reputable HPSC agent, Mera Yokumiru.

The two representatives bowed respectfully to the crowd before Sayaka went over to the podium next to the table. As this was happening, Taggart removed the parts of his Praetor Suit as well as his helmet that had been damaged in his fight against All Might. He easily applied pressure to the dents on the opposite side to bend them back into shape, making it look like they were never there. The Doomslayer listened to the conference as he continued to fix his suit.

"Thank you all for coming this evening. We will debrief you all on what we know of the events on I-Isalnd and take any questions some of you may have." Sayaka Grant started. "At approximately 9:30 PM on June 25th, the Steel Sabers mercenary organization enacted a full-scale invasion of the I-Island. Within the span of an hour, they fully captured the base and took everyone on their hostage. Visiting Pro Heroes from overseas and All Might were among those who were captured. An SOS was sent out early into the siege which was intercepted by the Japan Coast Guard."

A reporter suddenly shot up from his seat, holding out his microphone. "How was it they were able to capture a high-security R&D facility?"

"We found credible evidence that they had inside help from Samuel Abraham, a researcher who sided with them. On that note, we have discovered evidence through security camera footage that the Sabers were working alongside the League of Villains, whom Samuel was also affiliated with and we can confirm that he was killed by the Leage. They were planning to raid I-Island's main vault and steal all of the classified Support Items within. The League of Villians had arrived on I-Island at an undetermined time to deliver a WMD filled with the last remaining sample of VX poison gas. They were planning to detonate said device to silence any witnesses on the island once the Sabers were done with their objective. There was no way we could've known beforehand." She debriefed.

There were murmurs amongst the press before another reported raised her hand. "Have there been any casualties among the hostages and Heroes?"

"No. There have been zero fatalities and the facility staff are all accounted for. The WMD was disabled and will be turned over to the United Nations for disposal." Mera answered. "Focusing back on the current topic, the JSDF coordinated with law enforcement and Pro Heroes to seal off a portion of the port of Tokyo. This was done to bar anyone from attempting to get close to the facility and to set up a potential counteroffensive when the time came. However, around 10:23 PM, the cordon was breached by an unnamed Vigilante, the same one seen during the Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall incident."

She grabbed a small remote on the podium and turned around to the TV, pressing a button as she did. The TV turned on and showed camera footage of the Vigilante stampeding his way through the port and the Pro Heroes. There were many gasps of shock from the crowd as they watched him take down multiple Heroes on his own.

"Mr. Brave, Fatgum, Crust, Selkie, and Gang Orca were incapacitated by the Vigilante and he successfully made his way to I-Island by swimming over there. Later, when the Sabers hijacked the airwaves to deliver their demands, he commenced his attack. Several minutes later, a massive explosion decimated half of I-Island via the destruction of the Saber's nuclear-powered submarine. There have been no radioactive contaminants following the explosion and we are still unsure of how this is possible. He then began his one-man assault on the mercenaries afterward." Mera continued.

"What's the current status of the Sabers? Are there any alive that can be taken into justice?" A reporter asked.

"No. We can confirm that the entirety of the Steel Sabers organization has been completely wiped out. They, along with their leaders, are all dead. Their bodies will be cremated in order to prevent them from being seen as martyrs by other Villain groups." Sayaka revealed.

The Slayer smirked as he fixed his helmet and placed it back on. You're welcome.

This caused a commotion among the audience, many standing up from their seats and pointing their microphones at Sayaka as they frantically begged her for questions. The chairwoman pointed to a reporter, picking her out of the frenzied crowd as they fell silent.

"B-B-B-By one man?" The reporter stuttered out.

Sayaka swallowed before answering. "Yes. By one man. This Vigilante has already become one of the most wanted persons of interest in Japan. He wields advanced weaponry decades ahead of anything our best scientists can create, wears impenetrable armor immune to all known forms of conventional weaponry and offensive Quirks, and possesses enhanced physical strength comparable to All Might. This man is extremely dangerous and mentally unstable, as evidenced by this symbol and message he wrote upon a wall in human blood."

