"The Journey Begins"

Authoress Note: Hello there. This is a story I wrote a while ago when I was wrapped up in Pokemon. I still like Pokemon, of course, but I've found other interests as well.

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Chapter One

It was the beginning of a bright sunny day in Pallet Town, and the alarm clock went off in Crystal Rayburn's bedroom. She rolled over and pushed the button on the clock, then turned to the Pokemon that was sleeping next to her.

It was a Vulpix, a pink fox Pokemon.

Vulpix was a fire type Pokemon, and Crystal's favorite type. This particular Vulpix was given to her the day before by her parents as a gift, but already they had become good friends.

Crystal looked out the window.

"Finally," she said. "Today is the day I can start my Pokemon Journey. After hearing all of those stories from the other trainers, I couldn't wait to start."

Crystal was going to journey to Johto, a huge Pokemon-filled region. She hadn't been ready when the other Pokemon trainers had left for the Pokemon League competition in Indigo, but now that the competition was over, she and the other trainers were going to leave today for Johto.

"I'm going to be the greatest fire Pokemon master in the world!" Crystal declared. "Vulpix and I will catch all the fire Pokemon and together we'll learn everything about there is to know about them!"

Crystal stroked Vulpix's pink fur.

"Wake up, Vulpix," she whispered. "Today we start our journey!"

Vulpix stretched. Then it yawned, but as it did, flames burst from its mouth and hit the curtains!

"Oh no!" Crystal cried.

She quickly grabbed her glass of water and dowsed the flames.

"Whew," she sighed sinking back onto her bed next to Vulpix. "You've got to be more careful!"

Vulpix curled up and went back to sleep.

"Come on," Crystal said picking Vulpix up off the bed. "It's time to get ready! We have to be at Professor Oak's place at noon!"

Professor Oak was a Pokemon professor and studied different Pokemon. He also gave the new trainers their Pokedex, a pocket-sized index on all Pokemon, and their Poke balls, balls specially made for capturing Pokemon.

Crystal got dressed in a blue T-shirt and black jeans. She brushed her long brown hair back and grinned in the mirror.

"Okay Vulpix, time for breakfast!" she said turning around. "Vulpix?"

Her fox was nowhere in sight.

"Vulpix!" Crystal cried rushing over to her bed.

She had opened her mouth and was about to blow flames on the bed when Crystal clamped her mouth shut.

"No, no," she said playfully as she walked out of her bedroom with her Pokemon in her arms. "Let's go eat now.

After eating breakfast, Crystal looked through her things as she packed them into her backpack. She made sure she had everything she was going to need.

Clothes, snacks, a sleeping bag, and a water bottle were spread out on her bed.

"Guess this is everything," she said zipping her bag up.

"Not quite,"

Crystal turned around to see her mom standing in the doorway of the room.

"No?" Crystal asked.

"I have one more thing for you to take," Her mom said holding out a red stone.

"Wow," Crystal said taking the stone. "What's it for?"

"It's a fire stone," Her mom explained. "It's been in our family for years, but no one has every used it. It's used to make certain fire-Pokemon evolve."

"Really?" Crystal said gazing at it.

"Yes, and I'm sure you'll use it to make the right Pokemon evolve someday."

"Thanks mom!" Crystal said giving her mom a hug.

She turned around to where Vulpix was sleeping on the bed.

"Look Vulpix, a fire-stone!" she said holding it out to her.

Vulpix opened one eye and looked at the stone. She stood up and glared at it. "Vul!" she screeched.

"You don't like it?" Crystal asked.

"Vul," Vulpix said nodding angrily.

"Oh," Crystal said putting it in her bag. "Oh well."

She looked out the window. Her parents' Butterfree were flapping their wings gracefully outside.

"The Butterfree look very happy," Crystal said pointing out the window.

Her mom nodded.

"It's this nice weather we're having," she commented.

Vulpix jumped off the bed and ran up to the window. She started pawing at it, trying to get out to the Butterfree.

"Vulpix, stop that," Crystal said picking up her backpack.

Vulpix opened her mouth and blew flames at the window, trying to melt the glass.

"No!" Crystal cried picking up Vulpix. "Stop that!"

Vulpix stopped and looked up at Crystal.

"You have to start listening, Vulpix, if we're going to be a team," Crystal said.

"Vul?" Vulpix asked.

Crystal looked at her mom and laughed.

"See? Complete control! We're going to be an awesome team!" she said with a laugh.

"I hope so," her mom said raising an eyebrow.

"We'd better get going then!" Crystal said as she and Vulpix started for the door.

After waving good-bye to her parents, she strode down the road with Vulpix in her arms to Professor Oak's.

When they arrived, she opened the door and walked in. A few other trainers were already there.

"Hi!" she said to one boy. "You're Ash, aren't you?"

Ash was a trainer who had started off in the Indigo Competition. He had gotten all the way to the top sixteen in the major competition.

"Yeah, and who're you?" Ash asked turning around.

He had an official Pokemon League hat on his head and a Pikachu on his shoulder.

"Crystal," she responded extending her free hand and balancing Vulpix in the other. "I like your Pikachu."

"Thanks," Ash said shaking her hand. "Nice Vulpix. How long have you had her?"

"Well, one day," Crystal responded. "I wasn't ready to start a Pokemon Journey back when everyone else started in the Pokemon League, so I thought I'd start when everyone came back and started for Johto."

"That's where we're headed," A redheaded girl next to Ash said.

She was holding a Togepi, an egg-type Pokemon.

"I'm Misty, and this is Brock," she said pointing to the other trainer next to her.

"Pleased to meet you," Crystal said.

"Maybe we'll see you on the way," Brock said.

"Yeah, but you have a long way to go before you can compete in the Johto League," Ash said. "You don't even have any other Pokemon yet."

"Ash!" Misty scolded. "Don't discourage her!"

Misty shoved Ash out of the way. "Ignore him, just catch as many Pokemon as you

can and you'll be fine!"

"Sure," Crystal nodded as Vulpix tried to wiggle out of her arms.

As Crystal tried to steady Vulpix, another trained walked in.

"Sorry I'm late!" she called.

Professor Oak walked in.

"Oh, hello there!" he said. "I see you're here for your Pokemon and Poke balls," he said to Crystal and the other girl. "And you're here for your new Pokedex." he added to Ash.

"Yeah," Ash and the other girl said.

"Actually, I just need my Pokedex and Poke balls," Crystal said holding up Vulpix. "I got this Vulpix yesterday as a gift, and I'm going to start with her."

"Already then, it looks quite nice," Professor Oak said.

He handed Ash and Crystal a new Pokedex and also gave Crystal six Poke balls.

"Thanks!" Crystal said.

"Now," he said turning to the other trainer. "You're Risty, right?"

"Right!" she said. "And I'm here to get my Eevee."

"Ah, yes," Professor Oak said pulling a Poke ball out of his pocket.

An Eevee, a small, brown and white Pokemon, popped out.

"Eee?" It said.

"Oh it's so cute!" Misty squealed as Risty picked it up.

"Thanks Professor!" Risty said as she collected her Pokedex and Poke balls.

The five walked out of the building and out onto the road.

* * *

End of Chapter One.

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