Sayaka took the remote again and changed the image on the TV to a picture of his "calling card" that he left on I-Island. Everyone was rightly horrified at what they saw. But that was nothing compared to the fear they had of the Vigilante; knowing that there was somebody out there who may be stronger than the Symbol of Peace Himself.

"The Vigilante is also in possession of a highly advanced artificial intelligence that overrode the island's previously hacked security systems, turning them against the Steel Sabers. It had also cut off communication s between the HSPC and the JSDF, scrambling our best satellite in the process. We have reason to believe that the AI may very well be sentient as well. We have confirmed that he does have collaborators in the form of company names imprinted on his armor and weaponry: MIXOM, I/0 Logistics, and Union Aerospace Corporation." Sayaka continued.

The Doomslayer tensed up. While the UAC did not exist in this universe, he dreaded to think the kind of bad influence they would have posed to this world. The other two companies he wasn't worried about: as far as he could tell during his little "adventure" on the alternate Mars, they only supplied the UAC with some of their tech. They were not directly affiliated with them and probably didn't know what they were doing behind closed doors.

"I should point out that after reviewing several interviews law enforcement had with the hostages, the Vigilante did make an effort to save their lives." Mera said before changing his tone. "With that being said, however, the Vigilante did steal Support Items from the Expo and main vault, assaulted several Pro Heroes, nearly destroyed I-Island, and committed mass manslaughter. We will ensure that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law."

The Slayer continued to iron out the dents in his armor without a care in the world for Mera's proclamation.

"What's the current status of I-Island?" Another reporter held out his mic.

"The damage to the facility is catastrophic. We estimate that the cost of the damages is well into the hundreds of trillions. Due to the extensive repairs and contamination from the bodies of the mercenaries, I-Island will remain sealed off from the public for the rest of the foreseeable future." Mera answered. "All projects currently in development on the island before the siege will be halted and any equipment or Support Items not destroyed during the attack will be relocated."

"How do you explain the multitude of wounded Pro Heroes that were sent to the hospital? What happened to them?" A reporter spoke up.

There was a look of apprehension on Sayaka's face before she answered. "During the Vigilante's assault, Pro Heroes still stationed at the Port of Tokyo mounted a rescue mission out of fear for the safety of the hostages and the international Heroes. They arrived at I-Island via rescue boats belonging to the Wild Wild Pussycats and rendezvoused with All Might and the other Heroes. While All Might stayed behind to oversee the civilians held at the airport, the Heroes along with those from overseas set out to apprehend the Vigilante. They engaged him and..." Sayaka trailed off as if she knew that there would be no going back if she revealed what happened. "They were all defeated by the Vigilante."

Taggart raised an eyebrow as he attached a portion of his shoulder armor back on before taking off his frontal chest plating. He didn't expect them to be so forward after everything that happened. The crowd was oddly silent but that's because they were terrified. One man took down forty-eight Pro Heroes all by himself.

"All Might later fought the Vigilante in a protracted battle but a section of the Island collapsed and the Vigilante escaped in the confusion. The Vigilante is still at large but we will remain vigilant if he ever shows up again. The Pro Heroes are expected to recover soon while the international Heroes have been sent back to their home countries at the request of their governments." Mera informed before glancing down at his watch. "This concludes the conference for today but we can answer about four more questions."

"Where did the Vigilante come from?" A reporter questioned.

"We don't know." Sayaka averted her eyes.

"Is his suit giving him increased strength?" Came another question.

"That is a possibility...we don't know." Mera shrugged, unable to look at the reporter.

"Are you issuing a manhunt or an official investigation regarding the Vigilante?" Another reporter asked.

"Both." Mera nodded.

"Does he have a Quirk or is he Quirkless?" Was the last question that came from a reporter. All eyes were on Sayaka now. There was a few seconds of silence before she lowered her head and shook it in defeat.

"We don't know."

And that was the match that set off the metaphorical M-80 firecracker. The entire room exploded with the sounds of reporters loudly begging for more questions as they raised their hands, notebooks, and microphones into the air as cameramen scrambled to get a closer shot. The last scene the Slayer watched was Sayaka trying to tell the crowd that the conference was over before the screen switched itself off. The Doomslayer leaned back in his seat as he glanced down at his chestplate which had All Might's fist imprint embedded upon it. Hearing Sayaka fib about what happened between him and All Might was understandable. No telling what kind of pandemonium would ensue if she told the public everything. Tracing a finger along the indentation, the Slayer popped out the dent until his chest plate was clear of the fist imprint.

/Your Mod upgrades and mode of transportation are now finished./

Attaching the chest plate back onto his Praetor Suit, the Hellwalker got up and went over to the Fabricator. The first thing that graced his vision was the rebuilt chopper. It resembled a fusion of a trike motorcycle and a fucking tank. The heavily armored behemoth of a ride was covered in armored plates and heavily studded treads in place of wheels. The armor was colored dark green and bristling with weapons: two M61 Vulcan Gatling cannons on the sides near the handlebars, missile pods near the back, a tank barrel jutting out where the front headlight should be, and some kind of dispenser just above the back wheel that looked like it could drop mines. It was like an early Christmas gift.

/The Rampart heavy assault cycle will be your primary method of transportation. A vehicle of my design, its armor is a specially made lightweight version of Chobam armor; it can still reach speeds of 200 MPH and provide ample protection from both ballistic firearms and explosive ordinance. Its armaments include side-mounted Gatling cannons, back-mounted missile launchers with a high-explosive radius, a forward-mounted cannon capable of firing armor-piercing 120mm sabot rounds, and an anti-tank minelayer. The treads are made of an adhesive, magnetic material that can allow the Rampart to move up vertical surfaces. Additionally, the Rampart can activate the "meatgrinder" functionality when it senses hostilities near its current vicinity./

As if to demonstrate this, VEGA activated the Meatgrinder function on the Rampart and the studs covering the treads all sprouted razor-sharp spikes while two scythe-like blades unfurled from two ports on each side of the bike. The Doomslayer sat in the seat and studied the controls, getting a good feel of what he was working with before turning his attention to the handprint scanner in the center console. He wondered how it would read his hand what with his armor covering his hand but he guessed that it could still scan it either way. Getting up from the Rampart, the Doomslayer went over to the Fabricator tray that held all of his weapon mods.

/The Charged Burst for your Combat Shotgun now fires in a five-round burst and reconfigures the shells into accurate slug rounds while the Explosive Shot has a larger and more powerful blast radius. For your Heavy Assault Rifle, the Tactical Scope now provides telemetry data that will allow you to pinpoint certain areas where you can ricochet your shots and the Micro Missles are now outfitted with heatseekers with a tighter targeting system./

The Slayer smiled, taking the Mods off the tray and into his hammerspace backpack.

/Your Plasma Rifle's Heat Blast has been modified to release a wider radius around yourself and is strong enough to melt solid steel while the Stun Bomb can also affect machinery, permanently disabling them or causing them to malfunction. Your Gauss Cannon has seen significant improvements: the Precision Bolt's telescoping sight can now allow you to see through most solid surfaces and can highlight targets via thermal imaging while the Seige Mode charges faster and fires in a two-round burst./

Those sounded downright fantastic. He was eager to test them out.

/The Chaingun Mods now have expanded versatility depending on the target: Mobile Turret utilizes incendiary ammunition while Gatling Rotator can now fire explosive tipped fragmentation rounds. The Rocket Launcher's Remote Detonation now utilizes superheated shrapnel with a high chance of igniting its targets while Lock-On Burst fires five rockets instead of three and an upgraded propulsion mechanism allows the rockets to travel faster./

The Bane of Hell nodded approvingly as he pocketed the Mods.

/Your posture indicates that you are questioning the need for all these modifications to your equipment./

The Doomslayer tilted his head. Was he making it that obvious?

/Allow me to explain my motives in great detail. Through studies of the Support Items we have procured from I-Island, as well as reviewing the near-limitless capabilities of our Fabricator, I have calculated that it is possible to build a functioning teleporter that can take us back to Mars./

The Doomslayer's eyes widened. That was the best news he had heard since his arrival in this universe. While VEGA initially confirmed that they were stuck here, to hear that there was a way back to the UAC facility honestly made him feel elated, probably for the first time in eons. He was itching to wring Hayden's cybernetic neck and get his Crucible back to finish his vendetta against Hell and the Maykrs. Technically, the Crucible back on Mars wasn't the real Crucible. That was still back on Taras Nabad, the Sentinel capital city on Argent D'Nur, still embedded in the corpse of the Titan he had killed.

And that was BEFORE he got his Praetor Suit and became a Demigod. Flynn felt himself grow sullen over the memory of Argen D'Nur. If the ruins he saw near the Well were of any indication, that world had been claimed by the Demons a long time ago. A world he failed to protect.

/The Fabricator can create the parts needed to construct the teleporter but due to the complexity of such an undertaking, it may take some time for the Fabricator to create working mechanisms due to this universe not having the same technological level as the UAC despite their current advancements. I estimate that it could take well up to seventy years to manufacture the teleporter./

That was of no consequence to the Slayer. The billions of years he spent in Hell rendered his perception of time fucked eight ways to Sunday. Weeks felt like hours to him and years felt like days. What was seven more decades to his immortal body clock?

/However, there is a critical threat to this world that must be addressed: All for One./


The Slayer narrowed his eyes.

/The information I have downloaded from David Sheild's personal computer has provided substantial information on the subject of this Villain but I have also uncovered more data on this topic. There are two very powerful Quirks in this world that the HPSC has gone to great lengths to cover up: One for All and All for One./

The Slayer blinked when he recognized the relevance of those names. It was the motto of the Three Musketeers. God, this world was weird.

/One for All is a transferable Quirk that can be passed on from one user to the next. But the Quirk can only be transferred to another person if the current wielder intends to pass it on. One for All allows the user to stockpile enormous amounts of raw power, allowing them to significantly increase a user's Quirk or physical abilities to truly superhuman levels. Today, two people have this Quirk, both of whom we have already met./

The supercomputer monitors turned themselves on, showing photos of Toshinori Yagi and to the Slayer's surprise, Izuku Midoriya.

/David's research notes, as well as additional information I have acquired, indicate that there have been nine different inheritors of this Quirk; Yagi and Izuku being the most recent additions./

The photos of Izuku and Yagi panned out to reveal seven black pictures, each with a question mark in the middle of them.

/I am unable to find any information on five of the past users but David was able to identify two of them./

Two of the obscured photos flipped over to reveal their identities: a balding man wearing goggles on his forehead with a noticeably squared jaw and a dark-haired woman with sharp eyes and a small mole near the bottom of her lip. The screen then started to list down the information regarding them.

Subject: Daigoro Banjo

Height: 6'0

Age(at time of death): 38

Alias: Whiplash Hero Lariat

Quirk: Blackwhip-Grants the user the ability to produce energy tendrils from any part of their body and command them at will.

Current Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: REDACTED

Subject: Nana Shimura

Height 5'8

Age(at time of death) 44

Alias: Indomitable Heroine Titaness

Quirk: Float-Allows the user to leviate and suspend themselves in mid-air.

Current Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: REDACTED

/Although the causes of their deaths were rendered classified by the HPSC, David's notes as well as his interaction with Yagi have revealed that the previous users all met their end at the hands of All for One. The Quirk he uses is the same as his namesake: it allows him to forcibly steal the Quirks of whomever he touches rather than transfer said power like One for All. This allows him to store multiple Quirks at once for his personal use though he can theoretically transfer stolen Quirks to anyone, which would explain how Curator and Volcano were able to possess two different Quirks. There is also unconfirmed documentation that All for One may be hundreds of years old due to a possible longevity Quirk. This also presents the possibility that the dates of the other users' deaths go back further./

The Doomslayer had his arms folded during the whole explanation, fingers drumming against his arm. He and VEGA had stumbled onto something big. He had initially thought that All for One to be some diabolical mastermind but this was something beyond his assumptions. This man was dangerous; far too dangerous to be left alive.

/All for One is primarily responsible for Toshinori Yagi's condition. From the medical records I have analyzed, I predict that Yagi will only have two years left to live before he dies from complete multiple organ failure./

He stopped drumming his fingers just as the Fabricator began to print out ammunition for his weapons. This was starting to become personal.

/From what I have gathered from the rest of David's findings, All for One plans are the complete abolishment of Hero society, replacing it with one where Villains and anarchy reign supreme. He has since then been christened "The Symbol of Despair" and seeks to acquire One for All. If he is successful in doing so, it could make him the most powerful living being on the planet. Because of this, I have deemed All for One's threat level to be on par with that of an extinction-level event. As my primary directive has been to aid human civilization and ensure its survival, we cannot allow All for One's continued existence. Make no mistake, I am still committed to getting back to the Mars facility and putting an end to Dr. Hayden's malfeasance but until then, All for One must be terminated with extreme prejudice./

The Doomslayer slammed his fist into his palm and cracked his knuckles. There was no argument here: he was all in on VEGA's plan. Ever since finding out All for One was behind the Steel Sabers attacking I-Island, he had the urge to seek him out and eviscerate him for almost trying to kill everyone on that island and now he would get his chance. Before the island, the Slayer felt like he had no goal or purpose in this world. Stopping the Sabers and the LOV was essentially a diversion but now he had a real objective: kill All for One. If seven different generations of One for All users couldn't stop this guy, then it was up to him to finally put an end to this centuries-long blood feud. Flynn glanced over his shoulder at the photos of Yagi and Izuku on the screen.

He certainly wasn't going to let a dying man or a kid who was barely into his teens be next on AFO's hit list.

/Pinpointing All for One's location is easier said than done, however. He is more than likely a highly cunning individual who has gone to great lengths to conceal his base of operations. I have devised a plan to counteract this dilemma: we will lure All for One to us. The supercomputer we have built allows me to hack into any electronic devices in the greater Musutafu area. I have gained access to multiple cellphone users who are part of small to moderate-sized Villain gangs but they all have direct ties to the League of Villains. By eliminating these groups and dismantling his operations, we will force All for One out of hiding and allow us to terminate him. Persistent upgrades that I will make to the supercomputer will allow me to expand my influence far beyond Musutafu and locate additional targets of opportunity. Please be aware that our actions will not be overlooked by law enforcement or Heroes; this will bring you into conflict with them and you may need to resort to physical force to remove them from your path. Are you certain you wish to follow through with my strategy?/

The Doomslayer nodded without hesitation. The superheroes of this world were too morally constrained to resort to lethal force, as was shown during the I-Island Siege. They probably wouldn't be much help against All for One either. If they got in his way, then that was their choice to be beaten senseless. He just hoped Miruko wouldn't be one of them.

/Very well. Sending target coordinates to you...now./

(Motley Crue-Dr. Feelgood)

The screens of the supercomputer were now showing maps of Musutafu with multiple red dots scattered all around. With his helmet scanning the locations and giving him coordinates, the Unchained Predator collected all of his ammo off the conveyor belt and went over to the Rampart. Sitting himself down in the seat, he placed his hand on the scanner and the motorcycle tank's four mufflers roared as the internal plasma engine breathed life into the vehicle. He gripped the handlebars and revved up the engine before accelerating the Rampart out of the station and onto the train tracks. He raced through the holographic brick wall and into the deserted tunnels, his HUD showing which ones to follow that would take him to where he needed to go.

After about a few minutes, the Rampart sped out of a drainage tunnel and into a dried-up concrete channel just outside the Musutafu city limits. He wheeled his ride up the slope and onto a street corner where he thundered towards the city, ready to begin his hunt for the League of Villains.

All Might was seen as the Symbol of Peace.

All for One considered himself to be the Symbol of Despair.

The Doomslayer would become the Symbol of Vengeance for Villains all across Japan.

To be continued...

Let the hunt begin, ladies and gents!

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